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Anonymous Himari Arisugawa 12:16 pm
A day after mine huh
Anonymous Lebe Safree Yesterday 08:44 pm
dreamcascade21 Takashi Natsume (young) Dec 3, 2022
Anonymous Miyuki Nishida Dec 2, 2022
Moon_Moon Tsubame Kobayashi Dec 1, 2022
changed, thx for notice
Anonymous Tsubame Kobayashi Dec 1, 2022
it is a man i can see
1melco Ilulu Nov 28, 2022
A lot of sites say 130cm, but I haven't found the official source to confirm this
Anonymous Ilulu Nov 28, 2022
What is her height?
Anonymous Masashige Konami Hanzo Hattori Nov 27, 2022
Yeah That’s Not a Dog-tag that’s a “ Omamori” an “Protective Charm.”
Anonymous Rune Minazuki Nov 26, 2022
Anonymous Kyoujurou Rengoku Nov 25, 2022
He's hot
NatsumiSawada Cinnabar Nov 24, 2022
Yes, She is a woman. Don't be fooled by the pretty boy look :P
Anonymous Cinnabar Nov 24, 2022
1melco Komichi Akebi Nov 23, 2022
Yes, it was confirmed by the official AKEBI_chan twitter ^^
Anonymous Komichi Akebi Nov 23, 2022
Is the birthday correct?
Anonymous Katsuki Bakugo Nov 22, 2022
He’s hot
Anonymous Reiko Ichikawa Nov 20, 2022
i like her
Anonymous Ozaki Nov 19, 2022
Anonymous Mia Cha Nov 14, 2022
I call her "Goddess"
Anonymous Rui Nov 11, 2022
The character design is fitting for a mature housewife-type character.
NoNo-Magic Nene Yashiro Nov 11, 2022
NatsumiSawada Aniya Jung Nov 7, 2022
It is correct :≻

Her weight is actually that much.
Anonymous Aniya Jung Nov 7, 2022
um, 193kg?
Anonymous Kazusa Ootori Nov 6, 2022
I hate her worst character in the entire show
Anonymous Sera's Mother Nov 5, 2022
ppak you
Anonymous Hime MEIKA Nov 2, 2022
i love her if i get money there my no:1 choose
Juan_Elric Takuboku Ishikawa Nov 1, 2022
I thought maybe he wouldn't appear in season 4 and I had added him to the site too early, but today I noticed him in the ending
Anonymous No.13 Nov 1, 2022
I share the same day birthday with this human and I'm happy :)
Anonymous Evelyn Oct 31, 2022
omg looks exacly like me lol
Anonymous Athrun Zala Oct 29, 2022
Happy birthday athrun zala
Anonymous Miyabi Himoto Oct 29, 2022
Ilovekira12 Light Yagami Oct 24, 2022
Hes so sexy i love kira
Anonymous Chris Redfield Oct 24, 2022
why is chris here
IzukuMidoriya Izuku Midoriya Oct 19, 2022
Yo it's me
Anonymous Snipe Oct 19, 2022
the sussiest baka
Anonymous Kent Oct 17, 2022
Whenever I'm sad, I get me some Kent!
Anonymous Kent Oct 17, 2022
Kent! Kent! What a great waifu! I'm here today to show you all about Kent!
Anonymous Shota Aizawa Oct 17, 2022
Love Him
Anonymous Yuri Oct 12, 2022
i kin yuri
Uriana Izuminokami Kanesada Oct 6, 2022
Punch me in da face, pls.
Anonymous Azana Tenshouin Oct 5, 2022
mmm...Azana Tenshouin is male, and the protagonist of this game. He looks young, but he is already old enough to drink.
Anonymous Manaka Kiryuu Oct 4, 2022
Cute girl. Horrible concept of a game. I feel bad for her.
Anonymous Robin Laffite Oct 3, 2022
He is so annoying
Anonymous Shiina Yagami Sep 30, 2022
I want to be her
Anonymous Natalia Sep 30, 2022
sugoi ne Natalia Let's samba~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous Takeru Shiratori Sep 29, 2022
Life changing.
Anonymous Ciel Phantomhive Sep 23, 2022
Hey Ceil Phantomhive you're my favorite Characters because I like you and you're always my friend right , and I like your music a lot a big fan of you but you know my dearest friend I miss you a lot so yeah. Are you so cute and you're so nice and sweet and I like you and that's what you know I always there for you I'm sorry that your family is a Lost I still there with you let you know I hope you're OK I'll be there with you and glad you there soon be happy.
Anonymous Dust Sep 23, 2022
Possebly the most based anime charecter of all time |:)
ShinyShinigami Ina'nis Ninomae Sep 18, 2022
Ina has been my favorite hololive member since her debut over two years ago, where she revealed she's a fan of the Fate series (among other things that I enjoy). Over the course of her early streams, she'd reveal a fondness for puns that is honestly contagious, as well as just being someone whose content I genuinely enjoy. I joined her memberships on day 1, and still am one as of now. A lot has changed in my life since then, but I still watch her streams when I'm able to. Truly, she's the V-Tuber I WAHnt to WAHtch the most.
ShinyShinigami Frankenstein Sep 18, 2022
She was the first Fate character I truly became a fan of, and I still care about her immensely. Growing up, I always saw myself as a monster who shouldn't exist, so I empathized with her own background, especially since the Fate series made her more sympathetic than her counterpart from the original novel. Truly, it must have been fate that I learned about her.

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