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Miu Ousawa : Hmm... (0:00:00.92)
Miu Ousawa : It might be a bit too racy... (0:00:03.29)
Chikage Izumi : Miu! We've picked out our swimsuits, so we're gonna go now! (0:00:07.03)
Chikage Izumi : We'll wait for you outside! (0:00:11.54)
Miu Ousawa : Huh?! Huh?! (0:00:13.65)
Miu Ousawa : All right, in that case... (0:00:19.99)
Miu Ousawa : Th-This is... (0:00:27.15)
Volk Rem Aleclasta IV : Hmm. (0:00:28.88)
Volk Rem Aleclasta IV : It appears a conclusion has been reached. (0:00:29.94)
Volk Rem Aleclasta IV : The Dark Lord Garius has fallen. (0:00:32.77)
Volk Rem Aleclasta IV : But violent resistance forces still remain within the Dark Clan. (0:00:34.99)
Volk Rem Aleclasta IV : We'll help you in combating the resistance. (0:00:40.65)
Volk Rem Aleclasta IV : Sound good? (0:00:44.74)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Yes. (0:00:46.35)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Shellfeed has no objections to Aleclasta's proposal. (0:00:47.40)
Listy El Da Sherfied : We'll do whatever you say for the sake of world peace. (0:00:51.97)
Volk Rem Aleclasta IV : Mm. What about you, Lord Baram? (0:00:56.70)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : I have no objections to a unified front. (0:01:00.42)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : However, I just received some information about the location of the Dark Lord's daughter, who went missing after his death. (0:01:03.55)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : Therefore, I say we should send out a pursuit party to find her right away. (0:01:13.73)
Listy El Da Sherfied : H-Hold up! (0:01:18.18)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Most of the Dark Clan has been living quietly deep within the Galepane Forest since Garius died. (0:01:20.22)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Taking such action would only provoke them. (0:01:26.42)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : Such laxity! (0:01:29.19)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : With the Dark Lord's daughter alive and well, there's no telling if or when the Dark Clan will attack us again. (0:01:30.86)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Well... But... (0:01:35.90)
Volk Rem Aleclasta IV : Queen Listy... (0:01:38.78)
Volk Rem Aleclasta IV : It's true that the Dark Lord's daughter hasn't done anything wrong yet. (0:01:40.29)
Volk Rem Aleclasta IV : However, as Lord Baram says, her very existence poses a future threat. (0:01:43.58)
Volk Rem Aleclasta IV : Surely you can agree with that fact? (0:01:49.14)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Yes. (0:01:52.75)
Volk Rem Aleclasta IV : So, Lord Baram. (0:01:53.55)
Volk Rem Aleclasta IV : If you want to pursue her, (0:01:55.42)
Volk Rem Aleclasta IV : is it safe to assume the Dark Lord's daughter has left Galepane? (0:01:57.88)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : That is correct. (0:02:01.43)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : As we speak, she is not in Alayzard, but in a different world. (0:02:03.67)
Haruka Nanase : Honestly, now! (0:03:46.49)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Are you still whining? (0:03:48.35)
Haruka Nanase : I can't help it! (0:03:50.66)
Haruka Nanase : They gave us this time off before the ranking matches, (0:03:51.86)
Haruka Nanase : but we still have lots of other exams to worry about! (0:03:54.22)
Ryouhei Uesaki : What are you talking about? (0:03:57.15)
Ryouhei Uesaki : The family of that girl we saved during the hotel takeover insisted on rewarding us. (0:03:59.33)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Even you said it'd be rude to turn them down. (0:04:05.22)
Haruka Nanase : That's true, but... (0:04:08.23)
Minami Aihara : Haruka... (0:04:10.22)
Minami Aihara : Do you not like the beach? (0:04:11.71)
Haruka Nanase : N-No, it's not like that... (0:04:13.80)
Haruka Nanase : It's just... (0:04:15.90)
Ryouhei Uesaki : You told that girl's mother yourself (0:04:16.61)
Ryouhei Uesaki : that it was Ousawa who actually saved her, not you. (0:04:21.05)
Ryouhei Uesaki : So of course he's gonna be here, y'know? (0:04:24.49)
