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Introducing Akade

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

Izuku Midoriya : The prestigious school that turned
out many heroes, U.A. High School.
Izuku Midoriya : Enrolled in their hero course,
I continue to run toward my dream,
Izuku Midoriya : standing up to any difficulties
and saving people with a smile...
Izuku Midoriya : order to become the greatest hero! (0:00:14.15)
EXTRA : You spoke about the
students' safety, Eraser Head.
EXTRA : During the incident,
it appears you urged them to fight.
EXTRA : What was your intention behind this? (0:02:00.43)
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Eraser Head - Quirk: Erasure"
"Pro Hero - Vlad King - Quirk: Blood Control"
Shota Aizawa : I concluded that because we were
unable to fully grasp the situation,
Shota Aizawa : it had to be done in order
to avoid the worst possible outcome.
EXTRA : What do you mean by "worst possible outcome"? (0:02:09.10)
EXTRA : You don't call 26 victims and
one abducted the worst possible outcome?
Shota Aizawa : The "worst outcome" I assumed in that situation (0:02:16.28)
Shota Aizawa : was that the students would be
at their wits' end and be killed.
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Nezu - Quirk: High Specs" (0:02:22.20)
EXTRA : "U.A. High School Principal: Nezu" (0:02:22.20b)
Principal Nezu : The gas attack accounts for most of the victims. (0:02:22.62)
Principal Nezu : We have determined that it was a
sleeping gas from one of the enemies' Quirks.
Principal Nezu : Thanks to the quick response
of Ms. Kendo and Mr. Tetsutetsu,
Principal Nezu : there were no serious injuries from that attack. (0:02:32.58)
Principal Nezu : In addition, we are providing
mental care to the students,
Principal Nezu : but at the moment, we do not see
any signs of serious psychological trauma.
EXTRA : Are you saying that it was
a bright spot in this tragedy?
Principal Nezu : We believe that the worst outcome is one
that would have infringed on the future.
EXTRA : Can you say the same thing
for the kidnapped Bakugo?
EXTRA : He enrolled at U.A. High with
excellent marks and won the sports festival.
EXTRA : In addition, during the incident
with the sludge villain in middle school,
EXTRA : he resisted the powerful villain alone, (0:03:00.90)
EXTRA : so he has a history of showing
how tough and heroic he can be.
EXTRA : On the other hand, (0:03:05.66)
EXTRA : the violence he showed in the finals
and his attitude at the award ceremony
EXTRA : show that he is not always very stable mentally. (0:03:10.21)
EXTRA : "angry angry angry angry" (0:03:11.54)
EXTRA : What if the villains kidnapped him
because they had an eye on that?
EXTRA : Kidnapping him with deceitful words,
and dyeing him with the path of evil?
EXTRA : What evidence do you have
for saying that he has a future?
Sekijirou Kan : I know it's his job,
but he's being so aggressive!
Sekijirou Kan : He's trying to stress us out and
catch us saying something inappropriate.
Sekijirou Kan : Don't fall for it... (0:03:31.31)
Sekijirou Kan : He's probably doing this knowing
that you hate the media, Eraser!
Sekijirou Kan : No, don't let him trick you! (0:03:37.32)
EXTRA : "Nezu" "Eraser Head" "Vlad King" (0:03:40.57)
Shota Aizawa : As an educator, I take full responsibility
for Katsuki Bakugo's violent behavior.
Shota Aizawa : However, his actions at the sports festival
originate in what he considers "ideal strength."
Shota Aizawa : He is trying harder than anyone
in his pursuit of becoming the "top hero."
Shota Aizawa : If the villains saw that and
thought they had an opening,
Shota Aizawa : then I believe they are being short-sighted. (0:04:01.84)
EXTRA : That is not evidence, though. (0:04:06.39)
EXTRA : This isn't a question of how you feel-- (0:04:08.31)
EXTRA : I'm asking whether or not
you have a concrete plan in place.
Principal Nezu : We are not just standing around idly. (0:04:12.85)
Principal Nezu : We are currently investigating
along with the police.
