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I entrust the future of this army completely to you.
Meng Wu,
your task is clear.
There is no need for detailed words.
You are without a doubt one who should become the face of the State of Qin Army.
If you realize that yourself, I'd expect even more growth from you.
In any case, the Zhao general that appeared today was an enemy stronger than any I've seen before.
He defeated me brilliantly in this battle.
Honestly, how troubling...
In any age, the military commanders that are called the strongest
are always defeated with the appearance of one even stronger.
The battles in China will revolve around that man for a while, I expect...
But he, as well,
will be beaten by the next military commander that emerges,
and hand over the helm of the era.
It is an endless battle of honorable men risking their lives.
this is why tumultuous ages are interesting.
Youngster Xin,
I promised to train you, didn't I?
As you can see, that is no longer possible.
But really, it was asking too much to be taught by a Great General like me in the first place.
So please, run about on battlefields and learn on your own, you idiot.
Survive scenes of carnage together with everyone.
You have potential, Xin.
To live for war,
create an era,
and finally die in battle was my true ambition...
I have even met with promising sprouts of the next age, and now without any regrets...
I finally go to reach my comrades-in-arms that left before me...
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