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Introducing Akade
The Shuda Hills. It was an excellent place to hide soldiers.
Is it not obvious?
The Shuda Hills are an excellent place to hide soldiers.
So I had my own forces stationed there as well.
Nooow then, Changwenjun!
The fighting begins!
And you and I can fight one-on-one!
And so... the result of that is what I have given you.
I'm sorry it was so much that his face became unrecognizable.
But when you're fighting with me, Wang Qi, your head usually doesn't get out looking unscathed.
If you think I am lying,
Shall I test this out on a head around here?
As many as you like.
A world of seething blood and dancing flesh.
Or at the least, a battle that gets my blood enflamed and pumping!
Just kidding.
Such a world no longer exists.
If such a world were to appear in the future,
I wouldn't be able to resist it.
Decline, telling him "I have no interest in being passive."
Hangu Pass, eh?
It would seem that Jie Shi and Lü Shi have begun preparations for all-out war.
It would seem things have gotten active with the king gone...
To take center stage in this situation would be no easy task.
Isn't that right, Teng?
Ying Zheng...
An unlucky king whose birth has a shady history.
How he will surpasses King Zhao, a man who was even called the God of War,
is something I'd very much like to see.
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