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Changwenjun : Liao of the Six Great Generals... was a woman. (0:00:02.59)
Changwenjun : And... (0:00:05.50)
Changwenjun : she was going to be Wang Qi's wife. (0:00:11.79)
EXTRA : The setting is before the common era, in the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. (0:00:17.46)
EXTRA : Xin, the boy that came from obscurity to become the general of a Hundred-Man Unit (0:00:21.52)
EXTRA : is now at the center of a historic battle. (0:00:26.64)
EXTRA : A one-on-one battle between the State of Qin Supreme Commander, Wang Qi, (0:00:31.07)
EXTRA : and the State of Zhao Supreme Commander, Pang Nuan. (0:00:34.16)
EXTRA : Gripped in that deeply personal battle (0:00:38.16)
EXTRA : rests the fate of a kingdom. (0:00:40.31)
EXTRA : Wang Qi and Liao (0:02:14.19)
Ying Zheng : Liao was a woman and was going to be Wang Qi's wife...? (0:02:23.74)
Ying Zheng : No... You're saying that one of the Six Great Generals was a woman?! (0:02:27.29)
Changwenjun : Yes, now I'll tell you everything. (0:02:31.89)
Changwenjun : I met Liao a long, long time ago. (0:02:36.06)
Changwenjun : At the time, the State of Qin and the State of Zhao were in fierce contention with each other. (0:02:40.78)
Changwenjun : The long war ended in the State of Qin's victory, (0:02:45.89)
Changwenjun : but there were many places where the embers of war still smoldered. (0:02:50.12)
Changwenjun : That was the kind of age it was. (0:02:54.79)
EXTRA : Young Lord! (0:02:57.09)
EXTRA : Lord Changwenjun! (0:02:58.19)
EXTRA : General Wang Qi's army has arrived! (0:03:00.82)
EXTRA : Wh-Who are they?! (0:03:04.13)
EXTRA : That... odd-looking army... (0:03:06.01)
Changwenjun : They're just a bunch of fools that want to show off. (0:03:10.20)
Changwenjun : A woman?! (0:03:19.09)
Changwenjun : That young woman was the female soldier Liao. (0:03:20.48)
Changwenjun : Her looks belied the fact that she was professed to be a warrior that put men to shame. (0:03:23.86)
Changwenjun : When I inquired, I learned that she had originally been a servant girl at Wang Qi's residence. (0:03:29.87)
Ying Zheng : Servant girl? (0:03:34.48)
Changwenjun : Yes, I also heard that she had been near Wang Qi since her childhood and polished her martial arts skills on her own... (0:03:36.00)
Changwenjun : Of course, I did not believe those things, however. (0:03:42.95)
Changwenjun : What is all the commotion? (0:03:47.58)
EXTRA : Ah, well... (0:03:49.25)
EXTRA : She killed Zhao Lei and Hei Yao?! (0:03:51.83)
EXTRA : Th-Those are the enemy's Great General and Vice General, aren't they? (0:03:54.28)
Changwenjun : Since then, I went to the battlefield with her countless times (0:04:00.57)
Changwenjun : and when I did, I learned the strength of the girl called Liao. (0:04:05.13)
Liao : Old man! (0:04:11.32)
Liao : Old man, take the left! (0:04:12.32)
EXTRA : Y-Young Lord! (0:04:15.41)
Changwenjun : Who's an old man?! (0:04:16.83)
Changwenjun : Let's go! To the left! (0:04:18.72)
EXTRA : Ah, yes, sir! (0:04:20.17)
Changwenjun : In both military force and in strategy (0:04:28.63)
Changwenjun : Liao was truly a war prodigy. (0:04:31.12)
Changwenjun : And... (0:04:34.90)
Ki Ou : Our king, feared throughout the states as God of War, (0:04:37.81)
Ki Ou : loves war so much he sometimes visits the front lines... (0:04:41.13)
Ki Ou : He's been leaving the royal palace to go to campaigns quite often. (0:04:44.83)
Changwenjun : That is quite reassuring. (0:04:48.65)
Ki Ou : Yes. (0:04:50.32)
Ki Ou : But while men are fighting on the outside, there are conflicts going on behind the scenes as well... (0:04:52.12)
Ki Ou : In the inner palace. (0:04:57.44)
Changwenjun : As Wang Qi said, at that time, the inner palace was particularly turbulent. (0:04:59.94)
Changwenjun : Bloody conflict over the heir to the throne was unending. (0:05:05.33)
