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Sora : Hey, Izuna. (0:00:00.95)
Izuna Hatsuse : What, please? (0:00:02.96)
Sora : When was the last time
you thought a game was fun?
Sora : Sorry, Izuna, but you're going to lose. (0:00:11.25)
Shiro : Blank doesn't lose. (0:00:15.17)
Izuna Hatsuse : This is fun! (0:00:29.89)
Sora : What? (0:00:35.97)
Sora : A double jump? (0:00:38.60)
Sora : You've gotta be kidding! (0:00:39.78)
Shiro : She's a cheater! (0:00:40.64)
Kurami Zell : ...N-No way... (0:01:01.23)
Kurami Zell : ...That's... (0:01:03.18)
Kurami Zell : An ability that only a few Werebeasts possess,
...allowing them to overcome their own physical limits...
Kurami Zell : "Blood Destruction"? (0:01:11.59)
Izuna Hatsuse : I won't lose! (0:01:16.73)
Shrine Priestess : ...Well, then... (0:01:21.53)
Sora : That's way beyond a double jump! (0:01:33.90)
Shiro : It has to be a bug! (0:01:36.32)
Shiro : I can't predict what she's going to do! (0:01:47.33)
Sora : Beyond physical limits, huh? (0:01:49.67)
Sora : So this is her real cheat, huh? (0:01:54.51)
Ino Hatsuse : The difference in strength
between them is overwhelming.
Ino Hatsuse : This battle is already over. (0:02:09.42)
Sora : I had some sort of idea
that this would happen,
Sora : but I never expected all this. (0:02:18.96)
Shiro : I can't calculate what to do. (0:02:20.87)
Sora : I told you she's going beyond
physical limits, didn't I?
Sora : So physics equations won't help you. (0:02:25.63)
Shiro : ...Bro... (0:02:29.50)
Sora : At times like these,
just leave it to me.
Sora : Let your brother's bluffs take care of it! (0:02:33.87)
Sora : With this kind of speed,
she'll predict that I'll dodge
Sora : and attempt to block both sides! (0:02:43.10)
Sora : And then, once she
figures out that I won't dodge,
Sora : she'll fire one down the middle!{don't think putting 'then' on the second line is right since it turns it into a comma splice, but not positive} (0:02:49.31)
Sora : Two shots? (0:02:54.09)
Sora : No! (0:02:56.91)
Sora : This is what Izuna wanted? (0:02:57.86)
Ino Hatsuse : Sora and Shiro's heartbeats
have both gone flat.
Ino Hatsuse : A perfect headshot. (0:03:07.72)
Ino Hatsuse : There's no way to disguise that. (0:03:10.00)
Ino Hatsuse : You got them, Izuna! (0:03:12.81)
Izuna Hatsuse : I won! (0:03:35.53)
Izuna Hatsuse : I won! (0:03:36.86)
Izuna Hatsuse : I did it! (0:03:41.11)
Ino Hatsuse : ...What was that... (0:03:48.65)
Stephanie Dola : S-Sora? (0:03:54.67)
Stephanie Dola : Was that okay? (0:03:57.21)
Stephanie Dola : Can I open my eyes now? (0:03:59.24)
Stephanie Dola : Shiro? (0:04:02.52)
Stephanie Dola : Are you guys there? (0:04:03.92)
Shiro : Looks like it worked. (0:04:06.99)
Sora : Yeah. (0:04:08.68)
Ino Hatsuse : That was their plan? (0:04:10.41)
Sora : Even with your sixth sense,
you didn't see that coming, right?
Sora : When Shiro bounced her shot off of
Jibril's bullet, she wasn't aiming for you.
Shiro : ...I was aiming... (0:04:23.96)
Sora : Steph, who was at ground level, ...
being carried by one of the girls.
Ino Hatsuse : What? (0:04:28.49)
Sora : NPC movement is
based on certain rules.
Shiro : You can predict where
they'll be, basically.
Sora : Also, NPCs don't make
any sounds when they walk.
Sora : Since Steph was unconscious, you weren't
able to sense her desire to attack you.
Sora : It was impossible to detect her. (0:04:42.43)
Sora : And, before the game, (0:04:44.97)
Sora : I had Steph pledge by the
commandments to obey any order
Sora : that Shiro had written on
the ground but forget it after.