Chikage Izumi : Hey, sorry for the wait! (0:04:28.13)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh, you're here! (0:04:29.70)
Chikage Izumi : How do we look from your perspective? (0:04:32.89)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I like it. (0:04:36.95)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You both look good! (0:04:39.02)
Akatsuki Ousawa : But where's the other one? (0:04:40.96)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Oh, she's here. (0:04:42.97)
Chikage Izumi : She's just a bit of a sore loser... (0:04:45.51)
Chikage Izumi : C'mon, Miu! (0:04:48.32)
Miu Ousawa : M-Mm... (0:04:49.48)
Miu Ousawa : Wh-what do you think? (0:04:53.98)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It suits you... (0:04:56.05)
Akatsuki Ousawa : but if you're so embarrassed about it, why pick that one? (0:04:58.06)
Akatsuki Ousawa : She closed her eyes and grabbed a random swimsuit at the rental corner. (0:05:01.55)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Don't worry! (0:05:07.85)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Look! (0:05:09.28)
Akatsuki Ousawa : There are plenty of women with flashier swimsuits! (0:05:10.31)
Akatsuki Ousawa : There's nothin' to be embarrassed about. (0:05:13.59)
Miu Ousawa : R-Really? (0:05:16.19)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Yep. And if any staring perverts start to creep you out, just tell me. (0:05:17.54)
Miu Ousawa : Staring perverts...? (0:05:22.18)
Miu Ousawa : Sheesh! (0:05:24.42)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Well, let's go! (0:05:27.30)
Kuzuha Doumoto : What's wrong, Ousawa-san? (0:05:32.95)
Miu Ousawa : Oh, it's nothing! Go on ahead! (0:05:35.53)
Miu Ousawa : Umm... (0:05:38.94)
Haruka Nanase : You... (0:05:42.31)
Miu Ousawa : Come and play with us! (0:05:43.34)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Huh? Oh, no, we're not— (0:05:46.33)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Oh, don't be like that. (0:05:48.74)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Go on, Haruka. (0:05:50.46)
Haruka Nanase : Wha—?! Uesaki?! (0:05:51.88)
Haruka Nanase : What do you think you're doing? I'm— (0:05:53.99)
Ryouhei Uesaki : You have no reason to decline, right? (0:05:56.62)
Haruka Nanase : But... (0:05:59.17)
Haruka Nanase : she's Ousawa Akatsuki's sister... (0:05:59.92)
Ryouhei Uesaki : You're too hung up on that guy. (0:06:02.74)
Ryouhei Uesaki : This is a good chance for you to clear the air. (0:06:05.16)
Haruka Nanase : But he has been nothing but an obstacle— (0:06:07.97)
Ryouhei Uesaki : He saved that girl. (0:06:11.01)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Avoiding him like the plague (0:06:12.93)
Ryouhei Uesaki : makes it seem like you're jealous that he stole your spotlight. (0:06:14.81)
Ryouhei Uesaki : But if you're that against it, then suit yourself. (0:06:19.63)
Haruka Nanase : No! (0:06:22.98)
Haruka Nanase : I apologize for the wait! (0:06:24.33)
Haruka Nanase : Shall we go now?! (0:06:25.86)
Miu Ousawa : Of course! (0:06:28.28)
Haruka Nanase : What are you doing? (0:06:31.20)
Haruka Nanase : Let's go, you two. (0:06:32.74)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Nope, I have to watch our stuff. (0:06:34.16)
Haruka Nanase : Huh? (0:06:37.26)
Ryouhei Uesaki : What about you, Minami? (0:06:38.21)
Minami Aihara : I just started on my tan. (0:06:39.89)
Ryouhei Uesaki : There you have it. (0:06:42.04)
Haruka Nanase : Wha... This was all a scheme, Uesaki?! (0:06:42.92)
Ryouhei Uesaki : What's the problem? (0:06:45.80)
Ryouhei Uesaki : You're the one who's avoiding Ousawa, so you're the one who needs to go. (0:06:47.10)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Take this! (0:06:57.98)
Chikage Izumi : That's it! (0:06:59.87)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You sure this is the right way to the beach house? (0:07:02.95)
Chikage Izumi : I think so. (0:07:05.44)
Chikage Izumi : Huh? What's that? (0:07:06.77)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Is there a concert or an event of some kind? (0:07:08.24)
Motoharu Kaidou : Close! You're right that it's an event. (0:07:10.66)
