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EXTRA : (0:00:00.00)
Changwenjun : It... It's impossible, my king! (0:00:03.15)
Changwenjun : Our forces are feeble! (0:00:06.16)
Changwenjun : And now, without joining forces with Lü Shi or Jie Shi, (0:00:09.34)
Changwenjun : there is no army in Qin that can help us! (0:00:13.04)
Ying Zheng : Is that right? (0:00:17.54)
Shin : Do you have an idea, Zheng? (0:00:19.62)
Shin : That blowgun! (0:00:25.69)
Shin : Doesn't that belong to that old man?! (0:00:26.91)
Ten Karyou : It doesn't matter! I got it now! (0:00:28.75)
Shin : Lemme see it for a sec! (0:00:31.21)
Ten Karyou : No! It's mine! (0:00:32.83)
Changwenjun : There is a way. (0:00:33.77)
Heki : Did you say something, my lord? (0:00:37.03)
Changwenjun : Th-There is a way! (0:00:40.68)
Changwenjun : Just one... (0:00:41.90)
Changwenjun : A great army not joined with Lü Shi or Jie Shi! (0:00:43.24)
Ying Zheng : I've been thinking about that since I arrived here. (0:00:48.06)
Ying Zheng : The chances are low, but we have no choice but to go meet with them. (0:00:52.88)
Ying Zheng : The Mountain People, (0:00:57.53)
Ying Zheng : and the one who governs them, the Mountain King! (0:00:59.79)
EXTRA : Ancient China. (0:01:07.10)
EXTRA : After learning that the era of saints had ended, (0:01:09.24)
EXTRA : human desire was unleashed. (0:01:11.25)
EXTRA : And a storm of violent wars erupted for 500 years... (0:01:14.17)
EXTRA : until over one hundred states were reduced to merely seven. (0:01:17.43)
EXTRA : And now, a wind of great history gusts from the state of Qin in the far West. (0:01:20.35)
EXTRA : This is the tumultuous tale of a nameless boy and a young king who brought the warring era to its end! (0:01:26.51)
EXTRA : The Terrifying Mountain People (0:03:04.32)
Ten Karyou : Hey, hey, Zheng! (0:03:21.44)
Ten Karyou : I've never heard of a Mountain King, (0:03:24.87)
Ten Karyou : but by that, you mean there's a country in the mountains with a king, like the State of Qin? (0:03:27.97)
Ying Zheng : No, not quite. (0:03:33.10)
Ying Zheng : As you know, the Mountain People live in separate tribes, (0:03:36.36)
Ying Zheng : but because it mutually benefits them all, they've also formed an alliance. (0:03:42.09)
Ying Zheng : The one who represents that alliance and leads it is the one we call the Mountain King. (0:03:46.76)
Shin : Hey, Zheng. (0:03:52.46)
Shin : Some guys've started to fall behind. (0:03:58.45)
Shin : Quit lagging behind, you guys! (0:04:03.86)
Shin : We're not out for a walk! (0:04:06.00)
Heki : Wh-What're you talking about, Xin?! (0:04:09.60)
Heki : Don't you have any idea how exhausted we are?! (0:04:12.99)
Shin : Like I care! (0:04:16.54)
Shin : If you're slow, you're slow! (0:04:17.51)
Shin : If you keep dragging your feet, that Chengjiao bastard's gonna end up as king! (0:04:18.90)
Changwenjun : Damn youngster... (0:04:25.19)
Changwenjun : But we do need to hurry...! (0:04:27.77)
Changwenjun : We need to have our king meet the Mountain King as soon as possible! (0:04:33.29)
Changwenjun : And also... (0:04:42.86)
Changwenjun : there may still be pursuers! (0:04:45.00)
EXTRA : Stay vigilant! (0:04:49.97)
EXTRA : Chancellor Jie has the highest of expectations for us! (0:04:51.53)
EXTRA : We must find that boy, no matter where he may be! (0:04:55.24)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:04:59.74)
