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Your erogenous zones.

- Jibril

The Seven Deadly Sins - Episode 6

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EXTRA : Meliodas stopped over in the town of Dalmary to treat his wounds. Line ID
EXTRA : However, as part of the scheme of Golgius of the Weird Fangs, Line ID
EXTRA : the town doctor, Dana,
made Meliodas drink poison.
Line ID
EXTRA : Due to a mysterious power,
he was able to recover from this setback.
Line ID
EXTRA : But the Weird Fangs have already begun setting up their next plan of attack. Line ID
Diane : Give back Captain! Line ID
EXTRA : Will they be able to defeat their enemy and rescue Ban, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Line ID
EXTRA : locked up at Baste Prison? Line ID
Ban : Are you that sad to see me leaving? Line ID
Jude : Looks like you haven't learned a single thing in the past five years, Fox's Sin. Line ID
Jude : Regardless of how strong you are,
you're powerless in the presence of Jude.
Line ID
EXTRA : This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds. Line ID
EXTRA : It is a story of ancient times. Line ID
EXTRA : The Holy Knights who protected this country Line ID
EXTRA : wielded immensely powerful magic. Line ID
EXTRA : They were both feared and revered. Line ID
EXTRA : However, Line ID
EXTRA : a faction arose who betrayed their country and turned their blades against the remaining Knights. Line ID
EXTRA : To the masses, they were known as the "Seven Deadly Sins." Line ID
Diane : You're pretty tough for a midget Holy Knight! Line ID
Meliodas : You're pretty quick for a giant Holy Knight! Line ID
Hawk : Do both of them think the other is a Holy Knight or something? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : That's... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Both of you, stop it! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Just stop it! Line ID
Diane : Huh? Princess? What are you doing? Line ID
Hawk : That's our line! Line ID
Diane : Huh, Captain's here too?
Where'd the Holy Knight go?
Line ID
Meliodas : Oh, speaking of which... Line ID
Child with khakkhara : Giant Lady! Are you okay? Line ID
Diane : Ah, you're still here? Line ID
Child with khakkhara : Yeah. Line ID
Diane : Everyone disappeared again. Line ID
Meliodas : Damn Holy Knights. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas, no! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : You, get away from there! Line ID
Diane : You hid everyone again, didn't you?! Line ID
Child with khakkhara : Scary! Line ID
Child with khakkhara : I don't wanna die! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : It's okay. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I'll protect you with my body if I have to. Line ID
Father : You? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Yes! Line ID
Freesia : What a caring princess. Line ID
Freesia : I wonder how true those words of yours are, though. Line ID
Hawk : Don't tell me... She's a Holy Knight? Line ID
Freesia : Storm Rondo! Line ID
Freesia : Come, my cute little bugs! Line ID
Freesia : Tear their flesh apart with your hard claws and sharp wings! Line ID
Child with khakkhara : Wah! I'm scared! I'm so scared! Line ID
Freesia : Such an annoying brat. Line ID
Freesia : I'll start with you! Line ID
Freesia : Die! Line ID
Freesia : Hmm, Line ID
Freesia : "I'll protect you with my body if I have to," was it? Line ID
Freesia : You know how to sound cool, Line ID
Freesia : but deep down, you're hoping someone else will come to the rescue, aren't you? Line ID
Hawk : So cruel! Line ID
Hawk : Elizabeth? Line ID
Freesia : R-Really? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I... made a promise, right? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Even if you were to die... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Even if I'm the only one left... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I will protect the kingdom and its people from the Holy Knights. Line ID
Child with khakkhara : Lady! Line ID
Hawk : Elizabeth? Line ID
Hawk : Are you okay? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Yes. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Are you hurt anywhere? Line ID
Child with khakkhara : No. Line ID
Child with khakkhara : It's quite admirable that you would even put your body in harm's way to protect a child. Line ID
Child with khakkhara : But... Line ID
Ruin : Reality is harsh. Line ID
Hawk : The kid turned into a Holy Knight? Line ID
Hawk : So his appearance until now was an illusion?! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : So then, you're also the reason those two are acting strange? Line ID
Ruin : Before me, the Seven Deadly Sins are like mere children. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Turn them back to normal! Line ID
Hawk : You bastard! Line ID
Ruin : Those two Sins are probably killing each other by now. Line ID
Ruin : Their lives are about to reach their ends. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Return those two... back to normal! Line ID
Hawk : Elibabeph! Line ID
Freesia : Wait, Ruin. Wouldn't it be bad if we killed the princess? Line ID
Ruin : I'm fully aware of that. Line ID
Ruin : Hey, Princess Elizabeth. Line ID
Ruin : I'll tell you something in
commendation of your bravery.
