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Sensei! Sensei!

- Ninomiya-kun

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This story is one that lightly describes the ordinary daily lives of the three Minami sisters.
Please don't expect too much from it.
Also, watch in a bright room,
and stay 3 meters away from the TV while watching.
I'm heading out.
I'm heading out.
Take care.
Damn it, why is Haruka the only one who gets a last minute vacation?
It's the school's way of taking care of her,
seeing how Haruka-neesama is always busy.
What? Is the school taking care of her?
You could say that the country's taking care of her.
What, the country?
I guess it can't be helped then.
All the laundry is done...
It's still early in the morning and I have nothing to do on my day off.
What should I do now?
Haruka is probably leisurely drinking tea right about now.
I'm so envious!
With this kind of weather, the laundry will dry soon.
Everything that needs to be cleaned is done.
I don't have anything to do.
Haruka-neesama is probably leisurely playing around right about now.
Rest up well.
Tomorrow, you'll be back to the usual busy day.
Please rest up well today.
I never thought that being alone could be this boring.
I should've gone out for a walk somewhere.
Should I make a snack or something?
Damn it, at least have some delicious cake waiting for us when we come home,
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