Stephanie Dola : "Once your love power is restored, (0:04:54.17)
Stephanie Dola : wait until your energy is just about to
run out and then fire straight ahead"?
Shiro : All that was left was to calculate the
NPC's movements and lead her there.
Ino Hatsuse : Impossible. (0:05:07.32)
Ino Hatsuse : ...That's not calculating, that's... (0:05:08.24)
Sora : "Seeing the future", right? (0:05:12.56)
Sora : Is that what you're thinking, old man? (0:05:14.87)
Sora : You've been monitoring our heartbeats this entire
time and telling Izuna our exact locations, right?
Ino Hatsuse : ... Impossible... (0:05:23.46)
Ino Hatsuse : ... They knew...
and took advantage of it?
Sora : Ultimately, there are only
two actions you can take in a game.{i think the ultimately is important since he's basically saying that everything that happens in a game boils down to one of two things}
Shiro : You either advance your own strategy,
or react to another player's strategy.{comma technically incorrect but it works for dramatic emphasis}
Shiro : It's just a matter of
who has the initiative.
Sora : We held the initiative throughout
the entire game in this case.
Sora : That's all there is to it. (0:05:42.42)
Sora : You thought you were making moves, (0:05:44.42)
Sora : but in reality, we were
controlling everything you did.
Sora : It wasn't precognition;
the result was inevitable.
Sora : The weak have their
own way of fighting.
Sora : We leave it to the strong
to fight each other head-on.
Sora : Now then, can we get our
declaration of victory, old man?{maybe "Now then, how about calling the game, old man?". not sure if the meaning is exactly the same though}
Ino Hatsuse : The winner is Elkia. (0:06:17.05)
Ino Hatsuse : In accordance with the commandments, (0:06:20.25)
Ino Hatsuse : the Eastern Federation will turn over all they
have on this continent to the kingdom of Elkia.{maybe just "will turn over all they have on this continent"}
Shiro : ...Hey, Bro... (0:06:31.73)
Shiro : You deliberately left my shirt,
so why did you aim for my panties?
Sora : Don't ask that!
You already know the answer!
Sora : I couldn't let everyone
here see you naked!
Stephanie Dola : But you don't care
if they see me naked?!
Jibril : There, there, Dola. It was your
spectacular actions that won in the end.
Sora : Oh, Jibril. Good work. (0:06:49.86)
Sora : You did everything
according to plan. Well done.
Jibril : Yes. I'll do anything
you command, Master.
Izuna Hatsuse : ...Now... (0:06:57.10)
Izuna Hatsuse : ...Now... the Eastern Federation is... (0:07:00.01)
Izuna Hatsuse : ...The Werebeasts are... (0:07:03.71)
Ino Hatsuse : Izuna, it's not your fault. (0:07:06.11)
Ino Hatsuse : The home country decided it,
and I ordered it.
Sora : That's not it, is it, Izuna? (0:07:14.28)
Sora : You had fun, and now you're
confused and don't know what to do.
Sora : Right? (0:07:22.00)
Izuna Hatsuse : That's... impossible. (0:07:24.31)
Izuna Hatsuse : So many people are going
to suffer because I lost.
Shiro : But you were smiling then, Izuna. (0:07:34.23)
Izuna Hatsuse : Why? (0:07:40.57)
Izuna Hatsuse : Why did I smile? (0:07:41.95)
Izuna Hatsuse : Because of that, the Eastern
Federation will be taken over,
Izuna Hatsuse : ...and so many people will be... (0:07:49.61)
Izuna Hatsuse : It's all my fault for having fun. (0:07:52.81)
Sora : Don't worry. (0:07:57.00)
Sora : No matter what you thought,
we would've won anyway.
Sora : Well? (0:08:04.27)
Sora : How does it feel, knowing there's an enemy
you can't defeat, no matter how hard you try?
Sora : ...To put it mildly... (0:08:10.43)
Sora : It's awesome! (0:08:12.47)
Shiro : It's awesome! (0:08:12.47)
Sora : Right? (0:08:13.76)
Sora : Your first loss hurt, (0:08:16.21)
Sora : but that's why it was fun. (0:08:19.31)
Sora : And once you understand that,
then you'll become a friend of ours.
Sora : Welcome, Izuna. (0:08:27.41)
Sora : You're a gamer now. (0:08:29.26)
Izuna Hatsuse : I won't lose next time. (0:08:38.31)
Sora : I think you have the
wrong idea about all this.
