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Geez, you humans really are scary.

- Sadao Maou

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Come on, how long are you going to stay asleep?
It's morning already, you know.
If you don't wake up, breakfast will get cold!
After I went through all the trouble to make it for you, too...
Take off your clothes, too.
I'll wash them for you.
You're a fake, aren't you?
You see, my stuck-up little sister would never wake me up in the morning,
make breakfast or do the laundry.
Rather, she's been making fun of me lately, treating me like an idiot
Hell, she completely ignores me!
She doesn't even listen to a word I say!
For her to act like a dedicated, caring wife towards me in the morning like this is outright impossible!
In other words, what I want to say is:
My little sister can't be this cu
All right. It's done.
Where's Kirino?
She left a long time ago. She has morning practice today.
I see.
She broke her own record again.
I heard that next time, she may be participating in a big tournament!
I see.
Thanks for the meal.
"I see," is all you say these days.
Kyou-chan, good morning!
So Kirino-chan has morning practice...
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Geez, you humans really are scary.

Sadao Maou
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