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Th-This girl is...
Oh, nice to meet you.
Her petite physique and irresistible loli looks!
She's not only a popular mascot for guys with that kind of preference but also for other girls!
That's Toujou Koneko-chan!
It's such a happy surprise to find out she's an Occult Research Club member!
A shower? In the clubroom?
This is...
Art! Those beautiful lines are a work of art in and of themselves!
Rias-senpai?! I knew it!
What a fantastic clubroom this is!
I-I'm Hyoudou Issei. Nice to meet you too.
Sh-She has black hair and a ponytail, a rare sight nowadays!
The ultimate, ideal, Japanese female figure filled with tenderness.
She's one of the two great idols of this academy, together with Rias-senpai.
She's Himejima Akeno-senpai!
What a great club!
O-Oh no, I don't mind at all.
What do you mean?
Th-That was indeed very frank.
Um, this is getting kinda too complicated for a stupid high school student like me.
I-I have no idea where you've heard that name,
but don't treat it as some occult phenomenon.
Frankly speaking, I find it unpleasant.
Sorry, but...
Y-Yes, but how did you get this?
B-But Matsuda and Motohama didn't remember anything about her
and her cellphone address also...
Th-That's just ridiculous!
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Issei Hyoudou

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