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Sadao Maou : Are you okay, Ashiya? (0:00:05.69)
Shiro Ashiya : I'm so sorry, my lord. I can't even go shopping like this. (0:00:07.36)
Sadao Maou : Just chill out and get some rest. (0:00:12.78)
Sadao Maou : I'll make something for dinner. (0:00:14.78)
Shiro Ashiya : My lord, I am touched by your kindness toward one so undeserving. (0:00:16.53)
Sadao Maou : We've still got rice... Guess I'll just make egg rice porridge. (0:00:22.79)
Sadao Maou : Is it Emi again? (0:00:26.75)
EXTRA : Delivery! (0:00:28.66)
Shiro Ashiya : Damn you! Did you buy another— (0:00:30.34)
Hanzou Urushihara : Nope. (0:00:34.02)
Hanzou Urushihara : If I did, I'd get it delivered
when you weren't home.
EXTRA : Thank you! (0:00:38.64)
Sadao Maou : "I found lots of interesting things in Hawaii." (0:00:43.18)
Sadao Maou : "Could you put these up for sale in the next neighborhood bazaar?" (0:00:46.48)
Hanzou Urushihara : Count me out. Sounds like effort. (0:00:53.74)
Hanzou Urushihara : Hey, decide if you're gonna
complain or cough!
Suzuno Kamazuki : Who're you? (0:01:06.00)
Mitsuki Sarue : You're from the Church, aren't you? (0:01:07.58)
Mitsuki Sarue : The "Reaper," Death Scythe Bell,
if I'm not mistaken.
EXTRA : Tom hasn't opened his store
for a while now. Is he sick?
EXTRA : Oh, I know what happened to him. He crossed the Holy Church. (0:03:01.70)
EXTRA : He was favoring the Allied Knight Order
when it came to food and other provisions.
EXTRA : So you're saying the Inquisition's got him? (0:03:11.25)
EXTRA : Don't shout! Are you nuts?! (0:03:13.12)
EXTRA : What if they caught word of this? (0:03:14.42)
EXTRA : We've received word that Lucifer's army is closing in on the village of Poleridge. (0:03:22.05)
EXTRA : I believe a company of Church knights was stationed there. (0:03:25.97)
EXTRA : Should we send them some men and get them in our debt? (0:03:30.60)
EXTRA : Nah. (0:03:34.56)
EXTRA : The enemy's so strong that
reinforcements won't change a thing.
EXTRA : Then let's say we never heard about any of this. (0:03:38.86)
EXTRA : I see. (0:03:43.20)
EXTRA : We'll spread word of how the Church's knights failed to protect the village, (0:03:44.70)
EXTRA : and our Allied Knight Order will take the initiative in defeating the Dark Lord. (0:03:49.14)
EXTRA : After all, what difference does the sacrifice of one small village make to us? (0:03:53.58)
EXTRA : Who's there?! (0:04:02.01)
EXTRA : H-Hey... (0:04:04.26)
EXTRA : Don't tell me the wine was... (0:04:08.22)
EXTRA : You... Are you from the Inquisition?! (0:04:17.84)
EXTRA : Damn you... (0:04:21.90)
EXTRA : You dog of the Church! (0:04:30.08)
EXTRA : N-No... (0:04:35.63)
Olba Meiya : Good work. (0:04:46.22)
Olba Meiya : Perfect execution, as always. (0:04:47.80)
Olba Meiya : Wipe off the blood. (0:04:52.18)
Suzuno Kamazuki : The Church is partly to blame for not
joining forces with the Allied Knight Order.
Suzuno Kamazuki : Why is there no initiative to cooperate? (0:05:03.19)
Olba Meiya : Don't think about things
that don't concern you.
Olba Meiya : As an Executor of the Inquisition, you should focus solely on the mission at hand. (0:05:08.70)
Olba Meiya : Here is the next list of heretics. (0:05:16.83)
Suzuno Kamazuki : In the end, it wasn't we who
saved the world, but the Hero.
