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Introducing Akade

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

Izuku Midoriya : The prestigious school that turned
out many heroes, U.A. High School.
Izuku Midoriya : Enrolled in their hero course,
I continue to run toward my dream,
Izuku Midoriya : standing up to any difficulties
and saving people with a smile...
Izuku Midoriya : order to become the greatest hero! (0:00:14.20)
Izuku Midoriya : All Might said, "I can't save
the people I can't reach."
Izuku Midoriya : That's why he will always
save those he can reach.
Izuku Midoriya : I... was in a place where I could reach... (0:02:04.89)
Izuku Midoriya : I had to save him... (0:02:08.27)
Izuku Midoriya : That's what my Quirk is for... (0:02:11.86)
Izuku Midoriya : My body... wouldn't move... (0:02:18.53)
Izuku Midoriya : It was all I could do to save Kota... (0:02:22.20)
Izuku Midoriya : I couldn't save someone right in front of me... (0:02:26.33)
EXTRA : "Eijiro Kirishima - Quirk: Hardening" (0:02:30.21)
Eijiro Kirishima : Then, let's save him this time. (0:02:30.54)
EXTRA : "Tenya Iida - Quirk: Engine" (0:02:32.46)
Tenya Iida : This is something we should leave to the pros! (0:02:32.96)
Tenya Iida : This isn't the place for us to act, you idiots! (0:02:35.05)
Eijiro Kirishima : We know that! (0:02:37.76)
Eijiro Kirishima : But, I couldn't do anything! (0:02:39.59)
Eijiro Kirishima : After I heard that my friend was being targeted! (0:02:42.34)
Eijiro Kirishima : I couldn't do anything! (0:02:44.60)
Eijiro Kirishima : I didn't do anything! (0:02:46.14)
Eijiro Kirishima : If I don't do anything now, (0:02:47.81)
Eijiro Kirishima : I won't be a hero or a man anymore! (0:02:49.60)
Eijiro Kirishima : Hey, Midoriya, your hand can still reach! (0:02:52.52)
EXTRA : "Izuku Midoriya - Quirk: One For All" (0:02:53.31)
Eijiro Kirishima : We can go save him! (0:02:56.19)
EXTRA : "From Iida to Midoriya" (0:03:00.07)
Mina Ashido : So, in short, you're planning on getting the
receiver from Yao-momo, following it,
EXTRA : "Mina Ashido - Quirk: Acid" (0:03:07.08)
Mina Ashido : and going to save Bakugo yourselves? (0:03:10.21)
Eijiro Kirishima : Yeah. (0:03:14.42)
Shoto Todoroki : Even though the villains said
we were targets to be killed,
Shoto Todoroki : they took Bakugo without killing him. (0:03:18.17)
EXTRA : "Shoto Todoroki - Quirk: Half-Cold, Half-Hot" (0:03:19.92)
Shoto Todoroki : They probably let him live, (0:03:20.42)
Shoto Todoroki : but that doesn't mean
they won't kill him eventually.
Shoto Todoroki : Kirishima and I are going. (0:03:23.89)
Tenya Iida : Don't go overboard with your messing around! (0:03:27.72)
Mezou Shouji : Wait. Calm down. (0:03:29.73)
EXTRA : "Mezo Shoji - Quirk: Dupli-Arms" (0:03:31.14)
Mezou Shouji : I understand Kirishima's frustration
at not being able to do anything
Mezou Shouji : and Todoroki's frustration at having
him stolen in front of his very eyes.
Mezou Shouji : I'm frustrated, too. (0:03:38.03)
Mezou Shouji : But, this isn't a situation
where we should act on our emotions.
Mezou Shouji : Right? (0:03:43.32)
Yuga Aoyama : L-Let's leave this to All Might... (0:03:46.12)
EXTRA : "Yuga Aoyama - Quirk: Navel Laser" (0:03:46.37)
Yuga Aoyama : Mr. Aizawa's permission to fight at
the training camp has been rescinded, too.
EXTRA : "Fumikage Tokoyami - Quirk: Dark Shadow" (0:03:53.12)
Fumikage Tokoyami : Aoyama's right. (0:03:53.33)
Fumikage Tokoyami : I can't say much since I was
the one who needed saving, though...
Eijiro Kirishima : But-- (0:03:58.59)
Tsuyu Asui : Everyone, we're all shocked
from Bakugo's kidnapping.
