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Introducing Akade

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

EXTRA : Annoying fly... (0:00:04.76)
EXTRA : I'll bury him myself! (0:00:07.36)
Shin : With the mobility of the horse... (0:00:10.78)
Shin : and this iron pole... I can do it! (0:00:12.20)
Shin : I'm not interested in you guys! (0:00:20.08)
Shin : My opponent is... (0:00:23.05)
Shin : this shitty chariot, itself! (0:00:25.16)
Shin : Now the counterattack begins! (0:00:34.68)
EXTRA : Ancient China. (0:00:41.15)
EXTRA : After learning that the era of saints had ended, (0:00:43.13)
EXTRA : human desire was unleashed. (0:00:44.91)
EXTRA : And a storm of violent wars erupted for 500 years (0:00:48.07)
EXTRA : until over one hundred states were reduced to merely seven. (0:00:50.96)
EXTRA : And now, a wind of great history gusts from the State of Qin in the far West. (0:00:54.16)
EXTRA : This is the tumultuous tale of a nameless boy and a young king who brought the warring era to its end! (0:01:00.29)
EXTRA : A Blazing Battle (0:02:38.26)
Bi Hei : Xin! (0:02:43.53)
Shin : Thanks! (0:02:45.25)
Shin : Oh, man! The others weren't all wiped out! (0:03:01.77)
Shin : Okay! (0:03:05.36)
Shin : Good work staying alive! (0:03:08.45)
Shin : That's why you're the brave warriors of the State of Qin! (0:03:09.82)
Shin : Over that way, fresh warriors are gathering and fighting a tough battle! (0:03:12.97)
Shin : All of you, hurry and join them in their fight! (0:03:16.34)
EXTRA : Okay! (0:03:19.41)
EXTRA : Where are you going, mounted soldier? (0:03:20.31)
Shin : I'm gonna take down that one chariot that got away and catch up with you! (0:03:24.78)
Shin : Got that? We haven't lost yet! (0:03:27.34)
Shin : The real fight's just beginning! (0:03:30.13)
Den Yuu : Okay! Let's go join our allies. (0:03:34.34)
Den Yuu : Lend a shoulder to the wounded! (0:03:37.18)
EXTRA : Hey, Tian You, (0:03:39.53)
EXTRA : that mounted soldier wasn't wearing any armor, just tattered clothes. (0:03:40.80)
Den Yuu : Now that you mention it, he looked a lot like that loud-mouth brat from before... (0:03:46.30)
EXTRA : What in the world is going on? (0:03:49.49)
Heki : Our loss of foot soldiers has been too dramatic. (0:03:56.61)
Heki : Do you intend to defeat Wei using this strategy where all of our soldiers die meaninglessly?! (0:03:59.50)
Fu Hushen : They were not meaningless deaths! (0:04:05.03)
Fu Hushen : They were honorable deaths in battle made for the sake of victory! (0:04:09.02)
Heki : Fu Hushen, how is it you can be so sure of victory in this situation? (0:04:12.15)
Heki : Is Biao Gong really a reliable general? (0:04:17.85)
Heki : I know no man as strong a general of war as him. (0:04:24.56)
EXTRA : At this time, the main army of the Wei Chariot Corps that attacked Xin and the 4th Army (0:04:33.69)
EXTRA : continued onward, attacking the 2nd and 1st Armies in one-sided offensives. (0:04:38.83)
EXTRA : With the ratio of military capability between the Qin and Wei (0:04:45.30)
EXTRA : it would not be unreasonable to say the course of the war was decided. (0:04:47.45)
EXTRA : Xin (0:04:51.96)
EXTRA : 4th Army (0:04:52.35)
EXTRA : Xin's actions only resulted in the defeat of one platoon. (0:04:53.25)
EXTRA : It was a very local victory. (0:04:57.97)
EXTRA : Gong Yuan (0:05:00.31)
EXTRA : It had no effect on the large scale. (0:05:00.61)
EXTRA : The Qin Army already lacks the power to oppose us! (0:05:07.44)
EXTRA : Main army, leave the defensive! All units, descend the mountain (0:05:11.94)