Changwenjun : King Zhao's tendency to leave the palace only spurred that on. (0:05:10.36)
Changwenjun : And remarkably, among such circumstances, a beautiful palace girl that the king had taken favor to (0:05:15.87)
Changwenjun : was carrying a child. (0:05:20.86)
Changwenjun : But that woman was from a low-class warrior family. (0:05:23.45)
Changwenjun : In the inner palace, she could not expect anyone to support her (0:05:29.36)
Changwenjun : and she was wholly unable to protect her child. (0:05:33.75)
Changwenjun : So, she... (0:05:38.08)
EXTRA : I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... (0:05:49.83)
EXTRA : This is my only... choice... (0:05:53.23)
EXTRA : I'm sorry... (0:05:58.04)
EXTRA : Please... Grow up in good health... (0:05:59.85)
EXTRA : Liao... (0:06:03.10)
Changwenjun : Liao's mother entrusted her child to a place where it would be safe. (0:06:06.34)
Changwenjun : A place far away from the royal palace (0:06:11.44)
Changwenjun : and with people who would understand the circumstances she was in... (0:06:13.35)
Changwenjun : In other words, she was brought to Wang Qi's residence. (0:06:17.25)
Changwenjun : Liao's mother the daughter of one of Wang Qi's father's comrade in arms. (0:06:19.95)
Changwenjun : Though because adopting a daughter so suddenly would draw attention, she was taken in as a servant. (0:06:23.80)
Ying Zheng : I can't believe that Six General Liao was King Zhao's daughter... (0:06:29.52)
Ying Zheng : Did King Zhao and Liao know that fact? (0:06:34.44)
Changwenjun : Of course, they did not know... (0:06:37.21)
Changwenjun : However... (0:06:39.68)
EXTRA : The king is coming! (0:06:41.39)
EXTRA : Hurry, get in line! (0:06:43.14)
EXTRA : Don't just stand there! (0:06:45.37)
Changwenjun : One day, King Zhao showed himself at the battlefield. (0:06:48.03)
Changwenjun : It was to thank the Wang Qi Army for leading them to victory in the battle at Nanan. (0:06:52.58)
Zhao : Just what I've come to expect from you, Wang Qi, my treasured sword! (0:06:57.39)
Zhao : This land of Nanan was an unassailable land that we could not obtain for many long years. (0:07:00.61)
Zhao : You have truly outdone yourself! (0:07:05.48)
Ki Ou : I humbly thank you for the kind words. (0:07:07.72)
Changwenjun : What's wrong, Liao? (0:07:12.48)
Liao : Ah, nothing. (0:07:15.11)
Zhao : Speaking of which, Wang Qi, where is that person? (0:07:17.59)
Zhao : They were quite active in this campaign as well, weren't they? (0:07:21.45)
Zhao : Your close aide, the woman soldier, Liao. (0:07:23.88)
Zhao : I've been hearing that name quite a bit lately. (0:07:27.13)
Zhao : Where might she be? (0:07:30.16)
Ki Ou : Liao, come forward. (0:07:32.68)
Liao : Y-Yes, sir! (0:07:35.03)
Zhao : Liao... How old are you? (0:08:03.88)
Liao : S-Sixteen, sir. (0:08:07.72)
Zhao : I see... I see... (0:08:11.59)
Zhao : You've fought hard. (0:08:16.28)
Zhao : Liao... Just like Wang Qi... (0:08:19.36)
Zhao : you are my treasure. (0:08:23.10)
Zhao : As, of course, are all of you! (0:08:28.70)
Zhao : When you return, you will have a great reward waiting! (0:08:31.44)
Zhao : Wang Qi. (0:08:36.03)
Ki Ou : Yes, sir? (0:08:36.92)
Zhao : I have something to talk to you about later. (0:08:37.68)
Ki Ou : Yes, sir. (0:08:39.94)
Changwenjun : And after that, Liao started wearing a mask on the battlefield. (0:08:48.01)
Changwenjun : The reason for the change in appearance (0:08:53.28)
Changwenjun : was that she wanted to hide the fact that she was a woman before her name was known throughout the states. (0:08:55.04)
Changwenjun : But for Liao, telling her lineage was something she could not do. (0:08:59.52)
Changwenjun : And not long before that, Liao was formally made a general. (0:09:04.24)
Changwenjun : Liao, do you have a moment? (0:09:09.11)
Liao : Is that you, old man? Come in. (0:09:10.60)
