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And now, a moment of silence.

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Kingdom - Episode 28

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EXTRA : Emergency report! Line ID
EXTRA : An enemy attack from the left! Line ID
EXTRA : It's about 100 men! Line ID
EXTRA : They've already progressed to the second formation! Line ID
Feng Ji : I see. Line ID
Feng Ji : So that's what it is...? Line ID
Feng Ji : Wang Qi, Line ID
Feng Ji : your target is... my head? Line ID
Feng Ji : Interesting. If you think you can get it, go ahead and try! Line ID
EXTRA : The setting is before the common era, Line ID
EXTRA : in the State of Qin during the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. Line ID
EXTRA : The nameless boy Xin met with the young King Zheng, Line ID
EXTRA : distinguished himself in war, and finally become a Hundred-Man General. Line ID
EXTRA : Among those events, the neighboring State of Zhao suddenly invaded, Line ID
EXTRA : presenting an unprecedented crisis. Line ID
EXTRA : What kind of war will Supreme Commander Wang Qi wage? Line ID
EXTRA : And what kind of growth with Xin achieve? Line ID
EXTRA : Wang Qi's Flying Arrow Line ID
Xin : We can do it! We can do it! Line ID
Xin : If we keep this up, we can do it! Line ID
Xin : The method of a surprise attack where the enemy isn't prepared, Line ID
Xin : that was a tactic Mr. Yuan and I used tons of times in that stateless area! Line ID
Xin : We were only protecting 100 tribe members. Line ID
Xin : So honestly, that was the only trick we had. Line ID
Xin : But thanks to that, we learned the power of surprise attacks! Line ID
Bi Hei : W-We got through. Line ID
Ro En : B-But the real problem is what comes next. Line ID
EXTRA : Lu Yan Line ID
Ro En : So far, we've attacked them while they were unprepared... Line ID
Ro En : but now that effect is gone. Line ID
Ro En : The battle now... Line ID
Ro En : will simply be strength versus strength. Line ID
Suu Gen : Be careful! Line ID
Suu Gen : These guys all look pretty decent! Line ID
En : A Wu! Form a Wu! Line ID
Bi Hei : We're screwed! Line ID
En : L-Lord Xin! Line ID
En : Lord Qiang Lei! Line ID
En : W-We have to fight! Line ID
En : Feixin Unit! Follow our general! Line ID
EXTRA : At this moment, the State of Qin's left army fight had become one sided. Line ID
EXTRA : Running away under a rain of arrows, the State of Qin Army was Line ID
EXTRA : being thoroughly beaten by the State of Zhao's Cleanup Unit. Line ID
EXTRA : Gan Yang and Bi's units of about 1,500 were marching forward and escaping the hardship, Line ID
EXTRA : but the vast majority of the State of Qin's left army was being routed and beaten. Line ID
EXTRA : No more than 30% of the original left army survived. Line ID
EXTRA : And the Zhao soldiers leisurely chased after them. Line ID
EXTRA : But in spite of this state of affairs, Wang Qi did not move. Line ID
Bi Tou : Shit... Line ID
Bi Tou : The enemy... is too strong... Line ID
Bi Hei : Plus, we're so fatigued... Line ID
Bi Hei : My consciousness is fading... Line ID
Bi Tou : My eyes are... getting hazy... Line ID
Bi Tou : I feel like I'm about to collapse already... Line ID
Bi Hei : But... But... Line ID
Bi Tou : Every time he cuts someone, my strength comes back! Line ID
Bi Tou : Every time our general cuts down an enemy... Line ID
Bi Tou : power surges throughout our bodies again! Line ID
EXTRA : What's with these guys...? Line ID
EXTRA : The general of this Hundred-Man Unit is such a skilled kid...? Line ID
EXTRA : And amazingly, he seems to be a pillar holding up his unit's spirit. Line ID
EXTRA : But mere morale will never be enough to break through our elite guards! Line ID
EXTRA : That's right. Line ID
EXTRA : If they keep up this war of attrition, Line ID
EXTRA : they'll eventually get worn down and collapse. Line ID
EXTRA : The certainty of our victory shall not change! Line ID
Xin : Forward! Forward! Line ID
Xin : Forward! Line ID
