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Waver Velvet : Rider? (0:00:21.07)
Waver Velvet : Idiot! (0:00:25.38)
Waver Velvet : What are you thinking, throwing the shutter open like that? (0:00:26.08)
Waver Velvet : Why aren't you in spirit form, like when you entered? (0:00:29.58)
Iskandar : I can't carry these while in spirit form. (0:00:32.97)
Iskandar : Don't whine so much. (0:00:37.70)
Iskandar : You're making me sound like a thief. (0:00:40.32)
Waver Velvet : If you aren't a thief, what are you? (0:00:42.99)
Iskandar : Something quite different. (0:00:46.84)
Iskandar : A cowardly thief sneaks away in the night. (0:00:48.59)
Iskandar : The King of Conquerers leaves with his spoils with songs of victory! (0:00:52.33)
Waver Velvet : Just what I needed... (0:00:58.74)
Waver Velvet : Now get lost. Right now! (0:00:59.95)
Iskandar : Very well! Then I shall leave the spoils with you. (0:01:03.76)
Iskandar : Don't lose them. (0:01:06.55)
Waver Velvet : Why is this happening to me?! (0:01:12.52)
Waver Velvet : The summoning worked, so why do I have to do this? (0:02:53.78)
Waver Velvet : What's the big deal about these books, anyway? (0:02:58.77)
Iskandar : I told you... we're preparing for war. (0:03:02.23)
Iskandar : And you can't wage a war without maps. (0:03:05.74)
Iskandar : Hey, boy. (0:03:10.26)
Iskandar : Where are Macedonia and Persia? (0:03:11.53)
Waver Velvet : Y-You can't talk to me like that! (0:03:13.82)
Waver Velvet : I'm your Master... (0:03:15.73)
Iskandar : I'm well aware of your status as my Master. (0:03:21.01)
Iskandar : We forged a contract, did we not? (0:03:25.10)
Waver Velvet : Yes. (0:03:28.37)
Iskandar : But I'm more interested in learning about what's become of my territories. (0:03:30.26)
Waver Velvet : I think it's over here. (0:03:38.32)
Iskandar : Pathetic! I spent my life conquering that land and look how puny it's become! (0:03:45.37)
Iskandar : Very well! I can't wait! (0:03:49.70)
Iskandar : And where on the map are we now, boy? (0:03:53.65)
Waver Velvet : Here. (0:03:58.96)
Iskandar : So, the other side of the world? (0:04:01.22)
Iskandar : Pleasing news, indeed! (0:04:04.90)
Iskandar : This will guide us in the coming battles. (0:04:06.62)
Waver Velvet : Guide us? (0:04:09.77)
Iskandar : First, we journey to the other side of the world. (0:04:11.14)
Iskandar : West. We will go west! (0:04:13.30)
Iskandar : We shall conquer every land we pass through! (0:04:16.54)
Iskandar : I shall return to Macedonia in triumph. (0:04:19.76)
Iskandar : Then my people will hold a festival in honor of my rebirth. (0:04:22.32)
Iskandar : Would that not be splendid? (0:04:27.15)
Waver Velvet : Why do you think you're here? (0:04:30.17)
Waver Velvet : Don't forget about the Holy Grail War! The Holy Grail! (0:04:32.04)
Iskandar : Indeed! (0:04:35.96)
Iskandar : That's right. Speaking of the Grail, I have neglected to ask... (0:04:36.93)
Iskandar : What will you do with it? (0:04:40.63)
Waver Velvet : Wh-What's it to you? (0:04:43.80)
Waver Velvet : What do you care? (0:04:46.48)
Iskandar : If you are also intent on conquering the world, (0:04:48.56)
Iskandar : then you would be my enemy. (0:04:51.48)
Iskandar : The world cannot serve two lords. (0:04:54.55)
Waver Velvet : World conquest? (0:04:58.37)
Waver Velvet : I-I'll tell you what I want... (0:05:00.91)
Waver Velvet : I just want people to treat me fairly. (0:05:05.24)
Waver Velvet : I want to make all those at the Clock Tower who never gave me a chance (0:05:08.38)
Waver Velvet : acknowledge their mistake! (0:05:12.24)
Iskandar : Small! (0:05:14.44)
Iskandar : So very small! And narrow-minded. And stupid. (0:05:17.73)
Iskandar : You are in this battle because you are concerned about your reputation? (0:05:21.44)
Iskandar : And you dare call yourself my Master? (0:05:26.24)
Iskandar : What a disappointment! (0:05:28.38)
Iskandar : If you wish so desperately for others to fear you, (0:05:32.60)
Iskandar : perhaps you should use the Grail's power (0:05:38.44)
Iskandar : to grow another thirty centimeters. (0:05:41.35)
Waver Velvet : He's supposed to be my Servant... He can't talk to me that way! (0:05:50.06)
Waver Velvet : I'll show him! (0:05:54.34)
Waver Velvet : I call on the Command Spell. (0:05:57.39)
Waver Velvet : In accordance with the Grail's laws, I order this man, King Iskandar, (0:06:00.21)
Waver Velvet : Calm down, Waver... (0:06:08.69)
Waver Velvet : A Master can only use his Command Spells three times to secure his Servant's obedience. (0:06:10.39)
