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Where monsters rampage,
I'm there to take them down!
Where treasure glitters,
I'm there to claim it!
Where an enemy rises to face me,\nvictory will be mine!
Ever since I unexpectedly got
a hold of the Orihalcon dagger-
Sorry, Orihalcon statue I meant...
... we've been constantly\nfollowed by guys after it!
And so far Gourry and I\nhave been fending them off!
However, since I wasn't able\nto use any powerful magic...
... I sorta, kinda had them\nchasing me last time.
Just don't ask me why, okay?
Oh, man...
And finally I was in the enemy's clutches.
What shall become of...
... our lovely sorcery genius Lina Inverse?
Oh, this is not the time\nfor a third person schtick!
Noonsa, The Flaming Fish Man!"
Feels like there's a hundred\nbees buzzing in my head...
So, you're awake now.
No use trying to struggle.
Seems we overestimated you, my dear.
That's right, they caught me...
Where's Gourry?!
That guy who was with you ran off\nafter he heard we'd got you.
Dumped you, huh, little girl?
Guess so.
There's still some life in you.
You look pretty calm.
Anyway, let's cut to the chase.
Apparently we were wrong to\nassume you were carrying it.
Where's the Orihalcon statue?
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