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And Ram-chi...

- Subaru Natsuki


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Everyone, congratulations on becoming second year students!
My name is Mrs. Chevreuse, and I'm a new teacher here at Tristain Magic Academy.
My element is earth.
My nickname is The Red Earth Chevreuse.
I'll be giving lectures on earth magic this year.
So, can anyone tell me what are the four basic elements?
Ah, yes.
Fire, water, earth, and wind.
And what a coincidence.
My element is earth, just like yours, Missus.
My nickname is The Bronze Guiche de Gramont.
Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Nice to meet you too, Mr. Gramont.
Earth is an important magical element,
since it governs the creation of all things.
And to make you understand that, I'll start out by having you all master alchemy.
Lel, in, yan.
Is that gold?
No, it's brass.
Blast it.
Now let's have someone give it a try.
You up there.
What's your name?
Louise de La Vallière.
U-Um, sensei.
Um, I suggest you don't pick her.
Yeah, yeah.
It's dangerous. I would rather do it myself than have Louise do it.
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