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Ki Ou : Ultimately, war is its generals. (0:00:03.16)
Ki Ou : Wu Qing is treating the war as a game board of logic. (0:00:07.81)
Ki Ou : On the other hand, Biao Gong's war is one big blazing flame. (0:00:12.47)
Ki Ou : Don't understand? (0:00:18.69)
Ki Ou : Wu Qing cannot understand Biao Gong's way of war either. (0:00:22.73)
Ki Ou : But neither can Biao Gong (0:00:26.69)
Ki Ou : see all of Wu Qing's strategy. (0:00:28.71)
Ki Ou : Which is right? (0:00:33.28)
Ki Ou : Which is wrong? (0:00:35.32)
Ki Ou : We can't know unless one of their heads goes flying. (0:00:37.40)
EXTRA : Ancient China. (0:00:45.30)
EXTRA : After learning that the era of saints had ended, (0:00:47.15)
EXTRA : human desire was unleashed. (0:00:49.56)
EXTRA : And a storm of violent wars lasting a monumentally long 500 years erupted all across China. (0:00:53.23)
EXTRA : Desire, pleasure, pain, fear. (0:01:02.93)
EXTRA : With that world filled with such relentless despair, it was as though a dragon had invaded. (0:01:07.94)
EXTRA : A dragon called the era. (0:01:13.74)
EXTRA : And as if burned by the flames of a dragon, (0:01:21.10)
EXTRA : over one hundred states were destroyed, one by one, until only seven were left standing. (0:01:24.26)
EXTRA : Yan, Qi, Zhao, Wei, Han, Chu... (0:01:32.44)
EXTRA : and Qin. (0:01:36.99)
EXTRA : The seven great powers, in order to devour each other, (0:01:42.28)
EXTRA : took up their swords of desire and continuously pieced the throats of enemy states. (0:01:46.24)
EXTRA : The world knew it as the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. (0:01:50.53)
EXTRA : And now, a wind of great history gusts from the state of Qin in the far West. (0:01:55.12)
EXTRA : This is the tumultuous tale of a nameless boy and a young king who brought the warring era to its end! (0:02:01.76)
EXTRA : The Meaning of General (0:03:40.11)
EXTRA : Enemy's coming from the left! (0:03:47.08)
EXTRA : Five to six thousand! (0:03:50.72)
Go Kei : Biao Gong, eh? (0:03:52.45)
Go Kei : The fool! (0:03:54.10)
Go Kei : No surprise attack will make it through the Qu Qing Army. (0:03:55.80)
Taku Kei : S-So fast! The State of Wei Army has changed formations again! (0:04:00.80)
Bi Hei : This ain't good! (0:04:13.43)
Bi Hei : They finished making their formation before the charge reached them! (0:04:15.77)
Shin : They're gonna collide! (0:04:43.10)
Ki Ou : Even Wu Qing will be surprised by this. (0:05:14.01)
Ki Ou : General Biao Gong's military power is far above what Wu Qing had anticipated. (0:05:17.56)
Ki Ou : However, that man only wields half the military might that I do. (0:05:23.40)
Ki Ou : And... (0:05:29.56)
Ki Ou : the strength of the army he's leading is a bit greater than the Wang Qi Army. (0:05:31.15)
Ki Ou : He would scatter one or two of our formations. (0:05:36.44)
Ki Ou : However... (0:05:40.97)
Ki Ou : General Biao Gong cannot predict what Wu Qing's next moves will be. (0:05:42.66)
Go Kei : Call and Zhu Gui and Ma Gui. It's time to hunt. (0:05:51.66)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:05:55.25)
Ki Ou : Are you beginning to understand? (0:05:58.62)
Ki Ou : What "War is its generals" means? (0:06:01.66)
Heki : "War is its generals"?! (0:06:05.63)
Heki : Then what are we?! (0:06:08.22)
Heki : What are the dead?! (0:06:10.38)
Heki : What is Fu Hushen's death?! (0:06:12.66)
Heki : Don't screw around! We're fighting! (0:06:15.34)
Heki : Bi Unit! (0:06:18.95)
Heki : Charging formation! (0:06:19.89)
Heki : We're going to back up General Biao Gong! (0:06:21.26)
Heki : This is likely to be the final battle! (0:06:23.41)
Heki : Everyone, use everything you've got left! (0:06:26.09)
