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Sword Art Online - Episode 6

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Kirito : Yoruko-san! Line ID
Kirito : Asuna, keep an eye on him. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Stop! Line ID
Kirito : Damn it! Line ID
Kirito : Teleporting? Line ID
Kirito : Where's he going? Line ID
Kirito : Damn it... Line ID
EXTRA : Illusionary Avenger Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : You idiot! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : What were you thinking? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Well? What happened? Line ID
Kirito : It was no use. Line ID
Kirito : He teleported away. Line ID
Kirito : The system protects the inns. Line ID
Kirito : I was certain she'd be safe here. Line ID
Kirito : Damn it. Line ID
Schmitt : That robe was Griselda's. Line ID
Schmitt : It was Griselda's ghost... Line ID
Schmitt : She's come for revenge on us all! Line ID
Schmitt : Why couldn't a ghost PK in town? Line ID
Kirito : That was no ghost. Line ID
Kirito : The two safe area murders Line ID
Kirito : have to work using some logic
that involves the system.
Line ID
Kirito : They just have to. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Was that black robed figure
really the ghost of Griselda-san?
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Seeing those two deaths happen in front of me Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : makes me wonder if it could be true. Line ID
Kirito : No, that's impossible. Line ID
Kirito : A ghost wouldn't need
a teleport crystal.
Line ID
Kirito : A teleport crystal... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : What is it? Line ID
Kirito : No, it's nothing. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Here. Line ID
Kirito : You're giving it to me? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : What else would I be doing? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : You think I'm showing
it off or something?
Line ID
Kirito : U-Uh, then thanks. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Its durability is nearly at zero, Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : so you should eat up
before it disappears.
Line ID
Kirito : Y-Yeah. Line ID
Kirito : This is really good. Line ID
Kirito : When did you make this? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Didn't I say its durability
was about to run out?
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I thought something like
this might happen,
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : so I prepared these this morning. Line ID
Kirito : I guess you are in charge of the
Knights of the Blood Oath attack teams.
Line ID
Kirito : Where is this from, anyway? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : It wasn't for sale. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : It isn't from a store. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : You know, I can cook, too. Line ID
Kirito : W-Well, Line ID
Kirito : you could've put this up for auction Line ID
Kirito : and made yourself a lot of money. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I don't have any more, got it? Line ID
Kirito : What's wrong? Line ID
Kirito : That's right... Line ID
Kirito : That's it! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : What? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : What did you just figure out? Line ID
Kirito : I... Line ID
Kirito : We... Line ID
Kirito : never actually saw a thing. Line ID
Kirito : We just thought we did. Line ID
Kirito : But we really saw something else. Line ID
Kirito : There never was a weapon Line ID
Kirito : or any kind of logic Line ID
Kirito : that would allow killing
within the safe areas!
Line ID
EXTRA : Floor 19: Cross Hill Line ID
Schmitt : Griselda... Line ID
Schmitt : The only way I can survive
is with your forgiveness.
Line ID
Schmitt : I'm sorry... I'm so sorry! Line ID
Schmitt : Forgive me, Griselda! Line ID
Schmitt : I never imagined this would happen! Line ID
Yoruko : Really? Line ID
Yoruko : Really? Really? Line ID
Yoruko : What did you do? Line ID
Yoruko : What did you do to me, Schmidt? Line ID
Schmitt : I... I only... Line ID
Schmitt : The day we decided to sell the ring, Line ID
Schmitt : a note and crystal just appeared
in my belt pouch,
Line ID
Schmitt : and the note told me to... Line ID
Caynz : Who told you? Line ID
Caynz : Who told you to? Line ID
Schmitt : Grimrock? Line ID
Schmitt : You're dead, too? Line ID
Caynz : Who? Line ID
Caynz : Who gave you these orders? Line ID
Schmitt : I-I honestly don't know! Line ID
Schmitt : The note just said to bind
the crystal to the room
Line ID
Schmitt : where she was staying,
so they could enter,
Line ID
Schmitt : and then to put the crystal in
the guild's shared storage...
Line ID
Caynz : And? Line ID
Schmitt : That was all I did! Line ID
Schmitt : I never meant to get her killed. Line ID
Schmitt : Believe me... Please! Line ID
Yoruko : We recorded all of that, Schmidt. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Th-They're alive?! Line ID
Kirito : Yeah, they're alive. Line ID
Kirito : Both Yoruko-san and Kains. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : B-But... Line ID
Kirito : Inside a safe zone,
player HP won't just drop.
Line ID
Kirito : But an object's durability will. Line ID
Kirito : Like with that sandwich. Line ID
Kirito : Back then, Line ID
Kirito : Kains's armor was pierced by that spear. Line ID
Kirito : The spear was draining the armor's
durability, not Kains's HP.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Th-Then, what fell apart was... Line ID
Kirito : Yes, just his armor. Line ID
Kirito : And at the exact moment it did, Kains Line ID
Kirito : teleported away. Line ID
Kirito : The effect was incredibly similar
to that of someone's death.
