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Shimazu Toyohisa : The enemy is completely falling apart. (0:00:32.17)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Take it! Now is the time to
achieve honor! Take it all now!
EXTRA : --Right!
--We'll give vent to our fifty years of anger!
Oda Nobunaga : Olminu! (0:00:49.15)
Oda Nobunaga : Tell Yoichi. Extend the firing line. (0:00:50.27)
Olminu : Yoichi! Nobunaga said,
"Start shooting their rear. Break them."
Nasu no Yoichi : Roger. (0:00:57.61)
Oda Nobunaga : Musketmen! Keep reloading!
Don't let your fuse extinguish!
Oda Nobunaga : When Toyo falls back, we provide cover fire. (0:01:07.96)
Oda Nobunaga : But since Toyo is Toyo,
he probably won't fall back...
Oda Nobunaga : In that case, we will also charge forward. (0:01:14.29)
Oda Nobunaga : Can we keep this going? (0:01:18.30)
Oda Nobunaga : No, I have a bad feeling about this. (0:01:20.72)
Oda Nobunaga : It has the same smell as Kanegasaki. (0:01:24.64)
Hijikata Toshizou : Abandon the vanguard. (0:01:30.56)
Hijikata Toshizou : Infantry, temporarily pull back.
Rearguard, spread out.
Hijikata Toshizou : Break down into smaller units. (0:01:38.11)
Hijikata Toshizou : Disperse through narrow streets and make
your way towards the Capitol Building.
Hijikata Toshizou : I'll take care of the shock troopers. (0:01:44.12)
Hijikata Toshizou : I... (0:01:50.27)
Hijikata Toshizou : ...and the Shinsengumi will end them. (0:01:52.63)
EXTRA : "Act 12
Staring at Shinsengumi
~The Song of the Fervid Kyushu Man~"
EXTRA : Withdraw! Withdraw! Withdraw! (0:03:30.68)
Shimazu Toyohisa : The enemy is falling back... (0:03:39.74)
Shimazu Toyohisa : ...with no rearguard. (0:03:42.57)
Count Saint-Germi : They are retreating. (0:03:44.62)
Count Saint-Germi : So, haven't we won this? We won, right? (0:03:46.28)
Oda Nobunaga : The timing of that retreat was too good.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Nasu no Yoichi : Lord Nobunaga! Lord Nobunaga! (0:03:54.88)
Olminu : A message from Yoichi on the roof! (0:03:57.71)
Nasu no Yoichi : The enemy has split into smaller squads and (0:04:00.01)
Nasu no Yoichi : has started spreading throughout the city! (0:04:01.84)
Nasu no Yoichi : They are setting the houses ablaze
and obscuring our vision!
Oda Nobunaga : Bad... This is really bad. (0:04:09.24)
Count Saint-Germi : Hold it... What does that mean?! (0:04:12.89)
Oda Nobunaga : But something is still off. (0:04:15.06)
Oda Nobunaga : They are adapting far too quickly!
No way! Could the enemy leader...
Oda Nobunaga : ...know about guns? (0:04:23.78)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Someone is coming... all alone. (0:04:35.37)
Olminu : Toyo! Toyo! Nobunaga is calling for you! (0:04:37.92)
Olminu : The enemy... The enemy... (0:04:41.84)
Shimazu Toyohisa : You all return to the main force.
This head is mine.
Hijikata Toshizou : The Shimazu cross...
I will never forget that crest.
Shimazu Toyohisa : You know of the Shimazu clan? (0:05:06.07)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Who are you? (0:05:09.20)
Hijikata Toshizou : Hijikata Toshizou Yoshitoyo
of the Shinsengumi.
Shimazu Toyohisa : Shimazu Toyohisa, undersecretary to
the Imperial Minister of the Center.
Shimazu Toyohisa : You are a warrior of the
Land of the Rising Sun, are you not?
Hijikata Toshizou : The mere fact that you wear that crest... (0:05:23.63)
Hijikata Toshizou : The mere fact that you are
of the Shimazu clan of Satsuma...
Hijikata Toshizou : more than enough reason to kill you! (0:05:31.81)
Shimazu Toyohisa : You must hold real resentment
towards the Shimazu clan.
Shimazu Toyohisa : Kizakibaru, Mimikawa, Okitanawate,
Hetzugigawa, Sekigahara...
Shimazu Toyohisa : Or was it the Invasion of Korea? (0:05:46.32)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I can think of so many possible reasons. (0:05:49.62)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Just by looking at you,
I can tell you are not from my era.
Shimazu Toyohisa : Aha, I see. What have my
descendants done to you?
Hijikata Toshizou : Die, Shimazu. You will
never be allowed to live.
