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Stingingly cute and catlike!

- Ryuuko Tsuchikawa

Kingdom - Episode 31

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Xiang : If this so-called "War God" does indeed exist, Line ID
Xiang : we cannot match it in a breath's length. Line ID
Xiang : Though if it's a battle of depth, we should be all right. Line ID
Xiang : It's your turn, Lei. Line ID
Xiang : I mean that the depth of your breathing has already surpassed all other Chi You in history. Line ID
Xiang : Whether your opponent be a "War God" or anything... Line ID
Xiang : Whether your opponent be a "War God" or anything, Line ID
Xiang : if it's a short-term sword fight, Line ID
Xiang : you won't lose to anyone, Line ID
Xiang : Lei! Line ID
Qiang Hui : Now, let us dance, Lu Sui! Line ID
EXTRA : The setting is before the common era, the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. Line ID
EXTRA : Xin, the boy that came from obscurity to become the general of a Hundred-Man Unit Line ID
EXTRA : continued to prove himself in the height of battle and led the State of Qin Army to dominance. Line ID
EXTRA : But now the enemy Supreme Commander has finally shown himself Line ID
EXTRA : and he is a being beyond imagination. Line ID
EXTRA : The name of that man, whom is linked by fate to Wang Qi, is Pang Nuan. Line ID
EXTRA : The state of the war has finally started to really shake up. Line ID
EXTRA : The Power of a Group Line ID
Wang Qi : About where did the gong ring from? Line ID
Tou : Sir, it was most likely in the vicinity of Lu Wuwei and Gan Yang's camps. Line ID
EXTRA : But the gong stopped very suddenly. Line ID
EXTRA : It is odd that they would launch a night attack on the day they retreated. Line ID
EXTRA : It's possible it was a false alarm, but... Line ID
Wang Qi : If it was not a false alarm... Line ID
Wang Qi : he just may have appeared. Pang Nuan. Line ID
EXTRA : Pang Nuan?! Line ID
Tou : But, although I do feel it is a bit unnatural, Line ID
Tou : I think that Pang Nuan would be preserving his strength for a showdown against you, Lord. Line ID
Wang Qi : There is a possibility he mistakenly thought I was there. Line ID
Wang Qi : He has an odd intuition, that fellow. Line ID
Tou : Shall we depart for the front? Line ID
Wang Qi : No. Line ID
Wang Qi : As you might expect, we cannot move the headquarters on a guess. Line ID
Wang Qi : Even if something is going on right now, Line ID
Wang Qi : we have no choice but to believe in our front line soldiers Line ID
Wang Qi : and rely on them to deal with it. Line ID
Bi Hei : A-Amazing! Qiang Lei! Line ID
Bi Tou : It's that! Line ID
Bi Tou : That thing I saw during the battle with Wei! Line ID
EXTRA : Is that a kind of swordsmanship? Line ID
EXTRA : It's almost like he's dancing... Line ID
EXTRA : He has unpredictable movements, changes in speed, Line ID
Suu Gen : and reactions that can predict his opponents moves... Line ID
Suu Gen : It may also seem like a beautiful dance, but it's a technique that borders on the superhuman! Line ID
Hou Ken : I see... Line ID
Hou Ken : So you are one that "brings down gods", are you? Line ID
Hou Ken : I came out here thinking you were that man. Line ID
Hou Ken : So this is the guidance of heaven as well? Line ID
Hou Ken : One who brings down gods, Line ID
Hou Ken : you are certainly one of my enemies as well. Line ID
Hou Ken : This night Line ID
Hou Ken : exists for us. Line ID
Hou Ken : One, whom a malevolent god "dwells within", and one, who "brings one down", Line ID
Hou Ken : let us demonstrate without constraint which one is the strong one chosen by the heavens! Line ID
Qiang Hui : Do not be afraid, Lu Sui. Line ID
Qiang Hui : I am here with you. Line ID
Qiang Hui : I simply call the breath of a god into me... Line ID
Qiang Hui : deeply... and intensely... Line ID