Motoharu Kaidou : It's not a concert, though. (0:07:13.20)
Motoharu Kaidou : Yo, Akki! (0:07:16.08)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Why are you dressed like that? (0:07:17.58)
Motoharu Kaidou : My part-time job! (0:07:20.70)
Motoharu Kaidou : Believe it or not, I'm actually a "struggling student". (0:07:21.87)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Isn't he the one who called out to your brother before? (0:07:24.59)
Miu Ousawa : Mm. (0:07:28.18)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Yeah. (0:07:29.09)
Akatsuki Ousawa : This is Kaidou. I met him a little while ago. He's a "class outcast". (0:07:30.75)
Motoharu Kaidou : Don't put it like that ! You'll cause misunderstandings! (0:07:34.98)
Motoharu Kaidou : I'm Kaidou Motoharu, from Class A. (0:07:38.42)
Motoharu Kaidou : Akki and I are best buds! Nice to meetcha! (0:07:40.27)
Akatsuki Ousawa : So, what's this part-time job of yours? (0:07:42.14)
Motoharu Kaidou : Oh, I'm on the event staff here. (0:07:44.78)
Haruka Nanase : What kind of bizarre event is this? (0:07:47.76)
Motoharu Kaidou : You've never heard of it?! (0:07:50.53)
Motoharu Kaidou : It's a pretty famous event that's held every year! (0:07:52.06)
Motoharu Kaidou : It's aired on pay-per-view satellite TV and there's prize money! (0:07:54.98)
Chikage Izumi : Oh, he's right. (0:07:59.16)
Kuzuha Doumoto : How fancy. It says it's free to enter too. (0:08:00.72)
Motoharu Kaidou : Whadya say? (0:08:04.17)
Motoharu Kaidou : Wanna give it a shot, Akki? (0:08:05.32)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Sounds like a good way to kill some time. (0:08:07.47)
Akatsuki Ousawa : What about you guys? (0:08:10.52)
Chikage Izumi : Hmm... (0:08:12.17)
Chikage Izumi : Let me think... (0:08:13.06)
Miu Ousawa : I'll do it! (0:08:14.26)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Ousawa-san? (0:08:15.73)
Miu Ousawa : I haven't earned my keep at all since I've been here... (0:08:17.14)
Chikage Izumi : Well, if Miu's gonna be in it, then... (0:08:21.11)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Yes. (0:08:23.32)
Kuzuha Doumoto : We're willing to participate too, but... (0:08:24.10)
Haruka Nanase : Oh, very well! (0:08:29.96)
Haruka Nanase : In for a dime, in for a dollar! (0:08:31.86)
EXTRA : I hope y'all are ready! (0:08:34.63)
EXTRA : The Beach Swimsuit Tag event is about to begin! (0:08:36.12)
EXTRA : Earlier, we had you stick number tags to your swimsuits. (0:08:41.15)
EXTRA : We'll now hold a drawing to select an escapee. (0:08:44.78)
EXTRA : Whoever has that person's swimsuit one hour from now will be the winner! (0:08:48.08)
EXTRA : Don't worry! Only a boy will be picked to be the escapee! (0:08:54.25)
EXTRA : So please fight it out to your hearts' content! (0:08:58.12)
EXTRA : Now, then... (0:09:00.24)
EXTRA : Get ready! (0:09:01.29)
Motoharu Kaidou : On it. (0:09:02.02)
EXTRA : Let the drawing begin! (0:09:03.29)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Me?! (0:09:11.90)
EXTRA : Congratulations, Number 88! (0:09:12.53)
EXTRA : You've been picked to be the escapee! (0:09:14.38)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Congratulations? Gimme a break. (0:09:18.32)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Right? (0:09:20.88)
EXTRA : You have ten seconds, starting now! (0:09:22.58)
EXTRA : You're allowed to run anywhere on this beach. (0:09:25.33)
EXTRA : Beach houses and the like are allowed as well. (0:09:28.42)
EXTRA : The event staff will take responsibility for anything that happens, (0:09:31.06)
EXTRA : so please flee freely! (0:09:34.22)
Akatsuki Ousawa : How nice of you... (0:09:36.81)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Well, I guess... (0:09:38.78)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I better get running! (0:09:40.77)
EXTRA : Let Beach Swimsuit Tag begin! (0:09:42.93)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Hey, Minami. Why do you suddenly want a tan? (0:09:46.39)
Minami Aihara : Because people say being too pale makes me look unhealthy... (0:09:50.52)
Ryouhei Uesaki : But if you get too tanned, (0:09:54.90)
Ryouhei Uesaki : people will think you got wild and rowdy during this exam period. (0:09:57.11)