Heki : Now we depart! (0:06:30.82)
Heki : War is absolutely not defined by its generals, General Wang Qi! (0:06:37.01)
Shin : Bi... (0:06:41.70)
Ki Ou : My, my. (0:06:43.40)
Ki Ou : He's really jumped to conclusions, hasn't he? Aide Bi... (0:06:45.76)
Ki Ou : Why do you think Biao Gong has been moving his army so recklessly? (0:06:51.85)
Ki Ou : It is because the state of war has kept moving (0:06:57.31)
Ki Ou : and that Wu Gong has left the geographically advantageous hill and is now in front of us. (0:06:59.91)
Ki Ou : For the Qin Army soldiers that seemed to die meaninglessly in the beginning, (0:07:06.68)
Ki Ou : in terms of Biao Gong's style, were noble sacrifices for the sake of victory. (0:07:09.68)
Shin : Thousand-Man General Fu Hushen said the same thing... (0:07:15.61)
Shin : But the one who sent out those sacrifices was none other than Biao Gong. (0:07:19.54)
Ki Ou : So in other words, war... (0:07:25.17)
Shin : Depends on the generals! (0:07:27.24)
Ki Ou : Exactly. (0:07:29.16)
Ki Ou : Understand, youngster Xin? (0:07:33.93)
Ki Ou : The situation we currently stand at (0:07:37.16)
Ki Ou : was all guided by those two in order to gain victory. (0:07:40.39)
Shin : Just two people... created this huge war...? (0:07:46.89)
Ki Ou : Yes. That is... (0:07:51.44)
Ki Ou : what is known as a general! (0:07:55.80)
Shin : General... (0:08:03.28)
Shin : We will become the greatest generals under the heavens! (0:08:05.48)
Hyou : We will become the greatest generals under the heavens! (0:08:05.48)
Shin : Greatest generals under the heavens... (0:08:10.79)
Shin : Strong heroes whose names everyone knows... (0:08:13.38)
Shin : Somehow, without knowing those things, I would always scream that... (0:08:16.80)
Shin : But... now I think I can see how it truly is. (0:08:21.33)
Shin : Because of this huge man's words... (0:08:25.74)
Shin : General... Wang Qi. (0:08:28.94)
Shin : That's right! (0:08:34.06)
Shin : For a while now... (0:08:36.37)
Shin : I've been talking with a general! (0:08:39.40)
Shin : General Wang Qi. Please, lend me a horse! (0:08:45.37)
Ki Ou : Are you going as well? (0:08:51.00)
Ki Ou : As I said in my speech, it won't amount to much of anything. (0:08:53.25)
Shin : That's definitely true, but... (0:08:58.44)
Shin : if the head of a Great General is in sight, there's no way I could not act! (0:09:01.05)
Shin : Mr. Ze, take this. (0:09:07.14)
Shin : It's the Vice General's head. (0:09:09.68)
Shin : Hold onto it for me! (0:09:12.43)
EXTRA : That kid... left again. (0:09:19.46)
Bi Hei : Xin... (0:09:22.93)
Kai Kyou : Who is that guy? (0:09:24.43)
Bi Hei : Well, he's an idiot. Just like how he looks. (0:09:27.39)
Bi Hei : But he's gonna become the greatest general under the heavens. (0:09:29.85)
Kai Kyou : Greatest general under the heavens... (0:09:33.84)
Kai Kyou : So he's a great idiot. (0:09:37.24)
Go Kei : The way to bring down a raging bull is not to immediately aim for the head. (0:09:52.60)
Tou : Wei is changing formations again. (0:10:01.72)
Tou : Oh my... (0:10:05.65)
Tou : Against General Biao Gong's rush, (0:10:07.13)
Tou : I thought he would widen his defenses. (0:10:09.57)
Tou : But he has moved the inner-troops to the sides. (0:10:12.26)
Ki Ou : That Wu Qing. I knew his head would not be taken so easily. (0:10:17.71)
Ki Ou : It seems he's realized the strength of the Biao Gong Army's rushing force. (0:10:24.40)
EXTRA : Right side! (0:10:30.30)
EXTRA : The Chariot Corps are approaching! (0:10:31.03)
EXTRA : From the left as well! Here they come! (0:10:33.45)
Tou : It's not General Biao Gong he's attacking, but his subordinates? (0:10:37.70)
Tou : That aberrant charge with the general taking the lead himself... (0:10:41.88)
