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Introducing Akade
Wasn't I summoned into a parallel world?!
Where'd my protagonist status go?!
Damn it.
My cell phone still works...
But what's the point in having it?!
And my starting gear is way too wimpy!
You need a more substantial welfare program
to satisfy pressure-free
generation kids like me!
I don't even have Excalibur or anything!
And besides, if I was summoned,
where's the cute girl who summoned me?
Did she summon me only
to leave me here alone?
Hey, is she finally here?!
The cute girl who summoned... me...
Crap, it's a compulsory event...
Here we go!
Is that the cute girl who summoned me?!
Wait, what? What?!
Hey, that didn't make you decide to be less
hostile toward me, by any chance, did it?
Yeah, of course...
Just calm down, Natsuki Subaru.
Since ancient times, it's the rule that anyone
summoned into a parallel world
will display supernatural powers!
I'll mow these guys down and make
them fuel for my shining future!
You lumps of EXP!
That's the first time I ever hit someone!
I didn't expect it to hurt me that much...
But this world is set up
so that I'll be strong!
My adrenaline is surging! I've got this!
I'm sorry! It was all my fault!
Forgive me! Spare me!
You saved me. Thanks.
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Subaru Natsuki

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