Tsuyu Asui : But let's think things through calmly. (0:04:03.47)
EXTRA : "Tsuyu Asui - Quirk: Frog" (0:04:05.05)
Tsuyu Asui : No matter how just your feelings, (0:04:05.76)
Tsuyu Asui : if you're saying you'll fight again... (0:04:08.47)
Tsuyu Asui : ...that you'll break the rules... (0:04:11.18)
Tsuyu Asui : Those acts are the same as those of villains. (0:04:13.23)
EXTRA : "Rikido Sato - Quirk: Sugar Rush"
"Koji Koda - Quirk: Anivoice"
EXTRA : "Mashirao Ojiro - Quirk: Tail"
"Ochaco Uraraka - Quirk: Zero Gravity"
EXTRA : "Hanta Sero - Quirk: Tape" (0:04:21.61)
EXTRA : "Minoru Mineta - Quirk: Pop Off"
"Denki Kaminari - Quirk: Electrification"
EXTRA : Sorry to interrupt... (0:04:31.04)
EXTRA : It's time for Midoriya's exam... (0:04:32.71)
Hanta Sero : Wh-Why don't we go? (0:04:35.67)
Hanta Sero : I wanna see how Jiro
and Hagakure are doing, too.
Mashirao Ojiro : Oh yeah. (0:04:39.80)
Ochako Uraraka : Deku, feel better soon. (0:04:41.51)
Izuku Midoriya : Thanks, all of you. (0:04:44.34)
Eijiro Kirishima : We talked to Yaoyorozu yesterday. (0:04:48.43)
Eijiro Kirishima : If we go, we go right away. Tonight. (0:04:51.31)
Eijiro Kirishima : Since you were seriously injured,
I don't know if you can move,
Eijiro Kirishima : but we still wanted to invite you (0:04:56.90)
Eijiro Kirishima : because you're probably
the most frustrated out of everyone.
Eijiro Kirishima : We'll be waiting in front
of the hospital tonight.
EXTRA : "Orthopedic Surgery" (0:05:11.66)
EXTRA : While you were out, (0:05:11.99)
EXTRA : Recovery Girl performed
some pretty strong healing on you,
EXTRA : so I think you should be able to move them, (0:05:17.83)
EXTRA : but they were pretty messed up. (0:05:20.00)
EXTRA : You've had a lot of pretty bad injuries
recently in a relatively short amount of time,
EXTRA : but frankly, this time doesn't
even come close to those.
Izuku Midoriya : By "doesn't come close," you mean... (0:05:29.68)
EXTRA : I got special permission to see
a copy of your chart up until now,
EXTRA : and all the times before this, (0:05:37.02)
EXTRA : your bones broke like a
firecracker exploding from the inside.
EXTRA : But this time was especially bad. (0:05:42.23)
EXTRA : Usually, a person's body has limiters to keep
it from using more than 80% of its power.
EXTRA : But when someone faces a crisis situation, (0:05:52.24)
EXTRA : it's possible for those limiters to come off,
allowing them to use 100% of their power.
EXTRA : It's called "hysterical strength,"
like when a mom lifts a car off her child.
EXTRA : But we have those limiters because
our bodies can't take that strain.
EXTRA : This time, it looks like your power erupted
while you were in the "hysterical strength" stage,
EXTRA : and for a long time at that. (0:06:13.26)
EXTRA : It's bad enough for your bones
and muscles to get battered,
EXTRA : but it's worse for your ligaments... (0:06:18.48)
EXTRA : Ligaments protect the joints,
and they are deteriorating badly.
EXTRA : In other words, (0:06:24.61)
EXTRA : if you keep getting injured in the
same way two or three more times or so,
EXTRA : I think you'll have to live without
being able to use your arms.
EXTRA : All you can do is work on rehabilitation
to get them back to normal.
EXTRA : Use them a lot, even if it hurts. (0:06:39.00)
EXTRA : We'll be leaving the rest to U.A., back home,
so you'll be discharged from here today.
Izuku Midoriya : Th-Thank you very much. (0:06:48.76)
Izuku Midoriya : I'm sorry to have caused you trouble. (0:06:51.84)
EXTRA : Ms. Recovery was fed up with you. (0:06:55.85)
EXTRA : You must've gotten many
scoldings from her in the past.
EXTRA : But there was someone
who was saved by you, too.
EXTRA : "To Mr. Midoriya"
EXTRA : Well, healing begins in the mind,
so don't worry too much, and stay positive.
