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Konata here.

- Konata Izumi

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Where monsters rampage,
I'm there to take them down!
Where treasure glitters,
I'm there to claim it!
Where an enemy rises to face me,\nvictory will be mine!
Lina Inverse here again.
Punisher of evil bandits and the
appropriator of their treasure.
Some guy named Zelgadis\nshowed up to deaI with me.
Turns out he wants to resurrect\nthe Dark Lord Shabranigdo.
After that, the great sage
Rezo the Red Priest appeared...
... claiming to be Zelgadis's enemy.
I just seem to keep\nrunning into weirdos...
... with Gourry here being\nthe first in the series.
What do you mean, the first?!
"DASH! Run for it!
My Magic Doesn't Work?"
You really don't know\nanything about Shabranigdo?
Nope, not a thing.
The legend of Shabranigdo is so famous...
I thought everyone knew it,\nnot just wizards and priests.
Okay, I'll start from the beginning.
You think you can listen to me\nwhile I tell an old story?
Sure, sure.
What's the point?
I doubt he'll even understand it.
Go ahead.
According to the legend,\nlong long ago...
...the world we live on was\nthrust onto a great staff.
The world exists on top of it,\nsmooth and round, like...
Take this egg on the end of my fork.
Try and think of it like that.
Around the edge of the world...
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Konata here.

Konata Izumi
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