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But I guess it works better if you picture a seashell.

- Konata Izumi

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Beyond the wall, there's
a sea, or so Armin said...
But past the sea...
I always wondered what's beyond that...
"Smoke Signal"
You just try to steal some food, Sasha.
I'll get Captain Levi to chop you up
into nice bite-sized pieces.
I won't! Probably...
Say what?
Hey! Did you guys wipe the dust and dirt
off your shoes before you came in?
Say what?
No, we didn't. Can't you see
all the stuff we're carrying?
Do you seriously think that attitude
will satisfy Captain Levi?
If I hadn't personally given your
sheets hospital corners this morning--
Quit nagging! Who are you, my mom?!
We're back.
Wait, were you just chopping firewood?
Gotta stay in shape.
You got grabbed by a Titan!
You should be in bed.
I try to stop her, but she won't listen.
I saw her doing sit-ups earlier!
How dare you, you peeping Tom!
--Huh?! How does that constitute “peeping”?!
--Mikasa, you do know you're not a wild animal, right?
--Huh?! How does that constitute “peeping”?!
--Mikasa, you do know you're not a wild animal, right?
It's almost like we're
back in the Cadet Corps.
Why do you figure we were chosen
for the new Levi Squad, though?
Protecting Eren and Historia
is such an important mission...
Because we're talented, I assume.
Sasha... what did you just put in your bag?
Nothing bread-related.
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