Waver Velvet : If I use all my Command Spells, I won't be able to control him. (0:06:15.89)
Waver Velvet : As long as I get the Grail, it doesn't matter. (0:06:25.67)
Waver Velvet : I don't care what you do after that- (0:06:29.61)
Iskandar : I shall acquire the Grail for you. (0:06:33.47)
Waver Velvet : You seem confident. Have you made any plans? (0:06:36.60)
Iskandar : So, you wish to see my power. Is that correct? (0:06:42.70)
Waver Velvet : N-Naturally! (0:06:47.06)
Waver Velvet : You need to prove that I can rely on you! (0:06:48.93)
Iskandar : I am Iskandar the Great! (0:06:56.65)
Iskandar : With the swing of my sword, I declare my supremacy! (0:06:59.39)
Iskandar : This is the ox-chariot that King Gordias once offered Zeus. (0:07:37.75)
Iskandar : It's fame is most likely the source of my designation as Rider. (0:07:41.86)
Iskandar : If you want the Grail, then find me another hero or two! (0:07:46.98)
Iskandar : Until then, I shall entertain myself with these maps. (0:07:53.59)
Iskandar : I am certain that will not pose any problems. (0:07:58.57)
Illyasviel von Einzbern : All right, I won't lose today. (0:08:06.62)
Kiritsugu Emiya : There it is. (0:08:17.89)
Illyasviel von Einzbern : No way! Where is it? I'm sure I didn't miss it! (0:08:19.75)
Kiritsugu Emiya : That's our first chestnut bud today. (0:08:25.78)
Kiritsugu Emiya : You lose a point. (0:08:29.82)
Illyasviel von Einzbern : I-I'm not going to lose! (0:08:31.66)
Illyasviel von Einzbern : There it is! (0:08:39.03)
Illyasviel von Einzbern : I found one, too! (0:08:43.07)
Kiritsugu Emiya : I found two. (0:08:45.85)
Illyasviel von Einzbern : That isn't a chestnut branch... (0:08:51.57)
Kiritsugu Emiya : No, Ilya. That's called a wingnut. (0:08:53.87)
Kiritsugu Emiya : It's similar to a chestnut. (0:08:58.05)
Kiritsugu Emiya : So it's a chestnut bud, too. (0:08:59.95)
Illyasviel von Einzbern : No fair! (0:09:04.72)
Illyasviel von Einzbern : No fair! No fair! (0:09:06.38)
Illyasviel von Einzbern : Kiritsugu's been cheating this whole time! (0:09:08.75)
Kiritsugu Emiya : But Daddy can't win otherwise. (0:09:11.40)
Illyasviel von Einzbern : If you keep cheating, I won't play with you, Kiritsugu! (0:09:15.93)
Kiritsugu Emiya : I'm sorry! I apologize. (0:09:20.87)
Illyasviel von Einzbern : Do you promise not to cheat anymore? (0:09:25.16)
Kiritsugu Emiya : I promise. (0:09:28.35)
Illyasviel von Einzbern : Very well. Then I'll play with you again. (0:09:29.78)
Illyasviel von Einzbern : A champion accepts all challengers! (0:09:33.24)
Kiritsugu Emiya : Indeed. I would be honored. (0:09:36.05)
Kiritsugu Emiya : Princess... (0:09:38.93)
Illyasviel von Einzbern : I'm so high up! (0:09:42.04)
Irisviel von Einzbern : What are you looking at, Saber? (0:09:47.93)
Saber : Your daughter and Kiritsugu are playing outside. (0:09:51.92)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Surprised? (0:09:59.82)
Saber : I was under the impression that my Master was colder than that. (0:10:01.57)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Well, I can see how you might think that. (0:10:06.78)
Saber : If that is Kiritsugu's true self... (0:10:13.11)
Saber : I must have gravely offended him. (0:10:17.13)
Saber : Irisviel! You don't have to laugh. (0:10:22.70)
Irisviel von Einzbern : I'm sorry. (0:10:25.85)
Irisviel von Einzbern : I was wondering if what happened during your summoning still bothered you. (0:10:27.53)
Saber : A little. (0:10:32.55)
Saber : I pretended to be a man... (0:10:34.25)
Saber : but, you two didn't have to act so surprised. (0:10:37.42)
Irisviel von Einzbern : We couldn't help it, you know. (0:10:41.99)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Your legend, King Arthur's legend, is just too famous. (0:10:46.16)
Saber : Do you suppose Kiritsugu (0:10:52.21)
Saber : might underestimate my ability because I am a woman? (0:10:54.41)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Not a chance. But... (0:10:58.99)
Irisviel von Einzbern : if he's upset, there has to be another reason. (0:11:01.92)
Saber : Another? (0:11:07.60)
Irisviel von Einzbern : He's probably upset at the people who were around you... (0:11:09.26)
Irisviel von Einzbern : The ones cruel enough to force the role of a king upon a young girl. (0:11:16.28)
Saber : It was inevitable. (0:11:22.57)
Saber : I resolved myself to that fate when I drew the sword from the stone. (0:11:25.41)