Qiang Hui : If we do that... there is no longer any foe that can match us! Line ID
Suu Gen : What speed! Line ID
EXTRA : Incredible! Line ID
EXTRA : Vice Captain Qiang Lei! Line ID
Qiang Hui : I'll decide it all at once! Line ID
Qiang Hui : This medium dance... Line ID
Qiang Hui : is deeper than any I've done before! Line ID
Xiang : Whether your opponent be a "War God" or anything, {Flashback. How the hell many times are we gonna repeat this line? We're only 7 minutes in.} Line ID
Xiang : if it's a short-term sword fight, you won't lose to anyone! Line ID
Qiang Hui : I've got him! Line ID
Bi Hei : Q-Qiang Lei's attack was... Line ID
Qiang Hui : Stopped?! Line ID
Hou Ken : The ability to read an opponents movements... Line ID
Hou Ken : is of course, not a skill you alone possess. Line ID
Hou Ken : It has been a long time... since there has been someone... whose blood runs more rapidly than mine... Line ID
Hou Ken : And though it was only for a moment, Line ID
Hou Ken : that sensation of feeling that death was near... Line ID
Hou Ken : That was something I do not think I have felt from those two since 9 years ago... Line ID
Hou Ken : There truly was value in appearing here, one who brings down gods. Line ID
Xin : Q-Qiang Lei... Line ID
Den Yuu : Ah, Xin?! Line ID
Xin : R-Run, Qiang Lei! Line ID
Bi Tou : B-Big Brother! Look at Qiang Lei! Line ID
Hou Ken : What...? Line ID
Hou Ken : You cannot already have exhausted your strength, can you? Line ID
Qiang Hui : My body... feels heavy... Line ID
Qiang Hui : My medium dance came apart! Line ID
Qiang Hui : And with how deep it went in, the more backlash there is... Line ID
Qiang Hui : I can barely breathe anymore... Line ID
EXTRA : Vice Captain Qiang Lei! Line ID
EXTRA : Qiang Lei! Line ID
Qiang Hui : You guys, get out of here, now! Line ID
Qiang Hui : Hurry, go! Line ID
Qiang Hui : We're no match for this guy! Line ID
Qiang Hui : I'll hold out as long as I possibly can! Line ID
Qiang Hui : Everyone, take that time to get out of here! Line ID
Qiang Hui : We can't... lose all of this! Line ID
Hou Ken : I will not allow Line ID
Hou Ken : a single person to leave this place. Line ID
Hou Ken : They will see our fight through to the end! Line ID
EXTRA : Lord Gan Yuan! Line ID
EXTRA : Even according to our report, the enemy is only one man! Line ID
EXTRA : That's ridiculous! Line ID
EXTRA : You're saying a defense unit has been wiped out by just one person! Line ID
EXTRA : That cannot be! Line ID
EXTRA : Urgent report! Line ID
EXTRA : Lord Gan Yuan! Line ID
EXTRA : The enemy has invaded and is inflicting damage on soldiers! Line ID
EXTRA : What?! Line ID
EXTRA : What are the Zhao Army's numbers? Line ID
EXTRA : Regarding that... Line ID
EXTRA : it's one man. Line ID
EXTRA : Wha-?! Line ID
Kan Ou : Bring out the horses! Line ID
EXTRA : Yes, sir! Line ID
Kan Ou : Contact Lu Wuwei as well. Line ID
Kan Ou : Tell him that he has come! Line ID
EXTRA : Yes, sir! Line ID
Kan Ou : There's no doubt about it. It's Pang Nuan! Line ID
Kan Ou : I don't know why he would just suddenly appear like this, Line ID
Kan Ou : but what I do know is if we defeat him, this war is over! Line ID
EXTRA : Th-That's the gong for an enemy attack! Line ID
EXTRA : I can hear the sound of a melee occurring. Line ID
EXTRA : Lord Gan Yuan! Line ID
Kan Ou : This time it's a genuine full-blown enemy attack! Line ID
Wan Ji : Kill them... The Xin dogs... Line ID
Wan Ji : Let them know the depth of the malice that flows through Zhao... Line ID
EXTRA : At this time, the Qin Army was in a state of confusion over Pang Nuan and Wan Ji's sudden attack, Line ID
EXTRA : but in actuality, the Zhao Army also had trouble grasping the situation. Line ID
Zhao Zhuang : So you're here, too, Gongsun Long? Line ID
Gongsun Long : Zhao Zhuang. Line ID