Sora : Nobody's going to die,
and nobody's going to suffer.
Sora : This world is a game. (0:08:49.30)
Sora : Everyone here fails to understand that. (0:08:51.30)
Kurami Zell : The wisdom to predict the future, (0:08:55.55)
Kurami Zell : born of Imanity's
...learning and experience...
Kurami Zell : Sure, I'll believe in it. (0:09:03.07)
Kurami Zell : Fi, we're heading home. (0:09:06.59)
Kurami Zell : We have a lot to do. (0:09:08.94)
Fil Nilvalen : Right. (0:09:10.83)
Izuna Hatsuse : I hate baths. (0:09:19.66)
Shiro : I totally agree, (0:09:22.00)
Shiro : but right now,
your objection is denied.
Jibril : Master, you're really into this today. (0:09:24.66)
Shiro : I was so excited about
washing Izuna's tail.
Izuna Hatsuse : That tickles! (0:09:31.60)
Jibril : You sure are getting along well now, (0:09:33.30)
Jibril : especially given how pessimistic
you were after the fight.
Shiro : Bro talked to Izuna afterward. (0:09:40.48)
Shiro : He told her why no one will suffer, even if
the Eastern Federation is absorbed into Elkia.
Ino Hatsuse : What was it? (0:09:49.40)
Sora : Huh? (0:09:50.90)
Ino Hatsuse : What lies did you tell to
deceive Izuna, you bald monkey?
Sora : Lies? (0:09:56.20)
Sora : I only told her the truth. (0:09:57.52)
Ino Hatsuse : What? (0:09:58.88)
Sora : Just forget about it. (0:09:59.74)
Sora : Even if I told you,
there's nothing you could do.
Sora : ...Besides... (0:10:05.13)
Stephanie Dola : Oh, no! Oh, no! (0:10:05.79)
Stephanie Dola : ...The Eastern Federation...
The Eastern Federation!
Sora : The Eastern Federation moved (0:10:12.17)
Sora : all of their major technology and personnel
off the continent before the game started, right?
Stephanie Dola : You already knew? (0:10:18.88)
Sora : I would've done the same thing. (0:10:20.58)
Stephanie Dola : So why didn't you stop them? (0:10:23.02)
Stephanie Dola : We managed to take back
...the continent, but now...
Sora : It's fine. (0:10:27.72)
Sora : The game isn't over. (0:10:29.30)
Sora : Isn't that right, (0:10:33.87)
Sora : Designated Representative
of the Eastern Federation?
Shrine Priestess : Looks like you are all having fun. (0:10:42.55)
Shrine Priestess : Mind if I join you? (0:10:45.83)
Ino Hatsuse : ...The Shrine... (0:10:49.35)
Ino Hatsuse : The Shrine Priestess? (0:10:52.07)
Shrine Priestess : Indeed I am. (0:10:55.71)
Shrine Priestess : Pleased to meet you. (0:10:58.73)
Shrine Priestess : Welcome to the land beyond the sea, (0:11:03.19)
Shrine Priestess : where we read poetry beneath
the light of the moon.
Ino Hatsuse : Are you sure you want to let these
bald monkeys come here?
Shrine Priestess : Oh, it's fine. (0:11:14.69)
Shrine Priestess : The game's already over, right? (0:11:16.72)
Izuna Hatsuse : I'm sorry. (0:11:18.82)
Shiro : It's a golden fox girl! (0:11:18.82b)
Sora : Can I take a picture? (0:11:20.10)
Stephanie Dola : Stop it! These are VIPs
from another country!
Stephanie Dola : Be polite! (0:11:23.08)
Shrine Priestess : You really got us, though, bald monkey. (0:11:24.56)
Sora : I'm impressed by the elves. (0:11:30.05)
Sora : They were faster than I thought. (0:11:31.38)
Ino Hatsuse : The elves? (0:11:33.33)
Stephanie Dola : What do you mean? (0:11:34.52)
Shrine Priestess : If we move our engineers
and goods off of the continent,
Shrine Priestess : then you can't make
good use of your territory.
Shrine Priestess : You will, without a doubt,
come challenge us again.
Sora : And that's when you could
destroy us, you thought.
Shrine Priestess : ...Truly... (0:11:49.34)
Shrine Priestess : Who could've guessed that you'd use
your spy to make contact with the elves
Shrine Priestess : and expose the nature of our game
to ensure that we couldn't win?
