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Profile Picture for Clow Reed
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ID 12390
From Cardcaptor Sakura
Media Type anime
Voiced By Kazuo Hayashi, 林一夫, はやし かずお
Tags glasses, side ponytail, hair tube, closed eyes

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Clow Reed is a character from the anime Cardcaptor Sakura .
They have been indexed as Male Adult with Blue eyes and Blue hair that is Past Waist length.

Appears As Official(if different)
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Hair Length Past Waist
Apparent Age Adult
Animal Ears No



Appears in

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Thank you very much. (0:21:05.90)
No, you created that wand with your own power. (0:21:16.78)
...of your own Stars, and not the Sun, nor the Moon, resides in. (0:21:24.52)
You had noticed each little one of them... (0:20:58.96)
...the power of the Stars is one that continues to shine on its own. (0:21:31.90)
Take good care of that power. (0:21:36.93)
Even if it is a faint light now... (0:21:29.03)
That is a wand in which the power... (0:21:21.89)
...and were able to bring this story to a happy ending. (0:21:01.19)

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