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We need to go do as Lakyus said
and begin getting ready.

- Ibiruai (Evil Eye)

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Shut up! Leave me alone!
What the hell is with you?
I'm He Liao Diao!
Like I said, what the hell...?
What're you still doing, tagging along with us in the first place?
There's no way I'm leaving you empty handed!
And there might be something with some value at the rendezvous point.
Are you okay, Xin? Your complexion kinda looks really bad.
Shut up! Arguing with you's what tired me out!
What kinda attitude is that? Somebody's worried about you!
Let's get going.
All right!
I'll show you the leg strength of the Mountain People!
Don't fall behind, Xin!
Still fresh...
Wh-What do we do?!
Did I put the bandages on wrong or something?!
No. His pulse is stable.
His mind and body have just most likely reached their limits of fatigue.
I can't say I blame him...
In one night, he lost a friend, got revenge,
and came all the way here without rest.
Let's head out.
But we can't yet!
We need to let him rest a while!
We can't. We don't have the time.
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We need to go do as Lakyus said
and begin getting ready.

Ibiruai (Evil Eye)
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