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This is bad... Very bad...
Ah, I see. This is where they suck you in.
No... Run! Hurry!
Nah, not natto.
Wait there...
Oh, a grooved-edge ten.
going to...
save you...
I guess anyone's eyes would be tired after
holing up in their room, gaming all day.
What's going on?
This stuff obviously isn't fake.
Which means...
So does this mean...
I've been summoned into a parallel world?!
I guess I can assume this is a fantasy world
with the typical medieval-style culture.
A realm where demihumans are commonplace,
and probably stuff like wars
and adventures, as well.
And here, I'm...
This is it! It's my turn!
This must be the event where
I produce my first magic!
I guess I'm not quite ready to use magic...
I can't read this.
What are these?
They understand me, though.
The question is...
There's no other way...
I'll just have to go around
gathering information first.
Ow! I can't... see...
Is this how it's supposed to be?
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Subaru Natsuki

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