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Red, just like the color of her hair.
It's red.
Her hair is more crimson than strawberry blonde;
the same color is coating my hands.
What am I saying?
I'm about to die.
It's hopeless. Damn it.
I can't move my body at all.
I don't even know why I have to die.
But really, I lived such a crappy life.
If I could be born again, I... I...
Rias-senpai... Her alluring red hair...
If I'm to die anyway, I want to die in the bosom of a beautiful girl like her.
Wh-Who's that?
Wings again.
I feel so heavy.
This thing gave me such a weird dream.
A dream?
You really don't remember Yuuma-chan?
It's just not possible!
I have her mail address right he—
I don't!
Yuuma-chan's phone number and address...
are both gone.
I'm not like you! I swear I—
That is...
Something's definitely off.
Is it even possible for a few days
worth of memories to be a dream?
If so, what happened to my real memories from those days?
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Issei Hyoudou

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