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It's red...
just like the color of her hair.
It's red.
Her hair is more crimson than strawberry blonde;
the same color is coating my hands.
The beautiful red of that long hair means it's indeed her.
I wanna squeeze some boobs.
Matsuda, Motohama,
why did we enroll in this school?
In short, we'll get a harem!
Or so we thought.
It's spring, we're in the second year,
and we still haven't had a single girlfriend.
You lose the moment you give up!
We still have a chance!
Damn it!
It's ridiculous how he's getting all the girls just because
he's a little handsome, pretty smart, and good-natured!
It's such an unfair world.
Where are you going?
Let me see too!
Don't keep it all to yourselves!
Damn you!
What the hell?
Hey, Matsuda,
This is bad.
They seriously hit me with their bamboo swords.
You left me behind!
I wouldn't complain if I had at least seen some boobs,
but I wasn't even looking and they still—
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