Line ID
Ruin : The thing that hypnotized those two is... Line ID
Ruin : the bell of this staff— Line ID
Ruin : It's gone?! Line ID
Ruin : Y-You wench! Line ID
Ruin : You were going after the bell all along! Line ID
Ruin : How dare you? Line ID
Ruin : How dare you do this? Line ID
Meliodas : No. Line ID
Meliodas : How dare you ? Line ID
Ruin : The spell was broken? Line ID
Meliodas : Elizabeth... Line ID
Meliodas : I'm convinced of your dedication. Line ID
Ruin : Ignoring me?! Line ID
Ruin : He who strikes first, wins! Line ID
Hawk : Meliodas! Line ID
Ruin : What a joke. Line ID
Ruin : To think that the kingdom is
terrified of such a small child.
Line ID
Freesia : Hey, wait, Ruin! Line ID
EXTRA : What the? Line ID
EXTRA : A person just came flying over?! Line ID
Ruin : Yes... It'd be boring if it weren't like this. Line ID
Ruin : Right, Dragon's Sin, Meliodas?! Line ID
EXTRA : Don't tell me he's the Captain of the Seven?! Line ID
Ruin : To break my armor with a single punch... Line ID
Ruin : I-Impressive. Line ID
Ruin : Is that what you were
expecting me to say? You fool!
Line ID
Ruin : This armor is nothing more than shallow skin! Line ID
Ruin : My true armor is this body,
which is stronger than steel!
Line ID
Ruin : So! What will you do— Line ID
Meliodas : I don't have a choice. Line ID
Meliodas : You hurt someone important to me. Line ID
Meliodas : That is your sin! Line ID
EXTRA : Lord Ruin... Line ID
EXTRA : In one hit... Line ID
EXTRA : He's the real deal... Line ID
EXTRA : He's really one of the Seven Deadly Sins! Line ID
EXTRA : Run for it! Line ID
Ban : Five years ago... Line ID
Ban : Do you know why I was
captured by you five years ago?
Line ID
Ban : Back then, I longed to feel pain... Line ID
Ban : Pain that could make me feel truly alive.... Line ID
Ban : But I'm sick of your pain already. Line ID
Ban : Since now I know that Cap'n is alive,
things are bound to get interesting, right?
Line ID
Ban : There's no reason for me to stick
around in this boring place anymore!
Line ID
Jude : B-Bastard! Line ID
Jude : You're not planning the same thing as ten
years ago, are you? Overthrowing the kingdom?
Line ID
Ban : Overthrowing the kingdom? Line ID
Ban : Oh yeah, now that you mention it. Line ID
Jude : Just try something like that. Line ID
Jude : This time, for sure, Line ID
Jude : every single Holy Knight in the kingdom will declare all-out war on the Seven Deadly Sins— Line ID
Ban : Sounds like fun. Line ID
Hawk : I'm sorry, Elizabeth. Line ID
Hawk : If only I were stronger. Line ID
Diane : Those are some serious injuries. Line ID
Diane : We need to get her back to town right away. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Please... wait... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Please... take me with you... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Where Lord Meliodas... and Lord Ban are... Line ID
Hawk : What are you saying? You're severely wounded! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I made... a promise. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I will continue fighting... for the sake of protecting the kingdom and its people. Line ID
Diane : I'm sorry, but that's impossible. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lady Diane? Line ID
Diane : We're going to Baste Prison,
where the enemy is awaiting us, you know.
Line ID
Diane : Even if you go, you can't do
anything in your current condition.
Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : That's true. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : You're right that I don't have any power. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I can't argue... or fight against a Holy Knight... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : But... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Even then... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : with Lord Meliodas... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : And everyone else... We decided to go together. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : In order to fulfill the promise. Line ID
Diane : So you won't cry, huh? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : No. Line ID
Diane : I'll put you inside of my bag. Line ID
Diane : It'll be a bumpy ride. Line ID
Diane : Your wounds might get worse as well. Line ID
Diane : Is that still okay? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lady Diane! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Yes! Line ID
Hawk : Huh? Line ID
Hawk : Hey! Line ID
Hawk : You're a soldier from Baste, aren't you? Line ID
Father : N-No, I was threatened by a Holy Knight— Line ID
Hawk : You know the location of the captured Sin and the doctor's daughter, don't you? Line ID
Father : Wait! Line ID
Father : Do you have any idea what the Holy Knights will do to me if I tell you— Line ID
Diane : Between the Holy Knights
and us, who'd you prefer?
Line ID
Meliodas : Are you sure it's this tower? Line ID
Diane : I'm sure of it. Line ID
Diane : He didn't seem like the type of
soldier who'd lie to my face about this.
Line ID
Meliodas : I see. Line ID
Meliodas : Thanks, Elizabeth. Line ID
Diane : But it sure is awfully empty in here. Line ID
Meliodas : It's probably because I sent their boss flying. Line ID
Hawk : What a cowardly bunch. Line ID
Jericho : Looks like they've gone inside. Line ID
Jericho : What are your orders, Lord Golgius? Line ID
Golgius : I must admit that I'm impressed. Line ID
Golgius : However, your strength will bring
your own agonizing death upon you!