Minami Aihara : How careless of me. (0:10:01.54)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Where are you going? (0:10:04.23)
Minami Aihara : To wash off my sun tan oil in the shower. (0:10:05.29)
Ryouhei Uesaki : 'Kay. See you later. (0:10:08.20)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Kinda reminds me of Valkyrie and the other girls... (0:10:16.83)
Akatsuki Ousawa : But now what? (0:10:20.58)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I have to run around for a whole hour... (0:10:22.45)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Hold on. (0:10:26.31)
Akatsuki Ousawa : The rule was simply that whoever has my swimsuit an hour from now wins... (0:10:27.62)
EXTRA : Take this! (0:10:32.86)
EXTRA : Prize money! (0:10:34.63)
EXTRA : You're mine! (0:10:35.60)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Don't take it personally. (0:10:39.41)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You tried to swipe my swimsuit. (0:10:40.96)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It's only fair that you run the same risk as me! (0:10:43.33)
Akatsuki Ousawa : And now for— (0:10:49.62)
EXTRA : Got ya! (0:10:50.50)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Naturally, if you're gonna use force against me... (0:10:53.21)
Akatsuki Ousawa : then I'll use force, too. (0:10:56.26)
Miu Ousawa : Do you think someone's already taken it? (0:10:58.14)
Haruka Nanase : I doubt he would be caught off guard so easily... (0:11:00.93)
Miu Ousawa : What was that? (0:11:07.83)
Haruka Nanase : I think... those were the participants... (0:11:09.34)
Miu Ousawa : N-No way... (0:11:16.61)
EXTRA : No, it's true. (0:11:18.61)
Haruka Nanase : Another world...? (0:11:23.41)
Haruka Nanase : Are you saying, Lord Baram, that the Dark Lord's daughter passed through the Otherworld Gate? (0:11:25.35)
Haruka Nanase : Only those summoned from other worlds can do that... (0:11:30.30)
Volk Rem Aleclasta IV : Lord Baram. (0:11:33.50)
Volk Rem Aleclasta IV : That is an interesting story, but does it not seem a little farfetched? (0:11:34.82)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : No, Queen Listy said it herself just now. (0:11:39.40)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : Only those from other worlds can pass through the Otherworld Gate. (0:11:42.99)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : Which means he could do it. (0:11:46.65)
Listy El Da Sherfied : He...? (0:11:48.58)
Listy El Da Sherfied : D-Do you mean...? (0:11:49.65)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : Yes. (0:11:52.73)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : This is all his doing. (0:11:54.40)
Chikage Izumi : I can't believe this. (0:11:59.19)
Chikage Izumi : We're supposed to be chasing him . Instead, he's just taking us out one by one... (0:12:01.06)
Chikage Izumi : Akatsuki's crazy, all right. (0:12:04.90)
Kuzuha Doumoto : It looks like we're the only ones still in the game... (0:12:06.76)
Haruka Nanase : I can't believe someone able to defeat men with brute strength would resort to stopping women like this... (0:12:10.86)
Chikage Izumi : Man. Girls are weak when they're in swimsuits. (0:12:16.14)
Miu Ousawa : Wh-What do we do? (0:12:19.46)
Miu Ousawa : Do you think he's going to come after us too? (0:12:21.05)
Chikage Izumi : You and the V.P. can go relax somewhere away from here now. (0:12:23.18)
Chikage Izumi : While you two were chasing him, we got some stuff ready here. (0:12:28.46)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Enough talk. (0:12:33.45)
Kuzuha Doumoto : He's here. (0:12:35.06)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Found ya! (0:12:37.65)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh? (0:12:39.06)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Sorry, but it's time for some magic! (0:12:39.78)
Chikage Izumi : I'm a water type, (0:12:44.45)
Chikage Izumi : and the prez is an earth type! (0:12:46.20)
Chikage Izumi : We have the home-court advantage! (0:12:48.24)
Chikage Izumi : Prepare yourself, Akatsuki! (0:12:50.08)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Gimme your best shot! (0:12:52.33)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'll be taking that, Izumi! (0:13:03.59)