Kouta Izumi : "Dear Mr. Midoriya, (0:07:13.95)
Kouta Izumi : I'm sorry I punched you in the balls. (0:07:15.74)
Kouta Izumi : Thank you for saving me
even though you barely knew me.
Kouta Izumi : Please get better soon
so I can thank you in person.
Kouta Izumi : Kota." (0:07:26.96)
Izuku Midoriya : Kota... (0:07:32.89)
Izuku Midoriya : Mom? (0:07:40.56)
Izuku Midoriya : Yeah, I was discharged. (0:07:41.98)
Izuku Midoriya : But there's something I have to do, (0:07:43.69)
Izuku Midoriya : so I won't be home until
tomorrow or the day after--
Izuku Midoriya : Yeah... Yeah... (0:07:47.44)
Izuku Midoriya : I can move now, at least. (0:07:49.53)
Izuku Midoriya : My body feels kind of sluggish, (0:07:51.74)
Izuku Midoriya : but it looks like they performed
some strong healing on me.
Izuku Midoriya : I heard that it's because
U.A. wants to keep students close,
Izuku Midoriya : and also to keep the media away. (0:08:02.08)
Inko Midoriya : Izuku... (0:08:08.96)
Inko Midoriya : you have to go to U.A.? (0:08:10.84)
EXTRA : Endeavor, a phone call for you. (0:08:17.81)
Endeavor : Who is it? (0:08:19.89)
EXTRA : A Mr. Tsukauchi from the police. (0:08:20.89)
Endeavor : It's me. (0:08:24.27)
Naomasa Tsukauchi : We would like to request
your urgent assistance, Endeavor.
EXTRA : "No. 2 Hero - Endeavor" (0:08:26.11)
Tsunagu Hakamata : I have received an emergency summons
and must leave this place for a while.
Tsunagu Hakamata : Even if I am not here, (0:08:33.90)
Tsunagu Hakamata : I want you to keep being strong in both
mind and body like a pair of tight jeans
EXTRA : "No. 4 Hero - Best Jeanist" (0:08:37.87)
Tsunagu Hakamata : and continue to keep
the streets safe while I'm gone.
EXTRA : Sure, Best Jeanist! (0:08:40.66)
EXTRA : "No. 5 Hero - Edgeshot" (0:08:44.79)
EXTRA : "No. 10 Hero - Gang Orca" (0:08:50.38)
EXTRA : "Gran Torino" (0:08:55.43)
EXTRA : "Wild, Wild Pussycats - Tiger" (0:08:59.76)
EXTRA : "Kamui Woods" (0:09:04.27)
EXTRA : "Mt. Lady" (0:09:06.35)
Momo Yaoyorozu : You want me to make a receiver? (0:09:19.78)
Eijiro Kirishima : Yeah, please! (0:09:22.12)
Shoto Todoroki : You already know why we want it, right? (0:09:23.83)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Please let me think about it... (0:09:27.46)
Eijiro Kirishima : I wonder what Yaoyorozu decided. (0:09:32.38)
Shoto Todoroki : Well, no matter how
restless we are, it's up to her.
Eijiro Kirishima : She's here! (0:09:38.93)
EXTRA : "Momo Yaoyorozu - Quirk: Creation" (0:09:41.06)
Shoto Todoroki : Midoriya... (0:09:45.43)
Eijiro Kirishima : Yaoyorozu... What's your answer? (0:09:50.73)
Momo Yaoyorozu : I-- (0:09:55.78)
Tenya Iida : Wait! (0:09:56.70)
Eijiro Kirishima : Iida? (0:10:00.62)
Izuku Midoriya : Iida... (0:10:02.03)
Tenya Iida : Why... Why did it have
to be you guys of all people?!
Tenya Iida : The ones who stopped me when
I acted recklessly for personal reasons...
Tenya Iida : You two, who received amnesty with me... (0:10:11.71)
Tenya Iida : Why are you trying to make
the same mistake I did?!
