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The Seven Deadly Sins - Episode 17

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

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EXTRA : Elizabeth, revealed as one of the keys to
resurrect the Demon Clan, has been kidnapped.
Line ID
EXTRA : The enraged Meliodas headed towards the
kingdom of Lioness, along with Ban and Gowther.
Line ID
EXTRA : The Holy Knights prepared Line ID
EXTRA : to stop them with overwhelming numbers. Line ID
EXTRA : A decisive battle is about to begin. Line ID
EXTRA : Furthermore, on the horizon... Line ID
Dreyfus : King Arthur of Camelot?! Line ID
Dreyfus : Why is he here at Lioness...? Line ID
Hendrickson : I will go and meet him. Line ID
Hendrickson : Dreyfus, I leave the Seven Deadly Sins to you. Line ID
Dreyfus : Very well... Line ID
EXTRA : This is a tale of humans and
beings from other worlds.
Line ID
EXTRA : It is a story of ancient times. Line ID
EXTRA : The usage of Holy Knights is no longer
limited to only the Lioness Kingdom,
Line ID
EXTRA : and has spread throughout Britannia. Line ID
EXTRA : Magic is power, and that very power
will decide the fate of the entire kingdom.
Line ID
EXTRA : Amongst the many knights, there's one
group that is infamous all over Britannia.
Line ID
EXTRA : Those people are known as... Line ID
EXTRA : Opening the gate! Line ID
Hendrickson : I am one of the Kingdom of Lioness'
Great Holy Knights, Hendricksen.
Line ID
Hendrickson : I have heard that you are the king of a southern kingdom. Line ID
Hendrickson : To travel here without sending a messenger... Line ID
Hendrickson : Are you not lacking of common courtesy? Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : I am the King of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon. Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : I apologize for my rudeness. Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : I was once indebted to the King of Lioness. Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : I have come to repay that debt. Line ID
Hendrickson : While at the head of an army? Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : Would I have been noticed with anything less than this? Line ID
Hendrickson : What? Line ID
Hendrickson : You had us fooled there... Line ID
Hendrickson : Unfortunately, the King has suddenly fallen
ill, and is currently resting in his bed.
Line ID
Hendrickson : You'll have to leave. Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : Then it is all the more reason for us to stay. Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : This person is definitely capable
of curing the King of his illness.
Line ID
Hendrickson : We appreciate your kindness,
but you'll still have to leave.
Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : I refuse! Line ID
EXTRA : Why you...! Line ID
Hendrickson : What did you just say? Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : Sir Hendricksen, Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : it seems that you have a matter on your hands that is making you deny entry to any outsiders. Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : Then we will lend a hand in solving that matter. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Huh? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Wh-What is this place...? I was
at the Boar's Hat just now...
Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas? Line ID
Viviann : Welcome back to Lioness. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Y-You're the one who brought me here? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Please, take me back to where Lord Meliodas–! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Is this really...Lioness? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : H-Hawk?! Line ID
Hawk : Where the heck is this?! I'm seriously at my limit! Line ID
Hawk : It's coming out! It's coming!! Line ID
Hawk : Super Pork Illusion! Line ID
Hawk : Mission complete! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Hawk, you're bleeding! Line ID
EXTRA : What was that noise now? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : It's the guard! We need to hide– Line ID
Hawk : Rolling Ham Attack! Line ID
Hawk : Alright, let's go! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : A-Alright! Line ID
Gilthunder : Three, you say? Line ID
Gilthunder : They should have gathered five
members of the Sins by now...
Line ID
Hauser : If Diane were here, she would
be recognized at first glance...
Line ID
Hauser : That's good... Line ID
Hauser : Wait, it's not good at all! Line ID
Gilthunder : Hm? Line ID
Dreyfus : Hendricksen's pet dog like you should know
something about this, right Master Helbram?
Line ID
Aldrich : If even Lord Dreyfus has no idea, you think
a lowly Cardinal like me would know?
Line ID
Love Helm : Scary! Line ID
Love Helm : Well, their objective is most likely Lord
Hendricksen's Magical Research Facility.
Line ID
EXTRA : Don't let Meliodas use his Full Counter! Line ID
EXTRA : Take him down with your weapons! Line ID
Ban : Don't think you can win without
using your abilities, dumbass.