Chikage Izumi : Gotcha! (0:13:05.34)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oww... (0:13:09.39)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Traps are a part of the home-court advantage, Ousawa-kun. (0:13:10.84)
Chikage Izumi : Now we just keep him trapped up until time is up and our swimsuits'll be safe... (0:13:13.48)
Chikage Izumi : Or should we strip his swimsuit off and collect the prize money? (0:13:19.53)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Hmm. (0:13:23.78)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Let's consult his sister. (0:13:25.54)
Akatsuki Ousawa : He's gone! (0:13:27.85)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Izumi?! (0:13:29.95)
Kuzuha Doumoto : How did you get out of this soft sand?! (0:13:32.72)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I can walk on water. (0:13:35.66)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Sand's nothing. (0:13:37.88)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Now, then... (0:13:39.54)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You're in a one-piece swimsuit, huh? (0:13:40.86)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Huh? (0:13:42.63)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Y-You can't be serious... (0:13:43.71)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Don't worry. (0:13:45.13)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I already took off some more troublesome swimsuits. (0:13:46.52)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'll take yours off without ripping it! (0:13:48.78)
Motoharu Kaidou : Oh! Stop right there, Akki! (0:13:51.72)
Motoharu Kaidou : This is gonna be aired on TV, remember? (0:13:55.41)
Motoharu Kaidou : If people find out we let a little girl get stripped naked, the show could get canned. (0:13:57.88)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh, right. I seem to recall you mentioning that. (0:14:02.23)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You're pretty fast for someone on the beach, in sandals... (0:14:05.63)
Motoharu Kaidou : I'm nothing compared to a guy who can run on the ocean. (0:14:09.11)
Motoharu Kaidou : All right, twenty minutes left. (0:14:12.25)
Motoharu Kaidou : What are you gonna do? (0:14:14.54)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh, right. (0:14:15.40)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Now that I've come this far, no one's getting away! (0:14:17.06)
Motoharu Kaidou : Man, you're pretty much "it" now. (0:14:19.50)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Hmm. (0:14:23.09)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Ousawa and Kaidou from Class A, huh? (0:14:24.42)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Oh, geez... (0:14:28.92)
Minami Aihara : Haruka. (0:14:34.06)
Haruka Nanase : Minami...! (0:14:35.10)
Haruka Nanase : Why are you here? (0:14:36.20)
Minami Aihara : I'm washing off my sun tan oil. (0:14:37.76)
Minami Aihara : Do you need to shower too? (0:14:40.14)
Haruka Nanase : U-Uh, yes... I do. (0:14:41.34)
Haruka Nanase : Facilities on the beach aren't off-limits, so hiding here shouldn't be a problem— (0:14:45.83)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh. There you are. (0:14:51.70)
Akatsuki Ousawa : There's no escape now, V.P. (0:14:53.49)
Haruka Nanase : D-Do you know where you are?! (0:14:55.49)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Huh? The women's side of the shower facility, right? (0:14:59.12)
Haruka Nanase : Then how can you be so calm about it?! (0:15:02.40)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You heard what the host girl said. (0:15:05.21)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'm allowed to go anywhere on the beach, including all facilities. (0:15:07.74)
Haruka Nanase : This is the women's shower room, you know... (0:15:12.17)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Yeah. But it's okay. (0:15:14.56)
Akatsuki Ousawa : After all, she did say the event staff will take
responsibility, so I'm allowed to run around freely...