Xin : Shit. Even if we keep fighting like this, we're not making any progress! Line ID
Xin : What the hell can we do...? Line ID
Ro En : Vice General! Line ID
En : What is it, Lu Yan?! Line ID
Ro En : Continuing like this will get us nowhere! Line ID
En : I know! Line ID
En : But right now, unless we make our way through these enemies... Line ID
Ro En : In regards to that... Line ID
En : Y-You're right, that's our only chance. Line ID
En : Lord Xin! I'm sorry! Line ID
Xin : What're you doing at a time like this?! Line ID
En : Sorry, Line ID
En : but this is urgent! Line ID
Xin : Split up... the unit? Line ID
En : Yes! Line ID
En : If this war of attrition keeps going, we'll eventually all run out of strength Line ID
En : and we won't be able to break through here. Line ID
En : So while we have the chance, we break up this Hundred Man Unit into two units, Line ID
En : an elite unit and a lesser unit. Line ID
En : The rear unit will draw the attention of the enemy to this area, Line ID
En : and the elite unit should head toward the location of Zhao General, Feng Ji. Line ID
Xin : Draw their attention...? Line ID
Xin : Hold on a second! Line ID
Xin : If we do that, the guys that stay behind will be wiped out! Line ID
En : Never mind that! Line ID
Xin : What?! Line ID
En : The Feixin Unit's mission is not to attack the enemy in this area Line ID
En : nor is it to bring all 100 members back alive. Line ID
En : It is to defeat the Zhao General, Feng Ji! Line ID
En : As long as we achieve that, even if our unit is reduced by half or more, Line ID
En : it will be the Feixin Unit's victory! Line ID
En : If we can be the foundation of that, Line ID
En : then we will gladly remain here! Line ID
Xin : We? Line ID
En : I'll stay behind! Line ID
En : The people fighting here will need a general, after all. Line ID
Xin : Mr. Yuan... Line ID
Taku Kei : Young Xin! Line ID
Taku Kei : It is just as Vice General Yuan says. Line ID
Taku Kei : Don't worry about us, just go, please! Line ID
Xin : Mr. Ze... Line ID
Taku Kei : Just as you said, Young Xin. Line ID
Taku Kei : This is a battle we absolutely must win! Line ID
Taku Kei : And many of us are almost at our limits, myself included. Line ID
Taku Kei : If only an elite unit escapes, Line ID
Taku Kei : then there will no longer be a need for anyone here. Line ID
Taku Kei : We will withdraw from here as well, without delay. Line ID
Taku Kei : If it's running away we need to do, then we're more than capable. Line ID
Taku Kei : Please, you must hurry. Line ID
Xin : Mr. Ze... Line ID
En : It's a bluff. Line ID
En : Escaping from this enemy formation would be no easy feat. Line ID
En : But since that came from Lord Xin's former Wuchang Line ID
En : I would expect Lord Xin will be able to act! Line ID
Xin : The Wu that can still run... Line ID
Xin : Pei Lang! Tian Yong! Line ID
Xin : The Wu that can still fight... Line ID
Xin : Zhong Tie! Qu Hai! Long You! Bang! Line ID
Xin : The Wu that still haven't lost their vigor! Line ID
Xin : Tian You! Long Chuan! Wei Ping! Wei Dao! Line ID
Xin : Bring everyone in your Wu that can fight and come with me! Line ID
Hairou : We're splitting the Hundred Man Unit in two? Line ID
Bi Tou : No, that's fine. Line ID
Bi Tou : That's our only plan now. Line ID
Xin : Qiang Lei! Line ID
Xin : Where's Qiang Lei?! Line ID
Xin : Mr. Yuan! Line ID
En : Yes?! Line ID
Xin : When we're gone, get out of here no matter what comes your way! Line ID
Xin : We'll definitely meet up again after! Line ID
Xin : I'll make Feng Ji bow his head to me! Line ID
En : I wish you the fortunes of battle! Line ID
Xin : You, too. Line ID
Xin : Let's go! Line ID
EXTRA : Do you think we'll let you State of Qin dogs escape?! Line ID
EXTRA : We will get through! Line ID
EXTRA : And we're looking forward to taking your general's head! Line ID
EXTRA : Leave this to me! Line ID
EXTRA : Captain! Line ID
Xin : Feng Ji! Line ID
Wang Qi : Just like how one maintains a distance from one's opponent in a sword fight, Line ID
