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--Mm-hmm, later.
--Thank you very much.

- Ken Kaneki
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Change Log

Mon Jul  3 23:22:41 CDT 2017

 - Added support for adding to favorites
 - Count and Heart on listing

To Do

Allow creators to restrict who can Play their games while
they are making them.
 - Only Me, Friends, Members, Everyone

Allow deleting sets

Make an attempt to style the players

Allow users to custimize their players

Now about Talk to Waifu/Husbando ....
 I'd like to have it
 so when you Press Talk
 If one of these is linked to the characters
 It can be played through there, awarding +1 Happiness
 on each choice

Other ideas:
 Keyboard short cuts, like pressing 1,2,3,4 to select a choice

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snowballlover ( Rubies 10)

--Mm-hmm, later.
--Thank you very much.

Ken Kaneki
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