Line ID
Ban : Well, it's the same either way. Line ID
Ban : But they sure keep on coming. Line ID
Meliodas : Looks like we have to defeat each one, after all. Line ID
Gowther : Let's do things efficiently. Line ID
Gowther : Sacred Treasure: Twin Bow Herritt. Line ID
Ban : Sacred Treasure?! Line ID
Ban : Where's he been hiding that? Line ID
Gowther : Rewrite Light! Line ID
Ban : Hey, Gowther... It didn't work at all. Line ID
EXTRA : Meliodas, my son! Line ID
EXTRA : Big Bro Ban, I've wanted to see you! Line ID
Ban : Huh...? Line ID
EXTRA : My lovely Gowther! Line ID
Meliodas : Gowther, this is...? Line ID
Gowther : To the Holy Knights, we are now their close family,
friend or lover that they haven't seen in a while.
Line ID
Meliodas : You overwrote their memories? Line ID
Gowther : Shh! Line ID
Gowther : This is just to buy some time. Line ID
Gowther : Once they realize what happened,
they will return to normal.
Line ID
Gowther : Furthermore, the memories they
make now will also be erased.
Line ID
Meliodas : Don't you ever use it on us! Line ID
Ban : Don't you ever use it on us! Line ID
Gowther : Roger. Line ID
Meliodas : Well then, it's great that we've made it
inside the kingdom... but now what?
Line ID
Gowther : We can't recklessly starts fights in town. Line ID
Ban : That's a pain in the ass in itself... Line ID
Meliodas : With this many Holy Knights, it
won't be easy to look for Elizabeth.
Line ID
Ban : Let's go to the castle. Line ID
Ban : In stories, isn't it guaranteed that a princess
is always locked up in the underground?
Line ID
Gowther : Not at the top of a tower? Line ID
Meliodas : The castle, huh... Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : Wait– What's this all about? Line ID
Hendrickson : Foreign messengers are
assassinated all the time...
Line ID
Hendrickson : Even if that messenger is a King. Line ID
Hendrickson : What's your objective? Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : Well, that's a secret... Line ID
Viviann : Oh my, am I interrupting something? Line ID
Viviann : Should I lend you a hand? Line ID
Hendrickson : How's the final fragment? Line ID
Viviann : She's in the underground. Line ID
Viviann : Or would it have been better if I took her straight to the ritual chamber? Line ID
Hendrickson : The Seven Deadly Sins have
infiltrated the kingdom.
Line ID
Hendrickson : Make sure they don't reclaim the final fragment. Line ID
Viviann : The Sins are already...? Line ID
Viviann : Understood. Line ID
Viviann : Well then, farewell... Line ID
Viviann : ...cute boy and the scrawny looking mage. Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : That's a form of teleportation! Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : Was that the Lioness' mage? Line ID
Hendrickson : You don't need to know. Line ID
EXTRA : Great Holy Knight Hendricksen! Line ID
Hendrickson : Arthur Pendragon... Line ID
Hendrickson : So you're not just a king in name only. Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : So this is Lioness' Great Holy Knight...
I may actually have a fighting chance.
Line ID
EXTRA : We shall assist you. Line ID
Hendrickson : Your opponent is behind you. Line ID
Ban : What now? Line ID
Gowther : Based on the sound's vibrations, it's half a mile away. Line ID
Gowther : Between the Southern Gate and the castle. Line ID
Ban : Oh right, there was somebody with a
ridiculous amount of magic power earlier.
Line ID
Gowther : The one I can faintly sense is Hendricksen, Line ID
Gowther : the man who held the Platinum Rank ten years ago. Line ID
Meliodas : It's there, let's go! Line ID
Ban : Huh, aren't we going to the castle? Line ID
Meliodas : Beating him is the fastest way to saving Elizabeth! Line ID
Gowther : It seems best to follow him. Line ID
EXTRA : What was that explosion?! Line ID
EXTRA : A war! A war has begun! Line ID
Zeal : Big Sis Guila... Line ID
King : I know already! Line ID
Diane : Hey... Line ID
King : H-Huh? What is it? Line ID
Diane : Up until now, have you ever
seen Captain with that face?
Line ID
King : No... Line ID
King : I was quite surprised too. Line ID
King : That might be the first time
I've seen Captain that angry.
