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EXTRA : (0:00:00.00)
EXTRA : Father! Mother! (0:00:03.58)
EXTRA : Let me go! Let me go! (0:00:07.33)
EXTRA : Father! Mother! (0:00:10.72)
EXTRA : Father... Mother... (0:00:15.83)
Hyou Kou : It started with the slaughter at Wan Castle, (0:00:29.41)
Hyou Kou : and now, much blood from both armies has spilled. (0:00:32.25)
Hyou Kou : Wu Qing. (0:00:36.38)
Hyou Kou : We finally meet. (0:00:38.26)
EXTRA : Ancient China. (0:01:15.31)
EXTRA : After learning that the era of saints had ended, (0:01:17.18)
EXTRA : human desire was unleashed. (0:01:19.08)
EXTRA : And a storm of violent wars erupted for 500 years (0:01:22.10)
EXTRA : until over one hundred states were reduced to merely seven. (0:01:25.12)
EXTRA : And now, a wind of great history gusts from the State of Qin in the far West. (0:01:28.36)
EXTRA : This is the tumultuous tale of a nameless boy and a young king who brought the warring era to its end! (0:01:34.46)
EXTRA : Wise General VS Courageous General (0:03:12.26)
Heki : What?! They came out even?! (0:03:30.70)
Shin : General! (0:03:32.53)
Go Kei : Biao Gong! (0:03:36.89)
Hyou Kou : Wu Qing! (0:03:38.19)
Bi Tou : Man, this is incredible. (0:03:46.86)
Bi Hei : Hang in there, General Biao Gong! (0:03:48.90)
EXTRA : General Qu Qing! General Qu Qing! General Qu Qing! (0:04:17.91)
EXTRA : General Qu Qing! General Qu Qing! General Qu Qing! General Qu Qing! (0:04:22.65)
EXTRA : General Qu Qing! General Qu Qing! (0:04:29.15)
Heki : Th-This is... (0:04:48.03)
Shin : It's bad, ain't it? (0:04:49.88)
Heki : This will add to Wei's Great General's power. (0:04:52.06)
Shin : I thought it was weird he got cornered like this. (0:04:56.23)
Shin : Was he that confident? (0:04:59.12)
Shin : He was aiming to be pushed by these cheers from the beginning. (0:05:02.44)
Shin : That it would be a one-on-one fight between generals. (0:05:07.55)
Shin : And the winner of the fight between the two would be the winner of the whole war! (0:05:09.93)
Shin : Hey, let's get some cheers going, too! (0:05:14.25)
Shin : We'll give some excitement to the general! (0:05:16.20)
Shin : Unless we do something, he won't be able to use his full strength! (0:05:18.15)
EXTRA : The general has no need for such a thing. (0:05:20.53)
EXTRA : The moment it became a one-on-one battle, the winners and losers were decided. (0:05:23.48)
Shin : What do you mean?! (0:05:28.28)
EXTRA : In all of China, the number of people who could be a match against Lord Biao Gong (0:05:29.95)
EXTRA : could be counted on one's fingers. (0:05:33.36)
EXTRA : Wu Qing's military strength will not possibly reach that of Lord Biao Gong's. (0:05:41.65)
Shin : Then the general is holding back and just playing around right now? (0:05:46.29)
EXTRA : He is not. (0:05:49.96)
EXTRA : The general is getting to know Wu Qing. (0:05:52.22)
Shin : Getting to know? (0:05:56.64)
EXTRA : He is a mysterious person indeed, (0:05:58.41)
EXTRA : Lord Biao Gong. (0:06:01.24)
EXTRA : But it is likely for him to soon make his move. (0:06:07.61)
EXTRA : Lord Biao Gong! Lord Biao Gong! (0:06:26.40)
EXTRA : Lord Biao Gong! (0:06:27.66)
Hyou Kou : With the first strike of my sword, I could tell the level of your resolve and vigor. (0:06:30.64)
Hyou Kou : But with my second, I lost track of the location of your soul. (0:06:34.94)
Hyou Kou : Wu Qing! (0:06:40.24)
