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- Shirou Emiya

One Punch Man - Episode 11

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Geryuganshoop : Th-This can't be happening! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Even Groribas, our best warrior, defeated?! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : What manner of creature is he?
And how'd he get aboard?
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Damn it! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Melzargard was supposed
to be guarding the ship!
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Now he and I are
the only elite fighters left!
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : I bet he's just mucking about… Line ID
Geryuganshoop : I need him now! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Curse the bastard! Line ID
Lord Boros : Geryuganshoop,
what is the problem?
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Lord Boros!
I-I'm terribly sorry.
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : I've allowed one of the natives
to infiltrate the ship.
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : In the mere four minutes
since coming aboard,
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : he has damaged 23%
of the ship.
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : It seems he is alone, Line ID
Geryuganshoop : but he has managed
to instantly kill
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : every warrior sent to
intercept him.
Line ID
Lord Boros : Do not panic. Line ID
Lord Boros : As long as the power sphere
is safe,
Line ID
Lord Boros : the ship will not go down. Line ID
Lord Boros : The damage so far is limited to
the crew's living quarters.
Line ID
Lord Boros : But minnows won't be enough. Line ID
Lord Boros : Geryuganshoop… Line ID
Lord Boros : you, Groribas and Melzargard,
my top lieutenants,
Line ID
Lord Boros : will go eliminate this intruder. Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Groribas has fallen, sir… Line ID
Lord Boros : What? Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Let me get Melzargard
back here!
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : He and I together will wipe out
the intruder without fail!
Line ID
We have more information on
the enormous flying object
Line ID
that suddenly appeared
in the skies over City A.
Line ID
EXTRA : I'm here at the scene. Line ID
EXTRA : As you can see, all the main roads
leading to City A have been closed,
Line ID
EXTRA : and officials
are on high alert.
Line ID
EXTRA : According to survivors, Line ID
EXTRA : City A has been almost
entirely demolished.
Line ID
Line ID
EXTRA : This image of the giant flying object
was captured with a telephoto lens.
Line ID
EXTRA : What are your thoughts? Line ID
EXTRA : Most likely, this is the act of an alien
or extraterrestrial being.
Line ID
EXTRA : Or perhaps
it's an unidentified life-form
Line ID
EXTRA : that has a highly advanced civilization
unbeknownst to us.
Line ID
EXTRA : Of course, other possibilities
exist as well.
Line ID
EXTRA : I see. Line ID
EXTRA : Also, there have been
eyewitness accounts of
Line ID
EXTRA : very powerful life-forms Line ID
EXTRA : descending to the ground
from the spacecraft.
Line ID
EXTRA : Several Class S heroes are presently
at the location tackling the issue.
Line ID
Iaian : He pummeled that thing with
nothing but his bare fists.
Line ID
Iaian : That's a Class S for you. Line ID
Iaian : But even so… Line ID
Iaian : It's no good! Line ID
Iaian : It possesses incredible
regenerative powers.
Line ID
Iaian : And don't let it hit any part of you. Line ID
Iaian : A single blow instantly
tore my arm off.
Line ID
Iaian : Dodge its attacks at all costs! Line ID
Silver Fang : If I may cut in… Line ID
Melzalgald : Shall we use a bombardment
to finish them off?
Line ID
Melzalgald : That is good. Line ID
Melzalgald : Contact the ship. Line ID
Melzalgald : I will go. Line ID
Metal Bat : Get back here! Line ID
Melzalgald : You scum! Line ID
Metal Bat : Best mind your manners! Line ID
Metal Bat : I hope ya like mincemeat, freak! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Melzargard! What are you doing?! Line ID
EXTRA : I'm in battle. Line ID
Geryuganshoop : We have an intruder! Line ID
Melzalgald : Ridiculous. Line ID
Geryuganshoop : It's true. Finish them off
and get up here!
Line ID
Saitama : This one's locked too… Line ID
Saitama : Hey, open up!
You've got a visitor!
Line ID
Saitama : Oops… I broke it. Line ID
Melzalgald : I've decided. Line ID
Melzalgald : I'm going to rip your limbs off, Line ID
Melzalgald : then keep you as
the ship mascot.
Line ID
Melzalgald : That is good. Line ID
Metal Bat : Put yourself together again, eh? Line ID
Metal Bat : I'm gonna keep you
for batting practice!
Line ID
Iaian : Comrades! It may be that
direct physical attacks
Line ID
Iaian : have no effect on it! Line ID
Iaian : Let's withdraw for now… Line ID
Iaian : and think of a way to destroy it,
like heat or something!
Line ID
Metal Bat : Smashing is all I can do! Forget it! Line ID
Silver Fang : This is all I know, too. Line ID
Silver Fang : Can't teach an old dog new tricks. Line ID
Pri-Pri-Prisoner : Me, too. Sorry, sweet Iairon! Line ID
Atomic Samurai : Iai, don't you have faith in me? Line ID
Atomic Samurai : There's nothing I can't cut down. Line ID
Iaian : It's pointless… Line ID
Iaian : These guys aren't the type to listen. Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Melzargard! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Look, I really need you
on the ship.
