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Because the Seven Deadly Sins are
being chased by the Holy Knights, right?

- Mead

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Good evening!
We come to you from the Order of the Crest!
I'm Priestess Priscilla Farnese!
We're good, thanks.
Oh, wait a minute, please!
The same last name as the former pope.
Is that the Farnese Crest?
No way, right?
I wish to support Lord Theo
in his divine battle to subdue the Chaos.
Please leave now.
Company? Are you letting them in?
It's a priestess from
the Order of the Crest.
There's no need to welcome the pawn
of an annoying religious sect.
But they appear to have many followers.
And I hear they go around
healing wounds and illness.
Rumor has it that you've been
trying to confiscate Crests.
A Crest is the manifestation
of its Lord's will.
Not something granted by
this so-called god you created!
So you're a mage, I see!
A slave to the villainous demon
who controls the Chaos!
It's far more villainous to manipulate
human souls with your sketchy teachings!
- Make yourselves–
- Oh, let them stay.
- Make yourselves–
- Oh, let them stay.
They take care of my people, too, after all.
Lord Theo!
So you're Lord Theo!
I'm Priscilla,
a priestess of the Order of the Crest.
I look forward to getting to know you!
Nice to meet you.
That was a huge win for us today!
I'd say we've got the pick of
the free Lords around here,
either to defeat or join our side!
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