Hyou Kou : You did not enter a one-on-one fight in order to excite your warrior's blood, did you?! (0:06:41.26)
Hyou Kou : For what pathetic reason did you challenge me?! (0:06:46.17)
Hyou Kou : I would like to hear it before I kill you. (0:06:50.09)
Shin : General! (0:06:57.03)
Go Kei : Biao Gong. There dwells within me something far more heated than the blood of a warrior (0:06:58.26)
Go Kei : and with this sword, I will tell you what that is. (0:07:05.05)
Hyou Kou : Interesting. (0:07:08.42)
Hyou Kou : What's wrong? Are you finished? (0:07:31.27)
Go Kei : Biao Gong... (0:07:34.97)
EXTRA : Lord Wu Qing! (0:07:38.19)
EXTRA : Please, stop fighting and order the whole army to attack Biao Gong. (0:07:40.61)
EXTRA : We'll slaughter all of the State of Qin's foot soldiers (0:07:45.16)
EXTRA : and if you issue a gag order on your own army, (0:07:47.50)
EXTRA : we can make it so the one-on-one battle itself never happened. (0:07:49.51)
EXTRA : Leave it to us. (0:07:54.16)
EXTRA : I ask that you please hand down the duty to us. (0:07:55.79)
EXTRA : Lord Wu Qing! What in the world...? (0:08:04.48)
EXTRA : Lord Wu Qing! (0:08:06.46)
Go Kei : Up against invader, to not retreat at this point... (0:08:11.27)
Go Kei : honestly surprises even myself. (0:08:15.49)
Go Kei : People's emotions are beyond their control. (0:08:18.33)
Hyou Kou : Oh? I thought you were a cool-headed man (0:08:22.15)
Hyou Kou : but now I can see deep passion. (0:08:25.26)
Hyou Kou : Were you invaded by enemies, (0:08:28.71)
Hyou Kou : and perhaps had your family killed? (0:08:30.62)
Go Kei : It was not just my family! (0:08:39.72)
Go Kei : What was killed... was my country itself! (0:08:45.07)
Shin : His country... was killed? (0:08:57.81)
Go Kei : 30 years ago, a small country called Jia, located in the east of Wei, was destroyed by Zhao. (0:09:04.90)
Go Kei : And I was part of that country's royal family! (0:09:12.09)
Heki : He's a survivor of the ruling family of a ruined country? (0:09:14.97)
Go Kei : I changed my name and tattooed my face. (0:09:18.73)
Go Kei : I became a different person, wandered, and eventually made my way to Wei. (0:09:22.38)
Go Kei : With the help of Lord Xinling, I regained my name (0:09:26.93)
Go Kei : and the State of Wei became my second fatherland. (0:09:30.90)
Go Kei : But... The landscape I saw on that day of that rumbling, blazing castle... (0:09:34.66)
Go Kei : I have not forgotten it, even an instant. (0:09:40.21)
Hyou Kou : I see. (0:09:43.19)
Hyou Kou : So you were taken captive by that grudge, (0:09:45.06)
Hyou Kou : and carelessly challenged me, is that it? (0:09:46.66)
Go Kei : Do you know what it means to lose your country? (0:09:50.46)
Go Kei : You could not possibly understand! (0:09:52.85)
Hyou Kou : It's meaningless sentiment of a loser! (0:09:57.13)
Hyou Kou : It is normal in this world of warring states for small countries to be weeded out! (0:10:01.76)
Hyou Kou : Your lick of distress is just one out of those many! (0:10:05.03)
Hyou Kou : On the battlefield, stories of one's history have no meaning whatsoever! (0:10:09.60)
Hyou Kou : For soldiers, all that matters is how to defeat the enemy in front of them. (0:10:14.05)
Hyou Kou : For generals, all that matters is how to defeat the enemy general! (0:10:17.67)
Hyou Kou : One's heart cannot be captive of anything else! (0:10:21.42)