EXTRA : and take the foolish enemy general Biao Gong's head! (0:05:15.56)
EXTRA : {\fs80\frz66\t(200,1500,\fs30\frz90)\move(777,375,386,339,0,1360)}Gong Yuan (0:05:18.00)
EXTRA : Gong Yuan (0:05:19.37)
EXTRA : Wei Vice General, Gong Yuan, grew impatient among the momentum (0:05:22.68)
EXTRA : and did not even recognize Xin and the other's pebble-like resistance. (0:05:24.79)
EXTRA : In the sound of the entire larger army's footsteps, (0:05:31.82)
EXTRA : the cheers over Xin and the other's victory seemed to be erased. (0:05:33.97)
EXTRA : However... (0:05:40.24)
Hyou Kou : So a section of the 4th's soldiers defeated some chariots? (0:05:42.61)
EXTRA : Yes, but, (0:05:47.19)
EXTRA : the enemy's counterattack is just a matter of time. (0:05:48.52)
EXTRA : Gong Yuan's main army has begun to move. (0:05:50.86)
EXTRA : So now, we await your orders! (0:05:52.97)
Hyou Kou : Look here. (0:05:56.54)
EXTRA : S-Sir? (0:05:57.91)
Hyou Kou : The solders at each location may seem to be fighting the same way, (0:05:59.21)
Hyou Kou : but they actually sway the board in varying ways. (0:06:02.68)
Hyou Kou : The movement of one moves ten. (0:06:06.45)
Hyou Kou : And along with a thousand, ten thousand will crumble. (0:06:08.62)
Hyou Kou : A chain reaction that starts small calls forth a great flame (0:06:11.20)
Hyou Kou : and bring the war towards the endgame all at once. (0:06:14.24)
Hyou Kou : And now, one location has stood out. (0:06:17.88)
Hyou Kou : There is a certain something in those sorts of places... (0:06:21.51)
Hyou Kou : That is the way of war. (0:06:24.75)
Hyou Kou : Don't you think, everyone? (0:06:26.98)
Hyou Kou : I order all mounted soldiers of the 4th Army to charge! (0:06:29.95)
Fu Hushen : Charge! (0:06:36.13)
Bi Hei : H-Hey! (0:06:43.77)
Bi Hei : It's the mounted soldiers... (0:06:46.02)
Bi Tou : They finally... They finally came, dammit! (0:06:47.95)
Bi Tou : We're saved! (0:07:08.04)
Bi Hei : We're gonna live! (0:07:09.21)
Shin : Brother Bi! (0:07:20.11)
Heki : Xin! Good job staying safe! (0:07:23.43)
Fu Hushen : I see... (0:07:34.21)
Fu Hushen : The one who prompted General Biao Gong to move was them, was it...? (0:07:35.73)
Heki : Form a circle around them and overrun them! (0:07:39.69)
Heki : Foot soldiers, spread that defensive wall to the right! (0:07:41.98)
Heki : Eventually, the main unit of the chariot corps will return! (0:07:45.14)
Fu Hushen : He's too damn honest for a central Thousand Man General. (0:07:48.04)
Fu Hushen : Though he does appear to think quickly... (0:07:50.92)
Fu Hushen : Still, he does not understand the reason behind the charge of the mounted units. (0:07:53.69)
Fu Hushen : The general's true intentions are about to overturn everything. (0:07:58.80)
Fu Hushen : Fu Hushen Unit foot soldiers, line up! (0:08:04.18)
Fu Hushen : Well done, surviving the Wei Army chariots' attack. (0:08:08.54)
Fu Hushen : And beyond that, to have launched a counterattack, (0:08:11.91)
Fu Hushen : you are the pride of the Fu Hushen Unit and the pride of the State of Qin! (0:08:14.57)
Fu Hushen : You, men who have overcome a desperate struggle from the jaws of death, (0:08:19.17)
Fu Hushen : you are surely able to survive a further bout with death! (0:08:22.37)
Fu Hushen : My unit will now force our way through to the center of the enemy soldiers (0:08:26.72)
Fu Hushen : and take the head of the Wei Vice General, Gong Yuan, that sits atop the hill! (0:08:30.89)
Fu Hushen : Get in charging formation! (0:08:34.89)
