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- Stephanie Dola

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The Grizzly's Sin, King,
the fourth of the Seven, is alive.
You walked right into my trap.
King stalked Ban, still harboring an intense grudge against him.
Ban also continued his own pursuit of something else.
Furthermore, a single woman is tailing the group.
I guess the Capital of the Dead does exist.
Wh-Who is this person?
Don't tell me... you're a Holy Knight?
If you'd be so kind, please tell me
how to get to the Capital of the Dead.
As if... we'd tell you anything.
Brother, I... I can't breathe...
Please tell me.
"A priceless memory shared with the
deceased will open the path to the Capital..."
I don't quite understand that.
Then how are we supposed to get it?!
How would we know about
a city where dead people go?
Dead people...
I see.
You have my gratitude.
S-Stop it...
This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
Long ago, the Holy Knights fought alongside three tribes to seal away the Demon Clan.
It was known as the Holy War, and memory of it has long left the minds of the people.
However, a new Holy War has begun.
The battle to banish the Seven Deadly Sins unto oblivion.
Lord Ban!
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Stephanie Dola
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