Hyou Kou : To place your own feelings above your duty as general, you have become the picture of defeat! (0:10:24.64)
Hyou Kou : Come, Wu Qing! (0:10:30.77)
Hyou Kou : As a Great General of the State of Qin, I will put an end to you! (0:10:31.82)
Go Kei : Has the air changed? (0:10:41.21)
Go Kei : No. What's changed is Biao Gong. (0:10:43.96)
Go Kei : When I saw that castle burn, I understood something. (0:10:52.67)
Go Kei : In this world, there is often something huge that most people do not understand in the justice they conceive of. (0:10:58.32)
Go Kei : And for me right now, that is Biao Gong. (0:11:05.60)
Go Kei : If he hits, my body is sure to be destroyed. (0:11:08.24)
Go Kei : But even so... (0:11:12.72)
Go Kei : Even so... (0:11:16.40)
Go Kei : I will not retreat! (0:11:20.76)
Hyou Kou : That ingenuity, that had you in a close fight with me up to this point, (0:12:03.15)
Hyou Kou : and that passion you put in your fighting at the end... (0:12:05.86)
Hyou Kou : made quite a great flame, Wu Qing! (0:12:11.63)
EXTRA : Victory cry! (0:12:18.42)
EXTRA : As he heard the victory cry of the soldiers, Xin's eyes were captured not by the victorious General Biao Gong, (0:12:38.28)
EXTRA : but by the tragic sight of the collapsed General Wu Qing. (0:12:45.26)
EXTRA : Because even dead, the eyes of Wu Qing (0:12:51.09)
EXTRA : still had a small flame smoldering in them. (0:12:53.86)
EXTRA : Seeing that sight made Xin mutter something in his mind. (0:12:58.20)
Shin : "So this is a general?" (0:13:02.68)
EXTRA : And so, the flow of the war was decided. (0:13:17.18)
EXTRA : 3,000 Qin soldiers accompanied Biao Gong (0:13:20.84)
EXTRA : and over 50,000 Wei soldiers surrounded them. (0:13:24.72)
EXTRA : But there wasn't a single soldier among the Wei army that raised their fallen shoulders. (0:13:28.94)
EXTRA : Lord Wu Qing... (0:13:40.76)
EXTRA : The mighty general known as Wu Qing (0:13:50.33)
EXTRA : was too great a presence for the Wei Army. (0:13:52.70)
EXTRA : In front of the one Vice General, that had any possibility of restoring the fighting spirit of the State of Wei Army, Bai Guixi, (0:13:57.00)
EXTRA : stood that man. (0:14:04.02)
Bai Guixi : You're... (0:14:06.14)
Ki Ou : I was able to see something good for the first time in quite a while. (0:14:07.89)
Ki Ou : To prolong this battle any further (0:14:11.74)
Ki Ou : would only be superfluous. (0:14:14.50)
Ki Ou : Or do you have the confidence that you can make something even greater than that one-on-one fight (0:14:17.58)
Ki Ou : unfold with me, Wang Qi? (0:14:21.77)
Ki Ou : W-Wang Qi! (0:14:27.32)
Bi Tou : Look! (0:14:30.50)
Bi Hei : The Wei Army is... retreating. (0:14:34.21)
Bi Hei : We won...? (0:14:40.14)
Bi Hei : We... won...? (0:14:42.68)
Bi Hei : We won!! (0:14:44.91)
Bi Tou : Big Brother! (0:14:54.70)
Bi Hei : We survived... We survived, you damn idiot... (0:14:56.91)
Bi Hei : Even though so many people died... (0:15:02.45)
Bi Hei : from the 4th Army and all the other armies... (0:15:04.90)
Bi Hei : and even Thousand Man General Fu Hushen! (0:15:09.55)
Bi Hei : Dammit! Dammit! (0:15:12.02)
Bi Hei : We won, goddammit! (0:15:15.38)
Ki Ou : It has been quite a while, General Biao Gong. (0:15:24.32)
Hyou Kou : Oh, Wang Qi? (0:15:27.80)
Hyou Kou : You holding authority from atop that hill (0:15:30.19)
Hyou Kou : gave us quite a bit of help. (0:15:33.84)
Ki Ou : Oh, no. I was merely passing by, doing some sightseeing. (0:15:36.16)