Hijikata Toshizou : Die. Do nothing but die. (0:06:18.35)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Hmm? (0:06:23.73)
Hijikata Toshizou : They will never pardon you either. (0:06:29.15)
Hijikata Toshizou : Rebellious Satsuma,
your death shall come to pass!
Olminu : What should we do, Nobu?
The enemy is...! Nobu!
Oda Nobunaga : What should we do...?
Should we spread out, too?
Oda Nobunaga : No, that won't work. (0:06:53.14)
Oda Nobunaga : The destructive power of muskets can
only be fully brought out in a large unit.
Oda Nobunaga : First of all, they are lacking in experience. (0:06:58.35)
Oda Nobunaga : If I break the force into squads,
no one will be qualified to lead them.
Oda Nobunaga : Should I send them all out together? (0:07:04.02)
Oda Nobunaga : No, that will take too long,
and this castle town will be devastated.
Oda Nobunaga : What should I do? (0:07:11.36)
Hannibal Barca : What shall we do? (0:07:12.61)
Oda Nobunaga : You're heavy, old fool! (0:07:14.91)
Hannibal Barca : This is easy. (0:07:16.54)
Hannibal Barca : We'll do berry smashing. (0:07:18.79)
Count Saint-Germi : What the heck has the old man
started to do now?
Oda Nobunaga : Don't know. He's just an old man.
Please let him be.
Count Saint-Germi : What are you doing, old fool?!
I've had it with you, Lightning of Carthage!
Hannibal Barca : It's much easier to smash them all at once!
They taste better smashed!
Oda Nobunaga : Ah! (0:07:58.33)
Olminu : Yoichi! Yoichi! (0:07:59.50)
Nasu no Yoichi : We have a situation here, too.
Toyo... and the enemy...
Olminu : Nobu said to monitor the
enemy's movement from above.
Oda Nobunaga : Look down upon the entire city!
Are they rampaging on the streets?
Oda Nobunaga : Smoke... Are they randomly setting fires? (0:08:14.05)
Nasu no Yoichi : Just a moment. Please hold. (0:08:19.01)
EXTRA : "Shake shake"
"Creak creak"
Nasu no Yoichi : The height of Elves sure comes in handy. (0:08:24.98)
Shara : Uh... Umm... Yoichi... (0:08:27.52)
EXTRA : Ah... Abs... My abs... (0:08:30.03)
Nasu no Yoichi : Indeed, the enemy forces are scattered
and moving in a disorderly way.
Nasu no Yoichi : They appear to be chaotic at a glance, but... (0:08:45.62)
Oda Nobunaga : There's a method to it. (0:08:48.13)
Nasu no Yoichi : They are making a detour, (0:08:50.38)
Nasu no Yoichi : but they are probably heading
towards the Capital Building over there.
Oda Nobunaga : Is that so? (0:08:56.68)
Oda Nobunaga : I see. (0:08:58.89)
Oda Nobunaga : I totally see! (0:09:01.37)
Oda Nobunaga : I know their intention now. (0:09:04.73)
Oda Nobunaga : They haven't given up the
plot to conquer this state.
Oda Nobunaga : Their plan hasn't shifted... (0:09:10.27)
Oda Nobunaga : ...and won't be changed in the future. (0:09:12.74)
Oda Nobunaga : They are persistent in executing their plan. (0:09:15.90)
Oda Nobunaga : Everyone should leave the building! (0:09:18.12)
Oda Nobunaga : Call Toyohisa up! Boobienue,
come over here too, now!
Oda Nobunaga : A map! Bring a map of this building! (0:09:24.41)
Olminu : Y-Yes. (0:09:27.00)
Oda Nobunaga : The enemy leader may be an
expert in tactical maneuvering,
Oda Nobunaga : but he is an amateur in strategy. (0:09:32.88)
Count Saint-Germi : No, that sounds a little strange. (0:09:36.37)
Count Saint-Germi : "Conquer the state"?
The Ends are saying this?
Count Saint-Germi : Instead of annihilation,
they aim for conquest?
Count Saint-Germi : Come to think of it, that man was going
to take over Orte when he first appeared.
Count Saint-Germi : Are these the same Ends who seek
the eradication of the world?
Count Saint-Germi : What are they doing at the Northern Walls? (0:09:53.40)
Count Saint-Germi : The Black King... (0:09:58.61)
Count Saint-Germi : Do I know him? (0:10:03.20)
Hijikata Toshizou : This idiot is smiling. (0:10:37.15)
Hijikata Toshizou : Shimazu Toyohisa...
What kind of path has he taken?