EXTRA : What?! (0:05:19.46)
EXTRA : Ma-Majiu Soldiers... (0:05:33.47)
Ten Karyou : What a great view... (0:06:02.64)
Ten Karyou : But anyhow, Zheng, (0:06:08.38)
Ten Karyou : how do you know the way to the Mountain King's castle all the way out here in the mountains? (0:06:10.45)
Ying Zheng : Duke Mu's summer retreat was made by the Mountain People, directly in between the capital of Qin, Xianyang, and the Mountain King's castle. (0:06:15.34)
Ying Zheng : So I know the general direction it's in. (0:06:22.43)
Ying Zheng : If we rely on the occasional landmarks we see on the way, we should reach the Mountain King's castle. (0:06:25.01)
Shin : I get it... (0:06:32.27)
EXTRA : Hey! Pull yourself together! (0:06:40.05)
Shin : What happened?! (0:06:42.17)
EXTRA : I... I'm all right. (0:06:48.42)
EXTRA : Someone lend him a shoulder. (0:06:50.05)
Changwenjun : No! (0:06:52.70)
Changwenjun : Those who cannot keep up can descend the mountain and wait at Duke Mu's summer retreat! (0:06:54.56)
Heki : My lord? (0:06:58.96)
Changwenjun : Understand, everyone?! (0:07:00.19)
Changwenjun : Be fully aware that anyone who delays our march... (0:07:02.29)
Changwenjun : should immediately withdraw! (0:07:04.13)
Heki : P-Please, wait! (0:07:10.20)
Heki : If we do that, most of our members will soon withdraw! (0:07:11.89)
Changwenjun : We have no choice. (0:07:16.04)
Changwenjun : As Xin said, (0:07:17.63)
Changwenjun : if Chengjiao takes the throne, everything will be for naught! (0:07:18.94)
Changwenjun : We must hurry! (0:07:24.54)
Heki : But then we'll have no one left to guard the king! (0:07:27.05)
Heki : Against these terrifying Mountain People, (0:07:31.52)
Heki : we need every soldier we can get to protect the king! (0:07:34.28)
Shin : Terrifying? (0:07:37.06)
Changwenjun : If the Mountain People were to seriously attack us, (0:07:38.56)
Changwenjun : we wouldn't stand a chance whether everyone were here or not! (0:07:42.88)
Shin : Hang on, what do you mean "terrifying Mountain People"?! (0:07:47.44)
Shin : Aren't those Mountain People... the ones who protected Duke Mu 400 years ago? (0:07:51.57)
Shin : They sounded like pretty nice guys. (0:07:56.42)
Heki : I see. You two don't know the story of the Majiu Soldiers. (0:07:58.58)
Shin : Majiu Soldiers? (0:08:04.78)
EXTRA : ( Flags - Qin ) (0:08:06.83)
Heki : It was 400 years ago... (0:08:10.19)
Heki : The broad-minded king of our State of Qin... (0:08:15.16)
Heki : gave liquor to the Mountain People who had eaten a horse he owned. (0:08:17.30)
Shin : I know! That's Duke Mu, ain't it?! (0:08:24.60)
Heki : Yes. It was the 13th year Duke Mu had been king. (0:08:26.92)
EXTRA : ( Flags - Jin ) (0:08:30.61)
Heki : There had been a country called Jin that was then separate from our country. (0:08:31.47)
Shin : A separate country called Jin? (0:08:35.17)
Heki : Yes. (0:08:36.61)
Heki : At the time, that State of Jin, which extended to the east of our State of Qin, (0:08:37.87)
Heki : was undergoing a severe famine. (0:08:41.63)
Heki : It was an enemy state, but to save the people suffering from hunger, (0:08:44.72)
Heki : Duke Mu sent them food supplies. (0:08:48.88)
Shin : Oh! I knew that Duke Mu would come through! (0:08:50.93)
Heki : However, the next year, it was Qin that suffered from a massive famine. (0:08:53.88)
Heki : When Duke Mu then sought aid, (0:09:00.40)