Fu Hushen : All foot soldiers, follow the mounted units! (0:08:36.70)
Fu Hushen : If you don't want to die, go with all your strength! (0:08:38.90)
Bi Hei : H-Hold on a second. (0:08:42.38)
Bi Hei : When those horses showed up I thought we were safe! (0:08:44.37)
Bi Hei : Why do we have to go do another insane battle?! (0:08:46.96)
Bi Tou : Our unit that had 1,000 men doesn't even have 100 now... (0:08:50.93)
Bi Tou : Around 100 men can't make it through a huge army of 10,000 men... (0:08:54.12)
Shin : Not necessarily. (0:08:59.30)
Bi Hei : What're you talking about, Xin?! (0:09:02.17)
Bi Hei : Do you think we have a chance?! (0:09:03.40)
Shin : Uh, well... I'm just saying. (0:09:05.39)
Bi Hei : What the hell?! (0:09:08.22)
Kai Kyou : It's as Xin says. There is a chance. (0:09:09.89)
Kai Kyou : Relying on the momentum gained from going down the hill, the enemy is fast. (0:09:13.09)
Kai Kyou : For us to push in the opposite direction of that wave (0:09:16.79)
Kai Kyou : would be an unimaginably rigorous path. (0:09:18.85)
Kai Kyou : But in exchange for that, the times for crossing swords will be short. (0:09:23.17)
Shin : Yeah, yeah, that's right. (0:09:27.13)
Shin : If we get through them (0:09:29.96)
Shin : and run up the then empty hill, we can take down the enemy vice general in one shot! (0:09:31.24)
Shin : If we can do that, this battle's ours! (0:09:35.26)
Kai Kyou : It's just as I said, a rigorous path. (0:09:38.50)
Kai Kyou : If we stop, death will be awaiting us. (0:09:41.74)
Shin : What's with you? (0:09:45.59)
Shin : Ever since the chariots showed up (0:09:47.22)
Shin : you've been talkin' quite a bit, haven't ya? (0:09:48.76)
Shin : I thought you said you hated talking? (0:09:51.11)
Kai Kyou : I'm just the same a you. (0:09:54.60)
Kai Kyou : I cannot to die in a place like this. (0:09:57.46)
Shin : Is that right? (0:10:02.46)
Shin : Well then it's decided. (0:10:04.34)
Shin : I'll kick around the enemy! (0:10:05.92)
Shin : Okay, get in charging formation! (0:10:07.85)
Bi Hei : You're not the one who gets to say that, Moron! (0:10:10.06)
EXTRA : Lord Fu Hushen, there's someone at the rank of foot soldier riding a horse... (0:10:12.45)
Fu Hushen : Leave him be. (0:10:16.60)
Fu Hushen : Most likely, the one leading those remnants is that kid. (0:10:18.76)
Fu Hushen : He may serve a purpose by some chance... (0:10:23.25)
EXTRA : At this time, the 40,000 Wei Army soldiers on the front lines (0:10:26.82)
EXTRA : are forcing the mere 1,000 mounted units of the Qin Army into a hard fight. (0:10:29.88)
EXTRA : The attack ordered by Biao Gong yielded results. (0:10:35.08)
EXTRA : But against those numbers, it's believed they'll be pushed back. (0:10:39.82)
EXTRA : Urgent report! The enemy chariot corps are once again targeting the 4th Army! (0:10:43.64)
Hyou Kou : Issue this order to the 1st and 2nd Army Mounted Units. (0:10:47.83)
Hyou Kou : Charge for the 4th Army's battleground! (0:10:52.60)
EXTRA : Having personal experience in setting foot on critical battlegrounds, Biao Gong quickly adapted to the situation. (0:10:58.00)
Fu Hushen : Go! (0:11:03.06)
Fu Hushen : Don't stop moving! (0:11:04.78)
Heki : What's that unit doing?! (0:11:10.69)
Heki : They've gone in too deep! (0:11:12.85)
EXTRA : It's Fu Hushen! (0:11:14.21)
EXTRA : He's probably breaking through to the center to try to get the hill! (0:11:15.28)
Heki : That's insane! (0:11:18.73)
Heki : He'll be wiped out before he gets half way! (0:11:19.59)
EXTRA : You should leave people who rush to their death alone. (0:11:22.85)