Ryouhei Uesaki : Really? (0:15:23.15)
Motoharu Kaidou : I dunno, that's a pretty iffy interpretation. (0:15:24.12)
Motoharu Kaidou : I kinda doubt they can take responsibility— (0:15:27.74)
Haruka Nanase : I'm afraid I won't be as easily trounced as the other girls. (0:15:32.35)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Sounds good to me. (0:15:36.21)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Gimme some fun! (0:15:37.44)
Minami Aihara : I feel much better. (0:15:41.31)
Haruka Nanase : Now! (0:15:44.63)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You should be careful. (0:15:50.26)
Haruka Nanase : Y-You'll get no thanks from me. (0:15:53.55)
Akatsuki Ousawa : That's okay. I already got what I wanted. (0:15:55.67)
Haruka Nanase : "Already"? (0:15:58.13)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Sorry! (0:16:01.77)
Haruka Nanase : G-Get back here! (0:16:03.25)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'd think twice before standing if I were you. (0:16:04.48)
Haruka Nanase : Huh? (0:16:06.74)
Haruka Nanase : Wh-Why did you take my bottom too?! (0:16:08.19)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Just felt like it. (0:16:10.58)
Haruka Nanase : You just...?! (0:16:11.64)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I had fun, V.P.! (0:16:12.40)
Haruka Nanase : Ousawa Akatsuki! (0:16:14.82)
Miu Ousawa : I should be safe out here... (0:16:17.66)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Hey. (0:16:19.81)
Miu Ousawa : How did you find me?! (0:16:22.37)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I sensed your energy out here. (0:16:23.88)
Akatsuki Ousawa : So, what's with your top? (0:16:26.34)
Miu Ousawa : Th-Thanks... (0:16:37.75)
Akatsuki Ousawa : No problem. (0:16:39.42)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It came with extra benefits. (0:16:41.56)
Miu Ousawa : H-Hey! Watch where you put your hands! (0:16:44.85)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I have to do it. You almost drowned trying to cover them yourself. (0:16:47.63)
Miu Ousawa : Surely there's another way! (0:16:52.60)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh, my bad. (0:16:54.78)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You're right... (0:16:55.91)
Akatsuki Ousawa : The wet fabric might be too slippery. (0:16:58.27)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Better to go underneath. (0:16:59.95)
Miu Ousawa : That's not what I meant! (0:17:04.45)
EXTRA : Beach Swimsuit Tag is now over! (0:17:06.06)
EXTRA : However, the water is out-of-bounds! (0:17:08.92)
EXTRA : Therefore, Numbers 87 and 88 are unfortunately disqualified! (0:17:11.80)
Miu Ousawa : Huh?! Oh, no... (0:17:17.07)
Miu Ousawa : I'm sorry. It's my fault... (0:17:19.31)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Don't worry about it, you dummy! (0:17:22.47)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh? (0:17:24.46)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Didn't Rion make that see-through underwear too? (0:17:25.39)
Miu Ousawa : Huh? Oh, so that explains why— (0:17:29.11)
Akatsuki Ousawa : This should keep you covered up. (0:17:33.43)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Hold on tight, now! (0:17:35.10)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Here we go! (0:17:36.74)
EXTRA : If permitted, I ask you to... (0:17:41.95)
Miu Ousawa : I can't do it, Dad... (0:17:44.66)
Miu Ousawa : He's a hero... (0:17:47.47)
Miu Ousawa : And I'm... (0:17:49.04)
Miranda Quenti : The Dark Lord's daughter. (0:17:50.96)
Miranda Quenti : Akatsuki-kun took her to his world, huh? (0:17:52.92)
Miranda Quenti : Lord Baram certainly seems sure of himself. (0:17:57.99)
Miranda Quenti : Akatsuki-kun singlehandedly defeated Garius, the most powerful Dark Lord ever known. (0:18:00.38)
Miranda Quenti : To treat him like a traitor... (0:18:06.26)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Yes. Why would he even suggest such a thing? (0:18:09.12)
Ludie Turm : If it's indeed a groundless claim, then he'll have to take responsibility for his accusation. (0:18:12.14)
Zechs Doltrake : Yet he's still that confident, huh...? (0:18:17.84)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : I apologize for the delay. (0:18:20.45)
Miranda Quenti : Think nothing of it. (0:18:23.63)
Miranda Quenti : You say you intend to send a pursuit party, but how, exactly? (0:18:25.22)
Miranda Quenti : Only those from other worlds can pass through the Otherworld Gate. (0:18:30.35)
Miranda Quenti : You claim that Akatsuki-kun is a traitor, but who can prove this for you? (0:18:33.52)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : I've taken care of that. (0:18:39.93)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : This is Phil Burnett. (0:18:41.89)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : He is from the same world as Akatsuki. (0:18:44.06)
Phil Barnett : It's a pleasure, Queen Listy. (0:18:48.02)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : The Otherworld Gate will take him to Akatsuki's world. (0:18:51.86)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : He will confirm the presence of the Dark Lord's daughter. (0:18:57.18)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : Any objections, Queen Listy? (0:19:02.92)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : This will make the truth of the matter clear. (0:19:05.54)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Well... (0:19:08.25)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : I'm counting on you, Phil. (0:19:10.17)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : Capture Garius's daughter and bring her to us. (0:19:11.86)
Phil Barnett : Yes, milord. (0:19:15.84)
Listy El Da Sherfied : What? (0:19:17.30)
Listy El Da Sherfied : You're going to capture her there and bring her back? (0:19:18.50)
Listy El Da Sherfied : But I thought people from other worlds
had no way of returning...
