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Introducing Akade
But I remember her face, at least!
If I see her again, I'll know!
I don't need you to.
I want to thank you.
That's why I want to help.
I'm going to help you for my own sake, too.
My objective is... Let's see...
Yeah! One good deed per day!
That's what you want me around for?!
No problem. Just leave it to me!
I talked big, but isn't this town too
huge to find one little thing in?
Oh, yeah, you're right.
I'll introduce myself first, then.
My name is Natsuki Subaru.
Not only am I clueless,
I'm also broke beyond compare!
Nice to meet ya!
Well, following the usual pattern,
a small island nation to the east.
No way, really?
There's nothing east of here?
Yes, that's my name.
I do work out every day.
For a shut-in who's gotta guard
his house, that much is a given.
Uh, anyway, I know your cat's name now,
but I haven't heard yours yet.
I see... Satella...
That's a nice name.
Okay, time to get back to asking around!
Uh, but what about our questioning?
I'm in no place to talk after you saved me,
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Subaru Natsuki

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