Irisviel von Einzbern : That upsets him even more, (0:11:30.65)
Irisviel von Einzbern : your acceptance of your fate. (0:11:34.19)
Saber : Then he has forgotten his place. (0:11:37.84)
Saber : He doesn't have the right to question decisions made (0:11:40.46)
Saber : by those of my time, including myself. (0:11:44.71)
Irisviel von Einzbern : That is why he says nothing. (0:11:47.44)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Emiya Kiritsugu and the hero Arturia will never see eye to eye. (0:11:51.39)
Irisviel von Einzbern : That's what he has resolved himself to be. (0:11:58.05)
Saber : He wants to use the Grail's power to save the world. (0:12:08.89)
Saber : That's his ambition and yours, correct? (0:12:12.79)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Yes, but I'm only repeating what he said. (0:12:16.53)
Saber : My own desire for the Grail is the same. (0:12:21.55)
Saber : I wish to save Britain, since I was unable to protect it before. (0:12:26.49)
Saber : I think what you and Kiritsugu seek is right. (0:12:32.99)
Saber : I believe it is something you can be proud of. (0:12:36.67)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Fill, fill, fill 'er up, fill... (0:12:44.77)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Repeat... four times... (0:12:50.87)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Or was it five? (0:12:54.25)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Um, destroy each time it is filled, (0:12:55.91)
Ryunosuke Uryu : right? (0:13:00.00)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Fill, fill, fill, fill, and fill. (0:13:03.60)
Ryunosuke Uryu : That's five times! (0:13:08.04)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Okay! (0:13:10.30)
EXTRA : At all three murder scenes, (0:13:12.89)
EXTRA : a mysterious pentagram was found drawn in the victim's blood. (0:13:16.07)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Maybe I went a bit too far. (0:13:20.82)
EXTRA : This symbol's purpose remains unclear. (0:13:24.40)
EXTRA : Today, we've invited a professor who specializes in criminal psychology. (0:13:27.95)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Do you believe in demons, kiddo? (0:13:34.71)
Ryunosuke Uryu : All the papers and magazines call me a demon. (0:13:39.42)
Ryunosuke Uryu : But suppose demons really did exist. Wouldn't that be rude? (0:13:44.88)
Ryunosuke Uryu : You've gotta be clear about these things. (0:13:50.30)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Yo! I'm Uryu Ryuunosuke, and I'm a demon! (0:13:53.22)
Ryunosuke Uryu : I dunno if that's exactly the right way to go about it. (0:13:56.77)
Ryunosuke Uryu : And then, I found this. (0:14:00.90)
Ryunosuke Uryu : It's some old book from the storehouse. (0:14:03.56)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Looks like my ancestors were researching how to summon demons. (0:14:06.65)
Ryunosuke Uryu : So, I've just gotta find out if there really are demons! (0:14:12.24)
Ryunosuke Uryu : But you know... (0:14:16.70)
Ryunosuke Uryu : If there really were demons, (0:14:18.17)
Ryunosuke Uryu : it'd be pretty stupid chatting with it and then sending it back. (0:14:21.67)
Ryunosuke Uryu : So, kid... (0:14:26.44)
Ryunosuke Uryu : If a demon does show up, (0:14:28.05)
Ryunosuke Uryu : think you could let it kill you? (0:14:31.44)
Ryunosuke Uryu : I wonder what it's like, being killed by a demon. (0:14:40.85)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Not many people get to find out! Ow! (0:14:43.23)
Ryunosuke Uryu : What is this? (0:14:46.72)
Gilles de Rais : I ask you... (0:15:13.76)
Gilles de Rais : You who calls out to me... you who seeks me... (0:15:15.56)
Gilles de Rais : Summoner who manifests me within the vessel of a Caster... (0:15:17.81)
Gilles de Rais : I ask your name. (0:15:22.27)
Gilles de Rais : Who... (0:15:24.52)
Gilles de Rais : are you? (0:15:27.00)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Um... (0:15:31.93)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Uryu Ryuunosuke... (0:15:33.35)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Currently unemployed, and I like killing people, pretty much. (0:15:35.95)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Especially kids and young women. (0:15:39.32)
Gilles de Rais : Very well. The contract is sealed. (0:15:41.92)
Gilles de Rais : I desire the Grail, as do you. (0:15:45.60)
Gilles de Rais : The vessel of paradise will be ours. (0:15:50.05)
