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That's an easy 50-wong job, right?

- Gene Starwind


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Mesto Meadrich lost his Crest
and his territories, you say?
And to whom?
A wandering Lord by the name of Theo.
Also, he's making it known that he's joining
the Alliance rather than the Federation.
Oh? How fortunate.
Just when we're on the brink of war,
a Crest and territoy come falling into our laps!
No time to lose, we move to attack!
I have no objections...
But you're talking about
a cross-border invasion.
The Lords of Clovis will be sure
to give you an earful.
Once I seize that Crest and land,
it won't matter!
I can take one wandering Lord in my sleep!
You're telling me that
all this territory is mine now?
The three villages in this territory
have recognized you as their Lord.
They welcome you, in fact.
It seems they were being taxed too heavily.
There's no need to collect taxes!
But that's not how it works.
You'll need funds to run your territory.
All I wanted was a court rank
high enough to govern my hometown.
In terms of court rank,
you've likely met that goal.
Though I have no idea how big your village is.
It's a small, impoverished town.
We struggle just to survive there.
And still, too many end up dying.
I couldn't take it anymore, so I left the island.
And you see that as having fled
your hometown?
Sometimes I feel that way.
And you suspect that becoming stronger
to save your village is just an excuse?
You really are relentless.
Well, that sets my mind at ease a little.
I'll stoop to any means to achieve my goals.
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