Ki Ou : The enemy is sure to aim for the head horse. (0:10:47.60)
Ki Ou : It's only natural. (0:10:51.19)
Ki Ou : Seeing how if that horse is taken down, the war is over. (0:10:52.87)
Ki Ou : But they can't beat him. (0:10:56.32)
Ki Ou : That one horse (0:10:59.23)
Ki Ou : standing in front of General Biao Gong means he is standing in front of the Biao Gong Army... (0:11:02.83)
Ki Ou : The general standing in front means the whole army's morale is boosted to the utmost (0:11:09.18)
Ki Ou : and it attacks as one. (0:11:14.30)
Ki Ou : The enemy soldiers are affected by this spirit. (0:11:16.82)
Ki Ou : And cannot move out of fear. (0:11:19.50)
Ki Ou : That power of that charge which is easily splitting apart the enemy... (0:11:22.92)
Ki Ou : Biao Gong's power alone is great of course, (0:11:26.99)
Ki Ou : but with them following after their leader, with little likelihood of him being killed, (0:11:29.85)
Ki Ou : the presence of the Biao Gong Army's soldiers is quite large. (0:11:32.73)
Ki Ou : One would not be going too far to say (0:11:36.36)
Ki Ou : that the pressure they exude is the source of the Biao Gong Army's strength. (0:11:39.02)
Tou : I see. Sensing that, Wu Qing split his army into two flanks. (0:11:44.88)
Tou : Yes. He has narrowed his target to the soldiers in back. (0:11:49.98)
Go Kei : Crush them to a pulp! (0:11:56.02)
Tou : It looks like he's shaved some off. (0:12:05.24)
Ki Ou : The height of the morale is created utterly for the reason of protecting the leader. (0:12:07.51)
Ki Ou : If he's targeted himself, he can only use his own natural power. (0:12:11.78)
Ki Ou : Biao Gong. If you continue in this way, (0:12:16.95)
Ki Ou : you will end up alone in a sea of the Wei Army, I'm afraid. (0:12:19.85)
Shang Lu : Shit! (0:12:25.05)
Shang Lu : No matter what we try here, a breakthrough is impossible, Bi! (0:12:26.19)
Shang Lu : We only have a hundred mounted solders! (0:12:28.99)
Shang Lu : Forget aiding the Biao Gong Army, (0:12:30.98)
Shang Lu : we'll be killed the moment we enter the enemy's formation! (0:12:33.63)
Heki : Just trust me and come along, Shang Lu! (0:12:36.94)
Heki : When we saw the enemy from above, I realized something. (0:12:39.51)
Heki : Even if it is Wu Qing's main army, with these numbers (0:12:43.99)
Heki : there were many units that could not move quickly. (0:12:47.59)
Heki : We just need to target them! (0:12:49.78)
Heki : We'll enter from here! (0:12:52.61)
Shang Lu : What's with these guys? They're weak. (0:13:01.50)
Heki : If we keep this up... (0:13:03.68)
EXTRA : So you're trying to only target the weak?! (0:13:07.24)
EXTRA : Come on! I'm different from the others! (0:13:10.97)
Shin : This is awesome, Bi! (0:13:24.91)
Shin : This horse that General Wang Qi lent me! (0:13:26.83)
Shin : It's so fast it feels like it's flying! (0:13:28.97)
Heki : Come with me, Xin! (0:13:33.39)
Heki : Crash through the left army that's attacking the Biao Gong Army! (0:13:35.79)
Shin : Got it, Thousand-Man General Bi! (0:13:40.55)
EXTRA : The forces of the Qin Army has halved! (0:13:42.46)
EXTRA : There is likely less than 3,000 remaining! (0:13:44.60)
EXTRA : Chariot Corps, join the left! (0:13:47.12)
EXTRA : Give our army further dominance! (0:13:49.44)
Ma Gui : You called, Lord Wu Qing? (0:13:51.82)
Go Kei : Before long, the Biao Gong Army will be wiped out. (0:13:54.80)
Go Kei : And Biao Gong will be left alone. (0:13:57.61)
Go Kei : Hunt his head and bring down the curtain on this war, (0:14:00.15)
Go Kei : Zhu Gui, Ma Gui. (0:14:03.70)
Zhu Gui : As good as done, sir. (0:14:05.66)
Shang Lu : He got through! (0:14:18.73)
Shin : They're not even resisting! (0:14:20.32)