Heki : Jin invaded our country. (0:09:03.26)
Shin : Huh?! How the hell could they do that?! (0:09:07.90)
Heki : This, of course, enraged Duke Mu as well, (0:09:10.86)
Heki : and he sent in his own troops to fight them. (0:09:13.94)
Heki : But with the lack of food supplies due to the famine, (0:09:16.90)
Heki : our Qin soldiers lost strength, (0:09:20.48)
Heki : and Jin's army surrounded Duke Mu. (0:09:24.71)
Shin : Oh no! That's really bad, Duke Mu! (0:09:29.63)
Heki : It was truly a desperate situation. (0:09:33.90)
Heki : But at that moment... they appeared! (0:09:37.68)
Heki : The people we've traditionally called the "Majiu Soldiers"... (0:09:43.50)
Heki : 300 Mountain People enveloped by a strange thirst for blood. (0:09:48.09)
Shin : Mountain People? (0:09:52.00)
Ten Karyou : Why?! (0:09:53.21)
Heki : They had incurred a debt towards Duke Mu. (0:09:54.44)
Heki : The debt of the horse and the liquor. (0:09:57.69)
Shin : I get it. So that's why they're called the Majiu Soldiers! (0:09:59.91)
Shin : So what's the deal? They really are incredible, then! (0:10:03.16)
Heki : It's true that they have a profound sense of gratitude. (0:10:06.41)
Heki : But... (0:10:09.25)
Heki : the Majiu Soldiers' way of fighting... (0:10:12.21)
Heki : was said to be so ferocious that it struck fear even into the Qin soldiers, their allies. (0:10:13.89)
Heki : What's more, with just 300 people, (0:10:22.22)
Heki : they drove out several thousand enemy soldiers. (0:10:25.28)
Heki : After saving Duke Mu, (0:10:27.24)
Heki : they captured the enemy king. (0:10:29.50)
Heki : The Mountain People are a ferocious warrior tribe. (0:10:36.46)
Heki : Even if they did protect Duke Mu's summer retreat, (0:10:41.11)
Heki : to think that the people of Qin have the favor of the Mountain People is naive. (0:10:44.22)
Heki : Far from it, since we unilaterally ceased interacting with them after the death of Duke Mu... (0:10:50.12)
Heki : it would be more natural to think that they hate us. (0:10:54.43)
Heki : Those are the kind of people whose world we're stepping into without permission. (0:10:58.33)
Heki : Do you know what what will happen if we're seen as enemies?! (0:11:03.73)
Shin : Got it. (0:11:07.13)
Shin : I totally understand just how terrifying the Mountain People are. (0:11:08.57)
Heki : Do you? (0:11:12.70)
Heki : That's why... (0:11:14.49)
Shin : That's why they're worth allying ourselves with! (0:11:15.51)
Shin : Don't you think so, Zheng? (0:11:21.12)
Ying Zheng : That's right. (0:11:23.86)
Ten Karyou : Zheng already went that far on his own?! (0:11:26.64)
Shin : Hey! Hold up, Zheng! (0:11:30.02)
EXTRA : (0:11:56.12)
Changwenjun : Even though I've become a civil officer, (0:12:09.12)
Changwenjun : and I've planned to serve actively in the military for quite some time, (0:12:11.08)
Changwenjun : age is a fearsome thing. (0:12:14.37)
Changwenjun : But this is not the time to spout complaints! (0:12:18.42)
Changwenjun : The only one who can be that man's sword is me! (0:12:26.89)
Changwenjun : It's not something he can do. (0:12:34.47)
Changwenjun : His temperament is too straightforward. (0:12:36.65)
Changwenjun : By simple laws of martial arts, he cannot cut through this world of warring states... (0:12:39.02)
Changwenjun : I am truly the only one who can! (0:12:45.70)
Changwenjun : What? (0:12:51.37)
Ying Zheng : Mountain People?! (0:13:11.18)