EXTRA : "Broadcast: U.A. High School
Emergency Press Conference"
Principal Nezu : We will definitely get our student back. (0:04:19.82)
Katsuki Bakugo : You said it, U.A. and Mr. Aizawa! (0:04:23.95)
Katsuki Bakugo : That's how it is, you damn scum of a league! (0:04:27.49)
EXTRA : "Katsuki Bakugo - Quirk: Explosion" (0:04:30.74)
Katsuki Bakugo : They went through all that trouble to mount
a huge attack, and all they got was me.
Katsuki Bakugo : They even told me what they wanted. (0:04:34.62)
Katsuki Bakugo : To them, I'm an important
person that they can use.
Katsuki Bakugo : Since they're trying to turn me to their side, (0:04:40.63)
Katsuki Bakugo : they won't try to kill me seriously. (0:04:42.92)
Katsuki Bakugo : Before they change their minds,
I'll take down two or three of them and escape!
Katsuki Bakugo : Just so you know, I'm still allowed to fight! (0:04:50.26)
EXTRA : "Villain - Magne" (0:04:53.48)
Kenji Hikiishi : You know exactly what your position is, huh? (0:04:54.02)
Kenji Hikiishi : What a smart boy! (0:04:56.31)
EXTRA : "Villain - Mr. Compress" "Villain - Dabi" (0:04:57.23)
Dabi : No, he's an idiot. (0:04:57.56)
EXTRA : "Villain - Twice" "Villain - Himiko Toga" (0:04:59.23)
Himiko Toga : I'll stab you. (0:04:59.94)
EXTRA : "Villain - Spinner" (0:05:00.94)
Atsuhiro Sako : Even if he wasn't going to join us, he should
have pretended we were winning him over...
Atsuhiro Sako : He's done it now. (0:05:05.45)
Katsuki Bakugo : I won't do something I don't
want to even if I'm only faking it.
EXTRA : "Villain - Tomura Shigaraki - Quirk: Decay" (0:05:10.41)
Katsuki Bakugo : And I don't wanna be in an
annoying place like this for very long.
Tomura Shigaraki : Father... (0:05:17.25)
Kurogiri : Don't, Tomura Shigaraki! Calm down! (0:05:19.21)
Tomura Shigaraki : Don't touch him, any of you. (0:05:25.84)
Tomura Shigaraki : This guy... (0:05:32.60)
Tomura Shigaraki : a valuable piece. (0:05:36.39)
EXTRA : "Villain - Kurogiri - Quirk: Warp Gate" (0:05:38.06)
Tomura Shigaraki : I wish you would've listened to me a little... (0:05:40.44)
Tomura Shigaraki : I thought we could come to an understanding... (0:05:44.57)
Tsunagu Hakamata : Heroes and villains are
two sides of the same coin.
Katsuki Bakugo : Come to an understanding? (0:05:50.91)
Katsuki Bakugo : No way. (0:05:52.91)
Tomura Shigaraki : Then I have no choice. (0:05:55.58)
Tomura Shigaraki : The heroes said they're
continuing their investigation of us...
Tomura Shigaraki : We don't have time to talk leisurely. (0:06:02.09)
Tomura Shigaraki : Master-- (0:06:04.71)
Tomura Shigaraki : Lend me your power. (0:06:06.38)
EXTRA : "Villain - All For One - Quirk: All For One" (0:06:08.26)
All For One : That was a good decision, Tomura Shigaraki. (0:06:09.68)
EXTRA : "All For One" (0:06:13.93)
EXTRA : "Camino Ward, Kanagawa Prefecture" (0:06:17.94)
EXTRA : "*Yaoyorozu" (0:06:26.69)
Momo Yaoyorozu : This is the spot the receiver is showing. (0:06:27.07)
EXTRA : "*Yaoyorozu" "*Kirishima" (0:06:27.78)
Eijiro Kirishima : So that's their hideout... (0:06:29.70)
Eijiro Kirishima : It really looks like one! (0:06:31.45)
Momo Yaoyorozu : I don't know if it's their hideout or not, (0:06:32.91)
Momo Yaoyorozu : but from what I can see on the receiver, (0:06:34.91)
Momo Yaoyorozu : the villain has not left here for the past day. (0:06:37.62)
EXTRA : "*Midoriya" "*Iida" "*Todoroki" (0:06:40.54)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Also, just because that villain
is here does not mean Bakugo is.