Ki Ou : By the way, General, what do you plan to do from here? (0:15:41.89)
Ki Ou : Will you continue on to an attack? (0:15:46.85)
Ki Ou : Or else... (0:15:50.28)
Hyou Kou : Once a great flame is calmed, immediately reigniting it is next to impossible. (0:15:55.38)
Hyou Kou : To all units, (0:16:01.70)
Hyou Kou : we're returning home! (0:16:04.04)
EXTRA : In Shi Huang Year 2, 245 BCE, (0:16:11.50)
EXTRA : there was a gathering of troops for one battle between the State of Qin and the State of Wei. (0:16:15.34)
EXTRA : But... (0:16:21.08)
EXTRA : For Xin, who aimed to become the greatest general under the heavens, (0:16:26.10)
EXTRA : that was nothing more than a small beginning. (0:16:28.94)
EXTRA : In a world where seven kingdoms battled in violent wars, (0:16:32.56)
EXTRA : many sparks of war were still coming into being. (0:16:37.25)
Shin : General, huh...? (0:16:56.50)
Shin : I'm gonna be one, too. (0:16:58.97)
EXTRA : State of Qin Anjian (0:17:16.26)
Ten Karyou : Why are there so many corpses here...? (0:17:29.01)
Ten Karyou : We won the war, didn't we? (0:17:32.38)
EXTRA : Ow! (0:17:38.88)
Ten Karyou : Y-You're alive! (0:17:39.58)
EXTRA : Yeah, I am. (0:17:42.11)
Ten Karyou : Why're you pretending you're dead like that?! (0:17:44.07)
EXTRA : I am not! (0:17:46.27)
EXTRA : I barely made it out with my life and was brought here with the salvaged corpses. (0:17:47.78)
EXTRA : Everyone had collapsed. (0:17:49.83)
Ten Karyou : Barely made it with your life? You won, didn't you? (0:17:51.96)
EXTRA : Yeah. But we had a lotta losses, too. (0:17:55.41)
EXTRA : And the 4th Army that got dispatched from here almost got completely wiped out! (0:17:58.80)
Ten Karyou : Wiped out? (0:18:03.78)
Shin : What's with you? (0:18:11.58)
Shin : Why'd ya come to a place like this? (0:18:12.89)
Shin : So? He's got weird clothes, doesn't he? (0:18:17.13)
Bi Hei : Heh. Ya got a point. (0:18:19.86)
Shin : What's up? (0:18:29.16)
Ten Karyou : Don't give me that "What's up?", you idiot! (0:18:30.08)
Shin : The wound I got from Ma Gui! (0:18:35.73)
Bi Hei : Are you okay, Xin? (0:18:37.89)
Shin : That hurt, dammit! (0:18:39.26)
Ten Karyou : Shut up! (0:18:40.69)
Ten Karyou : Anyhow, you got some achievements, right?! (0:18:42.04)
Shin : Sure did. (0:18:45.59)
Ten Karyou : Okay! Good job! (0:18:46.85)
EXTRA : 3 Months Later (0:18:50.56)
Ten Karyou : This place sure is amazing. (0:19:04.69)
Ten Karyou : They're selling tons of delicious looking foods... (0:19:06.98)
Ten Karyou : Don'cha think, Xin? (0:19:10.28)
Shin : Don't be in such a rush. (0:19:11.29)
Ten Karyou : Xin! That shop! (0:19:13.38)
Ten Karyou : They're selling some really tasty lookin' stuff! (0:19:14.77)
Shin : We'll get food later. (0:19:17.10)
Ten Karyou : Are you not feeling well? (0:19:19.86)
Shin : I told you, didn't I? (0:19:21.79)
Shin : We're using this reward money I saved up to buy some armor. (0:19:23.79)
Ten Karyou : Heh. You're thinking about something before food? (0:19:28.91)
Ten Karyou : You sure have grown up. (0:19:33.29)
Ten Karyou : Just what I'd expect from a Hundred... (0:19:35.06)
Shin : We'll enjoy that armor later on. (0:19:42.91)
Shin : How about we fill our stomachs right now? (0:19:45.22)
EXTRA : Welcome! (0:19:51.01)
EXTRA : Oh, here are some faces I haven't seen before. (0:19:52.23)
Ten Karyou : We came all the way from three villages over. (0:19:54.24)
