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Profile Picture for Lord Boros
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ID 76272
From One Punch Man
Media Type anime
Voiced By Toshiyuki Morikawa, 森川智之, もりかわ としゆき
Tags cyclops, one eye, armor
Birthday Proof Required
Uploaded by Hetalia_Italy

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Lord Boros is a character from the anime One Punch Man.

They have been indexed as Male Adult with Green eyes and Purple hair that is To Shoulders length. They have unique ears.

Appears As Official(if different)
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Purple
Hair Length To Shoulders
Apparent Age Adult
Animal Ears Yes


Appears in

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Come. Give stimulation
to my existence.
The prophecy held true. (0:11:54.48)
Behind you! (0:06:20.85)
Did I…lose? (0:11:43.68)
We possess the ultimate
in regenerative abilities.
the ship will not go down. (0:01:34.94)
Meteoric Burst! (0:07:38.56)
Though my true power
has been unleashed,
The energy shunted from my body
transforms into a propelling force,

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