Momo Yaoyorozu : We are here with very little to go on. (0:06:45.75)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Please think about that objectively. (0:06:49.34)
Tenya Iida : We don't have anyone who excels at
sneaking around, like Jiro or Hagakure, with us.
Tenya Iida : If I think it's even the least bit dangerous,
I will stop you immediately.
Tenya Iida : Because I am your friend,
I will not hesitate to call the police, either.
Izuku Midoriya : Thanks, Iida. (0:07:05.36)
Izuku Midoriya : What can we do with what we have...? (0:07:08.19)
Izuku Midoriya : I've gotta think. (0:07:10.95)
Izuku Midoriya : "mutter mutter mutter" (0:07:12.32)
Izuku Midoriya : The prerequisite is that we not use
our Quirks or fight with the villains.
Izuku Midoriya : --It's been a while since I saw that muttering.
--On top of that, we need to figure out
if Kacchan is in that building or not.
Eijiro Kirishima : --It's been a while since I saw that muttering.
--On top of that, we need to figure out
if Kacchan is in that building or not.
Momo Yaoyorozu : --It really feels like Midoriya.
--Like Iida said, we don't have anyone with
a good scouting Quirk like Jiro or Shoji, so...
Izuku Midoriya : --It really feels like Midoriya.
--Like Iida said, we don't have anyone with
a good scouting Quirk like Jiro or Shoji, so...
Tenya Iida : That's right. Once you decide
to do something, you're unstoppable.
Tenya Iida : You can't stop. (0:07:24.92)
Tenya Iida : It's what I respect about
you as a friend... a rival.
Tenya Iida : But I can't allow any more than this. (0:07:32.34)
Tenya Iida : This time, I will protect you. (0:07:35.47)
Endeavor : Why do I have to clean up after U.A....? (0:07:39.64)
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Endeavor - Quirk: Hellflame" (0:07:42.19)
Endeavor : I'm a busy man. (0:07:42.44)
Tsunagu Hakamata : Come on, don't be like that. (0:07:44.94)
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Best Jeanist - Quirk: Fiber Master" (0:07:46.19)
Tsunagu Hakamata : You went to U.A., too, didn't you? (0:07:47.02)
EXTRA : "Police Officer - Naomasa Tsukauchi" (0:07:48.65)
EXTRA : Right now, we cannot call
any heroes away from U.A.
EXTRA : Please look at the big picture, Endeavor. (0:07:51.90)
EXTRA : It's possible that this incident will become
the impetus for the destruction of hero society.
EXTRA : We must give it our all to make
sure we resolve this successfully.
Tsunagu Hakamata : In the past, I invited Bakugo to
my agency in order to reform his behavior.
Tsunagu Hakamata : There are very few men as stubborn as he is. (0:08:07.88)
Tsunagu Hakamata : He is probably fighting back right now. (0:08:10.38)
Tsunagu Hakamata : The situation requires that we act fast. (0:08:12.30)
EXTRA : Not even you were able to change him? (0:08:14.18)
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Gang Orca" (0:08:15.09)
Tsunagu Hakamata : He was inflexible with
pride down to the roots of his hair.
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Tiger - Quirk: Pliabody" (0:08:19.85)
Yawara Chatora : My comrade, Ragdoll, was also taken. (0:08:20.18)
Yawara Chatora : I cannot overlook this
at a personal level, either.
EXTRA : Based on the tracking device
set by one of the students,
EXTRA : we believe that there are multiple hideouts. (0:08:27.69)
EXTRA : From our investigations, we know
where the kidnapped victim is located.
EXTRA : We'll send the bulk of our forces there (0:08:34.95)
EXTRA : and prioritize getting the victim back. (0:08:36.78)
EXTRA : At the same time, we will gain control of
the other location we believe is their hideout,
EXTRA : cutting off all paths of retreat
to arrest all of them at once.