Tenya Iida : It's too much! (0:10:18.88)
Eijiro Kirishima : What are you talking about? (0:10:20.26)
Tenya Iida : We are still minors. (0:10:23.60)
Tenya Iida : U.A. is in a bad enough position as it is. (0:10:26.06)
Tenya Iida : Who will take responsibility for your actions? (0:10:28.77)
Tenya Iida : Do you understand?! (0:10:31.69)
Izuku Midoriya : Iida, it's not like that. (0:10:32.73)
Izuku Midoriya : We don't think it's okay
to break the rules either--
Tenya Iida : I'm frustrated, too! (0:10:40.41)
Tenya Iida : And worried! It's only natural! (0:10:41.87)
Tenya Iida : I am the class representative! (0:10:44.41)
Tenya Iida : I'm worried about my classmates! (0:10:46.29)
Tenya Iida : Not just Bakugo! (0:10:48.54)
Tenya Iida : When I saw your injuries,
I also saw my brother in his sickbed!
Tenya Iida : What if your bodies end up irreparable, (0:10:55.34)
Tenya Iida : like my brother's,
because of your recklessness?
Tenya Iida : Are you saying that you
don't care about my worries?
Tenya Iida : Are you saying that you
don't care about how I feel...?
Izuku Midoriya : Iida... (0:11:13.02)
Shoto Todoroki : Iida. (0:11:15.07)
Shoto Todoroki : We don't expect to face
them head-on and win either.
Shoto Todoroki : We'll extricate him without fighting. (0:11:22.28)
Eijiro Kirishima : In other words, covert action! (0:11:24.45)
Shoto Todoroki : That's the way we students can fight
while toeing the line on the rules!
Momo Yaoyorozu : I trust Todoroki. (0:11:31.21)
Momo Yaoyorozu : But so that I can stop them if anything happens,
I plan to accompany them, as well.
Tenya Iida : Yaoyorozu! (0:11:41.13)
Eijiro Kirishima : Yaoyorozu! (0:11:42.47)
Izuku Midoriya : I don't know myself, either, (0:11:44.68)
Izuku Midoriya : but after hearing that I could
still reach, I couldn't just sit still...
Izuku Midoriya : I can't help thinking that I want to save him. (0:11:55.11)
All Might : Top heroes have stories
about them from their school days.
All Might : Most of their stories have one thing in common: (0:12:03.45)
All Might : Their bodies moved before
they had a chance to think.
Tenya Iida : We can't come to an agreement, huh? (0:12:13.00)
Tenya Iida : Then, take me with you, too! (0:12:16.15)
Izuku Midoriya : Do you remember after the USJ attack, (0:12:20.21)
Izuku Midoriya : when I said there was a
major incident coming later?
Naomasa Tsukauchi : We have gathered some
of our finest heroes here today.
Naomasa Tsukauchi : Now, let us begin our strategy meeting. (0:12:31.56)
Tomura Shigaraki : I'll ask you one more time,
aspiring hero, Katsuki Bakugo...
EXTRA : "Katsuki Bakugo - Quirk: Explosion" (0:12:40.15)
Tomura Shigaraki : Will you join me? (0:12:43.15)
Tomura Shigaraki : If you're gonna talk in your sleep,
you should just go to sleep and die.
Izuku Midoriya : That major incident is about to begin. (0:12:50.91)
EXTRA : "Momo Yaoyorozu"
"Quirk: Creation"
"She can create any non-living thing from her body."
EXTRA : "Eijiro Kirishima"
"Quirk: Hardening"
"He can harden his whole body, which can be used for offense or defense."
Tenya Iida : Midoriya. (0:13:09.22)
Tenya Iida : I apologize for getting violent with you. (0:13:11.47)
Tenya Iida : I'm sorry. (0:13:15.60)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Seriously, Iida. (0:13:16.35)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Your reason for joining
the group is not very persuasive.
Izuku Midoriya : It's fine! I'm okay! (0:13:21.65)
Tenya Iida : I am accompanying you because I am not
convinced you will behave yourselves.
Tenya Iida : If I get even a whiff of combat, (0:13:29.87)
Tenya Iida : then I will make you return immediately. (0:13:32.70)
Tenya Iida : In other words,
you will be under my surveillance.
Tenya Iida : That's right, I will be a "watchman"! (0:13:36.12)
Shoto Todoroki : Watchman Iida... (0:13:37.83)
Momo Yaoyorozu : The same goes for me. (0:13:39.75)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Rescuing Bakugo is a job for the pros. (0:13:41.42)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Looking at this objectively,
there is no need for you all to do anything.
Momo Yaoyorozu : However, it is a compromise plan
because I know very well how you feel.
