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I won't let you sleep, either.

- Shouko Kirishima


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This show contains scenes that some viewers may
find disturbing.​ Viewer discretion ​is ​advised.
Long, long ago, when there were
fewer stars shining in the sky...
The gods got tired of playing with dice,
so they created all sorts of beings
as well as worlds for them to live in.
Humans and elves...
Dwarves and lizardmen...
They went on adventures
where they sometimes won,
but sometimes lost and died...
Splendid. Is this some form of magic?
It's hard to tell the difference
between mastered technique and magic.
You're really saying that in front of me?
One... two...
H-Hey, what are you doing?
They're highly sensitive to smells.
Especially the smells of
women, children, and elves.
N-No way! Somebody stop him!
You get used to it.
The Strong
I wonder... Is this a shrine?
Apparently there was a war
here during the age of gods.
It might be a fortress or something from then.
Regardless, it appears to be man-made...
After the soldiers left,
the goblins called it home.
What a cruel fate.
Speaking of cruel...
This is so gross!
Um... It does wash off... somewhat.
You'd better remember this when we get back!
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