Ten Karyou : This guy was talking about buying armor. (0:19:57.47)
EXTRA : Armor? You, sir? (0:19:59.65)
EXTRA : Are you here to get armor for your first campaign? (0:20:02.17)
Shin : My first campaign is over. (0:20:04.91)
Shin : I'm buying the armor with money I earned in the last war. (0:20:06.55)
EXTRA : The last war? (0:20:10.89)
EXTRA : You mean the one three months ago against the State of Wei? (0:20:12.53)
EXTRA : All the people from around here were in the 4th Army (0:20:15.62)
EXTRA : and most of them died. (0:20:18.54)
EXTRA : What a dull lie. (0:20:20.46)
Shin : I'm tellin' you! (0:20:22.24)
Shin : I was in that 4th Army and got money from it, dammit! (0:20:23.05)
EXTRA : I-I'm sorry! (0:20:26.52)
Den Yuu : Sure is busy today. (0:20:28.42)
Shin : Huh? This guy... (0:20:31.24)
EXTRA : Oh, some real heroes from the 4th Army have come. (0:20:33.75)
Den Yuu : If it isn't the mounted soldier! (0:20:41.91)
Shin : You're the old man who was the most popular when we were making Wus! (0:20:44.32)
Den Yuu : Looks like you're doing well, mounted soldier. (0:20:51.89)
Shin : Just call me Xin. (0:20:54.37)
Shin : You look okay yourself, old man. (0:20:55.91)
EXTRA : Boss, is this brat... (0:20:58.01)
EXTRA : I mean this boy really that one? (0:21:00.19)
EXTRA : Yeah. This boy... (0:21:06.28)
EXTRA : In that war with Wei, he put on an incredible performance and went right from foot soldier all the way to... (0:21:09.07)
Ten Karyou : Xin rose to the rank of Hundred Man General! (0:21:14.20)
EXTRA : Hundred Man General? (0:21:19.65)
EXTRA : That means he's a captain of a unit of one hundred people! (0:21:21.22)
EXTRA : In just one war? (0:21:23.70)
EXTRA : A kid like this? (0:21:25.30)
Den Yuu : It's an exception among exceptions, but I truly think it was the right decision. (0:21:26.92)
Den Yuu : If it weren't for Xin, forget the 4th Army, (0:21:30.85)
Den Yuu : I don't know what would've happened with that whole war. (0:21:33.52)
Shin : Aw, you're exaggerating. (0:21:36.04)
Den Yuu : On the way back from the war, everyone was talking about Xin. (0:21:38.02)
Den Yuu : When I'd heard he was being made a Hundred Man General, (0:21:42.56)
Den Yuu : I was as happy as if it were me being made one. (0:21:45.49)
Shin : R-Really? (0:21:47.54)
Den Yuu : It's the first time I've been looking forward to the next war this much. (0:21:49.43)
Den Yuu : And I'll bet you I'm not the only one who'd like to fight in your unit. (0:21:53.58)
Shin : My unit's gonna be really something. (0:22:00.45)
Ten Karyou : You must be glad, Xin. (0:22:37.14)
Ten Karyou : You were able to buy armor. (0:22:38.92)
Shin : Looks good, doesn' it? (0:22:41.25)
Ten Karyou : No it doesn't. (0:22:45.01)
Ten Karyou : Don't act so proud. Are you a little kid? (0:22:46.53)
Shin : About what? (0:22:49.45)
Ten Karyou : Anyhow, uh... (0:22:51.27)
Ten Karyou : You got bigger again. (0:22:55.19)
Shin : You... (0:23:06.38)
Shin : Qiang Lei! (0:23:08.05)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:45.29)
Kai Kyou : I have only one reason for living. (0:24:46.40)
EXTRA : A hidden past. (0:24:49.65)
EXTRA : In a night where two people are all alone, (0:24:51.83)
EXTRA : souls shake. (0:24:53.30)
EXTRA : Night Tale (0:24:53.47)
EXTRA : Night Tale (0:24:55.38)
EXTRA : Next time. (0:24:55.47)

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