Changwenjun : Who's an old man? (0:09:13.23)
Changwenjun : Are you doing all right? (0:09:19.60)
Liao : Yes, finally. I've gotten my emotions in order. (0:09:26.49)
Liao : I'm not angry nor sad. (0:09:30.58)
Liao : I mean, I may be killed at any time, after all. (0:09:32.62)
Liao : I'm grateful I'm just able to live this way. (0:09:36.56)
Liao : Yeah, that's a lie. (0:09:43.91)
Liao : To be honest, I'm incredibly sad. (0:09:46.02)
Liao : Did you hear everything from Wang Qi, old man? (0:09:49.41)
Changwenjun : Yes. (0:09:52.35)
Liao : I see! (0:09:54.68)
Liao : You really got the short end of the stick. (0:09:57.44)
Liao : No wonder you can't get any success in life. (0:09:59.83)
Changwenjun : Cut it out! (0:10:01.90)
Changwenjun : You're a woman. (0:10:06.02)
Changwenjun : It would be a big loss for the army, (0:10:07.61)
Changwenjun : but you also have the choice putting down your sword here. (0:10:10.35)
Liao : That would be getting the cart before the horse. (0:10:13.54)
Liao : If I put down my sword, what would I have left? (0:10:15.60)
Liao : It's not like I could become a princess. (0:10:18.61)
Liao : I'm just the daughter of a servant. (0:10:20.87)
Liao : I can't put down my sword. (0:10:23.44)
Changwenjun : But what do you plan to do by continuing to fight? (0:10:25.62)
Liao : Become the greatest general under the heavens! (0:10:29.75)
Changwenjun : What?! (0:10:32.29)
Liao : It's my reason for fighting. (0:10:37.15)
Liao : It's a really silly promise I made when I was a child. (0:10:39.49)
Liao : Lord Wang Qi! (0:10:44.81)
Liao : When you become the greatest general under the heavens, will you capture lots of castles? (0:10:47.01)
Ki Ou : Yes, I suppose. (0:10:53.45)
Liao : Then I'm going to become a Great General, too! (0:10:54.98)
Liao : And when I've captured 100 castles, please let me be your wife, Lord Wang Qi! (0:10:58.88)
Ki Ou : All right. (0:11:08.29)
Liao : He didn't say anything like "That's ridiculous!" (0:11:14.40)
Liao : because when I was a child I was really serious. (0:11:17.32)
Liao : And I still am now. (0:11:20.95)
Liao : My place is here, the battlefield, old man. (0:11:24.11)
Liao : I have lots of comrades here as well. (0:11:27.01)
Liao : And now, my father will be watching me as well. (0:11:29.01)
Liao : I'm going to do it! (0:11:35.00)
EXTRA : Flag : Liao (0:11:44.29)
Changwenjun : With her severe fighting style of never relenting in her attack until the enemy was destroyed, (0:11:49.94)
Changwenjun : Liao continues to gain victories. (0:11:55.87)
Changwenjun : Soon after she became a general, her strength was said to rival that of the Five Great Generals. (0:12:05.94)
Changwenjun : And finally, Liao was named as the sixth Great General. (0:12:23.23)
Changwenjun : Then, not long after Liao became a Great General... (0:12:28.97)
EXTRA : It-It's Lord Wang Qi! (0:12:32.86)
EXTRA : General Wang Qi! (0:12:34.52)
EXTRA : Lord Changwenjun is coming as well! (0:12:35.98)
Ki Ou : We're coming in. (0:12:48.06)
Changwenjun : It's been quite a while. (0:12:50.11)
Changwenjun : Liao- (0:12:51.86)
Liao : L-Lord Wang Qi! (0:12:57.77)
Liao : U-Um... (0:12:59.78)
Liao : I'll do that myself... (0:13:03.25)
Ki Ou : Didn't I always use to treat your wounds like this? (0:13:08.33)
Liao : When are you talking about?! (0:13:12.54)
Liao : I'm not a child anymore! (0:13:14.42)
Ki Ou : It really has been quite a while, hasn't it, Liao...? (0:13:17.74)
Ki Ou : Unlike someone I could mention, you've gained great success, and with that, you do not have much freedom. (0:13:20.89)
Liao : Yes. (0:13:27.32)
Ki Ou : There. (0:13:29.65)
Liao : U-Um, Lord Wang Qi... (0:13:29.95)
Liao : No, never mind... (0:13:37.10)
Liao : By the way, why did you come to see me? (0:13:39.83)
Ki Ou : I just came all this way because I wanted to see you again after so long. (0:13:42.56)
Ki Ou : No, just kidding. It's about the next war. (0:13:46.48)
