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Anonymous Luna Yesterday 05:00 pm
Anonymous Arata Mizunashi Dec 4, 2023
Arata, a 27-year-old boy, she was happening with information league and the popularlity destiny. Happiness by J-ist.
Anonymous Ron Kamonohashi Dec 3, 2023
When is ron birthday?
ShinyShinigami Manticore Dec 2, 2023
Everyone who's known me for long enough knows that Manticore is my current favorite character. She overthrew Fate's Frankenstein for that spot a few years back, and she's continued to hold that spot. She may not be a particularly plot-relevant character in Arknights, but she's definitely the one I like the most.
Anonymous Mari Setagaya Dec 2, 2023
Juan_Elric Zenitsu Agatsuma Dec 1, 2023
Most annoying character
Anonymous Sera's Mother Dec 1, 2023
Han confirmado su nombre verdadero?
Juan_Elric Sento Kiryuu Nov 30, 2023
Best match!
Anonymous Odin Nov 28, 2023
Anonymous Doctor Nov 26, 2023
The gender should be male since he dont have big oppai
NatsumiSawada Ghiaccio Nov 25, 2023
Anonymous Patrica of End Nov 25, 2023
Anonymous Choji Akimichi Nov 23, 2023
Anonymous Fuma Yatogami Nov 22, 2023
Love fuma
Anonymous Mikio Tanuki Nov 21, 2023
Anonymous Monika Nov 20, 2023
Anonymous Felix Argyle Nov 19, 2023
plipplop Gear Nov 19, 2023
Kid: Mom, can I get Sonic?

Mom: We have Sonic at home.

Sonic at home:
Anonymous Minoru Mineta Nov 18, 2023
I hate him with all my life
Anonymous Chiffon MacDougall Nov 17, 2023
Is she good?
cheeseburger8 Sigma Nov 15, 2023
Anonymous Hanako Nov 15, 2023
Hanako ≻ Nene
Anonymous Macne Petit Nov 14, 2023
shes so pretty
Anonymous Nene Yashiro Nov 13, 2023
Anonymous Coyote Starrk Nov 12, 2023
he a hoe
Anonymous Tanjirou Kamado Nov 11, 2023
so cute
NatsumiSawada Morel Mackernasey Nov 8, 2023
I cannot describe how much I love this character. ≺3 His design is nice, he has a soft side and a cool nen ability. Also no matter what, he always wears his glasses, even under water xD we will never know how he looks without those.
Anonymous Keith Kepler Nov 8, 2023
I love him
Anonymous Shirley Fenette Nov 7, 2023
She is love ❤
plipplop Ranka Lee Nov 5, 2023
Nyan Nyan~
Anonymous Muzan Kibutsuji Nov 5, 2023
i love this character ≺3
DanyRomero0911 Sylvia Silkcut Nov 5, 2023
Next time, Put: They have been indexed as female child with purple eyes and blonde / yellow hair that is to neck length.
JazzyCoffee Rumi Usagiyama Nov 3, 2023
Anonymous Korekiyo Shinguuji Oct 31, 2023
He’s my little pookie wookie baby boy zoo wee mama yippee hoorah 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍 (He would slaughter me in an instant)
Anonymous Claire Thomas Oct 29, 2023
Hi, you are hot.
Anonymous Roronoa Zoro Oct 28, 2023
Anonymous Asuka Langley Soryu Oct 27, 2023
we share a birthday
MeroTengoku8 Noct Leaflet Oct 27, 2023
Anonymous Miyuri Asou Oct 25, 2023
Girl age
Anonymous Sylvie Oct 23, 2023
Sylvie is a guild master who serves and drinks alcohol. Is she indexed as a child because of her flat chest? Some woman have those
DanyRomero0911 Klee Oct 23, 2023
So cute.
9nbnm8k7bh Lynn Loud Jr. Oct 22, 2023
She is portrayed by Annaka Fourneret in The Really Loud House.
FlyingDragon75 Hearts Oct 22, 2023
Why in the world does it say he's a Sagittarius? Hyde's a Pisces
Anonymous Manami Shiozuki Oct 22, 2023
Anonymous Wriothesley Oct 21, 2023
Anonymous Tsubaki Minashiro Oct 20, 2023
I love fafner in the azure
Anonymous Mitsuko Takayanagi Oct 19, 2023
What name this anima
Anonymous Kejourou Oct 18, 2023
imma lick her feet
Anonymous Asuna Arsen Oct 17, 2023
Anonymous Mitsuki Bakugou Oct 16, 2023
cute and rude

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