Ten Karyou : They came out! (0:13:12.68)
Changwenjun : Protect the king! (0:13:15.06)
Changwenjun : Form a circle around the king! (0:13:16.77)
Ying Zheng : Stay calm! (0:13:27.20)
Ying Zheng : If they felt like it, they'd have attacked us long ago. (0:13:40.60)
Shin : Then they just came to meet us? (0:13:43.96)
Shin : They've sure got some dangerous stuff for doing that! (0:13:47.22)
Bajiou : This is our world. (0:13:58.72)
Shin : He speaks... (0:14:01.73)
Ten Karyou : Our language?! (0:14:03.35)
Bajiou : When the Flatland People enter on their own, (0:14:04.61)
Bajiou : we gouge out both eyes and drop them from a waterfall. (0:14:08.39)
Bajiou : But you all have come to meet our king. (0:14:13.24)
Bajiou : We will decide what to do depending on your reason. (0:14:17.69)
Tou : How do you know we're here to meet the Mountain King?! (0:14:21.29)
Bajiou : Our king knows all. (0:14:27.38)
Bajiou : Our king is awaiting the State of Qin's young King. (0:14:31.08)
Bajiou : We will take you to the King's castle. (0:14:35.95)
Shin : What?! You should've said so sooner! (0:14:41.52)
Shin : Okay, let's get going! (0:14:45.02)
Shin : Ow... (0:14:55.89)
Ten Karyou : Xin! (0:14:57.30)
Heki : Xin! (0:14:57.30)
Shin : What the hell're you doing?! (0:14:58.80)
Bajiou : Do not misunderstand. (0:15:00.79)
Bajiou : We will bring the king alone. (0:15:02.55)
Bajiou : You others must descend the mountain now. (0:15:05.26)
Changwenjun : Wh-What did you say?! (0:15:08.26)
Shin : And if we say no?! (0:15:11.55)
Bajiou : We will kill... you all. (0:15:13.39)
Bajiou : Hurry. We have a bloodthirsty group assembled here today. (0:15:19.18)
Shin : We've heard what you have to say. (0:16:13.45)
Shin : Now here's what we've got to say! (0:16:15.92)
Shin : If you guys don't wanna be slaughtered, (0:16:19.72)
Shin : hurry up and bring us to your king! (0:16:23.25)
Ying Zheng : Wait! (0:16:38.28)
Ying Zheng : Both parties, put away your weapons. (0:16:48.77)
Ying Zheng : As per the Mountain People's demands, I will go to meet the Mountain King alone. (0:16:52.95)
Changwenjun : Please wait! We could never descend the mountain, leaving our king alone! (0:16:57.87)
Ying Zheng : All of you, go down the mountain and wait for my return! (0:17:01.97)
Ying Zheng : This is an order from your king! (0:17:05.04)
Shin : Hey, Zheng! (0:17:15.80)
Shin : You want me to go down the mountain, too? (0:17:22.53)
Shin : Aren't I your sword? (0:17:26.94)
Ying Zheng : I don't need a sword for a discussion. (0:17:32.24)
Shin : Do what you want. (0:17:50.74)
EXTRA : General Wang Qi! (0:18:04.95)
EXTRA : A message from Chancellor Jie has come appointing you as the commanding officer defending Hangu Pass, General. (0:18:07.26)
Ki Ou : Decline, telling him "I have no interest in being passive." (0:18:12.76)
EXTRA : Yes, sir. (0:18:16.86)
Ki Ou : Hangu Pass, eh? (0:18:18.95)
EXTRA : {\bord1\fs60\shad0\fnaugie\c&H0F1B28&\3c&H0F1B28&\move(570,162,658,194,0,6527)}Lü Buwei (0:18:21.37)
EXTRA : {\bord1\fs60\shad0\fnaugie\c&H0F1B28&\3c&H0F1B28&\move(731,290,854,356,0,6527)}Wei (0:18:21.37b)
EXTRA : Hangu Pass is an important barrier protecting Qin's Eastern border. (0:18:22.38)
EXTRA : {\bord1\fs60\shad0\fnaugie\c&H0F1B28&\3c&H0F1B28&\move(658,194,573,182,0,3532)}Lü Buwei (0:18:27.91)
EXTRA : {\bord1\fs60\shad0\fnaugie\c&H0F1B28&\3c&H0F1B28&\pos(854,356)}Wei (0:18:27.91b)