Liao : The next war? (0:13:50.40)
Ki Ou : For the next war, the siege of Mayang, (0:13:51.84)
Ki Ou : it's been decided that my forces and yours would form a coalition. (0:13:55.32)
Liao : You and I, Lord Wang Qi?! (0:13:59.89)
Changwenjun : For now, my army will be participating as well, though. (0:14:01.76)
Ki Ou : I will be the vice general and you will be the Great General, Liao. (0:14:04.39)
Ki Ou : We're finally at the last one, aren't we? (0:14:12.84)
Changwenjun : Last one? (0:14:19.84)
Changwenjun : What? (0:14:23.12)
Liao : What's wrong, Liao? (0:14:24.26)
Liao : He remembered. (0:14:27.69)
Liao : And even after how many... (0:14:29.82)
Changwenjun : You don't mean... (0:14:32.31)
Liao : And when I've captured 100 castles, please let me be your wife, Lord Wang Qi! (0:14:33.54)
Ki Ou : All right. (0:14:41.60)
Liao : That's right... (0:14:44.32)
Liao : This next castle at Mayang will be the 100th. (0:14:45.79)
Changwenjun : But on the night before the siege of Mayang, that man appeared. (0:14:50.71)
Changwenjun : That man that is like a disaster in the form of a human... (0:14:56.68)
Shin : What's going on? General Wang Qi... isn't moving... (0:15:21.06)
En : Wh-What is this?! (0:15:42.65)
Hou Ken : This is it! (0:15:44.59)
Hou Ken : This is what I came here to fight. (0:15:46.23)
Hou Ken : This which I lost to 9 years ago... (0:15:49.74)
Changwenjun : Pang Nuan. Even I do not know what it is that man wished to do. (0:15:53.46)
Changwenjun : He cut through soldiers at their campsite and attacked Liao. (0:15:58.68)
Changwenjun : Like he was merely seeking strength... (0:16:03.98)
EXTRA : Lord Liao! (0:16:13.70)
EXTRA : General Liao! (0:16:14.45)
EXTRA : Lord Liao! (0:16:16.31)
EXTRA : Lord Liao! (0:16:38.51)
EXTRA : General Liao! (0:16:38.95)
EXTRA : Lord Liao! (0:16:39.89)
Hou Ken : There can be only one on earth that the heavens fear. (0:16:42.47)
Hou Ken : Me and me alone. (0:16:45.77)
EXTRA : General Wang Qi! (0:16:49.01)
Hou Ken : There was another?! (0:16:55.08)
Hou Ken : What is this man's strength?! (0:17:07.08)
EXTRA : Fire! (0:17:16.04)
Hou Ken : Why... (0:17:37.02)
Hou Ken : Why did I lose...? (0:17:38.77)
Hou Ken : Is it because of the wounds I suffered from that woman? (0:17:41.14)
Hou Ken : No... The wounds were of no relevance. (0:17:45.50)
Hou Ken : That man was stronger... (0:17:48.68)
Hou Ken : My might could not reach him! (0:17:51.77)
Hou Ken : My fighting strength! (0:17:54.44)
Hou Ken : Come, Wang Qi! (0:17:59.30)
Hou Ken : I have come here to crush you! (0:18:01.27)
Shin : Pang Nuan, too! (0:18:07.64)
Shin : General Wang Qi is going now, too! (0:18:10.45)
EXTRA : Lord Pang Nuan! (0:18:13.58)
EXTRA : General Wang Qi! (0:18:15.30)
Hou Ken : It took three years before my body returned to normal (0:18:25.05)
Hou Ken : and then I underwent six years of training in the mountains. (0:18:28.37)
Hou Ken : Then a man named Li Mu appeared. (0:18:32.31)
Hou Ken : The reason I went along with it was because of my extreme self-confidence (0:18:39.77)
Hou Ken : that this man does not even come close to me. (0:18:43.76)
Hou Ken : Confidence in an extreme level of military might that almost no human can reach. (0:18:46.90)
Hou Ken : Yet, why... (0:18:50.13)
Hou Ken : Why is repelling this man's blade so impossible...? (0:18:56.99)
Hou Ken : And why is mine so heavy?! (0:19:02.10)
Hou Ken : Where did this man get such power?! (0:19:04.31)
Ki Ou : It seems you do not understand, Pang Nuan. (0:19:09.95)
Ki Ou : Being a military commander is a dangerous thing. (0:19:12.89)
Ki Ou : Since age 13, I ran through a countless number of battlefields. (0:19:17.25)
Ki Ou : I lost some tens of thousands of comrades in arms and interred some hundreds of thousands of enemies. (0:19:22.16)
Ki Ou : Their thoughts and feelings disappeared with their flames of life, (0:19:27.44)