Line ID
Jericho : That's the incantation ball? Line ID
Jericho : This... Line ID
Golgius : The Eternal Seal Spell! Line ID
Golgius : Even ten tyrant dragons would be unable to destroy this magical containment barrier. Line ID
Golgius : All the Sins can do is rot away
in agony inside that sealed cage!
Line ID
Hawk : That's her. Line ID
Hawk : There's no doubt about it.
She's the doctor's daughter.
Line ID
Meliodas : Let's take her with us. Line ID
Meliodas : Can you fit another person inside your bag? Line ID
Diane : Yup, should be fine! Line ID
Hawk : Is she okay? Line ID
Diane : Yup, looks like she just fainted. Line ID
Meliodas : Ban. Line ID
Ban : Ah, Cap'n! Line ID
Hawk : They just reunited, so what's with the tension in the air? Line ID
Hawk : I have a bad feeling about this... Line ID
Diane : Yep. Line ID
Diane : You should hide behind me. Line ID
Meliodas : Ban! Line ID
Ban : Cap'n! Line ID
Hawk : Phew, they get along really well! Line ID
Diane : Yeah... Line ID
Ban : Cap'n! Line ID
Ban : Come on, Cap'n! Line ID
Hawk : What in the world? Line ID
Diane : Just let them be. Line ID
Ban : The hell? Line ID
Ban : I thought you'd be sluggish by now, but... Line ID
Meliodas : You seem pretty energetic! Line ID
Ban : Ready? Line ID
Meliodas : Go! Line ID
Hawk : Wh-What's going on?! Line ID
Diane : Those two have always been like this. Line ID
Hawk : What do you mean, like this? Line ID
Diane : Really, men are so childish... Line ID
Ban : Our record was 361 wins
out of 720 in my favor, right?
Line ID
Meliodas : Are you sleep-talking? Line ID
Meliodas : I'm the one with 361 wins! Line ID
Diane : Captain's serious face is so cute, too! Line ID
Hawk : Now's not the time for that! Line ID
Golgius : The barrier! Line ID
Jericho : Impossible! Line ID
Jericho : This is how powerful the Seven Deadly Sins are? Line ID
Golgius : I'm retreating... temporarily. Line ID
Jericho : Wait... wait! Line ID
Sennett : Dad? Dad?! Line ID
Sennett : Dad! Line ID
Doctor Dana : Cenette! I'm so glad you're safe! Line ID
Sennett : Same to you, Father... Line ID
Sennett : I thought you'd be... Line ID
Hawk : H-He came back to life?! Line ID
Doctor Dana : Take a look. Line ID
Hawk : This is... Line ID
Hawk : It's the same thing that
happened with Meliodas's wound!
Line ID
Doctor Dana : The same thing? Line ID
Doctor Dana : It's embarrassing to say this as a doctor, but... I have no idea how I survived. Line ID
Meliodas : Well, you're alive. Line ID
Meliodas : That's what matters, right? Line ID
Meliodas : Anyway, we're off. Line ID
Meliodas : Once the Holy Knights hear about this, there's a chance they'll march straight into this town. Line ID
Doctor Dana : Meliodas! Line ID
Doctor Dana : Is there any way for me to return the favor? Line ID
Doctor Dana : Even if it's as simple as a meal. Line ID
Meliodas : Well, I guess I'll take you up on that offer. Line ID
Hawk : Please, no poison this time. Line ID
Meliodas : How's Elizabeth? Line ID
Diane : She's calmed down a lot. Line ID
Meliodas : I see. Line ID
Hawk : Why exactly is she sleeping in your room? Line ID
Hawk : Elizabeth's room is on the third floor, y'know. Line ID
Meliodas : About that... Line ID
Meliodas : Ban just went ahead and slept on Elizabeth's bed, Line ID
Meliodas : claiming that it's his room now. Line ID
Hawk : Then what's Elizabeth going to do? Line ID
Meliodas : She'll be fine sleeping with me. Line ID
Hawk : That works. Line ID
Hawk : There are no other rooms so there's nothing we can do— Line ID
Hawk : As if! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Cenette? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Where's Lord Ban? Line ID
Diane : We brought both of them
back to town, safe and sound.
Line ID
Diane : Everyone else is safe too. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I see. I'm glad. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I'm so glad... Line ID
Diane : So this time you are crying, huh? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : That's true. Line ID
Meliodas : Well then, Elizabeth. I'll introduce him again. Line ID
Meliodas : This is the Fox's Sin of Greed, Ban. Line ID
Ban : Yo, nice to meet ya. Line ID
Meliodas : Where did those clothes come from? Line ID
Ban : There's no way I could be
naked in front of the princess.
