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Introducing Akade
Deliver Changwenjun's wife and children to you?
But his territory belongs to me now.
Which means that all of the humans inside it belong to me as well.
I find it fascinating that you would ask me to hand them over.
If you really must have them, then please give me your wife and children in exchange.
If you do that, I'll think about it.
What a courageous king.
Things have gotten quite interesting...
That Changwenjun is glum as usual...
It's too bad I can't see what's going on in one area, though.
Are you there, Teng?
Could you take a look at the state of things in the corridor over there?
I'm telling you to, Teng.
If they make it through that corridor...
there will be nothing blocking them to get to the inner palace.
Jie Shi must have placed Zuoci there expecting certain victory.
But knowing that, the king and Changwenjun sent a separate force inside.
Who knows...
Setting aside whether they're confident or not...
You can be sure that the two who hold the greatest amount of trust are fighting in there.
It seems it's over.
The one the king and Changwenjun put their faith in...
I wonder just what kind of person they are...?
Are you there, Teng?
Are you going to the corridor?
There's no longer any need.
There's somewhere else I'd like you to go.
Right away.
I wonder if rain will fall from these clouds or not...
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