Line ID
Diane : If the one that's being kidnapped
is me and not Elizabeth...
Line ID
Diane : I wonder if Captain will be as upset...? Line ID
King : Diane... Line ID
King : D-Definitely, of course he will! Line ID
King : You're an important comrade! Line ID
Diane : Yeah. Line ID
Diane : Captain is really kind, isn't he... Line ID
Diane : But, he probably wouldn't make the same face. Line ID
King : If... Line ID
King : If it was me, I'll definitely be angry! Line ID
King : And I'll go save you even if alone! Line ID
Diane : King, are you trying to cheer me up? Line ID
King : T-That's not it... Line ID
King : I'm just... Line ID
King : T-That's right. We need to hurry too. Line ID
King : Oh, that's right, I forgot! Line ID
King : Oslo! Line ID
Diane : A-A dog...? Line ID
King : It's a black hound. Line ID
King : A species of Fairy that lives between
the Fairy and human realms...
Line ID
King : He's an old friend of mine. Line ID
King : They have a mysterious power that can
send what they eat to another location.
Line ID
Diane : Then, we too can get to Lioness right away? Line ID
King : Exactly right! Line ID
Diane : But if he's your friend then you
should've introduced him sooner.
Line ID
Diane : It's not like Captain will get mad at
you, he probably wouldn't mind.
Line ID
King : He loves pork. Line ID
Diane : I see. Line ID
King : I'm counting on you, Oslo. Line ID
Diane : Is this Lioness already?
It's too dark, I can't really tell.
Line ID
Diane : My butt's stuck, I can't get through... Line ID
Diane : King, please... Line ID
Diane : Push my butt...! Line ID
King : M-Me? P-Pushing Diane's butt...? Line ID
Diane : Hurry up! Line ID
King : No way... Line ID
King : My heart...isn't ready for this... Line ID
Dreyfus : What is here exactly? Line ID
Aldrich : This is the Magic Research Facility, so there's a lot of valuable magic items. Line ID
Aldrich : The Seven Deadly Sins must be hard up
for money so they have come to steal–
Line ID
Love Helm : Ah! Listen up, my cuties, Guila and Jericho! Line ID
Love Helm : Fire up yourselves and this time
get rid of the Seven Deadly Sins!
Line ID
Jericho : Cuties...? Line ID
Guila : We will definitely meet your expectations. Line ID
Guila : In return, about my father... Line ID
Guila : Please tell me the truth about the
disappearance of Holy Knight Dale.
Line ID
Love Helm : Well, I guess that's fine. Line ID
Dreyfus : The underground? Line ID
Aldrich : Wait– Please wait, Lord Dreyfus! Line ID
Aldrich : Ooh...! Line ID
Guila : Serpent's Sin... Line ID
Hauser : Diane! Line ID
Diane : Whoa, there's so many Holy Knights! Line ID
Dreyfus : It's been a while, Seven Deadly Sins. Line ID
Dreyfus : Why's a criminal who was driven out of the kingdom returned? Line ID
Diane : Where are you keeping Elizabeth? Line ID
Dreyfus : What are you on about? Line ID
Diane : Give Elizabeth back at once! Line ID
Hauser : That idiot! Run away, run away immediately! Line ID
Gilthunder : It seems you don't realize the situation you're in right now. Line ID
Jericho : I'll do it. Against a huge, immobile enemy, there's no need Line ID
Jericho : for a high-ranked Holy Knight to make a move himself. Line ID
Jericho : Godspeed Bone Crusher! Line ID
Gilthunder : You're of no use if you faint at the start of a battle. Line ID
Gilthunder : This is their power brought
out by the Sacred Treasure.
