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"Worship? Or vow?"

- Bell Cranel


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We will return for your decision
the day after tomorrow.
Will that be all right, Mr. Sebas?
Going out?
--Do you have any money?
--Do you have any money?
No, but if I need to, I can sell an item--
Take that.
Thanks. I'll take it.
Yo, virgin!
It has been too long, Lady Gagaran.
Er, I mean, Miss Gagaran.
And you, too, Lady Evileye.
Long time no see.
What's up, you here to get lucky with me?
No, not that.
Lady Aindra is visiting Princess Renner,
and she asked me to give you a message.
Hmm? Lakyus did?
Yes. She says, "We're going to be
going into action on the double.
I want you to get ready
to go into battle at a moment's notice."
Okay, but you went to a lot
of trouble for such a minor chore.
Not at all. Also, I was fortunate enough
to have Lord Stronoff
train me in swordsmanship.
He complimented me on that
strike from above that you taught me.
Oh, that? No kidding? Nice going!
--Even so...
--I know. I will not become complacent,
--Even so...
--I know. I will not become complacent,
and wish to devote myself to further training.
That's good and all, but I figure
that move could be countered.
It's time you came up with
another move you can transition to.
Oh, Lord Stronoff told me the same thing.
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