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Where does a goddess in charge of a
backwater like this get off talking to me,

- Aqua


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Previously on Zombie Land Saga !
Franchouchou is set to do a show with
five hundred people in the audience!
Plus, when I realized the
venue might have a connection
to my missing memories,
I reached max hype levels!
After seeing me like that, Kotaro-san's plan
was training in the mountains, somehow?!
As I watched everyone focus more
on wilderness survival instead
of rehearsal, my max hype
had me harrumphing up a storm!
But then, after I saw how they made
use of their experience in the mountains
for idol stuff, it made me realize something!
That I was the one who
had lost sight of things!
And the moment max-hype
Sakura found her faith
in her friends again
and decided to look forward,
she was hit by a max-hype truck
that came in from the side!
Episode 11
A One-Of-A-Kind SAGA
Even if we're dead, we want to
make our dreams come true...
No, even if we're dead, we
will make them come true!
Is that despair? Or is it hope?
We'll overcome a harsh fate, and even if
we don't have a pulse, we'll press on!
Because that is our saga!
What was I doing...?
Where am I?
I'm sorry!
What the hell, man?
Sakura-chan! You're awake!
That's a relief.
What's wrong?
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