Rika Suzuki : Huh? Fushima Park? (0:05:35.60)
Rika Suzuki : Did you go with Maou-san? (0:05:37.56)
Emi Yusa : Why would you even suggest that? (0:05:39.32)
Rika Suzuki : Am I wrong? (0:05:41.11)
Emi Yusa : Well, we did meet there, but I went with Chiho-chan and Suzuno. (0:05:42.46)
Rika Suzuki : But even after all you've said, you still
can't get Maou off your mind, can you?
Emi Yusa : I'm more worried about
Suzuno at the moment.
Chiho Sasaki : Excuse m— (0:06:01.79)
Sadao Maou : Ah, Chi-chan, I've been waiting for you! (0:06:04.09)
Chiho Sasaki : Uh, Maou-san, what exactly... (0:06:06.34)
Sadao Maou : The landlady sent all these from Hawaii. (0:06:09.30)
Sadao Maou : She told us to put them up for sale at the
shopping district's summer festival bazaar.
Shiro Ashiya : I'm terribly sorry. (0:06:15.85)
Shiro Ashiya : It's because I'm so sickly that
we had to call you to—
Hanzou Urushihara : Hey! (0:06:24.44)
Sadao Maou : Be careful! (0:06:26.02)
Chiho Sasaki : Are you okay, Ashiya-san? (0:06:28.82)
Hanzou Urushihara : It's all well and good that you came to help, but the room's just not big enough for this. (0:06:30.74)
Shiro Ashiya : Sasaki-san, you're so kind... (0:06:31.12)
Chiho Sasaki : Be more careful, okay? (0:06:34.33)
Hanzou Urushihara : Emilia's here too. (0:06:35.66)
Shiro Ashiya : Thank you... I'm just so sleepy... (0:06:36.29)
Sadao Maou : She is? How do you know? (0:06:37.50)
Hanzou Urushihara : I planted a tracking device in her bag the other day. (0:06:39.71)
Chiho Sasaki : You mustn't fall asleep! You mustn't! (0:06:39.96)
Emi Yusa : She is so gonna kill you if she finds out. (0:06:44.63)
Shiro Ashiya : It's okay, I'm awake! Just stop! (0:06:46.26)
Sadao Maou : Why does she have to turn up when we've got our hands full already?! (0:06:46.98)
Sadao Maou : Oh, you're here for her? (0:06:53.26)
Emi Yusa : Why do I have to help with this? (0:06:56.64)
Emi Yusa : I just came to check on Suzuno! (0:06:59.78)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Why do I have to be checked on? (0:07:01.98)
Hanzou Urushihara : Can I go back? (0:07:06.11)
Hanzou Urushihara : Being a NEET, I'm not supposed to go outside and all that, so... (0:07:07.90)
Sadao Maou : You're helping too! (0:07:10.66)
Sadao Maou : Not like you need to
leave the building for this.