Shrine Priestess : ...But... (0:12:01.47)
Shrine Priestess : I expected that. (0:12:03.55)
Shrine Priestess : Actually, I thought you were
Elven Garde spies yourselves.
Shrine Priestess : However, I didn't expect
you to get Avantheim involved.
Ino Hatsuse : Just how long have
you been planning this?
Jibril : I may not look it, (0:12:23.20)
Jibril : but I was once a member of the Council of
Eighteen Wings, the Avantheim government.
Jibril : I have a formidable degree of influence. (0:12:29.04)
Shrine Priestess : Elven Garde, Avantheim, and Elkia. (0:12:32.61)
Shrine Priestess : With our tricks revealed to all of those nations,
we might have a chance at beating the Imanity,
Shrine Priestess : but not the elves or the Flugel. (0:12:42.38)
Shrine Priestess : For goodness' sake. (0:12:46.56)
Shrine Priestess : ...And that's exactly why... (0:12:49.61)
Shrine Priestess : The Eastern Federation is going to
take revenge on Elkia immediately.
Ino Hatsuse : Shrine Priestess? (0:12:59.92)
Shrine Priestess : Shall I say it again? (0:13:01.89)
Shrine Priestess : You really got us, bald monkey. (0:13:04.45)
Shrine Priestess : I'll make sure your death is painful. (0:13:08.41)
Sora : All right. (0:13:11.43)
Sora : I accept your challenge. (0:13:13.39)
Sora : I'm tired of complicated schemes, (0:13:19.94)
Sora : so let's just settle this
with a quick coin toss.
Shiro : Not good enough? (0:13:33.69)
Shrine Priestess : No. Just that, thinking that half of my life
has been utterly destroyed by two bald monkeys,
Shrine Priestess : and now it all comes
...down to a coin toss...
Shrine Priestess : It's pretty hilarious. (0:13:45.54)
Sora : I knew it. You're a gamer too. (0:13:49.93)
Sora : All right. If I win, Elkia gets all
of the Eastern Federation's territory,
Sora : including the islands off the continent.{i'm starting to think all these uses of 'continent' should be 'mainland' unless there's another continent} (0:13:57.16)
Shrine Priestess : And if I win, the Werebeasts
get the right to self-rule,
Shrine Priestess : guarantees of their rights,
and a guarantee of resources from the continent.
Sora : For all your talk of revenge, (0:14:07.33)
Sora : you seem far more concerned
about preserving the Werebeasts.
Shrine Priestess : Either way, once the
elves invade, it's all over.
Shrine Priestess : This is all I can do. (0:14:16.36)
Shrine Priestess : So, even if I lose, I want you to promise that
you'll take care of Izuna, Ino, and my people.
Ino Hatsuse : ...Shrine Priestess... (0:14:29.17)
Shiro : I've changed my opinion of you. (0:14:32.01)
Shrine Priestess : Let's just get started. (0:14:34.27)
Sora : Let's start the world's
most brutal coin toss.
Sora : Call out heads or tails
any time before it lands.
Sora : I'll take the other. (0:14:45.00)
Shrine Priestess : Are you sure? (0:14:47.67)
Sora : Yeah. (0:14:49.18)
Sora : ...Now, then... (0:14:52.87)
Sora : Aschente! (0:14:54.57)
Shrine Priestess : Aschente! (0:14:54.57)
Stephanie Dola : Blood Destruction? (0:15:03.39)
Shrine Priestess : Blood Destruction
surpasses physical limits,
Shrine Priestess : allowing me to grasp
all signals and movements.
Shrine Priestess : At the rate it's falling, (0:15:12.69)
Shrine Priestess : it'll hit the floor after 142.6 flips,{technically .6666666 but this reads way better than "142 and two-thirds flips"} (0:15:13.93)
Shrine Priestess : bounce 4 times, spin for 5.2 seconds, (0:15:17.34)
Shrine Priestess : and land on tails. (0:15:21.57)
Shrine Priestess : I don't detect any
magic usage within range.
Shrine Priestess : Did they underestimate
my kinetic vision?