Momo Yaoyorozu : Do not forget that. (0:13:52.77)
Shoto Todoroki : Yeah. (0:13:54.14)
Eijiro Kirishima : I know. (0:13:54.81)
Momo Yaoyorozu : A rescue without combat... (0:13:57.85)
Momo Yaoyorozu : It is not realistic. (0:14:00.31)
Momo Yaoyorozu : The others have not realized that they
are not able to think about this objectively.
Momo Yaoyorozu : But once they see the situation
first-hand and see how hard it'll be,
Momo Yaoyorozu : they should realize
how unrealistic their idea is...
Momo Yaoyorozu : The coordinates on the receiver indicate
Camino Ward, Yokohama City in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Momo Yaoyorozu : Since we're leaving from Nagano,
it will take about two hours.
Momo Yaoyorozu : We should arrive around ten o'clock. (0:14:24.96)
Izuku Midoriya : Um, did you tell everyone
that we would leave tonight?
Shoto Todoroki : Yeah. (0:14:31.39)
Shoto Todoroki : They tried even harder to stop us
when we told them, though.
Eijiro Kirishima : After that, Uraraka said
something pretty harsh, too.
Ochako Uraraka : I think Bakugo will feel humiliated
that he had to be saved by everyone...
Shoto Todoroki : ...she said. (0:14:44.65)
Izuku Midoriya : Kacchan! (0:14:47.40)
Katsuki Bakugo : Don't come, Deku! (0:14:48.95)
Shoto Todoroki : Just to make sure, (0:14:53.45)
Shoto Todoroki : you know that what we're doing is selfish and
that no one wants us to do it, right?
Shoto Todoroki : You can still turn back if you want to. (0:15:00.04)
Eijiro Kirishima : If I were hesitating, then I wouldn't've
said I'd do it in the first place!
Eijiro Kirishima : He's not someone who'd let the
villains do whatever they want with him.
Shoto Todoroki : What about you, Midoriya? (0:15:08.09)
Izuku Midoriya : I... (0:15:10.76)
All Might : Meddling when you don't need to... (0:15:12.22)
All Might : the essence of being a hero. (0:15:14.35)
Izuku Midoriya : Mom... (0:15:18.23)
Izuku Midoriya : I got everything from All Might... (0:15:19.81)
Izuku Midoriya : Since All Might chose me... (0:15:23.27)
Izuku Midoriya : ...I cannot turn back. (0:15:27.48)
Shoto Todoroki : I see... (0:15:33.20)
Shoto Todoroki : All right. (0:15:34.28)
EXTRA : "Camino Ward, Kanagawa Prefecture" (0:15:40.16)
Izuku Midoriya : So this is Camino Ward? (0:15:41.50)
Shoto Todoroki : There are a lot of people. (0:15:43.71)
Eijiro Kirishima : So those guys are hiding
somewhere in this city?
Eijiro Kirishima : Okay, where are they, Yaoyorozu?! (0:15:47.88)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Wait a minute! (0:15:49.63)
Momo Yaoyorozu : From here on out,
we must be very, very careful.
Momo Yaoyorozu : The villains know what we look like, remember? (0:15:54.35)
Momo Yaoyorozu : We must also consider that
we may be attacked at any moment.
Izuku Midoriya : Got it! (0:16:00.27)
Izuku Midoriya : Gotta be covert! (0:16:01.61)
Shoto Todoroki : That's making you stand out more, Midoriya. (0:16:02.81)
Tenya Iida : But at this rate,
we won't be able to scout very easily.
Eijiro Kirishima : Then what are we supposed to do? (0:16:08.15)
EXTRA : "Dirt-Cheap Donki Oote" (0:16:09.65)
Momo Yaoyorozu : I have a suggestion. (0:16:09.90)
EXTRA : "Dirt-Cheap Donki Oote"
"fidget fidget"
EXTRA : "Dirt-Cheap Donki Oote" (0:16:12.57)
Izuku Midoriya : Hey, you! (0:16:18.33)
EXTRA : "*Midoriya" (0:16:18.95)
Shoto Todoroki : I see. Disguises, huh? (0:16:23.58)
EXTRA : "*Todoroki." (0:16:24.21)
Momo Yaoyorozu : That's right. (0:16:28.75)
EXTRA : "*Yaoyorozu" (0:16:29.34)
Tenya Iida : What are these clothes? (0:16:33.13)
EXTRA : "*Iida" (0:16:34.13)
EXTRA : "Bonds" "Friends" (0:16:37.97)
Eijiro Kirishima : I'll tell ya later. (0:16:38.18)
EXTRA : "Bonds" "Friends"
Izuku Midoriya : Hey, you! (0:16:43.35)
Eijiro Kirishima : That's all wrong!