Gran Torino : Toshinori, (0:08:45.87)
Gran Torino : if they're recruiting the likes of me, then-- (0:08:47.00)
All Might : There's nothing to "the likes
of you" about you, Gran Torino.
All Might : With such big developments,
that guy will definitely move.
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - All Might - Quirk: One For All" (0:08:52.97)
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Gran Torino - Quirk: Jet" (0:08:57.39)
Gran Torino : All For One... (0:08:58.51)
EXTRA : Today, it'll be a race against time! (0:09:01.10)
EXTRA : Don't let the villains get away with anything! (0:09:03.06)
EXTRA : At the press conference earlier, (0:09:05.14)
EXTRA : we had just the principal work
with us to deceive the villains.
EXTRA : I had him feign distress,
as if going through a very rough time.
EXTRA : After hearing those words, (0:09:14.61)
EXTRA : the villains won't think that we
will rush in on the very same day!
EXTRA : Let us retaliate! (0:09:19.62)
EXTRA : Come, it's time for our counterattack! (0:09:21.20)
EXTRA : Let's overturn this flow of events, heroes! (0:09:23.91)
EXTRA : "Affiliation: Pro Hero"
"Birthday: 10/5"
"Height: 190 cm" "Blood Type: AB" "Likes: Wolves"
EXTRA : "Best Jeanist"
"Quirk: Fiber Master"
"He can freely manipulate textiles."
EXTRA : "Affiliation: Pro Hero"
"Birthday: 2/22"
"Height: 170 cm" "Blood Type: A" "Likes: Rice Balls"
EXTRA : "Edgeshot"
"Quirk: Foldabody"
"He can stretch his body paper-thin."
EXTRA : "A Few Minutes Earlier" (0:09:34.97)
Momo Yaoyorozu : There's no reaction even
though we've gotten this close.
Eijiro Kirishima : The lights aren't on, either.
It doesn't look like anyone's in there.
Shoto Todoroki : To hide a tree, use the forest... (0:09:45.18)
Shoto Todoroki : I guess they're hiding as
an abandoned warehouse.
Izuku Midoriya : The weeds under the front door are pretty thick. (0:09:49.77)
Izuku Midoriya : Is there another way in and out? (0:09:52.86)
Izuku Midoriya : Has it been camouflaged using someone's Quirk? (0:09:54.65)
Izuku Midoriya : We can't do anything reckless,
like enter carelessly.
EXTRA : --We have to see what's inside somehow--
--Hey, what're ya doin', hostess?
Izuku Midoriya : --We have to see what's inside somehow--
--Hey, what're ya doin', hostess?
EXTRA : Come drink wit' us! (0:10:03.74)
EXTRA : Stop that, idiot! (0:10:06.00)
EXTRA : --Th-There's a lady with a huge rack!
--Hey, you! Hey, you!
Shoto Todoroki : Let's get away from here for now. (0:10:10.17)
Shoto Todoroki : There aren't many people
walking by, but there are some.
Momo Yaoyorozu : We can't do anything to stand out. (0:10:16.38)
Momo Yaoyorozu : What should we do? (0:10:18.72)
Izuku Midoriya : Let's try going around to the back. (0:10:20.84)
Izuku Midoriya : No matter how little information
we have on this place, it's all we've got.
Momo Yaoyorozu : This is very narrow... (0:10:31.52)
Momo Yaoyorozu : I feel like I will get stuck... (0:10:33.15)
Izuku Midoriya : We can't move until we know for sure it's safe. (0:10:34.48)
Izuku Midoriya : No one will see us here, (0:10:37.28)
Izuku Midoriya : and at that height,
we should be able to see inside, too!
Shoto Todoroki : Will we be able to see
anything in this darkness?