Ki Ou : but they all still dwell heavily on these shoulders. (0:19:30.68)
Ki Ou : And of course, so do the feelings of Liao! (0:19:34.94)
Ki Ou : Someone like you who secluded themselves in the mountains cannot understand that, yes? (0:19:38.53)
Bi Hei : The feelings of the dead are on his shoulders? (0:19:43.71)
Shin : That's right. That's why we get stronger (0:19:47.17)
Shin : and why the generals, that have gone through that so much, are so strong. (0:19:50.21)
Hou Ken : Worthless banter. (0:19:56.47)
Hou Ken : No matter the era, you all are under the same misapprehension. (0:19:58.22)
Hou Ken : Succeeding the feelings of the dead is nothing but a selfish delusion of those that survive. (0:20:02.61)
Hou Ken : When people die, they turn to lumps of earth. (0:20:07.41)
Hou Ken : The losers fall to earth and the victors get closer to heaven. (0:20:10.01)
Hou Ken : That is all that exists! (0:20:13.89)
Ki Ou : Pang Nuan... (0:20:21.88)
Ki Ou : It seems that to the very end, we will not see eye to eye. (0:20:24.20)
Hou Ken : Of course! (0:20:29.09)
Ying Zheng : The woman Wang Qi loved, Liao. (0:20:35.23)
Ying Zheng : And the man that killed him, Pang Nuan. (0:20:38.15)
Ying Zheng : Because such a connection existed, the Zhao Army placed Pang Nuan as their Supreme Commander (0:20:40.31)
Ying Zheng : in order to lure Wang Qi onto the battlefield... (0:20:45.74)
Changwenjun : My king? (0:20:49.26)
Ying Zheng : No... It can't be... (0:20:50.49)
Ying Zheng : This battle that's spanned for five days... (0:20:55.44)
Ying Zheng : All of it was to take General Wang Qi's life? (0:20:58.17)
Changwenjun : Defeating the Great General in order to reach victory is a basic truth of war. (0:21:00.87)
Ying Zheng : No, that's not what I mean. (0:21:05.41)
Ying Zheng : This war takes on a stranger form. (0:21:07.51)
Ying Zheng : They are not trying to kill Wang Qi in order to obtain victory. (0:21:11.24)
Ying Zheng : Their primary goal is Wang Qi's head. (0:21:14.35)
Ying Zheng : That is why they are fighting. (0:21:17.28)
Changwenjun : Could that be...? (0:21:19.26)
Ying Zheng : It sounds far-fetched at first, (0:21:20.78)
Ying Zheng : but seeing as the one who established the plan so far has been that man, Li Mu... (0:21:22.56)
EXTRA : They broke through! (0:21:35.67)
EXTRA : The third formation has collapsed! (0:21:37.13)
EXTRA : What is that man?! (0:21:39.14)
Zhao Zhuang : H-How can this be...? (0:21:40.90)
Zhao Zhuang : He was this much of a monster? (0:21:43.44)
Zhao Zhuang : That Wang Qi was hiding this?! (0:21:48.06)
Hou Ken : I am faster and my strength is higher as well. (0:21:53.92)
Hou Ken : In terms of technique, it's incomparable. (0:21:59.01)
En : General Wang Qi! (0:22:02.77)
Hou Ken : Yet why can I not cut him down?! (0:22:09.04)
Ki Ou : If you want to know why you lost, (0:22:12.39)
Ki Ou : have Liao tell you in the next world! (0:22:14.33)
Shin : Go! (0:22:19.68)
Shin : Wh-What happened, General Wang Qi? (0:22:25.30)
Shin : Why?! (0:22:27.20)
Kai Kyou : Wait. (0:22:31.54)
Kai Kyou : I've felt it for a while, what is this rumbling in the ground? (0:22:33.05)
Ying Zheng : Wang Qi... Just what level of trap are you now entwined in? (0:22:37.68)
Ying Zheng : But... Don't die, Wang Qi! (0:22:42.90)
Ki Ou : You're early... Very much so... (0:23:00.62)
Ying Zheng : Xin. Change Wang Qi's fate! (0:23:04.56)
Ki Ou : For the first time in quite a while (0:24:46.15)
Ki Ou : my blood is seething! (0:24:48.08)
EXTRA : With no means of escape, (0:24:50.55)
EXTRA : the mystery bird that made the heaven's temple (0:24:51.90)
EXTRA : {\fs100\t(0,1960,\fs80\1a&H90&)\move(656,0,659,55,0,1880)}I am at the
Verge of Death
EXTRA : falls to earth! (0:24:53.82)
EXTRA : I am at the
Verge of Death
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:55.41)

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