Line ID
Gilthunder : They're not someone the likes of you can fight. Line ID
Gilthunder : You guys need to withdraw. Line ID
Jericho : Don't mess with me! We are Holy Knights too! Line ID
Dreyfus : Gilthunder! Hauser! Line ID
Gilthunder : Sir! Line ID
Hauser : Sir! Line ID
Gilthunder : I won't repeat myself. Line ID
Jericho : Shut up! Line ID
Hauser : G-Gil, wait...! Line ID
Gilthunder : Purge of the Thunder Emperor! Line ID
King : Diane! Line ID
King : Something happened on the other side! Line ID
King : Oslo! Line ID
Guila : So this is Gilthunder's ability, Thunderbolt! Line ID
Jericho : The...shockwaves even... Line ID
Jericho : ...reach here... Line ID
Jericho : My getting torn apart...! Line ID
Dreyfus : What's wrong, Hauser? Are you hesitating against one of the Seven Deadly Sins? Line ID
Hauser : Great Holy Knight Dreyfus... Line ID
Hauser : I...I'm... Line ID
Dreyfus : Or is there a reason you can't attack her? Line ID
Hauser : Rising Tornado! Line ID
Gilthunder : Combine Technique: Dragon Castle! Line ID
Jericho : This is bad! Line ID
Dreyfus : That's better. Line ID
Aldrich : Hello there, little badger. Line ID
Aldrich : If lightning and a tornado has come, then I... Line ID
Aldrich : I'll be borrowing your ice ability, Gustav. Line ID
EXTRA : Please do. Line ID
Aldrich : Hail Bullet! Line ID
Guila : Incredible... Line ID
Diane : Don't look down...on the Giant Clan... Line ID
Aldrich : Huh? You say something? Line ID
Aldrich : Even the Giant Clan doesn't
have an answer this time!
Line ID
Aldrich : Hmm? Line ID
Diane : Ground Gladius! Line ID
Gowther : Captain...look. Line ID
Meliodas : Yeah, it's Ground Gladius. Line ID
Meliodas : That's Diane's technique. Line ID
Ban : Why is she in the kingdom? Isn't that weird? Line ID
Gowther : Regardless, this magic power is definitely hers. Line ID
Ban : What should we do, Captain? Line ID
Gowther : I'll be the one to go. Line ID
Gowther : Captain should prioritize the rescue of the princess. Line ID
Dreyfus : We applaud your strength and courage for
not attempting to retreat a single step.
Line ID
Dreyfus : This is what makes you a worthy opponent. Line ID
Dreyfus : Diane of the Seven Deadly Sins, Line ID
Dreyfus : we will ring the starting bell of
the Holy War with your death.
Line ID
Diane : Give Elizabeth...give my friend back! Line ID
Dreyfus : The your friend? Line ID
Diane : Give her back! Line ID
Dreyfus : Pathetic! Line ID
Diane : Ground Gladius! Line ID
Jericho : S-Seriously?! Line ID
Guila : He stopped that with just a sword...?! Line ID
Dreyfus : Magic power is something you draw out
from your strong will, beliefs and experience.
Line ID
Dreyfus : I am one who crushes anyone who dares to stop my dream from moving forward! Line ID
Dreyfus : From my will to walk the path
of supremacy, my ability is...
Line ID
Dreyfus : Break! Line ID
Dreyfus : Die! Line ID
Guila : Incredible...this is the power
of a Great Holy Knight...
Line ID
Hauser : You've gotta be...kidding me... Line ID
Love Helm : Impressive as always, as expected of the
kingdom's strongest Lord Great Holy Knight!
Line ID
Guila : Lord Helbram, are you alright? Line ID
Love Helm : Yeah! My scapegoat magic
worked just in the nick of time.
Line ID
Love Helm : Some were done in by the impact, though. Line ID
Love Helm : But it's fine, there are plenty
more where they came from.
Line ID
Dreyfus : Helbram, is the princess really in Lioness right now? Line ID
Aldrich : Dunno... It's probably the
Giant girl's misunderstanding.
Line ID
Diane : The one that attacked Elizabeth
was... one of your friends...
Line ID
Diane : Suddenly appeared... in front of us...
then instantly disappeared...
Line ID
Aldrich : Were they immortal? Line ID
Hauser : Stop... Don't stand up! Line ID
Diane : The Giant Clan is much tougher
than you humans seem to think!
Line ID
Dreyfus : Pierce! Line ID
Dreyfus : Pulverize! Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, what's going on all over the kingdom?! Line ID
EXTRA : I have no idea... Line ID
EXTRA : Run! Line ID
Guila : That direction... Line ID
Guila : Zeal! Line ID
Jericho : Guila, where are you– Line ID
Dreyfus : I am Great Holy Knight Dreyfus. Line ID
Dreyfus : Hear me, people of Lioness. Line ID
EXTRA : It's Lord Dreyfus' voice. Line ID
Dreyfus : Currently, the rebels known as the Seven
Deadly Sins have infiltrated the kingdom.