Heki : I can't do that! (0:11:25.04)
Heki : Bi Unit! (0:11:26.57)
Heki : Create a triangular formation and cut into the center! (0:11:27.77)
Heki : Back up the Fu Hushen's advance! (0:11:30.81)
Shin : You okay, Mr. Ze?! (0:11:35.57)
Taku Kei : I-I'm okay! Somehow! (0:11:37.10)
Taku Kei : You leading us is really saving us, Young Xin! (0:11:39.23)
Bi Tou : Dammit! Thousand Man General Fu Hushen is flying to far ahead! (0:11:42.26)
Bi Tou : What does he think we foot soldiers are?! (0:11:45.65)
Bi Hei : He hasn't been thinking about the foot soldiers at all from the beginning! (0:11:50.24)
Bi Hei : Dao, are you okay?! (0:11:56.95)
Bi Tou : I'm fine! (0:11:58.61)
Bi Hei : Run! We've just gotta run though here... (0:11:59.80)
Bi Tou : Big Brooooo! (0:12:19.72)
Shin : You... (0:12:37.22)
Taku Kei : Wei Ping, hurry, get up! (0:12:39.68)
Taku Kei : If you don't hurry, we'll be left among the enemy! (0:12:41.48)
Shin : It's okay! I'll cut our way through! (0:12:45.41)
Bi Tou : Xin! (0:12:47.35)
Taku Kei : Young Xin! (0:12:47.93)
Shin : I'll catch up to our Thousand Man General! (0:12:48.93)
Shin : Don't trip up again, Wei Ping! (0:12:51.29)
Bi Hei : R-Right! (0:12:53.06)
Shin : Qiang Lei... (0:12:57.21)
Shin : I thought he was just a pretty sharp guy, but he knows how to handle a sword, too... (0:12:58.76)
Shin : Bastard. Hiding all this from us... (0:13:03.04)
Shin : Well, whatever. (0:13:07.84)
Shin : Now I don't need to worry about the back of the group, (0:13:09.64)
Shin : and I can concentrate only on the front! (0:13:11.47)
EXTRA : (0:13:14.23)
Fu Hushen : What's wrong, Wei soldiers? (0:13:35.93)
Fu Hushen : Is this all you have? (0:13:37.27)
Fu Hushen : For the sake of winning, I'll give you everything! (0:13:38.71)
EXTRA : W-We made it through... (0:14:07.88)
Fu Hushen : There are garrisons on the mountainside. (0:14:12.49)
Fu Hushen : They haven't realized we're here. (0:14:14.32)
Fu Hushen : How many men are left? (0:14:16.35)
EXTRA : About 40. (0:14:17.85)
Fu Hushen : I see... (0:14:19.71)
Shin : Hang on a second. (0:14:20.75)
Shin : Add 5 to that, we've got 45 people. (0:14:27.63)
Fu Hushen : Despite that they separated from our main unit (0:14:29.95)
Fu Hushen : he escaped the jaws of death? (0:14:32.60)
Fu Hushen : This kid... (0:14:35.05)
Fu Hushen : We'll now run up this hill (0:14:39.70)
Fu Hushen : and attack Vice General Gong Yuan! (0:14:41.70)
Fu Hushen : Know well that this battle will be linked directly to the Qin Army's victory itself! (0:14:46.04)
Fu Hushen : I'm aware that you all no longer have any spare strength left! (0:14:51.44)
Fu Hushen : But I will not tolerate dependency! (0:14:54.76)
Fu Hushen : Those who do not come to the peak will be later cut down by me personally! (0:14:57.60)
Fu Hushen : But... those who do come to the peak (0:15:01.65)
Fu Hushen : will gain the honor of being the most commendable people in this battle. (0:15:04.50)
Fu Hushen : As well as a reward! (0:15:08.88)
Fu Hushen : The ones camped at the peak of this hill are Wei's top-class officers. (0:15:12.71)
Fu Hushen : And the value of taking their heads is exceedingly high as well... (0:15:16.88)
Fu Hushen : I promise 10 times the normal reward! (0:15:20.74)
Bi Tou : Big Brother, we could become heroes of the village. (0:15:24.80)
Bi Hei : Now I kinda feel like I can do it. (0:15:29.50)
Fu Hushen : Hey, kid. (0:15:31.32)
Fu Hushen : Leave your Wu and take the lead. (0:15:33.20)
Fu Hushen : Even if it's just one more, now's the time we need horses. (0:15:36.37)