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : That, too, is not a problem. (0:19:25.24)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Wait, does that mean...? (0:19:27.73)
Listy El Da Sherfied : There is a way to do it? (0:19:33.43)
Phil Barnett : Well, I should get going. (0:19:35.19)
Phil Barnett : Oh, right. (0:19:38.01)
Phil Barnett : What should I do if this other hero tries to get in the way? (0:19:39.64)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : If that happens, you may eliminate him. (0:19:44.16)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Lord Baram! (0:19:46.87)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : What? (0:19:48.63)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : The Dark Lord's daughter is a threat to our world. (0:19:50.01)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : Anyone who protects her is our enemy. (0:19:52.68)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : Am I wrong? (0:19:56.14)
Listy El Da Sherfied : B-But Akatsuki is this world's hero! (0:19:57.09)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : Why are you so upset, Queen Listy? (0:20:01.65)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : He's no hero. (0:20:03.88)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : He's a rogue. (0:20:05.58)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : Have you forgotten that your kingdom's true hero, Leon Esperio, (0:20:06.62)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : perished protecting him from the Dark Lord and that you were forced to abandon the capital city afterward? (0:20:12.66)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : Not only that, he suddenly ran off after you and your surviving comrades safely escaped to Aleclasta. (0:20:17.59)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : He's a coward. (0:20:26.11)
Listy El Da Sherfied : The only reason we're alive now, and that the Shellfeed Kingdom still stands, (0:20:28.41)
Listy El Da Sherfied : is because Akatsuki led the charge to take the capital city back! (0:20:33.00)
Listy El Da Sherfied : He quietly accepted the disgraceful title of "rogue hero" only out of regret for letting Leon die. (0:20:38.39)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Lord Baram. (0:20:44.97)
Listy El Da Sherfied : I ask that you withdraw your insulting remarks about our kingdom's hero! (0:20:46.18)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : You are free to have faith in your former hero. (0:20:49.97)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : But do not force me to share your faith as well. (0:20:53.42)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : If you want me to retract my accusations, (0:20:56.82)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : then it will have to wait until the truth is made clear. (0:20:59.96)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : Any objections? (0:21:04.45)
Ludie Turm : Just a moment, please. (0:21:05.82)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : What is it? (0:21:08.37)
Ludie Turm : It would have been better to send pursuit as soon as possible. (0:21:09.72)
Ludie Turm : Yet, several days have passed since our trilateral conference. (0:21:13.21)
Ludie Turm : Why did this take you so long?! (0:21:15.88)
Phil Barnett : Oh. That's because I had to make some preparations. (0:21:18.10)
Phil Barnett : Lord Baram had asked me to speed things up. (0:21:22.47)
Zechs Doltrake : I see. (0:21:26.64)
Zechs Doltrake : One last thing, then... (0:21:28.25)
Zechs Doltrake : There's something I want to know about. (0:21:29.79)
Phil Barnett : Certainly. (0:21:32.26)
Phil Barnett : What is it? (0:21:33.54)
Zechs Doltrake : I'm referring to... (0:21:35.07)
Zechs Doltrake : your skill. (0:21:38.07)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Akatsuki took Dark Lord Garius's
daughter back to his own world...
Listy El Da Sherfied : That's crazy enough by itself, but returning to
Alayzard with her is something else altogether...
Listy El Da Sherfied : Just what is Lord Baram thinking? (0:23:22.21)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Still, this Phil Burnett has an eerie air of confidence about him... (0:23:25.25)
Listy El Da Sherfied : It's almost as if he's confident he can beat Akatsuki, who defeated Garius. (0:23:28.42)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Next episode: "BABEL's Ranking Matches Begin". (0:23:32.71)
Listy El Da Sherfied : It sounds like a battle's about to start over there, too. (0:23:36.18)

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