Gongsun Long : Did you hear that Lord Pang Nuan took to the field on his own? Line ID
Gongsun Long : What in the world is going on? Line ID
Zhao Zhuang : I don't know either. Line ID
Gongsun Long : If Lord Pang Nuan is killed, this war is over! Line ID
Zhao Zhuang : I know. Line ID
Zhao Zhuang : But I'm somewhat relieved it's come to this. Line ID
Zhao Zhuang : Except for the place where Lord Pang Nuan is, everywhere is truly quiet. Line ID
Zhao Zhuang : No one is moving. Line ID
Zhao Zhuang : No, they're not able to move. Line ID
EXTRA : Just as Zhao Zhuang said, although the various generals scattered all over knew about the night attack, Line ID
EXTRA : they made no move to combat it. Line ID
EXTRA : Rather, they rigidly watched over the surroundings of their army. Line ID
EXTRA : That is because at this time, there was not one that knew the positional relationship of all the armies. Line ID
EXTRA : For that reason, each army was forced to simply stand watch for an enemy they could not see. Line ID
Zhao Zhuang : This night attack is completely outside my predictions, Line ID
Zhao Zhuang : but it's proving surprisingly effective. Line ID
Gongsun Long : This is not the time for such leisurely talk! Line ID
Gongsun Long : Although Wan Ji is following him, Line ID
Gongsun Long : our Supreme Commander is still currently Line ID
Gongsun Long : in the midst of the enemy, isn't he?! Line ID
Zhao Zhuang : Do you not believe in Lord Pang Nuan's power? Line ID
Gongsun Long : I have not seen that power with my own eyes. Line ID
Gongsun Long : And war is something full of unexpected events... Line ID
Zhao Zhuang : Yes... No one knows quite what will happen in a war. Line ID
Zhao Zhuang : That goes for both the Zhao Army Line ID
Zhao Zhuang : and the Qin Army... Line ID
Bi Hei : Wh-Why is the Zhao mounted unit here?! Line ID
Hairou : They're going to try to kill us... Line ID
Den Yuu : Is it... all over? Line ID
Hou Ken : Wan Ji? Line ID
Bi Hei : He's coming! Line ID
EXTRA : It-It's all over for us! Line ID
Bi Tou : Shit! Line ID
Kan Ou : Step away, Feixin Unit! Line ID
Kan Ou : Fire! Line ID
Kan Ou : Fire, fire! Line ID
EXTRA : Lord Gan Yuan! The opposing troupes are mounted soldiers, approximately 500! Line ID
EXTRA : Our mounted soldiers total to 100! Line ID
EXTRA : And to add to that, their side has... Line ID
EXTRA : that man. Line ID
Kan Ou : Pang Nuan. You bastard... Line ID
Kan Ou : Do not make light... of war! Line ID
Kan Ou : To all 3,000 members of the Gan Yuan Army, Line ID
Kan Ou : everyone gather at this location! Line ID
Kan Ou : The man over there is the Zhao Supreme Commander, Pang Nuan! Line ID
Kan Ou : The head of 100,000 men is right here! Line ID
Kan Ou : If you can take it, you'll gain enough riches to live out the whole rest of your life! Line ID
Kan Ou : Gather, everyone! Line ID
Kan Ou : The prize goes to the one that takes it first! Line ID
Kan Ou : Do not even give a glance to the other Zhao Soldiers! Line ID
Kan Ou : Our enemy is only one man! Line ID
Wan Ji : I... I'll never allow it! Let's go! Line ID
Kan Ou : Take the head Line ID
Kan Ou : of Pang Nuan! Line ID
Wan Ji : Save Lord Pang Nuan the hassle! Line ID
Wan Ji : We will slaughter the entire enemy! Line ID
EXTRA : Yes, sir! Line ID
EXTRA : General! Line ID
Kan Ou : Do not falter! Line ID
Kan Ou : Overwhelm him with numbers! Line ID
Kan Ou : We'll decide it here! Line ID
Den Yuu : This's turned into all-out melee! Line ID
Den Yuu : Captain, it's not gonna be a good to stick around here! Line ID
Den Yuu : Right now, we should just quickly decide whether to retreat or attack! Line ID
Xin : Retreat? Line ID
Xin : Retreat in a place like this? Line ID
Xin : If we retreat here... Line ID
Xin : Who will avenge Xie Ci, Shan He, and the others who were killed? Line ID
Hairou : Don't move yet, Xin. Line ID