Hanzou Urushihara : The landlady has some weird tastes. (0:07:18.62)
Hanzou Urushihara : Who could possibly fit into this? (0:07:21.87)
Chiho Sasaki : This one's kinda cute, though! (0:07:24.00)
Emi Yusa : Yeah! I might buy it myself! (0:07:26.88)
Hanzou Urushihara : There'd be room for two of y— (0:07:29.24)
Emi Yusa : Shut up, NEET! (0:07:29.97)
Sadao Maou : Look, food. (0:07:32.84)
Chiho Sasaki : Pineapples. (0:07:34.14)
Chiho Sasaki : Macadamia bonbons. (0:07:35.60)
Chiho Sasaki : Spam? (0:07:37.64)
Chiho Sasaki : There're some drinks too. (0:07:39.27)
Hanzou Urushihara : "You can have the food for yourselves." (0:07:42.10)
Hanzou Urushihara : So it says. (0:07:44.58)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Gu-a-va juice. (0:07:45.61)
Sadao Maou : Wanna give it a try? (0:07:48.32)
Chiho Sasaki : I'll get some cups. (0:07:49.99)
Sadao Maou : You know where they are? (0:07:51.74)
Chiho Sasaki : I think so. (0:07:52.70)
Suzuno Kamazuki : That's not gonna work. (0:07:55.37)
Emi Yusa : Be careful. You're so clums— (0:07:57.24)
Sadao Maou : Uh, my bad. (0:08:00.79)
Emi Yusa : What're you doing?! (0:08:01.96)
Emi Yusa : Here, wipe it off. (0:08:03.37)
Emi Yusa : What's wrong? (0:08:07.25)
Suzuno Kamazuki : It's, uh, nothing. (0:08:10.01)
Sadao Maou : I'm sorry. (0:08:13.09)
Chiho Sasaki : There were only five. (0:08:16.72)
Sadao Maou : Then Urushihara can go without. (0:08:19.06)
Hanzou Urushihara : Why? There's just five of us! (0:08:20.81)
Sadao Maou : Me, Emi, Suzuno, Chi-chan, and Ashiya. (0:08:23.64)
Emi Yusa : Just have some water. (0:08:27.15)
Chiho Sasaki : You could use the Sugiya buckets... (0:08:28.78)
Hanzou Urushihara : Dammit! Gimme a break! (0:08:30.57)
Hanzou Urushihara : What's wrong with you?! What have I done to deserve this?! (0:08:32.22)
Hanzou Urushihara : This isn't fair! (0:08:34.91)
Sadao Maou : Thanks a lot! Couldn't have done it without you. (0:08:41.25)
Chiho Sasaki : It was kinda fun. (0:08:43.08)
Chiho Sasaki : Reminded me of preparing for
the school's culture fair.
Emi Yusa : Yeah, preparing for festivals is more fun than the festivals themselves. (0:08:47.90)
Chiho Sasaki : What's wrong? (0:08:52.97)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I just tried counting how many years it's been since I had time to enjoy a festival. (0:08:55.01)
Chiho Sasaki : Then let's have lots of fun together this year! (0:09:01.57)
Chiho Sasaki : With the preparations and the event too! (0:09:04.98)
Sadao Maou : I got a shift tonight. Gotta go to work. (0:09:06.65)
Chiho Sasaki : Okay, good luck! (0:09:10.57)
Chiho Sasaki : We'll handle the rest! (0:09:12.40)
Emi Yusa : That bastard's just gonna use you, Chiho-chan. (0:09:14.22)
Mitsuki Sarue : Why are you wasting time
preparing for a festival?
Mitsuki Sarue : Hurry up and fulfill your duty (0:09:22.05)
Mitsuki Sarue : before the Dark Lord regains his power. (0:09:24.46)
Suzuno Kamazuki : But... (0:09:27.66)
Mitsuki Sarue : Why do you hesitate now? (0:09:28.93)
Mitsuki Sarue : Haven't you bloodied your hands countless times already? (0:09:31.21)
Father Robertio Iguno Valentia : Damn Saint Isle. They got all huffy as soon as the war ended. (0:09:36.77)
EXTRA : They want to keep us away from the
reconstruction works on the central continent.
EXTRA : They're gonna target our every weakness. (0:09:46.14)
EXTRA : But they got the bodies of the assassinated nobles and the canon tribunal's logs... (0:09:48.52)
Father Robertio Iguno Valentia : What was Bishop Bell doing?! (0:09:55.11)
EXTRA : Trying to pin the blame on the Head Inquisitor won't change anything. (0:09:57.15)
EXTRA : There are countless Inquisition cases that don't make sense. (0:10:03.06)
Father Robertio Iguno Valentia : Then what should we do? (0:10:07.41)
EXTRA : The Dark Lord was defeated by a former knight of the Church, Emilia the Hero, along with Archbishop Orba. (0:10:08.92)
EXTRA : Which means this peace is all thanks to the Church. (0:10:15.51)
EXTRA : Wait a moment! (0:10:18.88)
EXTRA : Weren't you the one who took the
Inquisition in a more radical direction?