Momo Yaoyorozu : I can make a night vision scope-- (0:10:44.95)
Eijiro Kirishima : Wait, Yaoyorozu! (0:10:47.12)
Eijiro Kirishima : Actually, I brought one with me... (0:10:49.16)
Izuku Midoriya : Wow, why? (0:10:50.92)
Eijiro Kirishima : When I thought about what we'd have to do, (0:10:53.13)
Eijiro Kirishima : I thought we'd need it. (0:10:55.71)
Izuku Midoriya : But isn't that super expensive? (0:10:57.13)
Izuku Midoriya : I did research on them online
when I was thinking about my costume,
Izuku Midoriya : but if I remember correctly,
they cost around fifty thousand yen...
Eijiro Kirishima : Who cares how much they cost?
Stop talking about it!
Shoto Todoroki : Okay, then Midoriya and Kirishima,
you two look through it.
Shoto Todoroki : Iida and I will carry you on our shoulders. (0:11:11.23)
Izuku Midoriya : It's really cramped... (0:11:13.23)
Shoto Todoroki : Don't lean forward too much. (0:11:14.32)
Shoto Todoroki : I want to make sure we can run
the second we think it's dangerous.
Eijiro Kirishima : Iida, can you move back a little? (0:11:17.74)
Eijiro Kirishima : Oof. (0:11:20.15)
Tenya Iida : Tell us what you see. (0:11:22.03)
Tenya Iida : Kirishima, what's inside? (0:11:23.66)
Eijiro Kirishima : It's just dirty...
I don't really see anything...
Izuku Midoriya : --Kirishima?!
Shoto Todoroki : What's wrong? What can you see, Kirishima?! (0:11:34.00)
Eijiro Kirishima : In the back on the left...!
Midoriya, look in the back on the left!
Izuku Midoriya : No way... (0:11:45.55)
Izuku Midoriya : Are those... all... (0:11:47.31)
Izuku Midoriya : ...Nomu?! (0:11:50.31)
Tomura Shigaraki : Master, lend me your power. (0:11:52.35)
Katsuki Bakugo : Master...? (0:11:55.11)
Katsuki Bakugo : You're not the boss around here? (0:11:56.69)
Katsuki Bakugo : That's not funny! (0:11:58.98)
Tomura Shigaraki : Kurogiri, Compress,
make him go to sleep again.
Atsuhiro Sako : I can't believe he's such a bad listener. (0:12:06.03)
Atsuhiro Sako : I'm almost impressed. (0:12:08.83)
Katsuki Bakugo : If you want me to listen to you,
then get on your knees and die!
Katsuki Bakugo : I want to blow them up with my max firepower, (0:12:13.83)
Katsuki Bakugo : but that warp bastard's in the way. (0:12:16.46)
Katsuki Bakugo : Think... (0:12:19.13)
Katsuki Bakugo : I need to make an opening somehow
and get to the back door...
Kamui Woods : Hello, this is Pizza-La, Camino store. (0:12:25.97)
All Might : Smash! (0:12:32.43)
Shuuichi Iguchi : What the--?! (0:12:36.77)
Tomura Shigaraki : Kurogiri! Gate! (0:12:37.40)
Kamui Woods : Pre-emptive Binding... (0:12:39.53)
Kamui Woods : ...Lacquered Chain Prison! (0:12:44.70)
Dabi : A tree? What the heck? (0:12:46.74)
Gran Torino : Don't be impatient. (0:12:50.87)
Gran Torino : It'd be in your best interests to stay put. (0:12:52.79)
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Kamui Woods - Quirk: Arbor" (0:12:55.42)
All Might : Just what I'd expect from one of the most
competent new heroes around, Kamui Woods!
All Might : And the veteran faster than
the eye can see, Gran Torino!
All Might : You can't run anymore, League of Villains! (0:13:03.88)
All Might : Why? (0:13:07.14)
All Might : Because we are here! (0:13:09.56)
Atsuhiro Sako : Right after that press conference... (0:13:11.97)
Atsuhiro Sako : Don't tell me this was pre-arranged? (0:13:13.27)
Jin Bubaigawara : --Tree man! Stop pulling me! Push!
--No! No...!
EXTRA : When one is on the offensive is
when one neglects defense most.
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Edgeshot - Quirk: Foldabody" (0:13:21.53)
EXTRA : We're not the only ones here
from the Pizza-La Camino store.
