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All of it developed as it was passed
from person to person.

- All For One

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This story is one that lightly describes the ordinary daily lives of the three Minami sisters.
Please don't expect too much from it.
Also, watch in a bright room,
and stay 3 meters away from the TV while watching.
The homework...
What's wrong?
You're looking down, Makoto.
We have lots of homework!
I know.
You seem to lament energetically.
Homework! Homework!
Homework! Homework!
All right!
Let's help each other out and finish it together.
Let's all meet at Chiaki's house.
It's decided then.
Hey, hey, what's going on?
Could it be that you're planning to do homework together?
That's great.
If you do it together, you'll finish it in no time.
It's not like that.
We'll finish it in no time even if we do it alone.
Well, it's like "let's do it casually and play at the same time."
With such sleepy eyes, are you boasting about your academic abilities?
You know, the three of us are good students.
What are you saying?
You're more like one of us!
Stop that useless vanity and come over here!
Welcome to the idiot side!
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All of it developed as it was passed
from person to person.

All For One
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