EXTRA : Someone must take responsibility for that. (0:10:25.81)
EXTRA : Responsibility? Surely you jest. (0:10:28.35)
EXTRA : Archbishop Orba was in charge of that, and alas, he is missing. (0:10:29.92)
EXTRA : We can't be blamed whatsoever. (0:10:35.13)
Father Robertio Iguno Valentia : I see. (0:10:38.70)
EXTRA : To keep the Inquisition working even while its head is absent, (0:10:39.66)
EXTRA : we should establish a temporary tribunal under Robertio-dono (0:10:44.13)
EXTRA : and assign the Inquisitors to that. (0:10:48.21)
EXTRA : Until Orba-dono returns,
the Inquisition will be frozen.
EXTRA : Under a new leadership, a new, more open, and fairer Inquisition will be held. (0:10:54.31)
EXTRA : That is what we should tell the other countries. (0:10:59.34)
Suzuno Kamazuki : It's always like this. (0:11:03.19)
Suzuno Kamazuki : They never take control themselves. (0:11:05.14)
Suzuno Kamazuki : They're afraid of getting hurt or embarrassed. (0:11:07.60)
Suzuno Kamazuki : They never get their hands dirty. (0:11:11.19)
Suzuno Kamazuki : They just take all the glory for themselves. (0:11:12.56)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I didn't want to execute people either! (0:11:16.44)
Mitsuki Sarue : I'll say it one more time. (0:11:20.70)
Mitsuki Sarue : Carry out your mission. (0:11:22.62)
Mitsuki Sarue : Kill the Dark Lord. (0:11:26.16)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I shall... (0:11:31.62)
Suzuno Kamazuki : correct the teachings. (0:11:33.42)
Hanzou Urushihara : Huh? (0:11:55.10)
Hanzou Urushihara : For hell's sake, if you're that sick, go see a doctor! (0:12:00.57)
Shiro Ashiya : This is... nothing... (0:12:06.16)
Hanzou Urushihara : Oh? Then I'll call a private ambulance. (0:12:10.08)
Shiro Ashiya : Wait! Don't! (0:12:14.29)
Shiro Ashiya : How much would that even cost? (0:12:16.79)
Shiro Ashiya : Is it covered under public health insurance?! (0:12:18.75)
Emi Yusa : Ah, there she is. (0:12:27.72)
Chiho Sasaki : Suzuno-san! (0:12:29.26)
Chiho Sasaki : What were you doing over there? (0:12:31.18)
Emi Yusa : Is something wrong? (0:12:33.77)
Suzuno Kamazuki : It's nothing. I just had to collect my thoughts. (0:12:35.31)
Chiho Sasaki : By the way, Suzuno-san, have you found a job? (0:12:40.48)
Chiho Sasaki : If you haven't yet, (0:12:44.70)
Chiho Sasaki : would you like to come
work at our MgRonald's?
Chiho Sasaki : Maou-san's there too, and I'm sure— (0:12:49.95)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Chiho-dono. (0:12:52.54)
Chiho Sasaki : Yes? (0:12:53.16)
Suzuno Kamazuki : You shouldn't get involved
with that man anymore.
Emi Yusa : What? Suzuno! (0:12:57.92)
Suzuno Kamazuki : You stay out of this, Emilia. (0:12:59.25)
Chiho Sasaki : Emilia? That's your real name? (0:13:01.74)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I was worried that this might be the case. (0:13:05.55)
Suzuno Kamazuki : You know about Dark Lord
Satan too, Chiho-dono?
Emi Yusa : Suzuno! (0:13:11.93)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Emilia, I understand that
you have your own reasons.