Line ID
Dreyfus : And have begun their attack. Line ID
Ban : That bastard... Line ID
EXTRA : The Seven Deadly Sins? Line ID
EXTRA : Then this giant is...? Line ID
EXTRA : That's right, there's no mistake! Line ID
EXTRA : It's the Serpent's Sin, Diane! Line ID
Dreyfus : The foretold Holy War has finally begun! Line ID
Dreyfus : But do not fear! Line ID
Dreyfus : Lioness has the Holy Knights and myself! Line ID
Dreyfus : Those who can fight,
pick up your arms and rise!
Line ID
EXTRA : Bastard! Line ID
EXTRA : Kill the Seven Deadly Sins! Line ID
Diane : Stop...please... Line ID
Diane : I...I'm not your enemy. Line ID
EXTRA : Shut up! Look what you've done to our city! Line ID
EXTRA : She's running away! Chase her! Line ID
EXTRA : The Giant has begun its attack! Line ID
Diane : No... that wasn't me... Line ID
Guila : Zeal...! Zeal...! Line ID
Diane : What am I...doing in a this? Line ID
Diane : Humans... I don't care about the humans' kingdom... Line ID
Diane : I was always alone... Line ID
Diane : And will...always be... Line ID
Diane : No... Line ID
Diane : I've made...a Elizabeth! Line ID
Guila : Diane... Line ID
Guila : That attack just now...! Line ID
Aldrich : A walking Giant destroying the town... Line ID
Aldrich : Picturesque, isn't it? Line ID
Jericho : But, aren't you the one doing the destroying? Line ID
Aldrich : In this situation, whatever we
do will be blamed on Diane.
Line ID
Aldrich : It's an act, an act– Line ID
Guila : What exactly are you trying to pull?! Line ID
Aldrich : Like I said... Line ID
Aldrich : It's troublesome if the villains
don't actually do villainous deeds.
Line ID
Aldrich : To make knights into heroes,
villains are highly necessary.
Line ID
Aldrich : And they are the great villains,
the Seven Deadly Sins.
Line ID
Guila : Then what about the information about the Seven
Deadly Sins plotting to overthrow the kingdom?!
Line ID
Guila : Is that also a lie?! Line ID
Jericho : Guila, who cares about that... Line ID
Jericho : More importantly, we need to get Diane's head. Line ID
Jericho : If we do that– Line ID
Guila : Jericho, why did you drink the Demon's blood? Line ID
Jericho : Huh...? Line ID
Zeal : Big Sis...! Line ID
Zeal : Big Sis Guila...! Line ID
Guila : Don't come here! Line ID
Zeal : Huh, a G-Giant!? Line ID
Guila : Zeal!! Line ID
Zeal : Did you me...? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Comrades? Line ID
Diane : Yeah, we're all comrades now. Line ID
Diane : I'm sorry... I... couldn't be more useful... Line ID
Diane : you... Line ID
Dreyfus : It looks like this is the end. Line ID
Jericho : Great Holy Knight Dreyfus... Line ID
Jericho : Please allow me to perform the
duty of taking Diane's head...!
Line ID
Dreyfus : Very well. Line ID
Jericho : After that, please make me a higher rank– Line ID
Dreyfus : What are you trying to pull, Hauser? Line ID
Hauser : You told me this a long time ago... Line ID
Hauser : "Only use your power when you
feel it is the right time to do so."
Line ID
Hauser : That time is right now! Line ID
Dreyfus : You will face all of us alone? Line ID
Guila : No... Line ID
Guila : He's not alone. Line ID
Diane : Hauser...? Line ID
Diane : Guila? Line ID
Dreyfus : Pierce! Line ID
Dreyfus : My path to supremacy does not waver! Line ID
Dreyfus : Greetings, I am Great Holy Knight Dreyfus. Line ID
Dreyfus : Next time on the Seven Deadly Sins: Line ID
Dreyfus : "Even at the Cost of My Life". Line ID
Dreyfus : A heart of darkness? Line ID

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