EXTRA : To prevent Lü Shi's army, on campaign in the State of Wei, (0:18:28.12)
EXTRA : from returning to Qin, (0:18:30.70)
EXTRA : Jie Shi must hold Hangu Pass. (0:18:32.82)
Ki Ou : It would seem that Jie Shi and Lü Shi have begun preparations for all-out war. (0:18:38.13)
Ki Ou : It would seem things have gotten active with the king gone... (0:18:43.60)
Ki Ou : To take center stage in this situation would be no easy task. (0:18:48.08)
Ki Ou : Isn't that right, Teng? (0:18:53.00)
Tou : Yes. Quite a difficult task. (0:18:59.38)
Ki Ou : Ying Zheng... (0:19:05.16)
Ki Ou : An unlucky king whose birth has a shady history. (0:19:07.06)
Changwenjun : King Zheng will... (0:19:10.33)
Changwenjun : surpass King Zhao! (0:19:11.44)
Ki Ou : How he will surpasses King Zhao, a man who was even called the God of War, (0:19:17.65)
Ki Ou : is something I'd very much like to see. (0:19:23.43)
Heki : The king is concerned for us, so he went alone. (0:19:37.49)
Ten Karyou : But they even invited Zheng, for now. (0:19:43.45)
Ten Karyou : Won't he be okay? (0:19:48.05)
Heki : That's not what you call inviting him. (0:19:49.44)
Heki : It's taking him captive. (0:19:51.88)
Shin : He's... gonna get killed. (0:19:56.47)
Ten Karyou : Hey! Don't just say that like it's nothing! (0:19:59.34)
Shin : He's definitely gonna get killed. (0:20:03.68)
Ten Karyou : Hey! (0:20:05.60)
Shin : Geez, who the hell said "Let's make friends with the Mountain People"? (0:20:07.16)
Shin : What the hell are you doing, bastard?! (0:20:27.20)
Shin : Y-You... (0:20:32.12)
Shin : Are you crazy, old man?! (0:20:34.77)
Shin : I knew your leg was wounded, old man! (0:20:44.84)
Heki : My lord! What on earth got into you?! (0:20:48.17)
Changwenjun : Go, Xin. (0:20:54.19)
Changwenjun : I hate to admit it... but you're more useful than I am right now. (0:20:58.02)
Changwenjun : Follow the king, please! (0:21:04.13)
Heki : Lord is... bowing his head to someone other than the king. (0:21:08.25)
Heki : And what's more... it's to a nameless servant boy. (0:21:15.14)
Shin : No point bowing your head, old man. (0:21:29.68)
Shin : Zheng said "I don't need a sword for a discussion." (0:21:34.70)
Shin : Which means, if his discussion doesn't go well, (0:21:39.74)
Shin : he will need a sword, right? (0:21:43.02)
Shin : That's why, in the first place, I was waiting for Zheng to get a head start before I went after him. (0:21:47.85)
Changwenjun : I see. (0:21:53.79)
Changwenjun : Then hurry up and go... you idiot. (0:21:55.45)
Shin : Shut up! I'm going! (0:21:58.14)
Shin : Wait for me in Duke Mu's house and get your leg healed up! See ya! (0:22:05.27)
Ten Karyou : Wait! I'm going, too! (0:22:09.97)
Changwenjun : Xin! (0:22:13.15)
Shin : What? Don't you ever give it a rest? (0:22:14.81)
Changwenjun : I'm sorry about Piao. (0:22:19.24)
Changwenjun : It wasn't supposed to go this way... (0:22:24.18)
Changwenjun : Forgive me. (0:22:27.19)
Changwenjun : I'm leaving the king to you! (0:22:37.63)
Shin : Right. (0:22:39.97)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:45.33)
Shin : What the hell is your path?! (0:24:45.92)
EXTRA : Bearing histories smeared with blood, (0:24:49.04)
EXTRA : now, the two kings confront each other! (0:24:51.46)
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:54.72)
EXTRA : Each One's Dream (0:24:55.47)

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