Hijikata Toshizou : Are you running away, Shimazu? (0:10:53.92)
Hijikata Toshizou : Shimazu! (0:11:18.74)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Nyaa! (0:11:28.37)
Hijikata Toshizou : Plates... Foolish! Are you so desperate?! (0:11:46.14)
Hijikata Toshizou : You don't follow the way
of the warrior, do you?!
Shimazu Toyohisa : Huh? (0:12:06.41)
Shimazu Toyohisa : This is a war. There's no justification
for taking the enemy's head.
Shimazu Toyohisa : There's no excuse we can make
to the enemy if we don't use
Shimazu Toyohisa : every trick at hand to hammer out a victory. (0:12:16.38)
Hijikata Toshizou : Shimazu!! (0:12:21.01)
Olminu : I can't listen to this anymore. (0:12:26.05)
Olminu : It's probably not intentional,
but Toyo is a genius
Olminu : when it comes to infuriating his enemy. (0:12:30.47)
Oda Nobunaga : No, this should work. (0:12:32.73)
Oda Nobunaga : We have the advantage of
three frontline commanders.
Oda Nobunaga : That enemy took the bait that Toyo set. (0:12:39.19)
Oda Nobunaga : Thus, he is too busy to command his troops. (0:12:42.36)
Oda Nobunaga : The enemy forces are advancing this way,
faithfully following his orders.
Oda Nobunaga : What a pity for you, enemy leader! (0:12:50.74)
Oda Nobunaga : In fact, the fool you've been
chasing around is only our leader.
Oda Nobunaga : "Drip drip" (0:12:55.17)
Count Saint-Germi : Wait. I don't know what you're talking about. (0:13:00.46)
Oda Nobunaga : Are you all set? (0:13:05.13)
Oda Nobunaga : As soon as you are ready,
we'll get out of here quickly.
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:13:09.48)
Oda Nobunaga : Then, we will let all the
enemy forces into the city.
Oda Nobunaga : We'll wait in the surrounding
buildings until they all enter.
Oda Nobunaga : At my signal, you'll all come out at once. (0:13:17.52)
Oda Nobunaga : Olminu, I'll leave the rest to you. (0:13:23.40)
EXTRA : We are here now. (0:13:31.70)
EXTRA : This is it! (0:13:33.29)
EXTRA : Charge forward! (0:13:34.79)
Hijikata Toshizou : Shimazu...! (0:13:41.80)
Hijikata Toshizou : You underestimated us.
You underestimated the Shinsengumi.
Hijikata Toshizou : You won't be able to mess around for long. (0:14:36.02)
Hijikata Toshizou : Foolish. (0:14:40.10)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Not once have I ever
underestimated you, not even once!
EXTRA : They are not here. (0:14:50.16)
EXTRA : It's empty. (0:14:51.95)
EXTRA : Why?! (0:14:52.95)
Shimazu Toyohisa : This is a battlefield. I'll do
whatever I gotta, even mess around.
EXTRA : What the...?! (0:15:14.89)
Nasu no Yoichi : Good. Elves! Fire arrows!
Rain fire down on them!
Nasu no Yoichi : Fire! (0:15:36.29)
EXTRA : These are barrels of oil. (0:15:37.41)
EXTRA : Get out of here! (0:15:38.83)
EXTRA : Run! (0:15:39.83)
EXTRA : Th-The enemy is...! (0:16:00.57)
EXTRA : Wow... They die so easily... (0:16:03.60)
EXTRA : We kill them so easily! (0:16:07.57)
Olminu : Wh...?! Ah... M-My charm was again... (0:16:10.61)
Olminu : ...used for dreadful things. (0:16:16.41)
Oda Nobunaga : What a great feeling to box the enemy
in and fan the flames around them!
Oda Nobunaga : This must be how that damn Mitsuhide
felt watching Honnoji Temple burn.
Shimazu Toyohisa : Nobu and Yoichi chose me as general, (0:16:40.64)
Shimazu Toyohisa : but I never thought of myself that way. (0:16:44.85)
Shimazu Toyohisa : After all... above all,
I am just an ambitious brat.
Shimazu Toyohisa : I can never be a warrior
like my uncle or my father.
Shimazu Toyohisa : However, he is different... (0:16:56.33)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Oda Nobunaga, former Minister of the Right,
Demon King of the Sixth Heaven, is different!
Shimazu Toyohisa : If I stake my life to buy time for Nobunaga
to turn the tide, he will definitely succeed.
Shimazu Toyohisa : I'll do anything for that to happen,
messing around included.
Hijikata Toshizou : You bastard... (0:17:15.01)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Many Shimazu troops died at Sekigahara, (0:17:17.05)
Shimazu Toyohisa : but those deaths became
the foundation of our success.