You've gotta push your jaw out more!
Izuku Midoriya : Hey! (0:16:47.98)
Eijiro Kirishima : That's it! (0:16:49.27)
Tenya Iida : There's a lady with a huge rack over there! (0:16:50.07)
Eijiro Kirishima : Okay! (0:16:53.36)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Kids would stand out in the
shopping district at night, right?
EXTRA : "*Todoroki" (0:16:59.16)
Shoto Todoroki : Yaoyorozu, wouldn't it have been free
if you used Creation to make all this?
Momo Yaoyorozu : Th-Th-That's against the rules! (0:17:03.37)
Momo Yaoyorozu : If I make anything I want with my Quirk,
then circulation of money and...
Momo Yaoyorozu : That's right, as a citizen of this nation, (0:17:09.34)
Momo Yaoyorozu : I must increase the flow
of money in the economy!
Shoto Todoroki : I see. (0:17:14.93)
Eijiro Kirishima : This innocent rich girl just
wanted to go inside Donki, huh?
Momo Yaoyorozu : Everyone, our destination is this way-- (0:17:20.18)
EXTRA : Whoa, it's U.A.! (0:17:22.68)
Izuku Midoriya : H-Hey! (0:17:24.14)
EXTRA : And now, please watch a clip from U.A. High
School's apology press conference
EXTRA : "Broadcast"
"U.A. High School Emergency Press Conference"
"Nezu" "Eraser Head" "Vlad King"
EXTRA : that just occurred. (0:17:30.69)
Izuku Midoriya : Mr. Aizawa... (0:17:32.40)
Momo Yaoyorozu : And even the principal! (0:17:33.78)
Shota Aizawa : We deeply apologize for the incident (0:17:35.57)
Shota Aizawa : that allowed harm to come to 27 first years of
the hero course because of our unpreparedness.
Shota Aizawa : We apologize for causing unease in society (0:17:42.41)
Shota Aizawa : due to our negligence in properly defending
ourselves as a place of learning.
Shota Aizawa : We are truly sorry. (0:17:51.50)
Eijiro Kirishima : Mr. Aizawa, who hates being on TV, is... (0:17:55.38)
EXTRA : I'm from Yomiuri TV. (0:17:58.30)
EXTRA : Since the beginning of the year, (0:18:00.01)
EXTRA : U.A. High School students have
had four encounters with villains.
EXTRA : This time, there were even students injured. (0:18:05.18)
EXTRA : How did you explain to their families, (0:18:07.06)
EXTRA : and what are some specific
countermeasures you are taking?
Izuku Midoriya : From the sports festival, (0:18:15.53)
Izuku Midoriya : they should know what U.A.'s basic position is. (0:18:17.66)
Izuku Midoriya : Is he still going to make them say it? (0:18:21.03)
Izuku Midoriya : Treating them like the bad guys...? (0:18:23.99)
Principal Nezu : We will increase policing
in the surrounding area
Principal Nezu : and review the security within the school, (0:18:29.46)
Principal Nezu : ensuring the students' safety
with a strong position.
Principal Nezu : That is what we told them. (0:18:35.71)
EXTRA : Huh? What are these guys saying? (0:18:37.34)
EXTRA : They're not being protected at all. (0:18:39.64)
EXTRA : Hero schools aren't usually
defeated by villains...
EXTRA : How's that s'posed to ensure anything? (0:18:45.43)
EXTRA : Aren't they just trying to protect themselves? (0:18:46.85)
EXTRA : That's disappointing, U.A. (0:18:49.31)
Izuku Midoriya : Results are everything. (0:18:52.02)
Izuku Midoriya : The atmosphere was becoming stagnated, (0:18:54.40)
Izuku Midoriya : being pulled in a bad direction. (0:18:57.03)
EXTRA : "Villain - Tomura Shigaraki - Quirk: Decay" (0:19:01.07)
Tomura Shigaraki : It's so strange... (0:19:01.91)
Tomura Shigaraki : Why are the heroes being criticized? (0:19:04.49)
Tomura Shigaraki : The way they were dealing
with things was just a little off the mark.