Suzuno Kamazuki : But so do I. (0:13:17.35)
Suzuno Kamazuki : That man must be killed immediately. (0:13:20.44)
Chiho Sasaki : What are you saying, Suzuno-san?! (0:13:23.74)
Chiho Sasaki : Killing him? That's just— (0:13:27.24)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Chiho-dono, (0:13:28.41)
Suzuno Kamazuki : do you remember how suddenly
people rushed toward MgRonald's
Suzuno Kamazuki : when the Dark Lord decorated
that bamboo branch?
Suzuno Kamazuki : Do you understand what that means? (0:13:37.46)
Chiho Sasaki : It means something? (0:13:40.38)
Emi Yusa : He used magic. (0:13:41.71)
Suzuno Kamazuki : The tanabata bamboo is
said to ward off evil spirits,
Suzuno Kamazuki : and people attach wishes to it that they put their hearts into. (0:13:48.22)
Suzuno Kamazuki : The Dark Lord used those to amplify the magic that he released subconsciously. (0:13:51.51)
Chiho Sasaki : He just wanted customers to come! (0:13:56.06)
Chiho Sasaki : Cheating's not right, I know, but— (0:13:59.48)
Suzuno Kamazuki : That's not the problem. (0:14:02.57)
Suzuno Kamazuki : What if he uses his magic for
more nefarious purposes?
Chiho Sasaki : Maou-san would never do such a thing! (0:14:08.82)
Chiho Sasaki : Even in the amusement park,
when the alligators escaped—
Suzuno Kamazuki : What if the Dark Lord gained power here
in Japan, and built trust and connections?
Suzuno Kamazuki : What if he then betrayed the world again? (0:14:19.88)
Emi Yusa : That's not gonna happen. (0:14:22.13)
Suzuno Kamazuki : What? (0:14:23.09)
Emi Yusa : Just saying, he might be a successful MgRonald's employee, but do you seriously think (0:14:24.59)
Emi Yusa : his next step from there is world domination? (0:14:29.01)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Demons are long-lived. God only
knows how far he's thought ahead.
Suzuno Kamazuki : We must kill him now, while we still can. (0:14:36.98)
Chiho Sasaki : B-But— (0:14:39.10)
Suzuno Kamazuki : This is a hard decision, (0:14:39.81)
Suzuno Kamazuki : but you are from different worlds which never should have met. (0:14:42.44)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I shall erase your memories, Chiho-dono, (0:14:47.49)
Suzuno Kamazuki : and with them all traces of Ente Isla from Japan! (0:14:49.86)
Emi Yusa : Chiho-chan? (0:14:56.29)
Chiho Sasaki : What? Erase my memories? (0:14:57.70)
Chiho Sasaki : No! You can't do that! (0:15:00.83)
Chiho Sasaki : I don't wanna forget! (0:15:04.04)
Chiho Sasaki : Maou-san, Yusa-san, Ashiya-san, and you... (0:15:06.34)
Chiho Sasaki : Even Urushihara-san... (0:15:10.38)
Chiho Sasaki : We became friends... (0:15:14.18)
Chiho Sasaki : We had so much fun together... (0:15:16.35)
Chiho Sasaki : And yet you want to make me forget it all just because of Ente Isla? (0:15:20.19)
Chiho Sasaki : That's not fair! (0:15:24.52)
Suzuno Kamazuki : He may have plotted to use your affection to his advantage from the start (0:15:25.73)
Suzuno Kamazuki : so that we would hesitate to fight and kill him! (0:15:30.70)
Chiho Sasaki : Maou-san isn't like that! (0:15:35.40)
Chiho Sasaki : Why do you have to say
such cruel things about him?
Chiho Sasaki : He works so hard...
He's such a kind person...