Shrine Priestess : No, that's impossible. (0:15:33.03)
Shrine Priestess : ... But... (0:15:36.15)
Shrine Priestess : Tails. (0:15:40.37)
Ino Hatsuse : ...Th-This is... (0:15:55.26)
Shiro : A draw. (0:15:58.53)
Stephanie Dola : A draw? (0:16:02.81)
Sora : Wow, I didn't see that coming! (0:16:04.60)
Sora : What a problem. (0:16:07.10)
Sora : Did we both win,
or did we both lose?
Sora : Which is it? (0:16:10.19)
Izuna Hatsuse : Sora, you're not fooling anyone. (0:16:12.71)
Shrine Priestess : Truly. (0:16:15.83)
Shrine Priestess : This is what you
wanted from the start.
Sora : If we both win, then it means
both of our demands are fulfilled.
Sora : Basically, you end up
under Elkia's control,
Sora : but your rights are assured,
including the right to self-rule.
Sora : We can both share the
continent's resources.
Shiro : The Eastern Federation
becomes the Elkia Federation.
Sora : Well? (0:16:38.10)
Sora : Do we both win, or do we
both lose? Which is it going to be?
Ino Hatsuse : Weren't you planning on taking over the
Eastern Federation and destroying the Werebeasts?
Izuna Hatsuse : Of course not. (0:16:46.94)
Sora : Why would I destroy
my animal girl paradise?
Sora : It's a race filled with ultimate
pretty animals like Izuna!
Sora : Why the hell would I want
to destroy a treasure like that?
Shiro : You're too passionate, Bro. (0:17:02.32)
Shrine Priestess : ...Really...{i think this is one case where the ellipsis actually is needed} (0:17:05.49)
Shrine Priestess : So we were playing into
your hands this entire time.
Shrine Priestess : However, even if our nations unite, (0:17:11.59)
Shrine Priestess : thanks to you,
the elves know our secrets.
Shrine Priestess : Soon enough, Elven Garde
will declare war on us.
Sora : I'm sure they will. (0:17:21.57)
Sora : So when they do,
let's kick their asses.
Shrine Priestess : You really think you can do that? (0:17:27.03)
Sora : Of course. (0:17:28.72)
Sora : Our spy had her memories altered by the
commandments before she reported to Elven Garde.
Sora : She gave them the wrong
information about your game.
Stephanie Dola : So the reason you fought Clammy
...for the right to alter Fiel's memories...
Shiro : ...was for this day.... (0:17:48.04)
Sora : Now, when Elven Garde attacks us,
there's no way we can lose.
Sora : We'll get the elves' nation too. (0:17:55.84)
Ino Hatsuse : Y-You thought it through that far? (0:17:58.62)
Sora : "Checkmate" doesn't mean you've
simply cornered the enemy king.
Sora : It's a declaration that
the enemy king is yours.
Sora : That's why I said it
the first time I met you.
Sora : "Checkmate." (0:18:11.77)
Sora : So, which will it be? (0:18:17.28)
Sora : Do we both win,
or do we both lose?
Shrine Priestess : Are you really going to
make me say it? You meanie.
Shrine Priestess : We both win. (0:18:28.71)
Sora : All right, then. (0:18:33.35)
Sora : The Elkia Federation is born! (0:18:35.53)
Shiro : The Elkia Federation is born! (0:18:35.53)
Shrine Priestess : What are you going to do now? (0:18:41.83)
Shrine Priestess : Don't tell me you plan on
starting another great war.
Sora : If I wanted that, I would
have taken your Race Piece.
Shiro : Those must never
be taken, so we won't.
Sora : Yep. (0:18:54.24)
Sora : Our goal has never changed. (0:18:55.45)
Sora : It's simple and straightforward. (0:18:58.28)
Sora : Beat Tet. (0:19:00.31)
Shiro : Beat Tet. (0:19:00.31)
Sora : That's all. (0:19:02.16)
Izuna Hatsuse : Beat him? (0:19:03.24)
Ino Hatsuse : He's the one true god! (0:19:05.00)
Sora : Yeah, so what? (0:19:07.00)
Shiro : Is that a problem? (0:19:08.64)
Shrine Priestess : You're going to try and beat a god? (0:19:17.51)
Shrine Priestess : You come up with the funniest ideas. (0:19:19.86)
Shrine Priestess : Do you really think you can do it? (0:19:22.36)
Shiro : I dunno! (0:19:24.54)
Sora : We don't have a clue
about the specifics,
Sora : but we have a few hints. (0:19:27.93)
Sora : First, why are the
Race Pieces shaped like this?