Wang Qi : a general leading an army also has his own fighting space. Line ID
Wang Qi : A general's full ability is displayed when one is within that range. Line ID
Wang Qi : Feng Ji's space is from mid-range to long-range, isn't it? Line ID
Tou : Yes, so it would seem. Line ID
Wang Qi : Yes. And that range deviates from Feng Ji's space, isn't it? Line ID
Tou : Yes, sir. It is too close. Line ID
Wang Qi : I'm counting on you, Youngster Xin. Line ID
Wang Qi : My flying arrow... Line ID
Feng Ji : What's come of that small unit that attacked from the side? Line ID
EXTRA : They still seem to be in mid-battle, Line ID
EXTRA : but their number has already been reduced to half. Line ID
Feng Ji : So it's over, is it? Line ID
EXTRA : Yes, sir! Line ID
Xin : So that's... the headquarters?! Line ID
EXTRA : I-Impossible! Line ID
EXTRA : They got through the elite guard?! Line ID
EXTRA : No, they're still fighting! Line ID
EXTRA : What do you mean?! Line ID
Feng Ji : So they split their 100 in two. Line ID
Feng Ji : They used half their comrades as a shield to get here, did they? Line ID
Hairou : It's the headquarters. Line ID
EXTRA : We finally... made it here... Line ID
Hairou : Let's kill them. Line ID
Bi Tou : Qiang Lei, what're the enemy's numbers? Line ID
Qiang Hui : Two to three hundred. Line ID
Den Yuu : So it's 30 versus 300, huh? Line ID
Hairou : Don't worry. Line ID
Hairou : There's only 150 on this side of Feng Ji. Line ID
Hairou : It's 15 across and 10 wide. Line ID
Hairou : In other words, if we can cut through 10 men, we can get to the general's head. Line ID
Bi Hei : All right! Line ID
Bi Hei : That, we can make! Line ID
Xin : Okay. Wait for us, Mr. Yuan, everybody... Line ID
Xin : And prepare yourself, Feng Ji! Line ID
Xin : Let's go, bastards! Line ID
Xin : General Wang Qi said that this battle, the opening phase is the most important one! Line ID
Xin : We're going to end it with our own hands! Line ID
EXTRA : They're charging. Line ID
EXTRA : Do you seriously think they'll make it all the way here? Line ID
EXTRA : Or do you think they're planning to scatter in a showy fashion? Line ID
Feng Ji : No, they'll come. Line ID
Feng Ji : They'll come here. Line ID
EXTRA : Those 30 people are challenging this entire headquarters formation? Line ID
EXTRA : Foot soldiers, at the ready! Line ID
EXTRA : Send those death-dodging bastards to the next world! Line ID
Feng Ji : In extremely rare cases, there are times when people hold
a power that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking.
Line ID
Feng Ji : The more logical the general, the more easily they slip against such people. Line ID
Feng Ji : This is honestly the first time an enemy has gotten this close to me, Line ID
Feng Ji : but it's not a bad thing to have battles like this on occasion. Line ID
EXTRA : What're you doing?! Don't let them through! Line ID
EXTRA : Stooop! Line ID
EXTRA : Out of the way! Line ID
EXTRA : I'll bury them myself! Line ID
EXTRA : Lord Shou! Line ID
EXTRA : You brat! Line ID
EXTRA : Zhao Jue Unit, Zhao Gao Unit, move forward! Line ID
EXTRA : Why can't the mounted soldiers stop a mere thirty people?! Line ID
EXTRA : Would you hurry and take them down?! Line ID
Tou : Though they only number in the dozens, Line ID
Tou : to use their momentum means they are quite untouchable, yes? Line ID
Wang Qi : The down side to having a headquarters mostly made up of mounted soldiers has shown its face. Line ID
Wang Qi : Horses are used for running. Line ID
Wang Qi : Gathered into a crowd, they cannot utilize that strength. Line ID
Tou : What do you think that schemer Feng Ji is planning to do next? Line ID
Wang Qi : There's nothing, really. Line ID
Wang Qi : Cramped into that position, there's no room for any plans. Line ID
Wang Qi : Especially for Feng Ji... Line ID
Wang Qi : It's true that interring the majority of the Qin left army was skillful, Line ID
Wang Qi : but in exchange for that, Line ID