Line ID
Kirito : But it's still different. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Then Yoruko-san... Line ID
Kirito : The dagger was already in her the
whole time she spoke with us.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : The entire time? Line ID
Kirito : Remember... Line ID
Kirito : During her entire stay, she never
turned her back to us.
Line ID
Kirito : And as she talked, she kept an eye
on her equipment's endurance.
Line ID
Kirito : At the right moment, Line ID
Kirito : she acted as though a dagger,
thrown from outside, had stabbed her.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Which means the person
in the black robe...
Line ID
Kirito : I'd lay good odds that it isn't Grimrock. Line ID
Kirito : It's Kains. Line ID
Kirito : Those two must have realized Line ID
Kirito : that they could use this method Line ID
Kirito : to fake their own deaths. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : And their goal was to draw out Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : the one responsible for the ring murder. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : They acted out their own deaths Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : to create an illusionary avenger. Line ID
Kirito : They must have already been
somewhat suspicious of Schmidt.
Line ID
Kirito : Hey, you still have Yoruko-san
friended, don't you?
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : She's in the field, on Floor 19. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : On a small hill, just outside the town. Line ID
Kirito : I see. Line ID
Kirito : Let's leave Line ID
Kirito : the rest up to them. Line ID
Kirito : Our role in this case is finished. Line ID
Schmitt : R-Recorded? Line ID
Schmitt : So that's how it is. Line ID
Schmitt : You cared that much about Griselda. Line ID
Schmitt : You didn't hate her, either, did you? Line ID
Caynz : O-Of course not...
Believe me!
Line ID
Schmitt : True... Line ID
Schmitt : The rare weapon I bought let me clear Line ID
Schmitt : the Holy Dragon Alliance's
entry requirements, but...
Line ID
Schmitt : Paralysis? Line ID
XaXa : One down! Line ID
Schmitt : Are these guys... Line ID
PoH : This is a big catch. Line ID
PoH : A Holy Dragon Alliance leader. Line ID
PoH : The guild of murderers,
Laughing Coffin.
Line ID
PoH : Now, then... Line ID
PoH : what shall we play? Line ID
Johnny Black : Let's do that one thing, boss... Line ID
Johnny Black : The game where they kill each other,
and only the winner survives!
Line ID
PoH : Last time we did that,
you killed the survivor anyway.
Line ID
Johnny Black : If you say that now,
we can't have a game, boss.
Line ID
PoH : All right. Line ID
PoH : Let's get started. Line ID
Kirito : Guess I made it just in time... Line ID
Kirito : So what will you do? Line ID
Kirito : I have backup on the way. Line ID
Kirito : You want to fight thirty people
from the lead group?
Line ID
PoH : Let's go. Line ID
Kirito : I'm glad I was able to see
you again, Yoruko-san.
Line ID
Yoruko : I planned to apologize,
once everything was over.
Line ID
Yoruko : But I can't expect you to believe me. Line ID
Schmitt : Kirito... Line ID
Schmitt : Thank you for saving me, Line ID
Schmitt : but how did you know that those
three would attack here?
Line ID
Kirito : I didn't. Line ID
Kirito : I just thought it was a possibility. Line ID
Kirito : Hey, Kains-san... Yoruko-san. Line ID
Kirito : You asked Grimrock-san to
make those two weapons.
Line ID
Yoruko : At first, he didn't seem willing. Line ID
Yoruko : He said he wanted to let
Griselda-san rest in peace...
Line ID
Caynz : But when we begged him, Line ID
Caynz : he finally forged them for us. Line ID
Kirito : I'm sorry, but the reason
he opposed your plan
Line ID
Kirito : wasn't for Griselda-san's sake. Line ID
Kirito : He thought something flashy,
like a PK in a safe zone,
Line ID
Kirito : would attract sufficient attention
for someone to take notice...
Line ID
Kirito : I only realized it thirty minutes ago. Line ID
Kirito : We ended up falling for
Yoruko-san's plot...
Line ID
Kirito : But I don't really mind. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Yeah. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Hey. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : What would you have said Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : when a super-rare item like that dropped? Line ID
Kirito : Hmm... Line ID
Kirito : Part of the reason I play solo
is to avoid those situations.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : In our guild, it would belong
to the one it dropped for.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : That's the rule. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : In SAO, no one knows what drops for whom Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : unless someone volunteers it. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : So if you want to avoid players
hoarding, that's the only way.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Also, Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : because of that system, Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : marriage in this world has real meaning. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : If you marry, your item
storage is shared, right?
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Everything you might have
hidden until then...
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Once you're married,
you can't hide it anymore.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Shared storage is quite a
pragmatic system.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : But I think it's very romantic, as well. Line ID
Kirito : Hey... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : What? Line ID
Kirito : Have you ever gotten married? Line ID
Kirito : No... That's not what I meant! Line ID
Kirito : You were just talking about how
it's romantic and plastic...
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : No one said that! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : It's romantic and pragmatic. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Pragmatic... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : It means practical. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Practical. Line ID
Kirito : Practical? Line ID
Kirito : Marriage in SAO? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Isn't it? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : In a way, it throws everything
out there, doesn't it?