Shiro : ...Second... (0:19:34.77)
Sora : Why are there sixteen races,
the Exceed, in this world?
Shiro : ...Third... (0:19:40.78)
Sora : What are those things
I see on the horizon?
Shrine Priestess : So gathering all the pieces is what
gives you the right to challenge God.
Shrine Priestess : That means you have to
take Race Pieces, though.
Sora : Nope. (0:19:56.87)
Shiro : That'd go against the commandments. (0:19:59.04)
Jibril : The commandments? (0:20:01.78)
Shiro : Fourth, why put a rule into the commandments
that doesn't have to be followed?
Shrine Priestess : What do you mean? (0:20:10.25)
Sora : Have you forgotten? (0:20:12.08)
Sora : Commandment ten. (0:20:13.54)
Teto : Remember to have fun
with everyone else.
Sora : Basically, if we're not all having fun together,
then we can't beat the game.
Sora : We don't steal each other's pieces. (0:20:24.91)
Sora : Each of the sixteen races
who claim to be intelligent
Sora : must use their wisdom and wit,
their talents and resources,
Sora : to build a tower of wisdom on Disboard. (0:20:34.82)
Teto : "Prove to me that
you have wisdom at all."
Teto : That's great! Wonderful! (0:20:44.67)
Teto : This is really getting fun. (0:20:46.44)
Teto : I really was right to bring you here. (0:20:48.70)
Teto : I'm waiting. (0:20:52.31)
Teto : Come to me,
with all the races in tow.
Teto : ...And then... (0:20:59.06)
Kurami Zell : He sure made it sound easy. (0:21:15.17)
Kurami Zell : Tearing apart the largest country the world, Elven Garde, from within...
Fil Nilvalen : What are you going to do? (0:21:22.42)
Kurami Zell : If he has a plan, I want to know it. (0:21:24.30)
Kurami Zell : But we have to do it. (0:21:27.65)
Kurami Zell : It's the only way
for the Imanity to win.
Fil Nilvalen : ...Clammy... (0:21:32.87)
Kurami Zell : A way for the weak to stay weak
but still defeat the strong.
Kurami Zell : A way to stay who you are
but surpass your limits.
Kurami Zell : To soar through the sky,
...even if you can't fly...
Kurami Zell : He's always found a way, (0:21:46.99)
Kurami Zell : inside despair, suffering, and darkness. (0:21:49.49)
Fil Nilvalen : It's not my imagination, is it? (0:21:53.66)
Fil Nilvalen : You've changed a little. (0:21:56.69)
Kurami Zell : Have I? (0:21:59.59)
Kurami Zell : Maybe I just have more
confidence in winning now.
Kurami Zell : ...So... (0:22:03.98)
Kurami Zell : Will you help me? (0:22:06.77)
Fil Nilvalen : Of course! (0:22:13.53)
Fil Nilvalen : I'd fight the whole world
for you, Clammy!
Kurami Zell : Let's do it! (0:22:20.12)
Kurami Zell : Just you watch, Sora! (0:22:21.92)
Sora : All right, let's get going. (0:22:26.65)
Stephanie Dola : Yeah. (0:22:29.16)
Shiro : ...Bro, but there's still... (0:22:30.31)
Sora : Oh, right. (0:22:32.60)
Stephanie Dola : Wh-What? (0:22:36.43)
Ino Hatsuse : What else do you want from the
Shrine Priestess, you bald monkey?
Sora : ...It's not really something we want, but... (0:22:43.51)
Sora : If you're a shrine priestess,
you must have one, right?
Shiro : We've been curious. (0:22:49.10)
Stephanie Dola : Wh-What is this? (0:23:06.87)
Jibril : What power! (0:23:09.42)
Shrine Priestess : Divine core manifestation. (0:23:12.72)
Shrine Priestess : Mind meld established. (0:23:14.44)
Shrine Priestess : Power setting: minimal. (0:23:16.18)
Shrine Priestess : Why have you summoned me,
you with finite lifespans?
Sora : Ranked first among
...the Exceed, the Old Deus...
Jibril : Ranked first? (0:23:30.45)
Izuna Hatsuse : ...Old... (0:23:33.76)
Stephanie Dola : ...Deus?!... (0:23:34.93)
Sora : All right, then. (0:23:40.05)
Sora : Let's start the game! (0:23:42.33)
Shiro : Let's start the game! (0:23:42.33)

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