Xin : Pei Lang. Line ID
Hairou : Everyone knows where you are right now. Line ID
Hairou : If you keep fighting in the same spot, they're sure to all gather here. Line ID
Shou Sa : There they are! Line ID
Shou Sa : There's Xin and the rest of them! Line ID
Xin : Song Zuo, Long Chuan! Line ID
Den Ei : Oh, like I thought, you're still alive. Line ID
Suu Gen : I would be troubled if you had died. Line ID
Xin : Tian Yong! Chong Yuan! Line ID
Bi Hei : Xin! Line ID
Bi Hei : You're all right?! Line ID
Bi Tou : Are you all right, Xin?! Line ID
Xin : You guys...! Line ID
Bi Tou : Just what I'd expect from our captain! Line ID
Bi Hei : But what the hell do we do here? Line ID
Bi Hei : The state of battle is totally even. Line ID
Bi Hei : As far as numbers go, we have more foot soldiers Line ID
Bi Hei : but the Zhao mounted soldiers are stronger than I thought. Line ID
Bi Tou : Occasionally, there are some guys that can break through the mounted unit, Line ID
Bi Tou : but in the end, they just get cut down by that man. Line ID
Bi Hei : Even so, I know we still have to keep fighting, but... Line ID
Bi Hei : how do we beat a monster like that? Line ID
Xin : It's okay! Line ID
Xin : It's true that our opponent is absurdly strong, Line ID
Xin : and he's babbling about being a War God or something. Line ID
Xin : But that doesn't change the fact that he's a human just like us! Line ID
Xin : If we slash that guy with all our might, Line ID
Xin : he'll die! Line ID
Xin : And cutting people down is one thing we can do! Line ID
Xin : Let's go! Line ID
Suu Gen : Wait! Line ID
Suu Gen : I understand how you feel, but you need to be calm about this. Line ID
Suu Gen : We won't defeat that man by plunging in recklessly. Line ID
Suu Gen : If we fail to, you can be sure we'll be wiped out. Line ID
Xin : I know all that, Chong Yuan. Line ID
Xin : But during the battle with Feng Ji, Line ID
Xin : in order to kill a guy inside an army of 20,000 Line ID
Xin : how many sacrifices do you think there were? Line ID
Xin : Even though the central and right armies sacrificed some tens of thousands, they couldn't take down the enemy. Line ID
Xin : That's war. Line ID
Xin : But... now, in front of us... Line ID
Xin : is the head of the Great General that should really be surrounded by an army of 120,000! Line ID
Suu Gen : Head of a Great General... Line ID
Hairou : I guess we can't just sit around then... Line ID
Xin : Even without anyone saying it, we know how dangerous it is. Line ID
Xin : But even so, we have to do it! Line ID
Xin : If I run in a place like this, Line ID
Xin : becoming the greatest general under the heavens will just be a dream within a dream! Line ID
Xin : But...! Line ID
Xin : But Chong Yuan is right. Line ID
Xin : We're up against as seriously dangerous opponent this time. Line ID
Xin : I don't mind if anybody that wants to go home alive, no matter what, leaves. Line ID
Xin : I won't say anything bad about you... Line ID
Bi Hei : You really are as much an idiot as always. Line ID
Bi Tou : Do you really think somebody who's come this far would back out now? Line ID
Bi Hei : Don't start having a weird sense of concern for us at this point. It's creepy. Line ID
Shou Sa : Ah, well. Line ID
Taku Kei : I guess I'll fight. Line ID
Den Yuu : Chong Yuan. Line ID
Suu Gen : I have no intention of opposing the captain's decision. Line ID
Den Ei : Right! Line ID
Den Ei : Now let's quit chattering and go take that head! Line ID
EXTRA : In this war, we'll earn our greatest military achievements! Line ID
EXTRA : And we'll kill two birds with one stone by also avenging our fallen comrades! Line ID
EXTRA : Yeah! Line ID
Xin : Qiang Lei. Line ID
Xin : There's no point in trying to stop me. Line ID
Qiang Hui : I know. Line ID
Qiang Hui : But I'm not sensing that my breath will return. Line ID