Wang Qi : Feng Ji allowed the Feixin Unit to penetrate deep into his bosom. Line ID
Wang Qi : Against someone as unskilled at close-range battles as Feng Ji, Line ID
Wang Qi : overlooking the Feixin Unit will turn out to be an irrecoverable misstep. Line ID
Tou : Will it continue like this to a conclusion? Line ID
Wang Qi : I would say so. Line ID
Wang Qi : Though, I suppose there is still one way for Feng Ji to weasel his way out of this situation... Line ID
Xin : All right! We got though! Line ID
Bi Hei : Through? Line ID
Bi Hei : We got... through? Line ID
Wang Qi : The one method Feng Ji can use to recover... Line ID
Wang Qi : is... Line ID
Wang Qi : to regain the distance he lost. Line ID
Bi Hei : Y-You're kidding, right? Line ID
Bi Hei : Even though he's a general... Line ID
Bi Hei : Even though he's got 150 men... Line ID
Bi Hei : They're retreating from the 30 of us? Line ID
Feng Ji : Stop. That's enough. Line ID
EXTRA : All units, halt! Line ID
Wang Qi : Just what I'd expect from him. Line ID
Wang Qi : With that one tactic, Youngster Xin has been brought to the jaws of death. Line ID
Tou : If he sends out the mounted units from that range Line ID
Tou : not one foot soldier will be left standing. Line ID
Wang Qi : Yes, indeed... Line ID
Bi Hei : This is bad! Line ID
Bi Hei : We're gonna be attacked from behind! Line ID
Den Yuu : Wh-What do we do? Line ID
Xin : We're totally cornered... Line ID
Xin : Right now, we need to get out of here or... Line ID
Xin : Maybe Qiang Lei and I could manage something, but... Line ID
Xin : these guys don't have a chance! Line ID
Bi Hei : G-Go... Xin... Line ID
Bi Hei : You and Qiang Lei... can make it... out. Line ID
Bi Hei : Go! Line ID
Xin : What're you talking about?! Line ID
Xin : Don't go screwing around- Line ID
Bi Hei : I'm not screwing around! Line ID
Bi Hei : I told you to go, you fucking moron! Line ID
Bi Hei : You can't die here! Line ID
Bi Hei : You're gonna become the greatest general under the heavens, aren't you?! Line ID
Xin : I can't. Line ID
Bi Hei : Xin! Line ID
Bi Hei : If you don't do something, this is the end! Line ID
Bi Hei : Go! Line ID
Xin : How could I? Line ID
Xin : I'm sorry, Qiang Lei. Line ID
Qiang Hui : Don't apologize. Line ID
Qiang Hui : It's not over yet. Line ID
EXTRA : Wh-What?! Line ID
EXTRA : L-Lord Feng Ji, from the front! Line ID
Bi Hei : The left army... Line ID
Bi Hei : The left army mounted soldiers are coming through the Zhao defensive wall! Line ID
Bi Tou : 40... 50... They keep coming and coming! Line ID
Xin : It's Gan Yang! Line ID
Bi Hei : You know him?! Line ID
Xin : He's one of Wang Qi's close aides. Line ID
Xin : He's probably the general of the left army! Line ID
Kan Ou : I'm here for your head, Feng Ji! Line ID
Feng Ji : Impudent fool... Line ID
Feng Ji : Call the right half! Line ID
Feng Ji : What is it this time?! Line ID
Bi : Backup the Gan Yang Unit! Line ID
Bi : Do not let the enemy foot soldiers near their headquarters or near the Gan Yang Unit! Line ID
Xin : Even Brother Bi is here. Line ID
Kan Ou : All units, charge! Line ID
Tou : They finally made it though, it seems. Line ID
Xin : We're going, too! Line ID
Bi Tou : It went just the way the general said, Xin! Line ID
Bi Tou : He said it back at the beginning! Line ID
Bi Tou : While the enemy and the left army are fighting, Line ID
Bi Tou : we would slip though the confusion and take the general's head! Line ID
Bi Tou : Now's that moment! Line ID
Bi Tou : Don't slow down on our account! Line ID
Bi Tou : Go at full speed to take General Feng Ji's head! Line ID
Xin : Wei Dao... Line ID
Bi Tou : Hurry, go! Line ID
Bi Tou : You've got to take the general's head, Xin! Line ID
Xin : Got it! Line ID
Xin : That general's head is mine! Line ID
Xin : But everyone, listen up! Line ID
Xin : I'll be taking the achievement, Line ID
Xin : but we're splitting the reward equally! Line ID
Xin : The living and the dead, Line ID
Xin : all get one hundredth of the total! Line ID
Bi Hei : Go! Line ID
EXTRA : Captain! Line ID
