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but do you understand the position we're in?
What I have here is one
grooved-edge ten-yen coin.
I will now clutch it tightly in my hand.
Tight, tight, tight... like that!
And now... Imagine that!
And this... is where the coin was hiding.
You can have this.
It's rare, so take good care of it.
I see. You got separated from your mom, huh?
Hey, it'll be fine.
Just leave it to me and
this young lady here.
We'll find them for you in no time.
When we do this,
people who don't know us probably think
we're a married couple and child, huh?
How embarrassing.
What makes you think I'm that
much younger than you?!
Looks like she found her.
I think we took a pretty long way around,
but what benefit will you insist
that you got out of this?
I could say I just wanted
to show off my magic trick,
but that would be a lie.
I told you, finding your insignia will
be my one good deed for the day!
That comeback was way too logical!
Come on, it doesn't hurt to do more
than one nice thing in a day, right?
I just got tomorrow's out of the way.
My plan is to get a week's worth
of good deeds taken care of early!
You're the last one I
want saying that to me.
Why are you treating me like
I'm younger than you again?
I doubt there's that much
difference between us.
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Subaru Natsuki

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