EXTRA : "Villain - Dabi" (0:19:10.54)
Tomura Shigaraki : Is it because it's their job to protect? (0:19:11.13)
EXTRA : "Villain - Twice" "Villain - Magne" (0:19:13.04)
Tomura Shigaraki : Everyone makes a mistake or two. (0:19:13.59)
EXTRA : "Villain - Himiko Toga" (0:19:16.30)
Tomura Shigaraki : Are they supposed to be perfect? (0:19:16.96)
EXTRA : "Villain - Spinner" "Villain - Mr. Compress" (0:19:19.13)
Tomura Shigaraki : Modern-day heroes are so uptight. (0:19:19.80)
Tomura Shigaraki : Don't you think, Bakugo? (0:19:23.05)
Shuuichi Iguchi : Once heroes receive
compensation to protect people,
Shuuichi Iguchi : they aren't heroes anymore. (0:19:29.06)
Shuuichi Iguchi : That is Stain's teaching. (0:19:31.85)
Tomura Shigaraki : The strange system of transforming
people's lives into money or glory...
Tomura Shigaraki : The society that sticks tight to those rules... (0:19:38.82)
Tomura Shigaraki : The citizens who blame the losers
rather than encourage them...
Tomura Shigaraki : Our fight is to question: (0:19:46.29)
Tomura Shigaraki : What is a hero? What is justice? (0:19:48.83)
Tomura Shigaraki : Is this society truly just? (0:19:52.08)
Tomura Shigaraki : We'll have everyone thinking about it. (0:19:54.75)
Tomura Shigaraki : We're planning on winning. (0:19:57.59)
Tomura Shigaraki : You like winning, too, right? (0:20:00.13)
EXTRA : "Villain - Kurogiri - Quirk: Warp Gate" (0:20:05.30)
Tomura Shigaraki : Dabi, release his restraints. (0:20:05.68)
Dabi : Huh? This guy's gonna fight, you know. (0:20:08.06)
Tomura Shigaraki : It's fine. We need to treat him like an equal, (0:20:10.18)
Tomura Shigaraki : since we're scouting him. (0:20:13.27)
Tomura Shigaraki : Besides, you can tell if you'll win or not if
you fight in this situation, right, U.A. student?
Dabi : Twice, you do it. (0:20:25.66)
Jin Bubaigawara : What, me? No way. (0:20:27.33)
Dabi : Do it. (0:20:29.41)
Jin Bubaigawara : Man... (0:20:30.45)
Atsuhiro Sako : I do apologize for using such forceful methods. (0:20:32.08)
Atsuhiro Sako : But please understand that we are
not just a mob trying to commit crimes.
Atsuhiro Sako : We didn't kidnap you by accident. (0:20:41.67)
Tomura Shigaraki : Even though our situations differ,
everyone here has been restricted and suffered
Tomura Shigaraki : because of people... rules... and heroes... (0:20:48.35)
Tomura Shigaraki : I'm sure you also-- (0:20:54.69)
Jin Bubaigawara : Shigaraki! (0:21:02.78)
Katsuki Bakugo : I listened quietly to your endless talking... (0:21:04.76)
Katsuki Bakugo : Idiots can't get to the point,
so they're always talking for a long time.
Katsuki Bakugo : Basically, you mean "We wanna
harass people, so please join us," right?
Katsuki Bakugo : Don't bother. (0:21:17.63)
Katsuki Bakugo : Look! Did you see that just now? (0:21:19.42)
Katsuki Bakugo : All Might really is cool, isn't he? (0:21:21.88)
Katsuki Bakugo : No matter how much trouble he's in,
he always wins in the end!
Katsuki Bakugo : I want to win like All Might. (0:21:31.60)
Katsuki Bakugo : No matter what anyone says, (0:21:35.52)
Katsuki Bakugo : that will never change! (0:21:38.15)
Tomura Shigaraki : Father... (0:21:47.61)
EXTRA : "Preview" (0:23:20.04)
Izuku Midoriya : Here's the preview! (0:23:20.83)
Izuku Midoriya : As we headed toward the
hideout of the League of Villains,
Izuku Midoriya : we discovered that it was a Nomu factory! (0:23:24.38)
Izuku Midoriya : But Kacchan isn't there-- (0:23:26.96)
Izuku Midoriya : Next time, "All For One"! (0:23:29.76)
EXTRA : "Next time: All For One" (0:23:31.05)
Izuku Midoriya : Go beyond! (0:23:31.72)
Izuku Midoriya : Plus Ultra! (0:23:33.04)

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