Shin : These guys are so weak! (0:14:21.97)
Heki : I just targeted the area that seemed weak. (0:14:23.43)
Heki : If you get caught up in the moment, you'll be killed, Xin! (0:14:26.24)
Shang Lu : Look, Bi! (0:14:28.35)
Shin : It's the Biao Gong Army! (0:14:31.71)
Heki : Okay! (0:14:33.90)
Tou : By the way, my lord. (0:14:36.65)
Tou : Although we were just passing by on other business, (0:14:38.25)
Tou : would it be not apt to take this opportunity to intervene? (0:14:40.76)
Ki Ou : This is quite enough. (0:14:43.54)
Ki Ou : Just by being atop this hill, (0:14:45.79)
Ki Ou : we are considerably restraining the Wei Army. (0:14:48.06)
Ki Ou : Also... (0:14:52.09)
Ki Ou : Would you not like to see it for yourself? (0:14:53.44)
Ki Ou : The true capability of these emerging powers? (0:14:56.68)
Ten Karyou : Emerging powers? (0:15:01.12)
Ying Zheng : Yes. (0:15:03.25)
Ying Zheng : Up until now in the State of Qin, there were only the two factions of Lü Shi and Jie Shi, (0:15:04.25)
Ying Zheng : but new powers have been born. (0:15:08.10)
Ying Zheng : That is one faction led by Changwenjun. (0:15:09.87)
Ten Karyou : So a faction working directly under the king is an emerging power? What's with that? (0:15:14.67)
Ying Zheng : That's reality. (0:15:20.27)
Ying Zheng : Their size compared to that of Lü Shi is like a baby to an adult. (0:15:22.46)
Ying Zheng : But in order for me to gain real power, (0:15:26.97)
Ying Zheng : it is indispensable for the Changwenjun faction to gain strength together with me. (0:15:29.34)
Ying Zheng : Changwenjun is the official standing at its helm. (0:15:34.00)
Ying Zheng : And the one leading the field of battle is Aide Bi. (0:15:36.82)
Ying Zheng : It is because of that that it's necessary for Bi to direct forces in this war. (0:15:39.90)
Ten Karyou : Ya know, even if it's not true, could you say that Xin is doing that? (0:15:46.67)
Ten Karyou : Well, it's his first campaign. (0:15:50.49)
Ten Karyou : I guess we can't hope for that much, huh? (0:15:52.37)
Heki : Here it is! Let's go! (0:16:00.19)
EXTRA : A State of Qin Army of mounted unit has appeared from the left! (0:16:04.16)
EXTRA : It is a separate mounted unit from the Biao Gong Army! (0:16:06.96)
EXTRA : What?! (0:16:09.38)
EXTRA : They seem to be attacking the right army from the exterior! (0:16:10.24)
EXTRA : There are less than 100 of them! (0:16:12.53)
Shin : All right! (0:16:14.33)
Shin : We're here to help you, Biao Gong Army! (0:16:15.34)
Heki : Wait, Xin! (0:16:18.00)
Heki : There's no need for us to go! (0:16:18.95)
EXTRA : The new mounted unit is not attacking! (0:16:22.65)
EXTRA : They are still running parallel to the right! (0:16:25.44)
Shin : Why, Bi?! (0:16:34.34)
Shin : Why aren't we attacking?! (0:16:35.93)
Shin : We came all the way here to be backup, didn't we? (0:16:37.52)
Heki : If we attack with these numbers, we'll be defeated! (0:16:39.34)
Heki : We should continue running parallel (0:16:42.38)
Heki : and give them backup psychologically! (0:16:44.71)
Shin : Psychologically? (0:16:47.28)
Heki : They're stuck in between! (0:16:49.17)
Heki : With the enemy approaching from the front, sides, or behind, (0:16:50.60)
Heki : our soldiers receive a psychological strain and lose morale. (0:16:53.53)
Heki : Because of that the Biao Gong Army is in a tough fight. (0:16:57.37)
Heki : But now, with the Biao Gong Army and us, (0:17:00.29)
Heki : we surround the Wei Army as well! (0:17:02.75)
Heki : There may be few of us, (0:17:05.95)
Heki : but we should still be putting pressure on the Wei Army! (0:17:07.62)
Heki : General Wang Qi said that the Biao Gong Army is stronger than the Wang Qi Army... (0:17:11.56)