Chiho Sasaki : Yet you... (0:15:44.67)
Suzuno Kamazuki : He's the Dark Lord! (0:15:47.05)
Suzuno Kamazuki : A lord among demons who made countless people suffer back in Ente Isla! (0:15:48.84)
Chiho Sasaki : But did you ever actually meet Dark Lord Satan before he became Maou Sadao? (0:15:52.80)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I... (0:15:59.02)
Chiho Sasaki : You fought his demon armies,
but you never met him in person!
Chiho Sasaki : What do you know?! (0:16:04.35)
Suzuno Kamazuki : That's pure sophistry! (0:16:05.81)
Suzuno Kamazuki : The commander is responsible for his armies! Isn't that obvious? (0:16:06.82)
Chiho Sasaki : If he's such a horribly evil Dark Lord,
why would he have fixed that ruined highway?
Suzuno Kamazuki : He must've had an ulterior motive for doing so! (0:16:17.33)
Suzuno Kamazuki : The Dark Lord is always scheming! (0:16:19.83)
Chiho Sasaki : Why does there have to be a reason besides the kindness of his heart? (0:16:22.04)
Chiho Sasaki : If you cause trouble for someone, isn't it natural to apologize? (0:16:26.00)
Chiho Sasaki : He just did what was natural! (0:16:30.80)
Chiho Sasaki : He taught me what I needed to know at work. (0:16:34.43)
Chiho Sasaki : He showed me everything
that he should have,
Chiho Sasaki : and he got mad at me when I
messed up like he should have.
Chiho Sasaki : He helped me, a total beginner. (0:16:43.27)
Chiho Sasaki : Even when he regained his Dark Lord form, he said he'd teach me how to maintain the soft serve dispenser! (0:16:46.02)
Chiho Sasaki : If someone like that tried to conquer the world with an army of demons, (0:16:52.99)
Chiho Sasaki : he must have had some hugely important reason for doing so! (0:16:57.66)
Suzuno Kamazuki : So are you telling us we should just let it all go and forgive him? (0:17:00.37)
Suzuno Kamazuki : That we should pretend
none of it ever happened?
Emi Yusa : Calm down, both of you. (0:17:07.63)
Emi Yusa : Crestia Bell. (0:17:10.50)
Emi Yusa : To be honest, I think you're right. (0:17:12.46)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Then— (0:17:14.93)
Emi Yusa : But the peaceful world I'm fighting for is one where everyone has a smile on their face. (0:17:15.60)
Emi Yusa : Not one where I have to pretend
I didn't see you make my friend cry.
Emi Yusa : I don't think that kind of
peace is worth fighting for.
Emi Yusa : And I don't think it's worth
making sacrifices to achieve it.
Suzuno Kamazuki : Are you serious? (0:17:35.45)
Emi Yusa : I am. (0:17:36.82)
Suzuno Kamazuki : That's nothing but a dream! (0:17:37.82)
Suzuno Kamazuki : You'll never find a way! (0:17:39.62)
Emi Yusa : I will. (0:17:41.91)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Sometimes sacrifices must be made! (0:17:43.62)
Emi Yusa : Nonetheless, this is the path I must tread. (0:17:47.50)
Emi Yusa : For I am a hero. (0:17:50.84)
Chiho Sasaki : Yusa-san... (0:17:53.13)
Suzuno Kamazuki : So you don't intend to kill the Dark Lord? (0:17:58.59)
Emi Yusa : Not just yet. (0:18:02.06)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I see. (0:18:04.77)
Chiho Sasaki : Suzuno-san? (0:18:08.19)
Chiho Sasaki : I went too far. (0:18:18.94)
Chiho Sasaki : I know nothing about Ente Isla, (0:18:21.12)
Chiho Sasaki : and yet I said all those mean things to her. (0:18:25.50)
Emi Yusa : Don't worry about it. (0:18:28.17)
Emi Yusa : You don't have to be reasonable
when you're in love.
