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Good work.

- Yuuto Suou

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A man cannot do such an unsightly act!
Quit laughing!
You're so lame!
Hurry up.
Or would you rather I carry you again?
Shut up! Diao!
You bastard, how long are ya gonna keep laughing?!
Hey, Zheng. About how much farther do we have to the rendezvous site?
Just a little further.
I ain't tired or anything,
but when the hell are we gonna get there?!
I thought you said it was just a little further?!
W-We've been running for three days already!
Hey! Don't tell me you're lost, are ya?!
If I think about it, there's no way somebody raised in a royal palace
could know their way around mountains like these without any landmarks!
Th... That's true!
This guy's ignoring us!
You lost jackass! Wait the hell up!
Y-You bastard!
But you stopped all of a sudden like that! What was I supposed...
That hurt, you bastard!
What is with him?!
H-Hey, Zheng!
Zheng... Is this it...?
Yes. This is the rendezvous spot to meet Changwenjun.
We made it!
What an incredible building!
It was made 400 years ago as a summer retreat for the ruler at the time, Duke Mu.
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Good work.

Yuuto Suou
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