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : The common storage. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : What? Line ID
Kirito : Common storage... Line ID
Kirito : If your spouse dies,
what happens to the items?
Line ID
Kirito : Item storage is shared. Line ID
Kirito : When one person dies,
what happens to their items?
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Are you talking about
Griselda-san and Grimrock-san?
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Let's see, if one of them died... Line ID
Kirito : Wouldn't everything go to the other? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Which would mean the rare ring
in Griselda-san's storage...
Line ID
Kirito : It should be in Grimrock's storage,
not in the killer's.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : The ring wasn't stolen? Line ID
Kirito : No, it was stolen. Line ID
Kirito : Grimrock stole the ring
from his own storage.
Line ID
Caynz : Grimrock... Line ID
Caynz : He sent that memo? Line ID
Caynz : And he killed Griselda? Line ID
Kirito : No, he probably didn't do it personally. Line ID
Kirito : He likely left the actual murder to a
red player specializing in such things.
Line ID
Yoruko : No... Line ID
Yoruko : If he were the murderer, Line ID
Yoruko : then why would he have helped us? Line ID
Kirito : Didn't you explain the whole plan to him? Line ID
Kirito : This was his chance to bury
the entire thing forever.
Line ID
Kirito : He waited for you, Schmidt-san,
and Kains-san to gather,
Line ID
Kirito : so he could kill you all at once. Line ID
Schmitt : So that's why... Line ID
Schmitt : That's why that murder guild was here. Line ID
Kirito : Most likely, Line ID
Kirito : he knew them from when he
hired them to kill Griselda-san.
Line ID
Yoruko : That's horrible... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I found him. Line ID
Kirito : We can ask him for the details. Line ID
Grimlock : It's been a long time, everyone. Line ID
Yoruko : Grimrock-san... Line ID
Yoruko : Did you... Did you really... Line ID
Yoruko : Why, Grimrock? Line ID
Yoruko : Why did you need the money Line ID
Yoruko : from the ring so badly that you had
to kill Griselda, your own wife?
Line ID
Grimlock : Money? Line ID
Grimlock : Did you say money? Line ID
Grimlock : It wasn't for the money. Line ID
Grimlock : I had... Line ID
Grimlock : I had to kill her... Line ID
Grimlock : While she was still my wife. Line ID
Grimlock : She was my wife in
the real world, too.
Line ID
Grimlock : The ideal wife, the perfect wife... Line ID
Grimlock : Pretty, submissive... Line ID
Grimlock : We'd never had a single fight. Line ID
Grimlock : But when we were both
trapped in this world,
Line ID
Grimlock : she changed. Line ID
Grimlock : Only one of us was overcome with fear
from being trapped in a death game...
Line ID
Grimlock : Me. Line ID
Grimlock : She looked so much happier, Line ID
Grimlock : so much more alive,
than she had in the real world.
Line ID
Grimlock : I had to accept it... Line ID
Grimlock : That the Yuuko I loved was gone. Line ID
Grimlock : Thus... Line ID
Grimlock : Thus, I decided to forever seal
her within my memories here,
Line ID
Grimlock : in this world, where murder is legal... Line ID
Grimlock : And who could blame me? Line ID
Kirito : You killed your wife for that? Line ID
Grimlock : That's more than reason enough. Line ID
Grimlock : Someday, you'll understand, detective. Line ID
Grimlock : Once you've found love and
are about to lose it.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : No, you're the one who's
mistaken, Grimrock-san.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : You didn't feel love for Griselda-san. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : You only wanted to possess her! Line ID
Caynz : Kirito-san, could you leave this man to us? Line ID
Kirito : All right. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Hey... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : If you married someone,
and then you discovered
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : they had a side you didn't know, Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : what would you think? Line ID
Kirito : Maybe that I was lucky... Line ID
Kirito : B-Because if you marry someone, Line ID
Kirito : it means you already Line ID
Kirito : like what you know about them, right? Line ID
Kirito : So if you found something new about them
and fell in love with that, too...
Line ID
Kirito : W-Wouldn't that be great? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Well, fine. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : More importantly, I'm hungry. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I didn't get to finish my meal earlier. Line ID
Kirito : Y-Yeah... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I've been away from the front
lines for two days...
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I'll have to go back to work tomorrow. Line ID
Kirito : Yeah, I want to clear this floor this week. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : What? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Hey, Kirito-kun... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Want to friend me? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : You haven't so far, right? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Since we're both in the lead group, Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : it's inconvenient that we
can't talk to each other.
Line ID
Kirito : But I'm a solo player... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I didn't say you had to party up with me. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Anyway, you should make some friends. Line ID
Kirito : D-Do I? Line ID
Kirito : It doesn't bother me, but... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Think about it while we go eat. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : First, let's get back to town. Line ID
Kirito : Y-Yeah... Line ID
EXTRA : Next Time:
The Temperature of the Heart
Line ID
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