Line ID
Meliodas : You had money on you to buy clothes? Line ID
Ban : I just happened to find them lying around. Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, look. That guy's walking around naked. Line ID
Ban : Come to think of it, it's been a while, Diane. Line ID
Diane : I could've gone without seeing you
for another hundred years, though.
Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I'm Elizabeth. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Please forgive me for greeting you in such a state. Line ID
Ban : No need, Princess. Line ID
Ban : We Sins aren't really ones for decorum. Line ID
Ban : Here's to the four of us getting along. Line ID
Hawk : Five. There are five of us. Line ID
Ban : Huh? Don't be silly, Cap'n. Line ID
Ban : Of course it's the four of us. Line ID
Hawk : It's five! Line ID
Hawk : Do you have a screw loose
in your head or something?
Line ID
Ban : Huh? Who's there? Line ID
Hawk : Me! Line ID
Ban : The pig can talk?! Line ID
Hawk : Why's that freaking you out now?! Line ID
Ban : No way! What's the point of a pig being able to talk like a person? Line ID
Ban : Oh, I get it. You, you're King, right? Line ID
Ban : I see you were cursed and turned into a pig, huh? Line ID
Diane : You're wrong. Line ID
Meliodas : King died. Line ID
Meliodas : So the rumors say. Line ID
Hawk : I'll have you know, I'm not just some ordinary pig. Line ID
Hawk : I'm Hawk, the captain of the
Knights of Leftovers Disposal!
Line ID
Ban : Amazing! Line ID
Ban : I've never heard of anything like this before! Line ID
Doctor Dana : Finished with the introductions yet? Line ID
Doctor Dana : Eat up before the food gets cold. Line ID
Meliodas : Well, let's eat! Line ID
Ban : Cap'n, no fair! Line ID
Hawk : Leftovers belong to the Knights of Leftovers Disposal, okay! Line ID
Sennett : Here, this is for you two. Line ID
Sennett : I'm sorry that you're the
only one eating standing up.
Line ID
Diane : No, that's okay. Line ID
Diane : I'm glad that I get to eat with everyone! Line ID
Ban : Don't be so harsh, Cap'n Hawk! Line ID
Ban : Please, Master... Line ID
Hawk : Someone, do something about him... Line ID
Diane : Ban, stop being such a pain! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I wish this moment could last forever. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : But that's impossible, isn't it? Line ID
Diane : Hey, Princess... Line ID
Diane : I don't know anything about humans or their countries. Line ID
Diane : Honestly, I'm not really interested, either... Line ID
Diane : But... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : But? Line ID
Diane : I don't think I'd mind fighting for you. Line ID
Diane : You were really cool today. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : That's... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I-I didn't do any— Line ID
Diane : You definitely have a power within you. Line ID
Diane : The power to move the hearts of Captain and me... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lady Diane... Line ID
Diane : By the way, Princess... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Yes? Line ID
Diane : Can I call you... Elizabeth? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Yes! Line ID
Diane : You don't have to address me with "Lady," either. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : But that's— Line ID
Diane : It's fine! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Okay! Line ID
Sennett : Father, the sky... Line ID
Doctor Dana : This is... Line ID
Doctor Dana : Just like that stanza from one of the ancient poems of Britannia... Line ID
Doctor Dana : When the skies are crisscrossed with shooting stars, Line ID
Doctor Dana : Britannia will be visited by a dreadful menace. Line ID
Doctor Dana : It is the omen of the beginning of a trial of ancient origins. Line ID
Doctor Dana : Between those guided by the hand of light, Line ID
Doctor Dana : and those of the bloodline of darkness, Line ID
Doctor Dana : a holy war shall begin. Line ID
Gilthunder : Ban has joined up with Meliodas and Diane. Line ID
King : I don't know why they
decided to make a move now.
Line ID
Gilthunder : Don't you dare betray my trust... Line ID
Gilthunder : King. Line ID
EXTRA : Finally, the Fox's Sin of Greed, Ban, joins the crew! Line ID
Ban : Nice to meet you all! Line ID
Ban : Cap'n, let's drink! Line ID
EXTRA : He always drinks, but he can't hold his liquor! Line ID
EXTRA : Also, he's really good at cooking! Line ID
Hawk : I'm looking forward to that! Line ID
EXTRA : However, Hawk didn't realize that being good at cooking means there'll be less leftovers.{orig. However, Hawk didn't realize that being good at cooking connotes the good usual amount of leftover will decrease.} Line ID
Meliodas : Next time, on The Seven Deadly Sins: "The Touching Reunion." Line ID
Meliodas : No need to worry, Hawk. Line ID
Meliodas : I'll make sure you have plenty of leftovers. Line ID
Hawk : Please spare me, if you can. Line ID
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