EXTRA : Outside, you're surrounded by skillful
heroes, like Endeavor, and the police.
Endeavor : Tsukauchi! Why does that American get to
rush in while I'm out here holding the perimeter?
EXTRA : In case we miss catching them in there,
you've got a wider field of vision.
Endeavor : Fine! (0:13:39.63)
All Might : I'm sure you were scared... (0:13:41.34)
All Might : You did good bearing it. (0:13:42.84)
All Might : I'm sorry. (0:13:44.72)
All Might : It's fine now, young man! (0:13:45.76)
Katsuki Bakugo : I-I wasn't scared! (0:13:47.80)
Katsuki Bakugo : Not even close, damn it! (0:13:49.51)
Tomura Shigaraki : After I went through all
that trouble to prepare this...
Tomura Shigaraki : Why are you coming to me , you last boss? (0:13:55.18)
Tomura Shigaraki : Everyone's been restrained. (0:13:59.56)
Tomura Shigaraki : We can't escape from this easily. (0:14:01.86)
Tomura Shigaraki : Damn it. (0:14:04.19)
Tomura Shigaraki : It can't be helped. (0:14:05.61)
Tomura Shigaraki : "We're not the only ones here." (0:14:07.45)
Tomura Shigaraki : The same goes for us. (0:14:09.57)
Tomura Shigaraki : Kurogiri, bring as many as you can over! (0:14:11.45)
All Might : Nomus, I presume? (0:14:14.87)
Eijiro Kirishima : Hey! (0:14:17.50)
Eijiro Kirishima : That's...! (0:14:19.67)
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Mt. Lady - Quirk: Gigantification" (0:14:24.59)
Tomura Shigaraki : What's the matter, Kurogiri? (0:14:33.85)
Kurogiri : I'm sorry, Tomura Shigaraki. (0:14:35.60)
Kurogiri : The Nomus that were supposed to be
in a fixed location... are not there...!
Tomura Shigaraki : Huh? (0:14:42.23)
All Might : You are still green, Shigaraki! (0:14:43.36)
Tomura Shigaraki : Huh? (0:14:47.61)
All Might : League of Villains,
you underestimated everything too much--
All Might : The soul of a young man-- (0:14:53.08)
All Might : The diligent investigations of the police-- (0:14:55.24)
All Might : And-- (0:14:58.08)
All Might : Our anger! (0:14:59.71)
Tsunagu Hakamata : The Nomu hangar... (0:15:02.29)
Tsunagu Hakamata : completely under our control. (0:15:04.09)
All Might : That's enough with the childish pranks. (0:15:06.80)
All Might : This is the end. (0:15:09.13)
All Might : Tomura Shigaraki! (0:15:11.64)
Shuuichi Iguchi : All Might... (0:15:14.35)
Shuuichi Iguchi : This is the hero acknowledged by Stain...! (0:15:15.81)
Tomura Shigaraki : The end, you say? (0:15:19.64)
Tomura Shigaraki : Don't be ridiculous. (0:15:21.65)
Tomura Shigaraki : I've only just begun. (0:15:23.31)
Tomura Shigaraki : Justice... peace... (0:15:25.90)
Tomura Shigaraki : I'll destroy this garbage heap that
you put a lid on with such vague ideas!
Tomura Shigaraki : It was for that purpose
that I set All Might apart
Tomura Shigaraki : and started gathering people to my cause... (0:15:36.54)
Tomura Shigaraki : Don't be ridiculous. (0:15:39.96)
Tomura Shigaraki : This is the beginning... (0:15:41.58)
Tomura Shigaraki : Kurogiri! (0:15:43.75)
Kenji Hikiishi : No, stop! (0:15:46.96)
Kenji Hikiishi : I couldn't see anything! (0:15:47.80)
Kenji Hikiishi : What, did you kill him? (0:15:48.88)
EXTRA : I played around with his insides
and made him unconscious.
