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- Konata Izumi

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Eijirou Kirishima 113 hits

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Eijirou Kirishima is a character from the anime My Hero Academia.
They have been indexed as Male Teen with Red eyes and Red hair that is To Neck length.

kirishima eijirou is a student at ua, in class 1-a. he came 2nd in the entrance exam. he believes respect is extremely important and isn't afraid of showing his interests. although he dislikes being seen as weak, he doesn't hesitate to point out areas where he must improve to become a better hero. he doesn't do the best in studies, landing 15th in a class of 20. he's often seen being tutored by bakugou to boost his grades. he receives a major arc in chapters 142-146, which is animated in season 4.
he's extremely close with bakugou katsuki, and they're shown together frequently. they've been hinted to be more than just best friends through certain scenes, eg: them sharing a bed, getting matching suits, a scene where kirishima moves to try and hold bakugou's hand, kirishima constantly holding bakugou by the shoulders and overall touching him (something that bakugou doesn't let any other student do), etc.
he struggles with an extreme inferiority complex but pretends to be optimistic to hide his troubles. in chapter 144 of the manga, we learn about the person he truly is, and how much he despises himself. these issues haven't been resolved yet, so it's likely there'll be a scene where he overcomes this once and for all, most probably with the help of bakugou, who's shown to get angry at kirishima for thinking so lowly of himself.

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Hardening Quirk
His body becomes extremely hard. He can become the strongest spear, or the strongest shield.
Apr 4, 2018 Rei


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