Shin : All righ- (0:15:40.66)
Shin : Ah, but then what about Mr. Ze and the others... (0:15:41.85)
Bi Hei : You idiot. Just go, Xin. (0:15:44.22)
Bi Tou : Don't be worrying about us at a time like this. (0:15:46.07)
Taku Kei : We're well aware you're beyond the scope of this Wu. (0:15:49.17)
Bi Hei : You're gonna become the greatest general under the heavens, right? (0:15:53.09)
Bi Hei : Go get a bigger achievement than anyone else, Xin! (0:15:55.73)
Fu Hushen : This is good dust... (0:16:05.41)
Fu Hushen : If we can get into the shadows of the clouds, they won't notice us. (0:16:07.71)
Fu Hushen : Tell everyone to hide their presence and make it through. (0:16:10.94)
EXTRA : Yes, sir. (0:16:13.70)
Fu Hushen : Kid. (0:16:15.62)
Fu Hushen : Do you want big achievements? (0:16:17.86)
Shin : Of course. (0:16:20.35)
Fu Hushen : Then keep cutting through without ever turning back. (0:16:21.62)
Shin : Wh-What're you doing?! (0:16:30.34)
Kai Kyou : Let me ride for a while. (0:16:32.13)
Shin : What?! (0:16:33.19)
Kai Kyou : It looks like we're leaving. (0:16:34.03)
Shin : Hey, listen to people when they talk. (0:16:35.37)
Fu Hushen : Fu Hushen Unit, sortie! (0:16:37.55)
Shin : So what're you up to with this? (0:16:50.11)
Shin : Are you trying to take advantage and get some achievements for your- (0:16:53.24)
Kai Kyou : What is it? (0:16:58.84)
Shin : N-Nothing! (0:16:59.61)
Kai Kyou : Be careful. (0:17:06.10)
Shin : Sheddep. (0:17:06.90)
EXTRA : What in the world is going on inside those dust clouds? (0:17:17.44)
EXTRA : Regardless, our army's numbers are overwhelming. (0:17:21.39)
EXTRA : No matter what happens, the state of the battle will not change. (0:17:24.42)
EXTRA : It looks like in the end, the capabilities of the generals were too different. (0:17:27.60)
EXTRA : The result of this battle was determined from the outset. (0:17:31.43)
EXTRA : Before long this dust will settle and the Qin soldiers will all die out. (0:17:35.37)
EXTRA : Is this the strength of the Qin, the place known as the kingdom of wild beasts? (0:17:40.18)
EXTRA : What a disappointment. (0:17:43.86)
EXTRA : Enemy attack! (0:17:50.74)
EXTRA : Enemy attack! (0:17:52.29)
EXTRA : It's an enemy attack! (0:17:53.23)
Shin : There are more guys here than I expected! (0:17:54.72)
Fu Hushen : Don't be distracted by their numbers! (0:17:56.80)
Fu Hushen : Our goal is to break through! (0:17:58.38)
Fu Hushen : If each of us cuts down ten people, we can get through! (0:17:59.52)
Shin : Got it! (0:18:01.53)
EXTRA : A report, Lord Gong Yuan. (0:18:05.96)
EXTRA : The garrisons on the side of the hill are fighting with a small Qin unit. (0:18:07.68)
EXTRA : Call Huang Li Xian. (0:18:13.81)
Huang Li Xian : I'm here. (0:18:15.29)
Huang Li Xian : Leave it to me. (0:18:17.18)
Shin : Shit! (0:18:19.85)
Shin : Ten guys for each of us won't be nearly enough! (0:18:20.54)
Kai Kyou : Leave the back to me! (0:18:25.76)
Kai Kyou : Go! Don't stop! (0:18:37.38)
EXTRA : Huh? What's wrong? (0:18:46.27)
EXTRA : Follow them. Who's that brat?! (0:18:47.54)
EXTRA : Form a pincer from the left and the right! (0:18:48.82)
EXTRA : Leave them nowhere to escape! (0:18:50.26)
EXTRA : I-Impossible! (0:18:57.73)
EXTRA : What is this kid?! (0:18:59.02)
EXTRA : He's quick. (0:19:00.57)
EXTRA : Let's go at him again! (0:19:01.84)
EXTRA : Hold on. Don't underestimate him. (0:19:03.17)
EXTRA : What's he saying? (0:19:13.37)
EXTRA : I dunno. (0:19:14.50)
Shin : We got through! (0:19:24.38)
Fu Hushen : We'll now cut away from the foot soldiers! (0:19:25.43)