EXTRA : He is not dead. (0:15:52.59)
EXTRA : Ninpo: Thousand Sheet Pierce! (0:15:54.09)
EXTRA : This man was always a nuisance. (0:15:56.35)
EXTRA : I'll have him sleep. (0:15:58.60)
Gran Torino : Didn't I tell you earlier that it'd be
in your best interests to stay put?
Gran Torino : Kenji Hikiishi, (0:16:05.48)
Gran Torino : Atsuhiro Sako, (0:16:07.48)
Gran Torino : Shuichi Iguchi, (0:16:09.28)
Gran Torino : Himiko Toga, (0:16:11.03)
Gran Torino : Jin Bubaigawara. (0:16:12.74)
Gran Torino : With little information and time, (0:16:14.91)
Gran Torino : the police officers worked through
the night to determine your true identities.
Gran Torino : Do you understand? (0:16:21.54)
Gran Torino : There's nowhere left for you to run. (0:16:23.29)
Gran Torino : Hey Shigaraki, can I ask you where your boss is? (0:16:26.67)
All For One : No one came to save you, huh? (0:16:37.26)
All For One : It must've been hard, huh, Tenko Shimura? (0:16:41.81)
All For One : "Heroes..." (0:16:45.85)
All For One : "Eventually, the heroes will..." (0:16:47.31)
All For One : Everyone thought that and
pretended not to see you, huh?
All For One : Just who made this world into what it is? (0:16:53.53)
All For One : You didn't do anything wrong. (0:16:59.41)
All For One : It's fine. I'm here for you. (0:17:03.66)
Tomura Shigaraki : This... (0:17:09.29)
Tomura Shigaraki : This is... (0:17:12.09)
Tomura Shigaraki : ...unsatisfying... (0:17:13.92)
Tomura Shigaraki : Don't be ridiculous... (0:17:16.11)
Tomura Shigaraki : Don't be ridiculous... (0:17:18.35)
All Might : Where is he right now? (0:17:19.89)
Tomura Shigaraki : Go away... (0:17:22.27)
Tomura Shigaraki : Disappear... (0:17:23.68)
All Might : Shigaraki! (0:17:25.48)
Tomura Shigaraki : I hate you! (0:17:26.90)
Kamui Woods : Nomus?! (0:17:32.57)
Kamui Woods : They came from nowhere! (0:17:33.49)
Kamui Woods : What is that?! (0:17:35.15)
Gran Torino : Edgeshot, what about Kurogiri?! (0:17:36.32)
EXTRA : He's still unconscious! (0:17:38.49)
EXTRA : He didn't do it! (0:17:39.53)
Gran Torino : They just keep coming! (0:17:41.24)
All Might : Kamui Woods! Do not let them
go under any circumstance!
Kamui Woods : Yes, sir! (0:17:45.37)
All Might : What the--?! (0:17:47.04)
All Might : Young Bakugo! (0:17:49.59)
All Might : Noooo! (0:17:53.46)
Kamui Woods : Endeavor, we need backup! (0:17:55.42)
Kamui Woods : What?! (0:17:58.01)
Endeavor : Tsukauchi, expand the evacuation area! (0:18:03.72)
EXTRA : There should be two hideouts...
That's what our investigation results said...
EXTRA : Jeanist, didn't you take control over there? (0:18:09.56)
EXTRA : Jeanist?! (0:18:13.48)
Gran Torino : Toshinori, these guys... (0:18:18.24)
All Might : They shouldn't have been able to warp... (0:18:20.03)
All Might : They're dealing with this too quickly...! (0:18:22.45)
All Might : Don't tell me they're going to use this...?! (0:18:24.29)
Tomura Shigaraki : Master... (0:18:30.04)
EXTRA : "2 Minutes Earlier" (0:18:32.67)
Izuku Midoriya : --Ouch...
--Wh-What happened?
Tenya Iida : --Ouch...
--Wh-What happened?
Eijiro Kirishima : Mt. Lady and Gang Orca... (0:18:42.51)
Eijiro Kirishima : ...and even the number four hero, Best Jeanist? (0:18:44.52)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Mr. Tiger is there, too! (0:18:46.73)
Mt.Lady : Ugh, are these really alive? (0:18:48.56)
Mt.Lady : Is it really okay for our job
to be this easy, Jeanist?
