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Introducing Akade
I really wouldn't mind it.
Quite the jest.
Your sweet little squabble was dragging on a little much,
so I thought I'd dirty the field up a bit.
I came to take your life.
What kind of king do you wish to be, your highness?
I came to take your life.
Depending on your answer to this, that is.
I have only one thing I'd like to ask you.
What kind of king do you aim to be, my lord?
Please think about it carefully before answering.
My treasure sword will not forgive irreverent words...
No matter whom they may be from...
In these 500 years of war
there's only one king I've heard speak such reckless words.
The one once feared as the God of War...
Fly across Qin...
You kid. If I lose you, my king, I will no longer be able to fly.
But the battlefield of seeking fevered dreams will disappear.
In words only...
You can tell by merely looking at them,
whether or not they seriously draw out their dream and yearn lovingly for China.
A true one has a child-like glint in their eyes, like you, my king.
There is no other king that truly seeks all of China.
They avoid the more rigorous path and just repeat little quarrels over and over.
They're nothing but small fries that are satisfied with maintaining the status quo.
They no longer exist...
kings like you that devote their lives to chasing a dream.
After King Zhao died
numerous kings tried to employ my services, but...
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