Heki : Then this indirect backup should be plenty! (0:17:17.37)
Hyou Kou : To the left! (0:17:22.41)
EXTRA : Understood! (0:17:23.80)
EXTRA : Crush the left army! (0:17:24.72)
Shang Lu : General Biao Gong has gone on the offensive! (0:17:32.27)
Heki : All right! (0:17:34.55)
Shin : Aw, awesome! (0:17:35.71)
Shin : I knew that Biao Gong Army was something! (0:17:37.06)
Heki : Xin?! (0:17:41.84)
Ma Gui : Pressure of armies, huh? (0:17:51.05)
Ma Gui : We, the hunters of military commanders, (0:17:53.24)
Ma Gui : cannot let such shallow trickery pass by! (0:17:55.49)
Zhu Gui : I'll send those horses' heads flying. (0:17:58.31)
Ma Gui : Then I will take the humans' heads. (0:18:00.97)
Ma Gui : We will split the credit 50-50. (0:18:03.70)
Zhu Gui : Got it. (0:18:06.98)
Ma Gui : Wait. One horse is coming. (0:18:10.82)
Zhu Gui : There's no time. (0:18:20.42)
Ma Gui : I know. (0:18:21.56)
Shin : Just as I thought. (0:18:48.58)
Shin : You're pretty strong, ain'cha?! (0:18:50.24)
Shin : It was worth it to rush ahead. (0:18:53.10)
EXTRA : What is it?! (0:18:58.49)
EXTRA : Ma Gui is now in combat with one mounted solider that appeared from the flank! (0:19:00.02)
EXTRA : What?! (0:19:03.90)
Shin : Shit! (0:19:08.15)
Shin : I thought I'd be able to cut them both down! (0:19:09.30)
Shin : But just this one guy is really good! (0:19:11.69)
Zhu Gui : Hurry, Ma Gui! They're coming! (0:19:13.80)
Shin : This guy's... getting sloppy! (0:19:22.18)
Ma Gui : Die! (0:19:25.28)
Zhu Gui : What?! (0:19:34.69)
Zhu Gui : Biao Gong! (0:19:43.54)
Shin : General Biao Gong! (0:19:55.04)
EXTRA : Lord Zhu Gui and Ma Gui have been killed! (0:19:59.52)
EXTRA : Biao Gong has broken through the final defensive barrier! (0:20:02.10)
EXTRA : Oh... Oh-no! (0:20:04.95)
EXTRA : Biao Gong is coming! (0:20:07.05)
EXTRA : All units! Battle positions! (0:20:09.13)
EXTRA : Biao Gong is coming! (0:20:11.45)
EXTRA : Biao Gong is coming! (0:20:14.06)
EXTRA : Do not lose your presence of mind! (0:20:17.58)
EXTRA : We have twice their numbers here! (0:20:19.50)
EXTRA : And the strategy Lord Wu Qing has, which is no fewer than one hundred strategies, will soon be unleashed! (0:20:22.49)
EXTRA : We shall be victorious! (0:20:27.76)
EXTRA : Lord Wu Qing, your orders... (0:20:31.34)
EXTRA : By my plan, there will be no need to clash with Biao Gong, who has relied on luck and momentum. (0:20:33.83)
EXTRA : I believe we should return temporarily to the hill and reorganize (0:20:40.59)
EXTRA : and slowly break down the Qin Army. But... (0:20:42.98)
EXTRA : Lord Wu Qing? (0:20:49.64)
Go Kei : This is why we cannot stop now. (0:21:04.91)
Go Kei : This is war! (0:21:07.09)
Hyou Kou : It started with the slaughter at Wan Castle. (0:21:48.44)
Hyou Kou : And now much blood from both armies has spilled. (0:21:51.17)
Hyou Kou : Wu Qing. (0:21:55.35)
Hyou Kou : We finally meet. (0:21:57.78)
Go Kei : There is no need to interfere. (0:22:16.36)
Shin : General Biao Gong...! (0:22:22.54)
Heki : One on one? That's insane! What are they planning? (0:22:25.54)
Heki : In armed combat, Wu Qing should not be a match for General Biao Gong. (0:22:30.37)
Heki : Is it a trap? (0:22:34.96)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:45.17)
Go Kei : Biao Gong! (0:24:46.00)
Hyou Kou : Wu Qing! (0:24:47.82)
EXTRA : They are cool-headedly surrounded. (0:24:49.73)
EXTRA : They can no longer run away! (0:24:51.27)
EXTRA : So burn away that encirclement! (0:24:52.48)
EXTRA : Wise General VS Courageous General (0:24:53.76)
EXTRA : End (0:24:55.30)
EXTRA : Wise General VS Courageous General (0:24:55.31)
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:55.84)

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