Mt.Lady : Maybe we should've gone with All Might. (0:18:56.19)
Tsunagu Hakamata : Don't think about difficulty
and importance together, newcomer.
Tsunagu Hakamata : Riot squad, get the Maidens ready. (0:19:03.12)
Tsunagu Hakamata : They might still be here. (0:19:05.37)
Tsunagu Hakamata : Please continue to give it your all. (0:19:06.75)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:19:08.16)
Yawara Chatora : Ragdoll! Answer me! (0:19:09.21)
EXTRA : Is that your teammate? (0:19:11.54)
EXTRA : Looks like she's breathing. I'm glad. (0:19:13.04)
Yawara Chatora : But her condition... (0:19:15.13)
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Ragdoll - Quirk: Search" (0:19:16.96)
Yawara Chatora : What did they do to you, Ragdoll?! (0:19:17.38)
Tenya Iida : The heroes were already
moving way before we were!
Eijiro Kirishima : Wow...! (0:19:24.51)
Tenya Iida : Now, let us fall back immediately. (0:19:25.68)
Tenya Iida : There's nothing left for us to do now. (0:19:27.60)
Izuku Midoriya : Since she said "with All Might,"
does that mean Kacchan is there, too?
Momo Yaoyorozu : If All Might is there, then there's
even more reason to rest easy.
Momo Yaoyorozu : Now, hurry! (0:19:37.94)
Shoto Todoroki : Right. (0:19:39.28)
All For One : Sorry, Tiger. She's always had a good Quirk. (0:19:49.16)
All For One : It was the perfect opportunity, so I took it. (0:19:54.00)
EXTRA : Are you with the League? (0:19:57.55)
EXTRA : A light, someone... (0:19:59.21)
All For One : After my body turned into this,
I also depleted a lot of what I'd stocked up...
EXTRA : Stop! Don't move! (0:20:07.51)
Mt.Lady : Wait, Best Jeanist,
what if he was an ordinary citizen?!
Tsunagu Hakamata : Think about the situation. (0:20:19.28)
Tsunagu Hakamata : That instant of hesitation
could decide the fight.
Tsunagu Hakamata : Don't let the villains do anything! (0:20:23.53)
All For One : Tomura finally started thinking
and making decisions for himself...
All For One : I wish you wouldn't have gotten in his way. (0:22:22.65)
Izuku Midoriya : There was no time to even look back-- (0:22:27.74)
Izuku Midoriya : It was the work of an instant. (0:22:30.62)
Izuku Midoriya : What happened... (0:22:33.33)
Izuku Midoriya : ...didn't even take a second. (0:22:35.79)
Izuku Midoriya : Even so, that man's spirit... (0:22:38.37)
Izuku Midoriya : ...gave us hallucinations of death. (0:22:42.42)
All Might : You may one day have
to fight against this great evil...
Izuku Midoriya : "Tomura"... He was talking about Shigaraki! (0:22:54.14)
Izuku Midoriya : What is this...? (0:22:58.44)
Izuku Midoriya : It's not true, is it, All Might? (0:22:59.90)
Izuku Midoriya : Don't tell me... Then, that's... (0:23:02.15)
Izuku Midoriya : That's... All For One...! (0:23:06.11)
All For One : Now then, shall we do it? (0:23:12.99)
EXTRA : "Preview" (0:23:20.00)
Izuku Midoriya : Here's the preview! (0:23:20.62)
Izuku Midoriya : The symbol of evil, All For One! (0:23:21.58)
Izuku Midoriya : We couldn't even move in the
face of his overwhelming presence!
Izuku Midoriya : Even though Kacchan is so close! (0:23:27.21)
Izuku Midoriya : Next time, "Symbol of Peace"! (0:23:30.13)
EXTRA : "Next time: Symbol of Peace" (0:23:31.01)
Izuku Midoriya : Go beyond! (0:23:32.16)
Izuku Midoriya : Plus Ultra! (0:23:33.37)

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