Chiho Sasaki : Yusa-san... (0:18:32.75)
Emi Yusa : You again! (0:18:40.14)
Emi Yusa : I thought I told you last time. What are you thinking, attacking me where anyone can see? (0:18:42.55)
Emi Yusa : I don't have time to be gentle. Let's play rough! (0:18:49.10)
Chiho Sasaki : Yusa-san! (0:19:00.16)
Chiho Sasaki : Gotta call Maou-san! (0:19:05.12)
Emi Yusa : Who are you? (0:19:06.62)
Mitsuki Sarue : Didn't I tell you? (0:19:10.08)
Mitsuki Sarue : When a lady shows weakness,
men make their move.
Emi Yusa : You?! (0:19:16.20)
Chiho Sasaki : Pick up, Maou-san! (0:19:22.68)
Emi Yusa : This again? (0:19:25.68)
Mitsuki Sarue : Don't even bother. (0:19:26.85)
Mitsuki Sarue : This is my power, the Wicked Light of the Fallen. (0:19:28.06)
Mitsuki Sarue : Capable of nullifying all sacred energy. (0:19:31.27)
Mitsuki Sarue : It is a power none possess but I. (0:19:34.44)
Emi Yusa : "Fallen"? Don't tell me— (0:19:36.48)
Mitsuki Sarue : Indeed. (0:19:38.65)
Mitsuki Sarue : I've come to free you from your arduous duty. (0:19:40.40)
Mitsuki Sarue : Return the sacred sword, Better Half. (0:19:49.29)
Chiho Sasaki : Yusa-san! (0:19:55.09)
Chiho Sasaki : Yusa-san! (0:20:04.78)
Chiho Sasaki : Suzuno-san... (0:20:06.85)
Chiho Sasaki : So are you the same? (0:20:09.22)
Chiho Sasaki : Is Yusa-san just an obstacle to you, like she was to Orba-san? (0:20:11.73)
Chiho Sasaki : That can't be! (0:20:15.11)
Chiho Sasaki : Yusa-san fought for all your sakes! (0:20:16.73)
Chiho Sasaki : If you call Maou-san a demon, then what would betraying her make you?! (0:20:18.57)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Chiho-dono, I'm sorry. (0:20:27.03)
Sadao Maou : Huh? A call from Chi-chan. (0:20:32.12)
Sadao Maou : Hello? (0:20:35.68)
EXTRA : I'm Sasaki Chiho's mother. (0:20:36.79)
EXTRA : Thank you for taking such
good care of my daughter.
Sadao Maou : My pleasure! (0:20:42.59)
EXTRA : Chiho hasn't come home yet.
Is she with you?
Hanzou Urushihara : Sasaki Chiho? (0:20:51.43)
Hanzou Urushihara : Dunno. She's not here. (0:20:53.06)
Hanzou Urushihara : More importantly, I did a bit of sniffing around at Sentucky. (0:20:56.27)
Hanzou Urushihara : This just isn't right. (0:20:59.40)
Sadao Maou : What do you mean? (0:21:01.40)
Hanzou Urushihara : The manager's name was Sarue Mitsuki, right? (0:21:03.07)
Hanzou Urushihara : Well, there's no such name on the employee list. (0:21:06.11)
Sadao Maou : What? (0:21:08.37)
Hanzou Urushihara : Someone fiddled with the data. (0:21:09.95)
Sadao Maou : You're tracking Emi, right? (0:21:11.87)
Sadao Maou : Do you know where she is now? (0:21:15.00)
Sadao Maou : Just a moment. (0:21:16.64)
Hanzou Urushihara : The hell? (0:21:20.02)
Hanzou Urushihara : She's moving in a straight line,
right over buildings and everything.
Hanzou Urushihara : Though it looks like it's Suzuno, not Emi. (0:21:24.72)
Hanzou Urushihara : Where are they headed? (0:21:27.05)
Sadao Maou : The city hall, I think. (0:21:29.64)
EXTRA : Huh? Where are you going, Maou-kun? (0:21:32.60)
Sadao Maou : Hold on, Chi-chan! (0:21:36.27)

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