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Episode : 278 / ALL

Let's go, Natsu.
--Aye, Sir!
That was the morning it began...
Even after a year,
you two haven't changed a bit.
You make it feel like a year
hasn't even passed at all.
Just a little further, I think...
Whoa! It's huge! And adorable! What is it?!
Say what?!
You guys!
Looks aside, it does have an addictive flavor.
I was just thinking...
That battle feels so long ago now.
Against Tartaros.
They were really tough.
But we were even tougher, you know?
We won in the end, right?
How so?
Well, I figure he had
a good reason for doing it, but...
I refused to give up, and so...
I keep saying it, but I'm so, so glad
I found you guys again.
Now we can look for all
the other members out there...
Well, that was a waste of nostalgia.
Tuly Village.
Let's stay here for the night.
Of course you shouldn't!
He's just "one thing"?
No way... what I'd like to say,
but I've done my own secret training!
I'll never beat you in a serious fight,
but maybe we can spar sometimes?
Now what?
Sheesh! What was that about?!
I've gotten really strong, too, you know!
Are you for real?!
I've done my best, but there's
no way I could pinpoint everyone.
We can start by heading southeast,
to the town of Margaret.
That's where Lamia Scale is.
And guess who else is a member
of Lamia Scale now?
Give me a break.
Thank goodness! We made it in time!
Wendy was always close friends with Shelia!
There are lots of others
who've joined other guilds, actually.
Gotta earn a living, after all.
Oh, right! This is Lamia Scale's
thanksgiving festival!
It's like Magnolia's big harvest festival.
It brings the citizens and the guild
together to build a sense of unity.
She's not on the wrong one to begin with...
--Long time, no see!
Yeah. Our master's been
missing this whole past year.
I'm sure it has something to do
with the guild's sudden disbanding.
Oh, right. You were in the mountains
all this time, so you haven't heard.
He was supposed to be, but he disappeared.
How is she human?
What kind of training is that?
You can't be serious...
That tickles!
Knock it off, perverts!
I wonder if the others feel
the same way as Wendy, too...
Don't you dare!
--He can't be serious!
Their goal: take out the monster tamer
in the enemy's main unit.
They find two incredibly powerful foes
waiting for them, however.
Next Episode:
"Because I Love You"
The girls fight for the undying "love"
that dwells in their hearts.

Episode : 278 / ALL


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