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Getting rid of the intruder
takes priority.
Line ID
EXTRA : I'd love to, but I'm busy.
These creatures are persistent.
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : What the hell? Line ID
Geryuganshoop : The life forms down there are proving
tough to handle too?
Line ID
EXTRA : Nothing tough about them. Line ID
EXTRA : What's with the ship?
Is it going down?
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : It's not going down, Line ID
Geryuganshoop : but more than half the crew
have been killed.
Line ID
EXTRA : What?! Line ID
EXTRA : Listen. Begin cleansing my location Line ID
EXTRA : with a bombardment from the ship! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : I've got my hands full right now. Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Besides, artillery bombardment is
the job of the lower ranks.
Line ID
EXTRA : Well, I'm in a situation where
I can't return to the ship.
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : All right. Line ID
Geryuganshoop : I'll notify the artillery crews. Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Don't get caught up in
the barrage and die.
Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, wait! Line ID
EXTRA : You should come down here
and help me.
Line ID
EXTRA : That'd be much faster. Line ID
EXTRA : Oi! Geryuganshoop! Line ID
EXTRA : Damn him. How tough is this intruder? Line ID
Metal Bat : How about another one?! Line ID
EXTRA : More futile attacks. Line ID
EXTRA : Although you are exhausting
yourself. That is good.
Line ID
Metal Bat : The hell is this? Line ID
Metal Bat : A marble? Why've you got this? Line ID
EXTRA : Give it back! Line ID
Metal Bat : Sure thing. Line ID
Metal Bat : Damn! Line ID
Metal Bat : That's nasty, ya nasty bastard!
You dead?
Line ID
Metal Bat : Hey, this guy's got marble-looking
things inside him.
Line ID
Metal Bat : That's where ya hurt him! Line ID
Silver Fang : Oh! Line ID
Atomic Samurai : Nice work. Line ID
Atomic Samurai : So I just have to keep slicing
until I hit a vital marble!
Line ID
EXTRA : Impossible! Line ID
EXTRA : I've been growing that head
for a hundred years!
Line ID
EXTRA : It died in a dump like this? Line ID
EXTRA : But you scum are all dead
when the shells hit.
Line ID
EXTRA : They're on their way! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Attention, intruder! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Stop your destructive acts
and leave this instant.
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Attention, intruder! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Leave immediately. Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Otherwise, we will unleash
all our forces against you!
Line ID
Saitama : That's weird. Line ID
Saitama : I hear a voice right
inside my head.
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Take one more step… Line ID
Geryuganshoop : …and you're dead! Line ID
Saitama : Even if I wanted to get out, Line ID
Saitama : I can't. I've lost my way! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Really? You'll leave? Line ID
Geryuganshoop : All right, I will guide you. Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Take a right, then go
up the stairs there.
Line ID
Saitama : A right? Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Exactly, a right. Line ID
Saitama : I guess I'll go left! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : No, wait! Not that way! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : W-W-Wait…
Hang on! You can't…!
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : All right, that was my fault! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : I'll come to you.
Please stay right there.
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Ahhh! Noooo! Line ID
Saitama : Now this place looks like
a control room or something.
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : You… Line ID
Saitama : An octopus? Line ID
Geryuganshoop : You dare go around
busting up our ship?
Line ID
Saitama : Hey! The debris is all flying at me! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Now Geryuganshoop, the supreme
telekinetic power in the universe,
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : will grind you
into blood sausage.
Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : Just about there. Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : Lord Geryuganshoop, preparations
for the bombardment
Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : are nearly complete. Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : Shall I proceed? Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : Maybe he went to the bathroom… Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : Hey, Lord Geryuganshoop! Line ID
Saitama : Telekinetic power…like a psychic? Line ID
Geryuganshoop : You leave me no choice. Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Super Telekinetic Gravitational Wave! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Die, Earthling! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : My unparalleled telekinetic
powers allow me
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : to manipulate even
the forces of gravity!
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Have you any idea
what a black hole is, you ape?
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Inside one, the gravitational effects
are so strong
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : even light itself cannot escape! Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Wait…? Line ID
Saitama : Now what? Line ID
Geryuganshoop : Take this!
Telekinetic Shower of Rubble!
Line ID
Geryuganshoop : I got him! Line ID
Saitama : What a waste of psychic powers. Line ID
Saitama : I mean, all you're doing
is tossing pebbles around.
Line ID
Saitama : Anyone can do that. Line ID
Geryuganshoop : How...could... Line ID
Geryuganshoop : I…Geryuganshoop… Line ID
Geryuganshoop : be... Line ID
Saitama : Excuse me— Line ID
Saitama : Can I ask… Line ID
Saitama : …where your boss is? Line ID
Child Emperor : This looks bad. Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : Is that confirmed? Line ID
Sitch : Yes, Child Emperor said that
the energy level in
Line ID
Sitch : the spaceship is rapidly rising. Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : Yes, but the civilians— Line ID
Sitch : Recall the search and
rescue teams for now.