Qiang Hui : Xin. Line ID
Xin : What? Line ID
Qiang Hui : When you get close to the general, aim for a moment's opening. Line ID
Qiang Hui : Don't let it slip away. Line ID
Qiang Hui : There will definitely be a chance. Line ID
Xin : Got it. Line ID
Qiang Hui : Comrades, huh...? Line ID
Feng Ji : What are you acting so proud of? Line ID
Feng Ji : Left army general, do you think you've cornered me? Line ID
Feng Ji : There are no errors in my strategy. Line ID
Feng Ji : But even without any strategical errors, Line ID
Feng Ji : small errors in calculation manifest themselves. Line ID
Feng Ji : That is the nature of actual battle. Line ID
Feng Ji : The current state of affairs is nothing but the result of overlapping good luck they've had from that error in calculation. Line ID
Feng Ji : Luck? Line ID
Feng Ji : No. Line ID
Feng Ji : That simply doesn't explain it. Line ID
Feng Ji : Would I allow my enemies to get this close to me merely on luck? Line ID
Feng Ji : Does that mean there was an error in my strategy? Line ID
Feng Ji : It's him... Line ID
Feng Ji : and that platoon that attacked from the side. Line ID
Feng Ji : My headquarters is broken apart because of them. Line ID
Feng Ji : But among the tactics with an army of 10,000 versus an army of 10,000, Line ID
Feng Ji : the advancement of a Hundred Man Unit is nothing more than part of that error in calculation. Line ID
Feng Ji : First, that platoon reaching the headquarters was a coincidence. Line ID
Feng Ji : If I hadn't opened both wings in order to inter the State of Qin left army, Line ID
Feng Ji : they wouldn't have gotten in. Line ID
Feng Ji : Did the platoon break off because the wings opened?! Line ID
Feng Ji : Was I pushed towards opening the wings?! Line ID
Feng Ji : Did that man send the left army of 10,000 charging in order to achieve that...?! Line ID
Feng Ji : The advance of the platoon is not a coincidence. Line ID
Feng Ji : With my first move, I had already fallen for that man's tricks...! Line ID
Tou : Feng Ji's love of tactics has backfired on him, hasn't it? Line ID
Wang Qi : He lacked the caution to use those bold moves. Line ID
Wang Qi : That Feng Ji just loves attacking, doesn't he? Line ID
Wang Qi : But you occasionally need the a sense for defense. Line ID
Tou : To have manipulated the left battlefield without even leading it, you are quite the genius, Lord. Line ID
Wang Qi : Believe it or not, I actually don't mind them. Line ID
Wang Qi : Long distance battles. Line ID
Feng Ji : We're retreating! Line ID
EXTRA : Lord Feng Ji! Line ID
Feng Ji : I have no interest in dealing with these remnants. Line ID
Feng Ji : You and the forward defensive wall take care of them. Line ID
Feng Ji : The rear soldiers and I will be making a temporary retreat to the thicket. Line ID
EXTRA : Yes, sir! Line ID
Kan Ou : That's far enough, Feng Ji! Line ID
Kan Ou : You're ten years early to try to show off a plan in front of me! Line ID
Feng Ji : Nonsense! Line ID
Feng Ji : You're the one's conceited with your plans! Line ID
Feng Ji : The proof of that is your group reached here alone. Line ID
Feng Ji : I'll kill you, slaughter the remaining soldiers, and inter the entire left army! Line ID
Kan Ou : That will never happen. Line ID
Kan Ou : Your fate... Line ID
Kan Ou : has already been sealed. Line ID
Feng Ji : I should be the one saying that to you ! Line ID
Feng Ji : Kill that man! Line ID
Kan Ou : Feng Ji... Line ID
Kan Ou : The Lord's flying arrow... Line ID
Kan Ou : has reached its target. Line ID
Xin : I... I got it... Line ID
EXTRA : Preview Line ID
He Liao Diao : The Li Bai Army's formation... is changing! Line ID
EXTRA : Everything is in order! Line ID
EXTRA : The strongest man devours the battlefield! Line ID
EXTRA : {\fs90\t(0,1960,\fs70\1a&H90&)\move(656,0,656,45,0,1960)}Sudden Change in
the Tide of Battle
Line ID
EXTRA : Next time, Line ID
EXTRA : Sudden Change in
the Tide of Battle
Line ID
EXTRA : End Line ID
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