Qiang Hui : Don't count on my strength. Line ID
Xin : I won't. Line ID
Xin : Though it was only dimly, I saw your fight, Qiang Lei. Line ID
Xin : You fought to your limits in order to protect everyone, didn't you? Line ID
Xin : You should rest now... Line ID
Xin : I'll defeat that monster! Line ID
Xin : This time, I'm going to borrow the "power of a group" from all of you! Line ID
Xin : Let's go, Feixin Unit! Line ID
EXTRA : Right! Line ID
Heikun Shou : The movements of the Zhao Army are odd... Line ID
Changwenjun : Do you think it's a trap...? Line ID
Heikun Shou : There are many movements whose intention I cannot grasp. Line ID
Heikun Shou : Most likely, General Wang Qi has also noticed those disquieting movements, Line ID
Heikun Shou : but this is a war taking place in the mountains. Line ID
Heikun Shou : It's a situation that doesn't allow for premature predictions. Line ID
Changwenjun : Was it this, my king? Line ID
Changwenjun : Regarding the progress of the battle... Line ID
Ying Zheng : Yes. As someone who rules a kingdom, Line ID
Ying Zheng : I cannot be such a thing as optimistic about a war. Line ID
Changwenjun : Yes, sir! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Speaking of which, I heard that he received the title of Hundred-Man General from Wang Qi, correct? Line ID
Changwenjun : Do you mean Xin? Line ID
Changwenjun : Yes. I do believe it's called the Feixin Unit. Line ID
Ying Zheng : A good, suiting name. Line ID
Piao : Your majesty, if I were to fall, Line ID
Piao : please take a hold of Xin. Line ID
Piao : I'm sure he'll... Line ID
Piao : fly higher than anyone! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Is that right... Piao...? Line ID
Kan Ou : This man is strong! Line ID
Kan Ou : You bastard. Stopping me when Pang Nuan is before my eyes... Line ID
Kan Ou : Xin, of the Feixin unit...? Line ID
Kan Ou : What's he doing standing around at a place like that? Line ID
Kan Ou : Could it be... he's targeting something?! Line ID
Xin : Okay! Let's begin! Line ID
Bi Hei : There it is! Line ID
EXTRA : The signal! Line ID
Ryuu Sen : Let's go! Line ID
Wan Ji : What?! Line ID
Xin : With the stone flute as a signal, Line ID
Xin : three units will charge towards Pang Nuan at once. Line ID
Xin : For you guys that survived the fight against Feng Ji, this should be no problem... Line ID
Xin : When you get past the mounted units Line ID
Xin : from three directions and with all of your strength... Line ID
Xin : throw your spears! Line ID
Hairou : Don't flinch! Keep going! Line ID
Xin : Simultaneous attacks from three directions. Line ID
Xin : Even so, they might not make it all the way to that man. Line ID
Xin : But if you keep throwing, Pang Nuan's focus will shift to you guys... Line ID
Xin : And he won't notice me drawing in from behind! Line ID
Xin : No, he will! Line ID
Xin : What's really dangerous about Pang Nuan isn't his attack strength, Line ID
Xin : it's the strength of that defense that blocked Qiang Lei's medium dance! Line ID
Xin : So I'll pull out one slash against that guy while he's turning around! Line ID
Bi Hei : He figured out the plan?! Line ID
Bi Tou : Xin! Line ID
Qiang Hui : No, Pang Nuan is stuck between attacks! Line ID
Qiang Hui : That means... Line ID
EXTRA : Preview Line ID
Bi Hei : We'll protect Xin through it all, Line ID
Bi Hei : as villagers of Chenghu Village! Line ID
EXTRA : Even if this heartbeat stops, Line ID
EXTRA : I will never let you die! Line ID
EXTRA : {\fs100\t(0,1960,\fs80\1a&H90&)\move(656,0,659,85,0,1960)}The Feixin Unit Flees Line ID
EXTRA : End Line ID
EXTRA : The Feixin Unit Flees Line ID
EXTRA : Next time, Line ID
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Stingingly cute and catlike!

Ryuuko Tsuchikawa
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