Shimazu Toyohisa : Even if we die, we don't die. (0:17:27.27)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Thus, we can accomplish anything. (0:17:29.79)
Hijikata Toshizou : Shimazu! (0:17:32.12)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Even if I am to die here, (0:17:33.74)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Nobunaga will turn my death into
the foundation of our success.
Shimazu Toyohisa : It may take several ruthless steps. (0:17:39.37)
Hijikata Toshizou : That Shimazu attitude brought death to us! (0:17:42.28)
Hijikata Toshizou : I truly hate them. (0:17:50.17)
Hijikata Toshizou : I detest this damn clan who die smiling. (0:17:52.92)
Hijikata Toshizou : His eyes are almost boasting,
"We Shimazu are the only true samurai."
Hijikata Toshizou : Those eyes... (0:18:00.89)
Hijikata Toshizou : I loathe them. (0:18:04.02)
EXTRA : Toyo! (0:18:09.86)
Shimazu Toyohisa : All right! Don't worry! (0:18:11.19)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Go ahead! Fire everything my way! (0:18:14.03)
EXTRA : OK! (0:18:17.91)
Hijikata Toshizou : What is he? (0:18:30.50)
Hijikata Toshizou : A fool? (0:18:33.59)
Hijikata Toshizou : Among all the people I have seen
from Satsuma, he is the greatest fool.
Hijikata Toshizou : You brat! (0:18:50.50)
Hijikata Toshizou : You are truly mad! (0:18:56.24)
Shimazu Toyohisa : War is already madness from the outset. (0:19:00.07)
Black King : Hijikata... (0:19:05.08)
Black King : Hijikata, this is your moment to withdraw. (0:19:07.58)
Hijikata Toshizou : Not yet! I have not lost yet! (0:19:12.04)
Black King : That's right, you still haven't lost.
This victory is yours.
Black King : However, beyond this, there is no victory. (0:19:20.34)
Shimazu Toyohisa : You're in the middle of a fight!
Who the hell are you talking to?!
Shimazu Toyohisa : Give up your head, you bastard! (0:19:30.35)
Hijikata Toshizou : You dead bastard! (0:19:37.40)
Hijikata Toshizou : Are you a monster?! Die! Hurry up and die! (0:19:45.12)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Ah! Just leave your head, jackass! (0:19:49.05)
EXTRA : Argh... I can't even back him up
in such close combat.
EXTRA : Ahh, greetings. (0:20:04.18)
Hijikata Toshizou : Shimazu! (0:20:06.64)
Black King : Withdraw. That is my order. (0:20:09.02)
EXTRA : Hmm? (0:20:26.20)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Come back down here!
Isn't the true battle just about to start?!
Shimazu Toyohisa : I thought I finally had the chance to fight (0:20:39.00)
Shimazu Toyohisa : against a "samurai" from
the Land of the Rising Sun...
Shimazu Toyohisa : I won't forgive you for flying off like this! (0:20:43.88)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Come back down, so I can take your head! (0:20:46.35)
Hijikata Toshizou : You bastard! (0:20:50.85)
Hijikata Toshizou : A little while ago, weren't you the one
running from me and messing around?
Hijikata Toshizou : Don't mind him. Let's go. (0:20:57.98)
EXTRA : Yes, sir. (0:20:59.75)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I thought I would get to fight a "samurai"
from the Land of the Rising Sun...
Hijikata Toshizou : Samurai... Samurai... (0:21:12.41)
Hijikata Toshizou : Me? (0:21:16.71)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Defeated... but victorious. (0:21:25.68)
EXTRA : Toyo! Hey, Toyo! (0:21:32.64)
Grigori Rasputin : P-Please forgive me. (0:22:34.83)
Grigori Rasputin : Black Lord, before my very eyes,
I let your army...
Black King : Yet they didn't die in vain. (0:22:41.00)
Black King : We obtained a great outcome
from this probing assault.
Black King : We were also able to cripple
the capital of Orte.
Black King : I heard that it is called a "test war"
in your country, right, Koreto?
Akechi Mitsuhide : That voice, his manner of speech...
There is no doubt.
Akechi Mitsuhide : I can never forget or mistake it... (0:23:02.62)
Akechi Mitsuhide : Nobunaga... No wonder we couldn't
find his remains at the temple.
Akechi Mitsuhide : If I get to kill the idiot Nobunaga... (0:23:10.07)
Akechi Mitsuhide : I, Akechi Koreto Mitsuhide,
will join your force.
EXTRA : "Encampment" (0:23:25.88)
EXTRA : "Gigant" (0:23:27.09)
EXTRA : "Professional Savior" (0:23:28.67)
EXTRA : "Act 13

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