Fu Hushen : Mounted unit, move forward with all your might! (0:19:27.34)
Shin : Hold on a second! (0:19:30.05)
Shin : Without the mounted unit as backup, the guys in the back will... (0:19:31.36)
Shin : No way! (0:19:34.21)
Shin : From the beginning, you brought them in order (0:19:35.74)
Shin : to buy time with the guys behind us?! (0:19:37.79)
Fu Hushen : Didn't I tell you not to turn back?! (0:19:40.14)
Shin : But...! (0:19:42.62)
Fu Hushen : The vanguard, the rear guard, the mounted units and the foot soldiers (0:19:43.52)
Fu Hushen : all equally stand at the verge of life and death. (0:19:47.18)
Fu Hushen : Everything is for the sake of victory. (0:19:48.82)
Fu Hushen : That is the nature of an army! (0:19:50.63)
Fu Hushen : And we have no time to be worrying about others! (0:19:54.98)
Fu Hushen : The vanguard always have the most severe path in front of them! (0:19:58.22)
Shin : Hang in there! (0:20:04.43)
Shin : I'm counting on your legs right now! (0:20:05.19)
EXTRA : Look! The peak is just ahea- (0:20:07.38)
Fu Hushen : There's a bowman unit! (0:20:11.55)
Fu Hushen : Disperse! (0:20:14.64)
Shin : For real?! (0:20:15.82)
Shin : Shit! (0:20:21.92)
Huang Li Xian : Fire! (0:20:25.20)
Fu Hushen : A repeating crossbow unit, huh?! (0:20:26.96)
Fu Hushen : A final defense of a real strategist. (0:20:28.41)
Fu Hushen : But no matter how many arrows I may be pierced with, (0:20:35.17)
Fu Hushen : I cannot even feel pain! (0:20:38.20)
Fu Hushen : All units, don't falter! (0:20:41.57)
Fu Hushen : The peak is right before us! (0:20:43.25)
Huang Li Xian : So he's the general? (0:20:45.66)
Huang Li Xian : Wait! (0:20:47.87)
Huang Li Xian : He's my prey. (0:20:48.77)
Gong : Don't get conceited (0:20:50.76)
Gong : suicide attack soldiers of Qin... (0:20:52.38)
Gong : Do you think you the state of a battle of tens of thousands can be changed with just a few dozen men? (0:20:54.69)
Gong : A war is not such a cheap thing! (0:21:01.21)
EXTRA : Wait! Lord Huang Li Xian! (0:21:12.24)
Huang Li Xian : But will you still be able to laugh with one shot through your crown? (0:21:23.24)
Shin : You bastard, I'll kill you! (0:21:27.13)
Huang Li Xian : A boy soldier? How pitiful. (0:21:31.16)
Huang Li Xian : Is Qin that short on men? (0:21:33.74)
Huang Li Xian : But an enemy is an enemy. (0:21:35.89)
Huang Li Xian : I'll shoot them dead with all my power! (0:21:37.19)
Huang Li Xian : What? Impossible! (0:21:42.50)
Huang Li Xian : He saw my arrow? (0:21:44.02)
Huang Li Xian : Then I'll make sure to take you down... (0:21:49.27)
Shin : It's just a little further to the main camp. (0:21:52.13)
Shin : But he's too close! (0:21:54.20)
Shin : I can't see his shot all! (0:21:55.80)
Huang Li Xian : Don't think badly of me, kid. (0:21:57.41)
Shin : But as long as he misses my vitals, my sword will reach him! (0:21:59.36)
Huang Li Xian : The one to win will be me! (0:22:02.80)
Huang Li Xian : You didn't make it, kid. (0:22:12.05)
Huang Li Xian : This is war! (0:22:16.04)
Fu Hushen : So we finally meet, Gong Yuan! (0:22:44.27)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:45.25)
Bi Hei : That General Wang Qi showed up. (0:24:45.72)
Bi Hei : What's gonna happen? (0:24:48.60)
EXTRA : An unpredictable intruder. (0:24:50.06)
EXTRA : A fearless smile shakes the battlefield! (0:24:52.33)
EXTRA : Wang Qi Intrudes (0:24:53.76)
EXTRA : Wang Qi Intrudes (0:24:55.31)
EXTRA : End (0:24:55.47)
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:55.72)

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