Line ID
Sitch : Have everyone take cover. Line ID
Sitch : You'll be taking fire soon! Line ID
License-less Rider : Hop on! Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : There we go. Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : Geryuganshoop still hasn't
gotten back to me…
Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : but whatever. Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : Let's see… Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : I believe the order was
to concentrate fire
Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : around the enemies on
the surface near Melzargard.
Line ID
Metal Bat : Two heads to go! Line ID
Metal Bat : I'll bust 'em wide open! Line ID
EXTRA : Is it time? Line ID
EXTRA : Ship, bombardment, coming… Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : There they are. Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : All right… Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : click! Line ID
EXTRA : It's over. Line ID
EXTRA : Evasion, impossible.
Instant death.
Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : Huh… What happened? Line ID
Silver Fang : What on earth? Line ID
Pri-Pri-Prisoner : They stopped. Line ID
Tornado of Terror : All of you would
be dead without me.
Line ID
Tornado of Terror : Can't you even finish
one small fry?
Line ID
Tornado of Terror : Maybe try starting over
from Class C.
Line ID
Tornado of Terror : You can have… Line ID
Tornado of Terror : your shells back. Line ID
Sitch : Th-This is… Line ID
Lower Rank Alien : I wanna go home. Line ID
EXTRA : I didn’t expect you to be here. Line ID
EXTRA : Thank you, Mumen Rider. Line ID
License-less Rider : Which areas are likely
to have survivors?
Line ID
License-less Rider : There must be more out there. Line ID
EXTRA : But you… Line ID
License-less Rider : I'll go rescue them right now. Line ID
Stinger : We want to know, too. Line ID
Lightning Max : Yeah, can't let him hog the limelight. Line ID
EXTRA : Stinger, Lightning Max… Line ID
Stinger : Mind if we borrow this? Line ID
EXTRA : You guys… Line ID
Silver Fang : Nice catch. Line ID
Silver Fang : Found it… Line ID
Silver Fang : Smush. Line ID
Silver Fang : One left! Line ID
Atomic Samurai : Silverfang! Line ID
Melzalgald : A…direct hit. Line ID
Melzalgald : Weak, weak! Line ID
Melzalgald : You are all so very weak. Line ID
Melzalgald : Dead after a single hit! Line ID
Melzalgald : A change of tactics
was all I needed.
Line ID
Melzalgald : If I forget defense and
focus on attack,
Line ID
Melzalgald : this will all be over quickly. Line ID
Melzalgald : And you're next! Line ID
Melzalgald : I will spring past that sword and
squeeze your skull 'til it pops.
Line ID
Atomic Samurai : Think so? Then be my guest. Line ID
Lord Boros : So he's come. Line ID
Lord Boros : This planet's finest warrior… Line ID
Lord Boros : I can sense no limit to his energy. Line ID
Saitama : You the boss of these invaders? Line ID
Lord Boros : Wonderful! Line ID
Lord Boros : Before we fight,
let us exchange names.
Line ID
Lord Boros : I lead the pirate band known
as Dark Matter,
Line ID
Lord Boros : and am Dominator of the Universe.
I am Boros.
Line ID
Saitama : I'm a hero for fu—I mean, Line ID
Saitama : a professional hero. Line ID
Saitama : My name's Saitama. Line ID
Lord Boros : Saitama… Line ID
Saitama : Look, I don't know what
the Denominator of the Universe
Line ID
Saitama : wants with Earth… Line ID
Saitama : …but you sure trashed City A. Line ID
Lord Boros : What I want with Earth? Line ID
Lord Boros : There exists a prophecy. Line ID
Saitama : Prophecy? You mean… Line ID
Lord Boros : Once, I traveled the universe,
ravaging everything in sight.
Line ID
Lord Boros : But I was too strong. Line ID
Lord Boros : Eventually, there were none left
who could face me.
Line ID
Lord Boros : I came to know the torment of utter,
all-encompassing boredom.
Line ID
Lord Boros : Then one day, a seer told me… Line ID
Lord Boros : On a faraway planet, Line ID
Lord Boros : a being exists who is my match, Line ID
Lord Boros : one who could rekindle
my passion for battle.
Line ID
Lord Boros : That was nearly twenty years ago. Line ID
Lord Boros : Have you any idea the distance
I have traveled to get here?
Line ID
Lord Boros : My men thought the prophecy
was a ruse,
Line ID
Lord Boros : made up to lure me away… Line ID
Lord Boros : But now I am certain. Line ID
Lord Boros : Come. Give stimulation
to my existence.
Line ID
Lord Boros : That is why I am here! Line ID
Saitama : Are you stupid? Line ID
Saitama : You can't just go around
attacking other planets
Line ID
Saitama : just to liven up your boring life. Line ID
Saitama : Even telemarketers wouldn't think that. Line ID
Lord Boros : This set of armor, used to seal
in my immeasurable, irresistible power…
Line ID
Lord Boros : …has been broken. Line ID
Saitama : OK. Line ID
Lord Boros : It is time! Line ID
The next…and final episode of
One-Punch Man is…
Line ID
Lord Boros : "The Strongest Hero." Line ID
Lord Boros : What does it mean to be "strongest," Line ID
Lord Boros : Saitama? Line ID
Lord Boros : You must tell me too… Line ID
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