Ryunosuke Uryu : The Grail... what? (0:15:55.68)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Anyway, how about a sacrifice? (0:15:58.56)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Wanna eat this kid? (0:16:02.43)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Wow... that's human skin, isn't it? (0:16:12.61)
Gilles de Rais : Cthulhu thtagn... (0:16:17.56)
Gilles de Rais : Don't be scared, kid. (0:16:47.41)
Gilles de Rais : Can you stand? (0:17:00.30)
Gilles de Rais : Now, kid, you can leave the room through that door. (0:17:03.87)
Gilles de Rais : You can go by yourself, right? (0:17:09.12)
EXTRA : Yeah. (0:17:11.27)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Hey, what're you thinking? (0:17:17.26)
Gilles de Rais : Some forms of terror are fresher than others. (0:17:50.62)
Gilles de Rais : The more intense the fear, the more the emotions die. (0:17:54.02)
Gilles de Rais : Terror, in its truest sense, (0:17:58.87)
Gilles de Rais : is not a static state, but a dynamic one. (0:18:01.14)
Gilles de Rais : It is the moment when hope turns to despair. (0:18:04.69)
Gilles de Rais : Did you enjoy that? (0:18:10.84)
Gilles de Rais : The taste of fresh terror and death. (0:18:13.14)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Cool! (0:18:19.12)
Ryunosuke Uryu : You're awesome and so cool! (0:18:20.93)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Okay! (0:18:24.63)
Ryunosuke Uryu : I don't know about this Grail crap, but from now on, I'm with you! (0:18:25.91)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Let's go kill some people. (0:18:29.92)
Ryunosuke Uryu : I want you to show me even better ways to kill! (0:18:31.43)
Gilles de Rais : Ryuunosuke, wasn't it? (0:18:36.45)
Gilles de Rais : What a magnificent omen, to be blessed with an understanding Master like yourself. (0:18:38.81)
Gilles de Rais : I feel my dream is nearly within my grasp. (0:18:44.09)
Ryunosuke Uryu : Oh, hey. I didn't get your name. (0:18:48.35)
Gilles de Rais : My name? (0:18:52.41)
Gilles de Rais : Let me see. In this era, the most common name for me is... (0:18:54.22)
Gilles de Rais : I believe I'll call myself Bluebeard. (0:19:01.61)
Kirei Kotomine : The Church contacted me. (0:19:11.14)
Kirei Kotomine : They said that the seventh Servant, Caster, has appeared. (0:19:13.11)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : Has the final Servant been summoned? Then it's time. (0:19:17.98)
Kirei Kotomine : Indeed. (0:19:22.66)
Kirei Kotomine : You are to go immediately to the Tohsaka household. (0:19:24.53)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : And once I arrive? (0:19:29.69)
Kirei Kotomine : The house's magical barriers should be child's play to you. (0:19:32.02)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : Are you sure about this? (0:19:40.94)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : Supposedly, you're allied with Tohsaka Tokiomi. (0:19:42.61)
Kirei Kotomine : Don't worry about that. (0:19:46.99)
Kirei Kotomine : Even if you must duel Archer, (0:19:49.16)
Kirei Kotomine : there's no need to fear. (0:19:52.59)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : No need to fear Archer, one of the three great knights? (0:19:54.59)
Kirei Kotomine : I leave the rest to you. (0:20:03.45)
Kirei Kotomine : Your first mission is to slay Tohsaka Tokiomi. (0:20:05.63)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : This will be easy. (0:21:10.40)
Gilgamesh : You're nothing but a worm. (0:21:18.54)
Gilgamesh : Who gave you permission to come here? (0:21:21.34)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : No need (0:21:26.50)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : to fear that, (0:21:29.13)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : he says. (0:21:31.22)
Gilgamesh : You are not worthy of gazing upon me. (0:21:42.38)
Gilgamesh : A worm should be facing the ground (0:21:45.52)
Gilgamesh : when it dies. (0:21:50.18)
Risei Kotomine : At last, it's time for the fourth Holy Grail War to begin. (0:23:25.53)
Gilgamesh : Unspeakably ugly. (0:23:29.09)
Kiritsugu Emiya : Where is the thing I gave you? (0:23:31.01)
Iskandar : This will be fun. (0:23:32.90)
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne : Welcome. (0:23:34.80)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Grant me victory! (0:23:35.92)
EXTRA : Yes, certain victory. (0:23:38.01)

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